Best Family Calendars of 2019

Looking for a calendar that works? Here are our top picks

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When it comes to family life, a calendar is key to making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to there. From staying on top of birthdays, school holidays, sporting events and more, a calendar is the best way to keep everyone on the same page. While lots of planning happens online, there’s still something to be said for a calendar hanging on the wall that everyone can see. There are a ton of family calendars out there to choose from to make keeping track of all your events easier and a little bit more enjoyable. Here are eight of the best calendars that work for families that are not only functional but also can add a fun pop of personality to your space. 

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    Best Overall: More Time Moms - Family Organizer Wall Calendar

    This calendar was made for busy families and checks pretty much all of the boxes when it comes to organizational tools. It measures 15" x 11" and features large squares ( 2.1" x 3.5") for each day to record all of the many practices, parties, appointments and other events in a family’s life.

    It also comes with a ton of other features to help you keep everything in one neat and organized place that will likely make it a hub of family activity. It comes with spaces for messages, emergency contacts, recipes, to-do lists and kids’ chores. There’s a pocket to keep track of receipts, tickets and other loose papers, and there are even coloring pages for kids to color. It also comes complete with more than 400 stickers to mark appointments, track chores and more. It’s everything you need to keep organized besides the commitment to doing so, which you’re going to have to muster up yourself.

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    Best Dry Erase: Wall Pops! ® Dry Erase Board Calendar 17.5" x 24"

    Courtesy of Target

    This charcoal wall calendar is a virtual blank slate. The board measures 17.5" x 24", and on it is a column for each day of the week. Underneath each is five boxes. It’s up to you to fill in the dates each month as well your events and activities.

    The sleek, black background matches any decor, and it comes with a white dry erase marker to make your reminders pop. Because it’s not preprinted with dates, it never expires either. That means it can be used month after month for years to come. And since it is a dry erase board you can move around your calendar and commitments with ease. While this works great for the whole family, it also works wonders for each kid individually. You can place in their room and have them learn how to manage their monthly schedule themselves. This will help them set goals and learn time management skills. Plus, they'll love to doodle! 

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    Best Basic: 2018 Beaches Calendar

    If your family dreams of sand between their toes, this calendar can take you away to a beautiful beach each month. From palm trees to white sandy beaches to the crystal clear blue waters, each month boasts a soothing image that will make you want to get a tropical vacation on your calendar asap. 

    To jazz things up even more, there’s a sheet of stickers included to use for special reminders. There are ones designed for a variety of commitments including family events, paying bills, parties, birthdays and, of course, vacations.

    While pretty to look at this doesn't have a ton of space to record a busy households activities so it might be suited better for a couple, or household with babies that don't have such a busy agenda yet. 

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    Best Chalkboard: Wyatt Workspace Message Board

    Courtesy of Pottery Barn

    If you’re a family who would rather take things week by week, this erasable chalkboard calendar from Pottery Barn may be just what you need.

    It measures 12" x 26" and contains a space next to each of the seven days of the week to record events and reminders weekly.

    Stylish and sleek, it’s a fun alternative to traditional calendars and a great way to start each week by recording what’s on deck. Made of mango wood, it comes with chalk and all the hardware you need to mount it on the wall. We love that this not only keeps the family on the same page but it also looks good while doing it. 

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    Best Daily Planner: Bloom Daily Planners 2018 Desk or Wall Calendar


    Some families need a daily planner to stay on top of the hectic needs of their family. For those, we recommend a daily planner that can help you keep track of your monthly commitments with a full spread page as well as your weekly goals and task with its week view.

    This cheerful calendar comes in many fashion-forward prints and it measures 6" x 8.25" so it can easily fit in your purse as you rush out the door. it has a matte laminated cover so it will hold up to wear and tear over the course of the year while it also has monthly tabs so you can flip around seamlessly. 

    Mom's who bullet-journal will find the pages and design of this planner a great starting point for getting the year organized. 

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    Best Monthly Desk: AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

    If you have a designated workspace in the home or a family command center a monthly desk calendar is a smart idea to lie on your desk or affix right above it. You can scribble down what is happening on certain days (perhaps with pencil) and can doodle notes and important messages to the whole family. For those who like to see the whole month in a big layout these calendars are a smart-buy that will keep you organized no matter how together (or not) you are. 

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    Best Motivational: 2018 Motivation Calendar

    For a daily dose of inspiration, this calendar has you covered. Each month is represented by a gorgeous photograph of someone performing an amazing physical feat. From kite surfing to mountain climbing and skydiving, it shows just how far we can push ourselves when we put our fears aside. Each page also is printed with an inspirational quote.

    Even if the only extreme sport happening in your family is maneuvering the school pickup line, it’s still a great way to look at the possibilities life offers while planning your daily routines. Who knows what it will inspire? The calendar measures 12" x 12" when it’s closed, and also comes with stickers to mark important events.