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There are times when your standard trash removal routine can’t get the job done, whether you’re moving residences, remodeling a room, or simply cleaning out a large space. Fortunately, many companies offer short- and long-term dumpster rentals sized especially for different projects and materials in order to help users clear their waste efficiently and responsibly. Rent a 10-yard dumpster for your next closet cleanout, or consider a larger setup with an attached portable bathroom for that renovation project you have planned. Either way, companies of all sizes around the nation are at the ready to help with your next project and the trash it leaves behind.

The 5 Best Dumpster Rental Companies of 2023

Waste Management : Best Overall

Waste Management

 Waste Management

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Texas, Waste Management operates hundreds of waste transfer stations, recycling plants, and landfills, and offers residential waste and recycling pickup to millions of homes in the United States. For its roll-off dumpster rentals, bin sizes range from 20 to 40 yards long.

Curious consumers can access an instant price quote online with no surprise fees, and Waste Management’s price transparency is especially helpful when the dumpster is one piece of a home renovation or repair budget with many moving parts. Many markets even offer free delivery for online orders.

To reserve a dumpster, enter your address to confirm service in your area, then indicate the dates you’ll need the dumpster and what you’ll be using it for—trash, construction debris, furniture, flooring, or something else. From there, Waste Management will suggest a specific dumpster for your project, showing the price as well as how many days of service and tons of waste are included with the quote.

The company knows that most consumers probably aren’t experts in picking the right dumpster, so with each listing, you’ll also find a brief write-up on what kinds of projects might fit each size. Waste Management suggests a 20-yard dumpster for garage cleanouts or kitchen and bath remodels.

For larger home or office renovations, the company suggests 30-yard solutions or larger. Waste Management also touts its commitment to handling waste responsibly, using only certified waste disposal facilities and racking up several awards for its environmental responsibility, so customers can rest easy from the time they book until well after the trash is hauled away.

Bin There Dump That : Best for Residential and Small Projects

Bin There Dump That

 Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That specializes in residential solutions, so most of the dumpsters it offers are compact enough to fit in a driveway—in many cases leaving enough room to park a car there, too.

While it’s a national chain, each outlet is locally owned and operated, and the company’s commitment to homes rather than businesses allows it to focus on respecting the needs of neighbors and homeowners associations. Expect dumpsters that are in good condition (not rusted or damaged) and pickup service that’s prompt, polite, and clean, whether you’re doing a huge renovation or a standard closet cleanout.

When you’ve filled your bin, call to the company and it will return to pick up the trash, even sweeping the area so your driveway is left in the same state it was before the rental arrived. In addition to HOA-minded trash solutions, Bin There Dump That also builds speed into its business model. The company carries extra inventory specifically for last-minute orders, so once you request a dumpster, it can be delivered within 24 hours. (In some cases, it can even arrive on the same day the order was placed.)

To book a particular size, submit a request form indicating the address, delivery date, and any special instructions, and an associate will contact you with pricing information promptly. Not sure which size you need? Request a call with one of Bin There Dump That’s experts, and they’ll walk you through booking the right service according to your needs.

Republic Services : Best for Large Projects

Republic Services

 Republic Services

Serving both business and residential clients since 1981, Republic is the second-largest waste collection service company in the United States.

For dumpster rentals, Republic offers immediate, transparent pricing by using three factors to determine the cost of the job: the size of the dumpster, the weight of the materials you plan to dispose of, and the distance between the dumpster location and the nearest waste disposal facility. The quotes for Republic’s residential rentals are priced in nine-day increments, with extensions available by contacting the customer service department.

Before booking, check to ensure that the bin size is right for your project: Republic recommends 10-yard dumpsters for brick, tile, asphalt, concrete, tree trimming, and small remodels; 20-yard dumpsters for seasonal cleaning or roofing projects; and 30-yard bins for light demolition, a mid-sized renovation, or larger tree trimmings.

Each residential rental for a 10-, 20-, or 30-yard dumpster is priced for one “haul” to dispose of up to five tons. Republic offers ongoing waste removal, too, by request for residential services, but more often for its commercial clients.

Republic’s commercial dumpsters come in larger sizes, including a 40-yard model, and carry with them scaleable options for ongoing trash removal, support for construction crews, advanced recycling technology, and special assistance to help teams reach sustainability goals. That versatility makes Republic a top choice for large-scale projects, both at home and at work. : Most Informative Process

If you’ve never needed to rent a dumpster before, it can be tough to know where to begin—especially if you’re trying to loosely budget for the cost before actually booking the rental. is a great first stop for that kind of preliminary information. It includes a straightforward chart that shares the average prices of various sizes of dumpsters, as well as a weight calculator to estimate how much materials like concrete or shingles will weigh (and, therefore, how much they will cost to remove)—crucial pieces of the puzzle as you determine which size to order.

Once you’re ready to move forward with your dumpster rental, you can call’s toll-free number to talk to a service specialist who can more specifically recommend the right size for your needs before quoting you on the cost. offers all-inclusive price estimates, but those do carry weight limits, and overage fees may apply for customers who surpass them. Still, if unexpected needs arise throughout your rental, also advises clients along the way if they need additional bins or other resources to manage their waste in a cost-effective way.

Redbox+ : Best for Construction Projects



Jeff Matejka founded Redbox+ in 2006 after 30 years in the waste management industry left him wondering why no one had ever solved one common problem: the seemingly random placement of dumpsters and restroom facilities on construction sites.

Matejka sketched out a combination roll-off dumpster and portable restroom—a concept he now owns a patent for. And the rest is history, thanks primarily to the overwhelmingly positive response from construction professionals. In 2014, the Redbox+ began to franchise, and now, locations can be found in more than 46 cities across the United States.

Securing one of Redbox+’s toilet-dumpster combinations is as easy as a phone call: Just tell its team the size you’re looking for (choose from 20- and 30-yard models), when you need the dumpster delivered, and where to drop it off. Redbox+ will offer a quote immediately, and the delivery turnaround can be as quick as within 24 hours.

The company can service your restroom and dumpster separately as needed, especially if the facilities are required for a long duration. Overall, Redbox+ consolidates two common needs on many construction sites, making it a great choice for home builders, contractors, and anyone looking to take on a major project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Dumpster Rental Company?

Dumpster rental companies offer temporary waste disposal containers for projects that might produce a large amount of trash, such as demolitions, remodels, new home builds, or large cleanout projects. Commercial properties can also rent dumpsters for long-term use, providing trash receptacles for places like businesses and multi-family residential units. Most dumpster rental services offer a predetermined number of trash pickups with their rentals. But each company’s price structure is different. If you’re sticking to a budget, try to pay attention to any overage fees, delivery charges, or pickup terms before placing your order for a dumpster rental.

Who Should Use a Dumpster Rental Company?

You should use a dumpster rental service if you are remodeling your home or business, cleaning out a large area such as a garage or basement, or engaging in large-scale tree trimming and landscaping work. A dumpster can also be handy during a large-scale move, especially if you’re considering throwing away some of your household items before relocating.

Often, construction companies and home builders are the primary clients for dumpster rental companies—that’s why you’ll often see dumpster rental services bundled with other options, like Redbox+’s patented portable restroom and dumpster combination. Dumpster rentals may also be used for businesses, public parks, or multi-family residential complexes. They are emptied by private services rather than by public waste collection.

What Can I Put in a Dumpster?

Most dumpster rental companies allow users to dispose of remodeling waste, yard debris, roofing material, concrete, and more. Each dumpster rental service has its own rules about what can and cannot be disposed of in its dumpsters. Often, it depends on the size of the dumpster you’ve rented.

Since many services charge by weight, companies occasionally restrict what items may be placed in the dumpster in order to keep the final weight of the waste within the original price estimate. As a general rule, most dumpsters will not allow tires, medical waste, refrigerators, flammables, or any items that may be toxic. When in doubt, check with your dumpster provider regarding the disposal of questionable waste.


While there are many small, local-only dumpster rental businesses around the country, for this list, we narrowed the field to include only franchises that offer their services in many different states. From there, we looked for user-friendly booking experiences—websites with transparent pricing, listings that explain exactly what a rental includes, or easy-to-find contact information—and considered what other services might make the rental experience less stressful.

Waste Management offered an impressive range of sizes, transparent and instant online pricing, and an all-in quote with no hidden fees, which put the Texas-based company at the top of the list. But Republic Services, the second-largest waste collection company in the United States, was a strong contender too, especially for larger construction projects.

Meanwhile, the residential-focused company Bin There Dump That earned major points for its top-notch customer service, compact solutions, and respect for HOA regulations, making it an excellent choice for home projects. would also be a solid pick for DIYers: The online retailer offers plenty of free information about how much to budget for your dumpster rental and how much your waste will likely weigh. And, Redbox+ goes a step beyond its competitors in its construction solutions with a patented portable restroom-dumpster combination that helps crews be more efficient on the job.

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