The 9 Best Father’s Day Gifts to Buy in 2018

Winning presents Dad will treasure this year

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Don’t get Dad one of those phoned-in gifts for Father’s Day, like ties, socks, belts or whiskey. He definitely doesn’t want work clothes as a gift and he can buy his own liquor any time he wants. Instead, zero in on your dad’s hobbies to find something that he’ll look forward to breaking out of the box the first chance he gets. If he often mans the grill, there’s grill-cleaning robot to make his life easier. If he likes to hit the gym, we’ve got a design-focused activity tracker and a pair of reliable headphones that will peak his interest. No matter what Dad does in his free time, you’ll find an option here that works with his personality.

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    Best for Beer Lovers: Mr. Beer Craft Beer Making Kit

    If Dad is a bit of a beer snob who knows his pale ale from his porter, he’ll love taking his obsession one step further by brewing up a batch of craft beer in his own kitchen. This beer making kit simplifies the home-brewing process by giving him all the necessary supplies and ingredients to make a case of his favorite beer. It takes only an hour of hands-on time and six weeks of waiting (the hard part!) to get beer that’s perfectly brewed and ready to drink. Choose from flavors like Classic American Light, Czech Pilsner, Oktoberfest Lager and IPA when deciding which version of the kit Dad would like best.

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    Best for Music Lovers: Senso Bluetooth Headphones

    It can be tricky to find reliable headphones for the gym that stay on and keep the music playing without interruption. These wireless, sweat-proof earbuds use ergonomically shaped silicone to keep Dad’s ears comfortable and have a tangle-free cable to avoid annoying knots. He can connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices that are within 30 feet to make hands-free calls and control his favorite playlists. The headphones last for 8 hours on a single charge. 

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    Best for Family Time: Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

    Gift dad something the whole family can enjoy — a fun lawn game like this Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game. Dad can set it up in the backyard, at the beach or even camping. The point of the game is to get the frisbee in the opposing sides "kan". You can team parents against the kids, boys versus girls or however you see fit. The best part of the game is it induces family bonding and gets you all outside and away from technology. 

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    Best Tech: Echo

    Give dad his own personal assistant, Alexa who can not only order pizza for him with a simple voice command, but also check the weather, give him the headlines, play his favorite tunes, and much more. The Echo is the gift dad doesn't know he needs but once he uses it he'll not know how he functioned without it.

    The Echo is bigger than the dot and provides a bit more sound-quality so it is great to use in larger spaces like the living room. It comes in five different finishes so it can blend in seamlessly to your decor. 

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    Best for New Dads: This Is Ridiculous This Is Amazing: Parenthood in 71 Lists

    Here’s a little secret: Most, if not all, parents are just winging this parenthood thing from the start. No one is 100% prepared to take care of a little human and the first few months of being a parent are spent just trying to figure it all out. If you know a new dad, offer him a little comic relief from this wild ride by gifting him this book. Thankfully, it’s not a manual for perfect parents (if they even exist).

    As the author says, “This book is for the rest of us​ or anyone who enjoys laughing at the irony of being so helplessly in love with tiny people who have no idea they’re slowly killing us.” It doesn’t give much practical parenting advice — unless you want to learn how to fight off a toddler attack or clean mulch off a hot dog — but it will give the reader lots of laughs. The book breaks down the ridiculousness of parenting into easy-to-read lists. Your dad friend will love ones like “Games You Can Play While Lying Down” and “Signs You’re a Bad Parent.”

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    Best for Outdoor Lovers: Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

    If your dad likes to spend time outdoors grilling and chilling this cooler will be his new best friend. He can stash his brews without having to go back indoors to stock up. Great for entertaining or just when he is enjoying some R&R outside, dad will have it all at the palm of his hand.

    The cooler can hold 85 cans and can keeps everything cold for 4 days even in 90 degree heat, so a great option for dads who like to camp. It also comes in seven colors from black to a poppy red! 

    Want to take a look at some other options? See our guide to the best coolers

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    Best for Grill Masters: Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner

    There are robot vacuums that pick up dirt, autonomous lawnmowers that cut the grass and, now, devices that clean your grill all on their own. If your dad welcomes the idea that machines are taking over the world, he’ll love getting this Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner for Father’s Day. He just has to place the cleaner on the grill grate, press a button and close the lid. When he comes back, his grill will be spotless. The machine uses a rechargeable battery to power three wire brushes that both clean off charred food and move the Grillbot across the grate. The brushes are removable and can go right in the dishwasher for cleaning. Dad can choose among 10-, 20- or 30-minute cleaning cycles, depending on how big his grill is.

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    Best for Minimalists: Bellroy Slim Sleeve

    It’s possible for a wallet to get so jammed full of stuff that it will actually give you back pain from sitting on it. Plus, fat wallets never look good in your pocket — especially if you’re wearing a suit. If your dad wants to cut down on the number of cards and cash he carries, get him this slim leather wallet. The wallet opens to reveal two easy-to-access slots for his most-used cards and a pull-tab area where he can store the rest. He can also fold a few bills in half to have some cash at the ready. And that’s it. There’s no more room for him to cram in anything unnecessary.

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    Best for Early Risers: Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

    Picture this: Dad pours himself a cup of coffee, butters a slice of toast, grabs the paper (or his tablet) and sits down in his favorite chair. But when he finally takes a sip, his coffee has gone cold. Catching his morning mug of joe at the ideal temperature is tricky if he’s not paying attention. Luckily, this high-tech mug has a fix. It gives Dad the perfect drinking experience by using a pre-programmed temperature. An app on his phone notifies him when the mug hits his preferred temperature and the mug maintains it for up to two hours. He can also save preset temperatures for all his favorite drinks to make sure they all taste their best.