The 8 Best Earthquake Kits to Buy in 2018

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Nobody expects to find themselves in an emergency situation, but it’s better to be prepared than to be caught short when the time comes. Being prepared means having the proper supplies at the ready to grab and go — The American Red Cross recommends a minimum of three days worth. During an earthquake, you will be dealing with power outages, lack of running water, as well as debris on the roads and in your house. You may need to evacuate or wait until emergency personnel can reach you, all which take time.

Instead of spending hours researching and putting together your own earthquake kit, why not purchase a ready-to-go bag and rest easy knowing you’re well stocked for the first 72 hours after a disaster. Plan to add copies of important documents like your passport, cash, extra clothing and any necessary prescription medication.

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    Best Overall: Sustain Supply Company Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

    Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit


    Inside the Sustain Supply Company Premium Emergency Survival Bag, you’ll find absolutely everything you need for two people to survive the first few days after an earthquake. With 24 packets of emergency drinking water, including a Sawyer Mini water filter, the most important need of clean drinking water is met. For food, the portable stove can be used to rehydrate the 12 Mountain House freeze-dried meals to be eaten with the included bowls and utensils. For minor injuries, a first aid kit includes the essentials, while bath wipes will help you maintain personal hygiene when saving on water. During severe weather, emergency blankets keep you warm and dry with a Ferrocerium rod and InstaFire tinder to get a fire going even in wet conditions. Three different lighting options and emergency whistles can help you signal for emergency services when the time comes. 

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    Best for City Dwellers: Mayday Earthquake Kit Deluxe Home Survival Emergency

    The Honey Bucket from Mayday Industries has most everything you need to keep a family of four safe during the first 72 hours after an earthquake. One of the key components of an earthquake survival kit is food and water. This kit comes with four 2,400-calorie food bars and 24 pouches of water. A bottle of water purification tablets ensures you can drink safely from any available source and waterproof matches enable you to light a fire or a gas stove. Each member of your family will be able to keep warm and dry with a poncho and solar blanket.

    Should you have to deal with debris, dust masks are offered for protection with tools to help you secure the house such as a gas and water shut off tool, pry bar, utility knife and plenty of duct tape. Any minor injuries can be treated with the 54-piece first aid kit. There is a whistle to alert help if needed and a hand crank radio/flashlight to listen to the emergency services. The bucket itself turns into a toilet, complete with toilet bags and chemical toilet disinfectant. 

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    Best Budget: Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit 2-person, Three-Day Backpack

    Looking for the bare essentials to cover two people for when the next big one hits? Although compact, this backpack provides the three basic essentials as recommended by the American Red Cross: food, water and emergency blankets for shelter and warmth. Choose to store it as is or supplement with your own gear. Two 2,400-calorie bars and 12 packets of water offer plenty of sustenance while emergency blankets and emergency ponchos offer warmth and protection from the elements. In addition to the basics, the backpack also contains a 33-piece First Aid kit, two 12-hour safety light sticks, dust masks, nitrile gloves, pocket tissues and an emergency whistle.

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    Best for Versatility: The Earthquake Bag

    The signature red backpack from The Earthquake Bag packs in everything you’ll need to keep you and your family safe, warm and fed after an earthquake. The complete kit comes with food and water — one gallon of water, plus 1,000 calories a day per person. The heavy-duty backpack includes a 107-piece first aid kit and individual hygiene kits, a two-person tube tent for shelter, with warmth in the form of waterproof matches, hand and body warmers, Mylar sleeping bags, and emergency ponchos. Tools such as nylon rope, knife and a sewing kit will help you make any repairs and the hand crank flashlight/radio doubles as a charger for your phone. This bag is built for two people to survive three days, but you can customize the bags to add more family members or keep the two of you going for up to an entire week. The Earthquake Bag is available for one to six people, including pets. 

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    Best for Stowing in Car: GetReadyNow Personal Car Emergency Kit

    If you live in earthquake country, it’s highly likely that the big one will hit while you are on the road. Be prepared with the GetReadyNow Personal Car Emergency Kit that includes critical gear such as food and water, with warmth in the form of matches, hand warmers, body warmers, poncho and a Mylar blanket, in addition to a tubular bandana. The kit provides a variety of lighting options, including a headlamp, glow sticks and a wristband light with whistle. Extra batteries ensure the lights will last for days. Utility gloves, duct tape and a multi-tool might come in handy and a 46-piece first aid kit is useful for treating minor injuries. All items come packaged inside the clear, heavy-duty dry bag, with the items most likely to be needed first packed at the top. The earthquake kit fits under the seat, in the side door panels, or the pockets behind the front seats for safekeeping until you need it. 

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    Best for Remote Living: Prepper’s Favorite 72-Hour Earthquake Pack

    Instead of packing bags of water, the Prepper’s Favorite 72-Hour Earthquake Pack supplies you with a water filtration straw to drink from almost any water source. Lemon cookie-flavored emergency survival rations offer 3,600 calories of energy to keep you going, pre-divided into nine portion sizes. A 52-piece first aid kit, complete with pocket first aid guide, will help you deal with any minor injuries. Start a fire with the complete fire starting kit and hop into the emergency sleeping bag to stay warm. A high-power 300-lumen flashlight and three glow sticks provide lighting during extended power outages. Additional utility items include two multi-tools, knife, rain poncho, 50-foot coil of paracord, compass, safety pins, paper clips and even a notebook and pens.

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    Best for Families: Survival Prep Warehouse Four-Person Survival Kit Deluxe

    A family of four can rely on the Survival Prep Warehouse Four-Person Survival Kit Deluxe with plenty of clean drinking water, in addition to water purification tablets and a multitude of food bars to ensure no member of the family goes hungry. For shelter, the kit provides a set of two-person tube tents, including hanging rope, with Mylar sleeping bags, body warmers and ponchos for each person. A large first aid kit packs in the essentials, while individual hygiene kits contain everything from toothbrush and toothpaste to handy wipes and dust masks. The hand crank radio does not rely on batteries, while a signal mirror and whistle will help alert emergency personnel of your whereabouts. Utility items include gloves, waterproof matches and fire starter, multi-tool, light sticks, candles, flashlights with batteries and a wrench that can be used to shut off gas and water. There’s even a deck of cards to keep the family entertained. 

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    Best Kit With Supplies for Five Days: Wise Foods Five-Day Survival Backpack

    Housed in a camo-colored nylon backpack, you’ll find five days worth of food and water, more than your average earthquake kit. The freeze-dried meals from Wise Foods border on the gourmet, with dishes such as Southwest Beans and Rice and Vege Rotini. Simply add boiling water from the kit’s portable stove and supply of 24 fuel tablets and waterproof matches. Additional items include a 42-piece first aid kit for minor injuries, with wet naps, pocket tissues, and waste bags for personal hygiene. Safety items include a squeeze flashlight, survival whistle, dust mask, a Mylar blanket to keep warm and emergency poncho should it start to rain. You’ll even find a deck of playing cards for games of Solitaire to pass this time until the power comes back on.