The 8 Best Easter Gifts to Buy for Kids in 2018

Fill their baskets with more than candy this year

Girl placing easter eggs into basket in living room
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Hippity, hoppity. Soon it will be time for the Easter Bunny to start hopping down that bunny trail, which means it’s time to start thinking about what toys will fill those baskets. Candy is dandy, but toys typically last a little longer and don’t cause cavities.

From those for the tiniest tots to tweens, teens and everyone in between, there are plenty of fun and festive choices that make great Easter gifts. Here are the best easter egg gifts for kids to buy this year. 


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    Best for Toddlers: Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs

    These eggs aren’t for eating, but they will crack little ones up and teach them a thing or two as well. The plastic set comes with six eggs in a cute, bright egg carton. Each one is decorated with a unique fun face and cracks open to reveal a brightly colored, matching chick inside. Press down on a chick’s head, and the sweet chirping begins. No batteries are necessary.

    Recommended for ages six months and up, they're great for babies and toddlers and are a fun foray into teaching colors, counting and more.

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    Best for Lego Fans: Lego Easter Chick 40202

    For the grade school crowd, it’s hard to go wrong with Legos, especially when they let you build this adorable, yellow chick. With more than 110 pieces in all, building it is a great way to burn off some of that jelly-bean-fueled energy.

    With a rotating head and body as well as movable wings and toes, it’s a lot of fun to play with too once the chick is built. The pieces are, of course, compatible with all other Lego sets as well, so who knows what kind of adventures they can create for this crazy chick. This set is recommended for ages seven and up.

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    Best Educational: Educational Insights Bunny Hop Game

    To sneak in a bit of learning in the basket, there’s this Bunny Hop memory game. The goal is to collect one bunny in each of the four colors (there are 20 plastic bunnies in all — five each in red, blue, yellow and green) first. Players do this by rolling a die and pressing a bunny in a matching color, hoping to find a “hopper.” If the bunny hops out of its hole, the player gets to keep it.

    The award-winning game teaches kids color recognition and memory skills, but, mostly it’s just a whole lot of fun. The recommended age is three to six years, but it’s a lot of fun for the whole family to hop into together.

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    Best from Grandparents: Bunny Plush Collection

    Bunny Plush Collection
    Courtesy of Pottery Barn

    Soft and sweet, a plush bunny is an Easter gift any child will treasure all year long. These bunnies from Pottery Barn are adorable, with long, floppy ears and a ribbon tied around the bunny’s neck. The bunny comes in three sizes with the small bunny being recommended for all ages, while the medium and jumbo bunnies are recommended for ages two and up. You can even have the ribbon monogrammed with the child’s initials on the jumbo bunny for an extra special touch (and an extra charge, of course).

    From naptime to imaginary play, these bunnies are sure to be well loved over the years. They make a perfect gift from grandparents who want to spoil their own little bunnies.


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    Best for Teens: IELLO Bunny Kingdom Strategy Board Game

    For older kids, this Bunny Kingdom strategy game is full of serious bunny fun. It’s all about building the best kingdom for your clan of plastic bunnies. Players do this by drawing cards and moving around the 100 squares on the game board. After four rounds, time is up, and the player with the most points wins.

    This bunny-themed card game is designed for kids ages 14 and up and can be played by two or four players at a time. It’s fun, challenging and is sure to get pulled from the game shelf often for year-round fun.

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    Best for the Whole Family: Easter Adult Coloring Books

    Add a creative twist to a tween or teen’s basket with this adult coloring book. Fun no matter what their age, these color pages will have the whole family reaching for their crayons. There are 30 pages in all, which feature outlines of everything from eggs and flowers to bunnies and more. How they’re filled in is up to whoever is doing the coloring

    It’s a fun and stress-relieving activity when you want to take a break from a busy day. Paired with a pack of colored pencils or markers, this coloring book makes a great, inexpensive addition to any basket.

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    Best Religious: “God Gave Us Easter” Hardcover

    This book makes a sweet gift for those who want to embrace the religious reason behind Easter. Featuring a small polar bear and her family, they delve into the story of Jesus and how he died and rose again. It touches on topics of sin, prayer and heaven, but at a level kids can understand. It’s a great introduction to help them recognize that Easter goes beyond their basket.

    Recommended for ages three to seven, it’s a good one for preschoolers who have lots of questions. The fun watercolor and colored pencil illustrations and characters keep their interest while the meaningful lessons are delivered.

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    Best Eggs: Clear Slime Crystal Putty

    There’s just something about slime that kids can’t get enough of, so imagine their delight when they find eggs in their basket filled with this marvelous substance. This set comes with six plastic eggs, each of which is filled with soft, stretchy slime. They’re perfect for hiding, sticking in baskets or as party favors.

    The slime comes in a variety of colors and is peppered with small beads and pearls to make it even more mesmerizing. The eggs make a great way to store the slime too when it’s not being used. They’re recommended for kids ages five and up. While the slime is safe and nontoxic, you still don’t want little ones to eat it.