The 7 Best Artificial Plants to Buy in 2018

For your brown thumb

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Plants add a soothing, natural decorative element to any room — but often the plant you’d like for the space you’re decorating won’t work for various reasons. Whether the room you’re in is too sunny, you have kids or pets or you just have an old-fashioned “brown thumb,” artificial plants can be a great option for many spaces.

Plus, advancements in artificial plants mean you have more realistic-looking options than ever. From large-scale to mini, with just about every variety of plant you can imagine, there’s an option that will work for your space. While many plants are recommended for indoor use only, some can be used outdoors as well. Most artificial plants are made from plastic or silk and require little upkeep besides some dusting or wiping with a soft cloth. And you’ll never have to feel guilty about killing a plant again! Here are the best artificial plants in some of the most popular categories.


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    Best Fern: Silk Tree Warehouse Artificial Boston Fern

    Few plants have the graceful sweep of a full-leafed Boston fern. A total of four feet wide with 88 leafy fronds (about 24 inches in length each), you can place this artificial Boston fern inside an existing hanging pot for instant greenery. The plants have silk leaves which may fade in the sun, so it’s best for shady porches or indoor use. All of the fronds are attached to a single center spike, so you can fluff out and arrange them to work with your decor. All you'll need is to dust to clean and it can be used for indoor or outdoor use. 

    Reviewers claim these look so real. And many who've tried to keep the real deal at home only to be left with a dead plant were happy with the outcome. The pot is not included so you'll have to find something that suits your decor and needs. 

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    Best Ficus Bush: Vickerman Artificial Ficus Bush in Decorative Rattan Basket

    Modeled after the classic corner plant, this artificial ficus bush stands four feet tall and 30 inches wide at its widest point. Nestled inside a 5” x 6” rattan basket with decorative moss over the “dirt”, the ficus bush can be placed directly onto the floor for instant greenery in any room. The leaves have nice color variation and it just needs like dusting to be cleaned.

    This bush is only recommended for indoor use but can work in both home and office environments. The trunk is made from actual real wood from the USA so it is made of the real thing. 

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    Best Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Pot
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    You’ve probably seen a fiddle-leaf fig tree in the corner rooms on home decor blogs, but the secret is: These plants are hard to keep alive. This realistic-looking artificial tree gives you all the drama you love from the fiddle-leaf fig tree, without the upkeep (just wipe it clean with a soft cloth to clean it).

    At six feet tall (even taller if you place the plain black pot it comes with inside a larger decorative pot) and 26” wide at its fullest, this artificial fiddle-leaf fig tree with plastic leaves can take the place of artwork or even furniture in a formal room for a chic decorative element. 

    Many reviewers have commented that guests tend to go over to it to touch the leaves because it looks so real. This is only suitable for indoors. 

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    Best Small: Shuheng Mini Artificial Potted Plant

    Available in five different plastic leaf styles, including grass, lavender and boxwood, this mini potted plant is just 4.8” tall and wide, making it just the right size for a desktop, bookshelf, windowsill or side table. In a simple, trendy cement-look pot (made of paper pulp), the plant is under a pound, making it easy to move around or place in a high spot without straining. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use this just needs to be wiped clean. Since this is made out of plastic it isn't the most realistic looking of plants on the list, but it gets the job done by brightening up your space in a small footprint. 

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    Best for a Tabletop: Nearly Natural Pothos in Vase

    This evergreen centerpiece will keep your table decorated for a fraction of the price of years’-worth of fresh bouquets! With realistic-looking color variation along the leaves, and nestled inside an attractive 10” x 6.5” rattan-style pot, this artificial Pothos plant is a lush addition to any home. The leaves extend up to 29 inches wide and 20 inches tall for lots of drama — but at only three pounds, it’s easy to move if you need the table space for dinner. Reviewers call this plant “realistic, full and absolutely gorgeous” and “perfect for plant killers.” 

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    Best Succulents: MyGift Decorative Round Faux Potted Succulents

    Succulents are all the rage, but getting the right combo (and keeping them alive!) can be tricky. This 6” arrangement of faux succulents in a clean-lined white or black ceramic planter gives you the look of a small succulent garden without the upkeep. The realistic-looking arrangement is seven inches tall, just the right scale for a coffee table centerpiece or an accent on a console table. Indoor use only, wipe clean. 

    Place in on the vanity in your bathroom or on a floating shelf to add some visual appeal — this faux succulent will be your new favorite decor piece. 

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    Best Plant-Pot Combo: Project 62 Large Artificial Plant in Stand

    Artificial Plant in Stand Large - Project 62™
    Courtesy of Target

    Nestled inside a modern white round ceramic pot on a black metal stand, this artificial snake plant is a modern addition to any home. At 23” tall and 12” wide, it’s a fairly small-scale floor plant in a pot, perfect for a corner in a smaller room or apartment. The thick, spiky leaves are made of plastic and wire with natural-looking color variation. The whole package weighs 12 pounds, so you can move it around to redecorate. 

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    Best Palm: Nearly Natural 5289 Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

    Palm trees give your home a tropical feel but they can be really hard to keep green throughout the year indoors. This silk tree adds the feeling of the warm sun to your room without giving you the headache of keeping it alive season after season.

    Standing 6.5 feet tall this will take up a great deal of space in your home or office. The 333 leaves are made of a plastic polyester material so they look pretty lifelike. The purchase comes with a very standard pot so you'll probably want to get something a little more decorative for your abode.