The 9 Best Electric Ranges of 2023

Our top pick is the Samsung NE63A6111SS

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Electric Ranges

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An electric range uses heating elements for stovetop meal prep and a heating coil in the oven to bake your family's favorite dishes and desserts. When it comes to shopping for a new range, many households with an existing electric stove choose to stick with the same type of kitchen range for the sake of simplicity and to avoid installing a new gas line.

Whether you prefer the easy operation of an electric range or it's what your kitchen configuration calls for, we've gathered the key details regarding the best electric ranges on the market. We compared models based on the size and wattage of elements, oven capacity and features, and other user-friendly options like built-in Wi-Fi. All of our picks have a modern, smooth cooking surface. Regarding glass-top and smooth-top electric ranges, Susan Serra, a certified kitchen designer and member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, says: "Some people refer to a smooth top cooktop surface as one which works with radiant heat [rather than induction cooking]." However, this is a terminology difference since both electric and induction ranges can have smooth, ceramic-glass cooktops instead of coiled burners.

Our favorite, the Samsung NE63A6111SS Smart Electric Range, has five elements, 6.3 cubic feet of oven space, and an easy-to-clean glass cooktop. It also boasts more advanced technological features, including Wi-Fi connection and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Whether you prefer a radiant or induction cooktop, or a standard or convection oven, below are the best electric ranges to snag for your kitchen.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Samsung NE63A6111SS 6.3 cu. ft. Smart Electric Range with Steam Clean

Samsung NE63A6111SS 6.3 cu. ft. Smart Electric Range with Steam Clean

Courtesy of Home Depot

What We Like
  • Five-element cooktop

  • Two 3,300-watt elements for faster boiling

  • Large 6.3-cubic-foot oven

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for starting and monitoring range functions

What We Don't Like
  • No element larger than 9 inches

  • Lacks convection cooking

The Samsung NE63A6111SS is the best electric range if you desire user-friendly features at a great value. This model has a smooth cooktop with five elements, a spacious oven, and Wi-Fi connectivity to make your cooking tasks easier to start and monitor using the Samsung SmartThings app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home. It’s available in a sleek stainless steel finish or you can opt for a modern black stainless steel look to complete your kitchen.

Whether you are cooking or baking with the Samsung NE63A6111SS, you’ll find this freestanding range to be efficient and fast. The stovetop has a pair of high-power 3,300-watt elements for quickly boiling water or searing steaks. Two other 1,200-watt elements and a 100-watt warming element complete the cooktop. Note that no element has a diameter larger than nine inches, which could be a barrier to even heating results if you regularly use large cookware.

At 6.3 cubic feet, the oven interior is larger than most and has two racks that can be positioned in eight different spots. It’s a standard operation oven, so it doesn't offer convection cooking or air fryer function. However, it does include specialized modes for bread proofing, warming, or your favorite custom settings. The oven has a concealed bake element, so you won’t have to maneuver around it during cleaning, although the self-cleaning option does the heavy lifting for you anyway. You can adjust the self-cleaning cycle to run for two, three, or five hours, depending on how dirty your oven interior is. But for light messes, a faster steam-cleaning is available to save time and elbow grease. In summary, the Samsung NE63A6111SS is an efficient and relatively affordable option for an electric range.

Price at time of publish: $999

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Standard | Range Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 6.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 24.81 x 22.44 x 19.75 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning, steam cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

Best Budget

GE JB645RKSS 30 in. 5.3 cu. ft. Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven

30 in. 5.3 cu. ft. Electric Range

Home Depot

What We Like
  • Two high-wattage elements for rapid boiling

  • In-oven broiler

  • Self-cleaning mode

  • Storage drawer below oven

What We Don't Like
  • Bake elements aren't hidden

  • No convection cooking capability

For an electric range that is efficient and affordable, consider the GE JB645RKSS. It’s equipped with features that make daily use faster and clean-up easier, like a pair of 3,100-watt elements. These are slightly lower than the 3,300-watt elements of the Samsung Smart Electric Range with Steam Clean, but they'll still be plenty powerful for rapid boiling. The smooth glass cooktop looks modern and can be wiped clean without the hassle of cleaning underneath coils. 

The cooktop isn’t the only feature that stands out on this budget electric range. It boasts a 5.3-cubic-foot oven with dual bake elements for more even heating operation, although it should be noted that they’re not hidden bake elements so you’ll have to clean under and around them. This model also features a self-cleaning function for the oven. And while some budget stoves relocate the broiler to a hard-to-access drawer underneath the oven, this model has an in-oven broiler and keeps the drawer underneath the oven accessible for storage of pots, pans, or bakeware. You won’t find convection cooking or smart capabilities, but that’s to be expected on a model that prioritizes affordability over advanced features. 

This freestanding range retails for around $900, depending on the retailer and appliance finish you choose. It’s available in standard black and white finishes, along with choices like fingerprint-resistant slate and stainless steel at a slightly higher price point.

Price at time of publish: $949

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Standard | Range Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 5.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 47 x 29.88 x 28 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning | Number of Burners: 4

Best Slide-In

GE JS760SPSS 5.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Electric Range

GE JS760SPSS 5.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Electric Range

Courtesy of Lowe's

What We Like
  • Sleek look and functionality with front control knobs and digital display

  • Convection and air fryer modes

  • Dual-ring elements for different cookware sizes

  • Self-cleaning and steam-cleaning modes

What We Don't Like
  • Only one power boil element

  • Fifth element is only a warming zone

A slide-in electric range offers a built-in look for your kitchen. The GE JS760SPSS is our top recommendation. This model packages together sleek styling with modern features and functionality. It boasts convection cooking and an air fryer mode for the oven, plus versatile radiant elements on the cooktop, including a power boil element for faster heating and a warming zone for holding steady, low temperatures.  

Designed to seamlessly replace 30-inch freestanding ranges, this slide-in electric range has front control knobs for the four cooking elements, plus a digital control pad for the oven operation and the fifth element, which serves as a warming zone. The two largest elements (measuring 9 and 12 inches) offer dual rings to adjust for larger or smaller pots and pans. The 9-inch element offers the highest wattage on the cooktop (3,100 watts) and is designated as the power boil element. While two power boil elements would offer more options for high-heat cooking, the cooktop is well-suited for making most dishes. 

The GE JS760SPSS has a 5.3-cubic-foot oven with three racks. A rear fan circulates hot air in convection cooking mode for consistent, even results when baking or roasting. It also makes it possible to use the oven as an air fryer. With three oven racks, you’ll have much more capacity than a countertop air fryer for preparing large batches of crispy foods like chicken tenders or tater tots. When it’s time to clean up the oven, the job is easier with the help of an in-depth self-cleaning mode or a faster steam-cleaning cycle for light messes.

Price at time of publish: $1,949

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 5.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 37.25 x 29.88 x 28.25 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning, steam cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

Best Freestanding


GE JB655SKSS 5.3 cu. ft. Electric Range

Courtesy of Home Depot

What We Like
  • Storage drawer below oven

  • Advanced oven functions

  • Great value for the price

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in stainless steel finish

  • Warming element offers just 80 watts of power

The GE JB655SKSS is our top choice for a freestanding electric range. It has a practical design that fits into just about any kitchen configuration, either as a standalone appliance or between cabinets. It retails for around $1,000, making it economical but also full-featured. This electric range has popular options like a smooth five-element cooktop, convection cooking, air frying, and a self-cleaning mode for the oven.

With all of these options, this freestanding electric range is ready for cooking or baking. On the cooktop, four elements range from 1,200 to 3,100 watts of power. Two of the elements adjust in size to fit large saute pans or small frying pans. The fifth element is a warming zone with only 80 watts of power, but it's still convenient for melting butter or keeping sauces ready to serve. The oven has 5.3 cubic feet of space (which is average in size for an oven) and a rear fan for convection cooking or air frying. A storage drawer below the oven is handy for keeping your bakeware or pots and pans stowed away yet accessible.

Stainless steel is the only finish available for this freestanding range. It’s a modern, widely appealing choice, but if you have existing appliances in black or white, you won’t be able to make a perfect match.

Price at time of publish: $1,049

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 5.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 47 x 29.88 x 28 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

Best with Double Oven

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS 6.7 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with True Convection in Stainless Steel

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS 6.7 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with True Convection in Stainless Steel

Home De Pot

What We Like
  • Allows for cooking at two different temperatures simultaneously

  • 6.7 cubic feet of total oven space

  • Convection cooking in lower oven

  • Self-cleaning mode in both ovens

What We Don't Like
  • No air fryer function

  • Lacks front control knobs

A double oven offers the advantage of having two separate ovens available for baking, roasting, or broiling multiple items at once. Instead of planning your oven use around dishes with similar temperatures or cooking times, you set the upper and lower ovens at the optimal settings for your main course, sides, or desserts. The Whirlpool WGE745C0FS is an example of the versatility and convenience of a double-oven electric range.

This popular model has earned its rank by offering 6.7 cubic feet of total oven space. The 4.2 cubic foot lower oven is only about a cubic foot smaller than the average single-oven range and features a fan for convection cooking. Baking enthusiasts will find this functionality to be helpful for getting consistent, even results on baked goods. The upper oven is 2.5 cubic feet in size, which is plenty big enough for a sheet pan or casserole dish. It doesn’t have convection cooking, but it would prove handy for preparing dishes at a separate temperature setting than the lower oven or for shortening oven preheating times by using a smaller space. Unfortunately, there is no air fryer function in either oven. While you may think that two ovens will mean double the kitchen clean-up work, take note that both of the oven cavities have a self-cleaning mode. 

Aside from double ovens, this range has an easy-to-use cooktop with five elements ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 watts of power. One of these elements offers three adjustable diameters so that you can match the size of the element to your pot or pan. This freestanding range has rear control knobs, which require you to reach across the stovetop. But the knobs are clearly marked and pair nicely with a digital control pad to adjust oven functions.

Price at time of publish: $1,799

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Standard only (upper oven), convection (lower oven) | Range Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 6.7 cubic feet | Dimensions: 47.13 x 29.94 x 26.13 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

Best with Convection Oven

LG LREL6325F Freestanding Electric Range

LG LREL6325F Freestanding Electric Range

Courtesy of Best Buy

What We Like
  • True convection oven operation

  • Easy maintenance with steam-clean and self-clean cycles

  • InstaView oven door for a quick look inside

  • Finger-resistant finish

What We Don't Like
  • Cooktop is prone to scratching

  • Limited color options 

While there are plenty of electric ranges with convection ovens on the market, we recommend the LG LREL6325. This model earns positive praise for its outstanding oven performance, sturdy build, and Wi-Fi connectivity. At 6.3 cubic feet, it also has a larger-than-usual cavity for a single-oven range. It’s available in stainless steel only, but you have a choice between black or silver. Either one is fingerprint-resistant to preserve the look of your kitchen appliance.

This popular LG model boasts true convection cooking, which means that it utilizes a third heating element and fan at the rear of the oven. This produces consistent, even heat distribution for a uniform browning effect when roasting potatoes, proteins, and vegetables or baking up a batch of cookies. It also leverages this technology for an air fryer function, although an air fryer tray is not included with the range. Whether you’re roasting, baking, or air frying, you can get a peek inside of the oven by knocking twice on the oven glass. Doing so illuminates the interior for a clear look at the contents of the oven. The bright blue oven interior makes a bold statement and can be kept clean with the help of steam-clean or self-clean cycles. 

The cooktop has five elements, including two adjustable-size elements and a warming zone. The biggest flaw of this range, according to some users, is the durability of the smooth glass cooktop. While glass cooktops require specific care, some users find this one to be especially hard to clean, or prone to scratching. Still, the LG LREL6325 costs less than $1,500 and is a tried-and-true option for an electric range with a spacious oven cavity and convection cooking.

Price at time of publish: $1,249

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 6.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 46.5 x 29.88 x 28.88 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning, steam cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

Best with Air Fryer

Frigidaire Gallery FGEH3047VF 5.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Range with Air Fry

Frigidaire Gallery FGEH3047VF Electric Range with Air Fry

Courtesy of Best Buy

What We Like
  • In-oven fan for convection cooking and air frying

  • Slide-in design for built-in look

  • Smudge-proof finish minimizes fingerprints

What We Don't Like
  • Air fryer tray not included 

An electric range with air fryer functionality gives you more options for preparing your family’s favorite meals and snacks. Usually, you’ll find an electric range with convection cooking will also offer an air fryer mode. This is the case for the Frigidaire Gallery FGEH3047VF, which is a slide-in range with 5.4 cubic feet of oven space and a smooth, glass cooktop with five radiant elements. 

Frigidaire was the first to bring air fryer functionality to the oven, and this well-equipped model has a rear fan for distributing hot air along with three oven racks to accommodate multiple sheet pans. An optional air fryer tray enhances the effect of this cooking technique but is a separate purchase, rather than an included accessory with this range. Whether you choose to use the oven in standard, convection, or air frying modes, steam-cleaning and self-cleaning modes will keep spills and splatters from dirtying your oven interior.

The slide-in design of this electric range puts the controls front and center, making it easy to adjust element operation or oven functions without reaching over the cooktop. The cooktop offers a smooth finish with five elements, including four cooking elements and a warming zone. The range is available in stainless steel or black stainless steel finishes. Both options are not just modern and stylish, they're smudge-proof, too. This range retails for less than $2,000 and is frequently on sale from leading appliance retailers.

Price at time of publish: $1,899

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 5.4 cubic feet | Dimensions: 36.63 x 29.88 x 26.75 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning, steam cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

Best with Induction Cooktop

GE Profile PHS930YPFS 5.3 cu. ft. Slide-in Electric Range with Self Cleaning Convection Oven

GE Profile PHS930YPFS 5.3 cu. ft. Slide-in Electric Range with Self Cleaning Convection Oven


What We Like
  • Advanced cooktop functions for precise cooking

  • Synchronized elements for large cookware

  • Seamless touch controls are easy to clean

  • Convection oven with air fryer function

What We Don't Like
  • Only has four elements

  • Control panel is sensitive

For precise cooking on an electric range, an induction cooktop is the way to go. Using heating technology that transfers directly to the pot or pan on the element, induction cooking is highly efficient and safe. If that appeals to you, consider the GE Profile PHS930YPFS as your perfect match in the kitchen. This sleek and well-appointed electric range with an induction cooktop stands out for its long feature list and powerful cooking capabilities. This Wi-Fi-enabled range is equipped with a guided cooking mode that automatically adjusts time, temperature, and cooking pace, and that can be used alongside coordinating video recipes. The oven also features a sous vide cooking mode that complements the included precision cooking probe. 

Among the many popular features of induction cooktops, Serra points out that bridge elements are often included in induction cooktops, enabling a long grill or griddle to fit over two elements—and the GE Profile PHS930YPFS is no exception. This cooktop has four elements, including two syncing elements that can be connected to create a larger heating area for oversized cookware. Control of each element feels intuitive—you can adjust the integrated, digital controls with a simple finger swipe. The integrated, knob-less design of the front control panel also contributes to quick clean-up of this smooth-top electric range, but you’ll have to lock the controls before wiping or you’ll end up adjusting element operation. There’s no fifth element, which may be a disappointment for gourmet cooks, but the cooktop still offers plenty of power and versatility for most households.

A 5.3-cubic-foot oven complements the cooktop by offering advanced features like true European convection, faster preheating times, and an air fryer function. Three oven racks maximize the space available inside the oven and give you more room for stacking cookie sheets or arranging baking dishes. Self-cleaning mode keeps the oven interior spotless—including the oven racks, which are durable enough to be left in the oven for a deep clean. If you have the budget for it, this slide-in electric range with an induction cooktop is worth the investment.

Price at time of publish: $2,699

Fuel Type: Induction | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 5.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 37.25 x 29.88 x 28.25 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning | Number of Burners: 4

Best Smart

Samsung NE63T8751SS Flex Duo Slide-In Electric Range with Smart Dial and Air Fry

Samsung NE63T8751SS Flex Duo Slide-In Electric Range with Smart Dial and Air Fry

Courtesy of Best Buy

What We Like
  • Control the range using Samsung Bixby, Alexa, or Google Home

  • Smart dial learns your favorite oven settings

  • Choose between single and dual-oven mode

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Learning curve for oven use

A smart electric range can make everything from entertaining to weekday meal prep easier and simpler. The Samsung NE63T8751SS features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, a smart dial that simplifies oven operation and learns your favorite settings, and a unique oven design that can be used as a single, large-capacity oven or split into a double oven configuration. Plus, you can control this smart range with Samsung Bixby or popular smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can use an app or voice control to preheat the oven, check the time remaining on your kitchen timer, or monitor the cooktop.

The stovetop of the Samsung NE63T8751SS features five elements, including double- and triple-ring elements to better accommodate small and large cookware. The slide-in range features front control knobs, which are accented by an LED light when the element is in use. A center display panel provides information on oven operation, which is controlled by a smart dial. The smart dial learns your most frequent oven settings and creates shortcuts for these options. There are plenty of functions to choose from, too. This range is equipped with convection cooking and an air fryer function for better results whether you’re baking or preparing crispy favorites like chicken wings or French fries.

One of the most unique features of this smart electric range is the design of the oven. Referred to as a Flex Duo oven, the total capacity is 6.3 cubic feet—one of the largest oven capacities you’ll find. Combined with three gliding oven racks, you’ll have plenty of space for roasting an entire turkey plus side dishes. But for smaller cooking tasks or to bake items at different temperatures you can insert an oven divider that creates a 3.4-cubic-foot upper oven and a 2.7-cubic-foot lower oven. Since the oven configuration is much different than a standard single oven, expect a learning curve as you become familiar with the use and features of the flexible oven space. Self-cleaning and steam-cleaning modes give you flexibility in cleaning up the oven after cooking is complete.

Price at time of publish: $2,949

Fuel Type: Electric | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 6.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 36.75 x 29.94 x 28.69 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning, steam cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

Final Verdict

Our top pick for an electric range is the Samsung NE63A6111SS. This user-friendly model offers a spacious 6.3-cubic-foot oven and a five-element cooktop with rapid boil elements to save you time. It's also equipped with Wi-Fi for extra convenience. If you're on a budget, consider the GE JB645RKSS. While its oven cavity is smaller, and its heating elements won't get quite as hot, it still offers plenty of versatility for cooking and baking tasks. Plus, it has an in-oven broiler and a drawer below the oven for extra storage of cookware.

What to Look for in an Electric Range

Range Type and Size

Today, most electric ranges fall into two cooking range types: freestanding and slide-in. Freestanding electric ranges are the most common type and have finished sides, which makes them suitable for installation anywhere in your kitchen—either in between kitchen cabinets or standing independently. While freestanding ranges run the gamut of price options, depending on the features you value most, it’s worth noting that the most affordable electric ranges are usually freestanding models. 

Slide-in electric ranges are meant to fit in between kitchen cabinets and countertops. This type of electric range has a front control panel with knobs or digital buttons for operating the elements and oven. With a shallower depth and no rear control panel like you’ll find on freestanding ranges, the appliance maintains a low profile and won’t obscure your kitchen backsplash or extend beyond your kitchen countertops. Susan Serra, a certified kitchen designer, adds, “A ‘true’ slide-in range has a cooktop surface that is wider than the oven below and will sit on top of the countertop, covering the seams on each side of the range for a truly built-in look.” She points out that the style of a built-in electric range is sleek and modern and also makes a “great solution for kitchens with a smaller footprint.”

Electric ranges usually have a height of 36 inches, a width of 30 inches, and a depth of 24 to 27 inches. Slide-in ranges usually have a more shallow depth to align with the edge of countertops, while freestanding electric ranges tend to be slightly deeper and may extend beyond the depth of your kitchen counters. Keep in mind that some freestanding electric ranges will have a listed height of 46 or 47 inches, which factors in the additional height of the control panel mounted at the back of the appliance.

Installation of an electric range is straightforward. Since there is no fuel line to connect, you’ll just need to plug the range into a four-prong, 240-volt electrical outlet for operation. If you are unsure whether you have the right electrical components in place to support the energy draw of an electric stove, consult an electrician.  

Oven Capacity

An average oven capacity for an electric range is 5 to 5.3 cubic feet. An oven of this size will usually have two oven racks with six to eight positions. You can expect to cook several items simultaneously, but large dishes like a roast or turkey may take up the majority of the available cooking space. 

Large-capacity and double-oven electric ranges have more than 6 cubic feet of space. You’ll find some electric ranges with a large single oven, like our "best overall" choice (the Samsung NE63A6111SS), which has a 6.3-cubic-foot oven. You won’t have to compromise on which sides to cook up along with your main course. 

Double ovens offer similar total capacity, but it’s divided into two oven cavities that can be operated independently for more precise temperature and time settings. The Whirlpool WGE745C0FS has a 4.2-cubic-foot lower oven and a 2.5-cubic-foot upper oven for a total capacity of 6.7 cubic feet. If you want the flexibility of baking dessert while broiling your dinner, a double oven gives you the ability to do so. If you don’t want to heat up a large oven to reheat your favorite foods, you can use the smaller oven for shorter pre-heating times and energy savings

Number of Burners

Electric ranges usually have four or five burners. They are typically referred to as "elements," because there is no flame on an electric range. Instead, the cooktop uses radiant elements or induction technology to generate cooking heat. An induction electric range uses magnets below the cooktop to generate heat that is transferred directly to cookware. You’ll need to use induction-compatible pots and pans, but the advantage is that very little heat is transferred to the cooking surface. This translates into safety and cleaning benefits. The risk of burns from the cooktop is greatly reduced, and food that spills onto the cooktop won’t burn, making it easier to wipe the stove clean. However, induction electric ranges, like the GE Profile PHS930YPFS, usually carry a hefty price premium. This model retails for two to three times the cost of a basic electric range. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Options

All but the most bare-bones electric ranges include a self-cleaning cycle, which eliminates much of the effort and scrubbing associated with manual oven cleaning. While a self-cleaning cycle is advantageous for in-depth oven cleaning, it usually requires two to five hours to run and causes your oven to operate at very high temperatures for much of the cleaning cycle. 

If you’re looking for a faster way to clean your oven on a regular basis, consider an electric range with a steam-cleaning cycle. This option usually only takes about 20 minutes and uses a small amount of water poured into the bottom of your oven to generate steam that loosens debris, which can easily be wiped clean at the end of the cycle.

Standout Features

App Control for Smart Ranges

Electric ranges equipped with Wi-Fi offer you the ability to monitor and control your oven using an app or smart home assistants, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The specific features will vary, depending on the model you choose, but some smart electric ranges, like the Samsung NE63T8751SS, give you access to functions like preheating the oven, checking for active elements on the stovetop, or setting a kitchen timer using voice control. If you want a modern kitchen appliance to integrate with your smart home, these may be worthwhile features to consider. If you frequently multitask in the kitchen, a smart electric range can help you keep tabs on your cooking tasks or give you a heads-up when the oven is done preheating, or the kitchen timer is complete.

Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is one feature to consider on electric ranges. Also known as a "serving drawer," it’s a helpful way to hold items from the oven at ready-to-eat temperatures without overcooking them. You might want to consider getting a range with a warming drawer if you frequently bake and need a warm place to proof dough. It can also be helpful if you enjoy entertaining and want to keep appetizers, rolls, or desserts warm until serving time. One important thing to know is that a warming drawer occupies the space that is usually designated as a storage drawer. Picking an electric range with a warming drawer will mean that your bakeware or cookware must be stored elsewhere.

Element Features 

Some electric ranges have elements with additional capabilities or features. Two of the most popular options are power boil elements and syncing elements. 

Power boil elements: This refers to high-wattage elements that produce high levels of heat more quickly. Most power boil elements have between 3,100 and 3,300 watts of power. It’s a useful feature to look for if you frequently boil water for pasta or mashed potatoes or if you want a high-power element for intense heat while searing steaks or sauteing vegetables. 

Syncing elements: Elements that can be operated together are often referred to as "syncing" or "bridge" elements. Both elements will be of the same wattage. When synced together, you have a larger element to accommodate the size of large or unusually shaped cookware. You’ll frequently find this feature on induction electric ranges. 

Oven Capabilities 

The oven of an electric range will sometimes offer additional functionality, like convection cooking or an option for air frying. The key to these capabilities is the addition of a fan at the rear of the oven, which ensures that the hot air in the oven circulates throughout the space—reducing uneven oven temperatures. When shopping for this feature, you’ll see that some electric ranges are labeled as "true convection," which means that a third heating element is paired with the fan at the back of the oven cavity. This is true of our pick for the "best electric range with convection oven," the LG LREL6325

  • What brand is the best and most reliable for electric ranges?

    Major manufacturers of electric ranges include LG, Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, Bosch, and Frigidaire. Which brand is the best depends on the features and capabilities you value most in a range. However, to get an idea of which electric range is the most reliable, you can consult reviews of actual users that have experience with the model you’re considering. One of the best electric stoves that has earned positive praise for its usability and reliability is the Samsung NE63A6111SS.

  • Is there an electric range that cooks like a gas range?

    If you’re switching from a gas range to an electric range, you may initially find the heat settings of an electric range to be challenging to use. Serra points out: “Using an electric range that is non-induction is an exercise in guessing which power setting to use for a burner and then waiting to see if it's the right one for the food you want to cook.” Her recommendation for a precise electric range that performs as well as a gas range is an induction model. “Induction is as powerful (or more powerful) than gas. The response to high and low heat settings is just as fast when compared to gas.” Other reasons to consider an induction range, according to Serra, include energy savings and ease of cleaning. Serra mentions that gas stoves disperse heat well beyond the vessel being heated, while induction heating is highly efficient. This translates into easier cleaning, since the smooth glass stove remains cool and can be easily wiped clean, in contrast to needing to clean under and around the grates and burners associated with gas stoves.

  • Does an electric range use a lot of electricity?

    In general, electric ranges do not use a lot of energy. The average wattage of an element on the stovetop of an electric range is around 1,200 to 3,300 watts. It can be harder to find the listed wattage for an electric oven. You may need to contact the manufacturer to request this information for a specific model.

    To find out how much energy an electric range uses, consider the wattages of the elements on the stovetop and the wattage of the oven. You can then calculate your cost to operate any combination of elements and the oven using your utility company’s cost-per-kilowatt of energy. Keep in mind that you’ll have to divide watts by 1,000 to find your kilowatt usage. Multiply that number by your cost-per-kilowatt to estimate how much it will cost to operate your electric range.

  • What is the life expectancy of an electric range?

    Electric ranges have a typical useful span, like other major household appliances. You can expect to get up to 13 years of use from this mainstay kitchen appliance. There is very little maintenance needed to keep an electric range operating properly, outside of routinely cleaning the stovetop, controls, and oven.

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This article was written by Erica Puisis, a freelance writer for The Spruce with extensive experience researching large and small appliances. To find the best electric ranges on the market, she considered models from major appliance manufacturers like GE, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Amana, Whirlpool, and more. Puisis evaluated the ranges based on the number of elements, wattage, oven capacity, and other features that make using and maintaining a range easier, such as self-cleaning or steam-cleaning capabilities and built-in Wi-Fi. Puisis also interviewed Susan Serra, a certified kitchen designer and a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Serra spoke about some of the most useful and innovative features in electric ranges, along with the benefits of induction cooking.

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