The 6 Best Fabric Shavers of 2023

Our favorite is the BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

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Gleener Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush


Whether it’s your favorite fall sweater, lived-in linens, or even your sofa, almost any type of fabric can become dull, dreary, and covered with pill balls over time. When your fabric needs freshening, a fabric shaver is just the tool to get it back in shape. We researched the best fabric shavers available with our eye on durability, ease of use, adjustability, safety features, and weight. "You'll find some fabrics require more pressure or repeated passes with the shaver, so a heavy or awkward one can leave your hands aching after use,” says Katie Berry, a cleaning expert and member of The Spruce's Cleaning Review Board.

Here, the best fabric shavers for any piece of clothing or type of fabric.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Beautural Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Beautural Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Cordless

  • Works with many fabrics

  • Adjustable height

  • Safety locks

What We Don't Like
  • Not for pet hair

If your clothing needs a good sprucing, the BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover is here to help. It’s easy to use on different surfaces because it has adjustable height spacing and is incredibly effective on multiple types of fabric. This fabric shaver takes off the drab, pill-prone areas of clothes, linens, and upholstery and leaves behind only smooth, fresh fabric. Featuring efficient, long-lasting blades and two handy replacements (which you won’t need for years!), if you opt for this fabric shaver, you can expect it to last for a long time.

The BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover is cordless, allowing free movement when working with your fabrics. It has safety locks to protect your fingers and an ample-sized shaving surface to get the job done quickly.

While it isn’t useful for removing pet hair, this shaver is highly effective at clearing off pills, lint, and most other fabric issues. It has settings for nearly all of your clothing, even your delicate cashmere garments. To get the most out of this product, lay your fabric on a flat, firm surface while you restore your cardigan to its pre-season glory.

Once you try this fabric shaver for yourself, we’re confident you’re going to want to add this step to your weekly laundry routine to keep your clothing in tip-top shape.

Price at time of publish: $17

Dimensions: 6.1 x 2.9 x 3.8 inches︱Weight: 10.4 ounces︱Number of Settings: 3 shave heights, 2 speeds, 3 hole sizes︱Shaving Surface Size: 2.5 inches︱Batteries Required: 2 AA

Best Budget

Conair Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Conair Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover


What We Like
  • Lightweight

  • Available in a rechargeable version

  • Compact

  • Simple to use

What We Don't Like
  • Must empty often

If you’re trying to save a buck, look no further than the Conair Fabric Defuzzer. It’s affordable, smooth, and lightweight, and it comes with a removable lint catcher. It has an easy-to-grasp, ergonomic design with three settings for the depth of your shave.

The Conair Fabric Defuzzer is ideal for many fabrics due to its adjustability. It’s also small enough to throw in a travel bag or stash in a shallow top drawer. Its compact size is great for storage, but keep in mind this means you might have to empty it several times if you're working on a pile of fabrics.

This fabric shaver is even simple enough for children to use (with a bit of supervision!) so they can create a habit of good clothing care. It’s battery-operated, too, so you won’t have to bother plugging it in before you start shaving.

Price at time of publish: $15

Dimensions:  7.75 x 3.8 x 2.75 inches︱Weight: 6.4 ounces︱Number of Settings: 3 depth settings︱Shaving Surface Size: 2 inches︱Batteries Required: 2 AA

Best Large

Bymore Fabric Shaver

Bymore Fabric Shaver


What We Like
  • Lightweight

  • Cordless

  • Maneuvers like an iron

  • Large lint catcher

  • Safety shutoff

What We Don't Like
  • Some found it loud when in use

  • Not ideal for travel

When you need to cover large areas, reach for the Bymore Fabric Shaver. With its nearly 3-inch diameter shaver head, it allows you to effortlessly de-pill fabrics. It moves and is shaped like an iron, but it’s lightweight since it is constructed of plastic. It’s also cordless, so it’s relatively simple to use.

The shaver uses a powerful suction function to work quickly, removing only undesired pills and lint. You can rotate it up to 180 degrees, and it also has a spacious, large-capacity lint catcher that is easy to clean. For optimal safety, the shaver automatically stops working whenever the cover is jarred loose or removed. It’s worth noting that some users found this device noisy, and since it is larger in size, it’s not a great travel option.

Price at time of publish: $26

Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.34 x 5.31 inches︱Weight: 8.2 ounces︱Number of Settings: 3 size settings and on, off, pause︱Shaving Surface Size: 3 inches︱Batteries Required: Rechargeable internal battery

Best for Sofa and Upholstery Fabric

Gleener Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush

Gleener Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush


What We Like
  • Adjustable for different kinds of fabrics

  • Travel-friendly

  • Includes lint brush

  • Can use on clothes, too

What We Don't Like
  • Some found it rough on delicates

Brighten up your furniture with the GLEENER Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush. Bring your chairs, sofas, rugs, throw pillows, and even indoor/outdoor patio furniture back to life with this handy little gadget. The GLEENER shaver doesn’t need batteries, requires no charging, and you don’t have to plug it in. This is a lightweight brush that you use with your own two hands. Just because this fabric shaver is excellent for furniture, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your clothes. You can absolutely use it to freshen up clothing and linens, too.

This brush is unique because you can choose between three different edges, depending upon the fabric you’re shaving. There’s one for delicates (although customers warn to maintain gentle movements on this setting), one for bulkier fabrics, and a medium edge for everything in between. The shaver also has a built-in lint brush, which works to banish all types of lint, pills, and pet hair. On top of that, this shaver comes with a travel bag so you can throw it in your weekend duffel without having to sacrifice too much space.

Price at time of publish: $21

Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.75 x 1.75 inches︱Weight: 7.6 ounces︱Number of Settings: 3 different edges︱Shaving Surface Size: Varies︱Batteries Required: None

Best for Travel

LEAWER Fabric Shaver

LEAWER Fabric Shaver


What We Like
  • Small handle

  • Runs up to 50 minutes

  • Stainless steel blades

What We Don't Like
  • Requires frequent emptying

With a compact design and quick-charging base, the LEAWER Fabric Shaver is our top pick for travelers. The handle is small, making it easy to maneuver and store. Plus, once it’s fully charged, the LEAWER can de-pill clothing for up to 50 minutes.

The stainless steel rotary blades inside the shaver are sharp and prepped to cut through fuzz, lint, and pills to brighten up your travel garments in transit. Also, this shaver comes with a USB charging cord and rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about losing charge on your trip. The collection container is simple to detach and empty, as well.

Price at time of publish: $19

Dimensions: 5.39 x 3.19 x 2.87 inches︱Weight: 7 ounces︱Number of Settings: 2 speed settings︱Shaving Surface Size: 2.5 inches︱Batteries Required:  2 AAA (included)

Best for Lint

Pritech Fabric Shaver Lint Remover

Pritech Fabric Shaver Lint Remover


What We Like
  • Ergonomic handle

  • Works on pet hair

  • Magnetic for easy cleaning

What We Don't Like
  • Some noted charging trouble

When lint has taken over your fabrics, it’s time for a top-quality lint remover—so step aside, lint roller! Our top choice for the task is the Pritech Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover. It sucks up everything from lint and fuzz to pet hair. It’s rechargeable, so you can save a buck on batteries, and it has a 5-watt motor and premium stainless steel blades for optimal shaving and lint removal.

Using elastic blades, the Pritech offers a choice of three hole sizes, so you can customize it according to your fabric. It also has a large vane fan that provides a strong vacuum for optimal lint removal. On top of that, its magnetic cover can be removed and replaced in seconds, while competitor brands take longer to untwist and twist back on.

Price at time of publish: $30

Dimensions: 6.89 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches︱Weight: 9.5 ounces︱Number of Settings: 3 hole sizes︱Shaving Surface Size: 3 inches︱Batteries Required: 1 rechargeable lithium battery (included)

Final Verdict

Our top choice for a fabric shaver is the BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover for its durability, adjustability, and effectiveness on a variety of fabrics. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option, check out the Conair Fabric Shaver. It offers an ergonomic design with three depth settings and has a detachable lint catcher.

What to Look for in a Fabric Shaver

Setting Options

Fabric shavers come with a range of setting options, and you should always select the appropriate setting before you begin to de-pill your fabric. You can often choose a depth setting to match your fabric so that you don’t accidentally shave off too much. You may also find shavers with a customizable hole size or speed size. Delicate fabrics will require a slower setting with smaller hole sizes, and the opposite is true for bulkier fabrics. Make sure you read all instructions and other information on your shaver’s packaging before choosing your setting and beginning your fabric shaving project.

Battery Requirements

While some fabric shavers require batteries, they aren’t always included in your purchase. Check your packaging carefully to make sure you have all the batteries, rechargeable batteries, or charging components you need. Of course, with manual fabric shavers, you won’t need batteries or electricity of any kind. You can increase or decrease speed, shorten or lengthen strokes across the fabric, and change direction as often as you desire when working with electrically powered or manual shavers.

Safety Features

Some fabric shavers have safety features, such as safety locks and protective covers, to keep you from injuring yourself while working with the shaver. Since many fabric shavers feature a blade of some type, your safety is something to take into consideration. Select a shaver with safety features that appeal to you, especially if inexperienced users will be working with the shavers.


When choosing a fabric shaver for travel, be sure to check for travel-friendly features. The shaver’s weight (the lighter, the better!), size or lack of handle (it’s best if it’s small, easily tucks into the device, or if there is no handle at all), and a compact design make for excellent traveling features. These are all important to consider if you’re purchasing a fabric shaver before leaving town, especially for an extended time.

  • How do you use a fabric shaver?

    Katie Berry, a cleaning expert with 30 years of household management experience, recommends spreading your garment on a hard surface and smoothing it down with your hands until it’s flat. She emphasizes that “the hard surface is important so that the shaver remains in contact with the garment's surface.” From there, Berry suggests moving the shaver across the surface, pressing lightly so as not to block the shaver’s blades as you go.

    It’s best to practice on a small area first, then once you get the hang of it, move on to the entire garment. Reposition the fabric as you go so that it’s always flat. Working gently in one direction using short strokes is usually the most effective, and it’s best to complete this garment de-pilling process before you throw clothes into the laundry.

  • How do you clean a fabric shaver?

    According to Berry, the best way to clean a fabric shaver varies by model. She adds, “Most have a lid that pops off, and you can just dump out the collected fuzz. Some come with a small brush so you can clean any bits that have collected in the shaver coils, or you can use an old toothbrush.” Always read instructions and tips on your shaver’s packaging to confirm the best way to clean it.

  • Can a fabric shaver remove pet hair?

    Some can, and others cannot. Since pet hair is so thin, not all fabric shavers can pick it up or collect it properly. Before purchasing, check your desired fabric shaver’s packaging to make sure it functions as you need it.

  • Can you use a fabric shaver on cashmere?

    Some fabric shavers can be used on cashmere. Before purchasing, carefully read the shaver’s packaging to make sure it’s safe to use on your desired clothing.

  • What’s most important in choosing a fabric shaver?

    According to Berry: comfort. “If you plan to use your fabric shaver often or for long periods, make sure to find one that fits well in your hand and doesn't feel heavy," she says. Since some fabrics require more pressure, a heavy or odd-shaped shaver can make the process less enjoyable.

Why Trust The Spruce?

This article was researched and written by KJ Callihan. Callihan has created shopping and other guides for The Spruce, CNET, Finfrock Marketing, AAA Northeast magazine, and more. For this guide, she scrutinized numerous fabric shaver options while focusing on durability, ease of use, adjustability, and safety features. She sought additional guidance from The Spruce's Cleaning Review Board member Katie Berry. Berry is a cleaning expert with 30 years of household management experience, as well as over 18 years of writing and managing her blog, Housewife How-Tos.