The 15 Best Father’s Day Gifts of 2021

Winning presents Dad will treasure this year

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Our Top Picks

Best for Soon-to-Be Fathers: Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad at Barnes & Noble

"If you know a soon-to-be dad, offer him a little wisdom and comic relief with this book."

Best Electronic: iPad Pro at Apple

"This iPad can practically replace a laptop and provide function from day to night."

Best for Sports Fans: Baseball Stadium Prints at Uncommon Goods

"Sports fans will love this blueprint of major stadiums that comes encased in a sturdy wood frame."

Best Relaxation: Man Spa Gift Basket at Gift Basket

"Help the guy in your life unwind with a spa day gift basket that’s sure to go to good use."

Best for Newborn Fathers: Pint, Half Pint Matching T-Shirts at Etsy

"This matching t-shirt set is perfect for a daddy baby photo day."

Best for Cooks: Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit at Uncommon Goods

"A truly unique gift, this mushroom log kit is perfect for the foodie or chef."

Best Subscription: Low Light Plants at The Sill

"Becoming a plant parent just got so much easier with The Sill’s monthly subscription."

Best for Grill Masters: Grill Bundle Set at Grillbots

"Cleaning the grill is pretty annoying, but this machine does the work for you."

Best for Outdoor Lovers: Coleman 54-Quart Steel Cooler at The Home Depot

"This cooler has a retro look, and the design is totally durable for all tailgating or BBQ experiences."

Dads deserve the absolute best and Father's Day gifts don't just have to be limited to a new tie. Depending on your dad or father figure's interests and occupation, there's a present that has his name written all over it.

If you're still stuck on what to buy dad for Father's Day, here are some great picks.

Best for Soon-to-Be Fathers: Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad

Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad

Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

Impending fatherhood can be scary, so why not give a dad-to-be with a gift that’s equal parts wisdom and humor? John Pfeiffer’s “Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months” is sure to be a welcome gift. The book covers everything from the first OB/GYN visit to the birthing day. Dads will appreciate this book that takes a lighthearted approach to a life-changing moment.

Best Electronic: iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Courtesy of Apple 

If you don’t want to gift dad an actual laptop or if your funds are low, this iPad Pro is the next best thing. In addition to the vibrant display, the iPad has storage from 128GB to 1TB and an 11 to 12.9 inch display. So dad can pretty much do any and everything on this device. From work to play, he’ll get tons of bang for your buck out of this handy gadget.

Best for Sports Fans: Baseball Stadium Prints

Baseball Stadium Prints

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If dad is a diehard sports fan, you probably know who his favorite team is and why. This baseball stadium print will absolutely delight him. The vintage print includes the blueprint for some stadiums like Fenway, Wrigley Field, or Yankee Stadium. The prints are encased in a neutral wood frame and would look amazing as a piece of wall art or the standout feature in dad’s man cave.

Best Slippers: L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers Venetian

Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Sometimes slippers can feel like a last minute gift, so finding a pair that really stands out is important. L.L. Bean’s Wicked Good slippers are a fan favorite and they’ve literally sold millions of pairs. The shearling lining is amazingly soft, so dad will love sliding his feet into these after a long day. Also, the quality craftsmanship means these are slippers he’ll have for years to come.

Best Relaxation: Man Spa Gift Basket

Man Spa Gift Basket

Courtesy of Gift Basket 

Some men may not be too keen on the idea of a spa day, but they absolutely deserve some pampering. Make that easy with this Man Spa Gift Basket. The basket features items he might use on a regular basis (shaving jelly, muscle rub, etc.), but it also has a hand massager, pumice stone, and wooden brush. Dad should absolutely take the time to relax and unwind. This box will help him do just that.

Best for Newborn Fathers: Pint, Half Pint Matching T-Shirts

Pint Half Pint T-Shirts

Courtesy of Etsy

Dads of newborns and toddlers will absolutely get a kick out of this pint, half pint matching t-shirt set. The shirt size for dad goes from XS to 4XL and the variety for kids is just a great, newborn to 6 years old. The super soft tee comes in a variety of colors and is a fun option for picture day or anytime dad wants to twin with his little boy or girl.

Best for Cooks: Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods 

It may not always be feasible for dad to go foraging for mushrooms, but he can absolutely grow his own. Yup, this shiitake mushroom kit makes it easy for him to grow his own mushrooms. The log can be harvested every six weeks for up to three years, providing tons of mushroom goodness. This is such a unique gift for the guy who enjoys cooking and watching the fruits of his labor sprout over time.

Best Subscription: The Sill Low Light Plants

Monthly plant subscription

Courtesy of The Sill 

Being a plant parent has become super trendy. Even if dad doesn’t have a green thumb, The Sill’s monthly subscription will make it easy to foster his love of plants. Choose from low light to beginner to pro, and this subscription provides the recipient with a new plant and planter each month. Choose between four planter colors, which the recipient can change over time, and the delivery is sure to provide greenery and home decor.

Best for Grill Masters: Grill Bundle Set

Grillbot Grill Bundle Set

Courtesy of Grillbot

There are robot vacuums that pick up dirt, autonomous lawnmowers that cut the grass and, now, devices that clean your grill all on their own. If your dad welcomes the idea that machines are taking over the world, he’ll love getting this Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner for Father’s Day. He just has to place the cleaner on the grill grate, press a button, and close the lid. When he comes back, his grill will be spotless. The machine uses a rechargeable battery to power three wire brushes that both clean off charred food and move the Grillbot across the grate. The brushes are removable and can go right in the dishwasher for cleaning. Dad can choose among 10, 20, or 30 minute cleaning cycles, depending on how big his grill is.

Best for Outdoor Lovers: Coleman 54-Quart Steel Cooler

Coleman 54 Qt. Steel Cooler

Courtesy of The Home Depot 

If your dad likes to spend time outdoors grilling and chilling this cooler will be his new best friend. He can stash his brews without having to go back indoors to stock up. The cooler can hold 85 cans and can keeps everything cold for four days even in 90 degree heat, so it’s a great option for dads who like to camp. The metal design has a retro feel, but the design is absolutely sturdy with a rust-resistant, stainless steel lid.

Best for Fitness: Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s 

Have you ever seen your dad clean his water bottle? Probably not, so this Larq option should be on the list of gift options for him. The self-cleaning water bottle has an LED light that not only purifies the water, but also the actual bottle. The bottle’s self-cleaning mode turns on every two hours. Also, the contents in the bottle will stay cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. This 17 ounce container is truly a no-brainer bottle that stays clean and will keep dad hydrated.

Best for the Desk: Desktop Sand Windows

Desktop Sand Windows

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods 

A desk should always have some sort of character mixed in with the electronics and necessary paperwork. This bit of sand art is visually pleasing but also mesmerizing. Slightly tilting the frame creates a new portrait of deserts, sands, and smoke. This is such a gorgeous addition to any desk or tabletop. Just make sure dad doesn’t get too distract by its beauty and wonder.

Best Gift Card: Happy Card

regulations make any grocery store gift card purchase the worst
Getty Images

Gift cards don’t always have to say, “hey, here’s a last minute gift.” A perfect gift card can actually be exactly what someone needs. Happy Cards provides the perfect amount of flexibility. While most gift cards can only be used at one retailer, this is an individual card that can be used across more than one retailer. The Father’s Day card can be redeemed at Lowe’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Foot Locker, and more.

Best for Beer Lovers: Mr. Beer Craft Beer Making Kit

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Making Kit

Courtesy of Amazon 

If dad is a bit of a beer snob who knows his pale ale from his porter, he’ll love taking his obsession one step further by brewing up a batch of craft beer in his own kitchen. This beer making kit simplifies the home-brewing process by giving him all the necessary supplies and ingredients to make a case of his favorite beer. It takes only an hour of hands-on time and six weeks of waiting (the hard part!) to get beer that’s perfectly brewed and ready to drink. Choose from flavors like Classic American Light, Czech Pilsner, Oktoberfest Lager, and IPA when deciding which version of the kit Dad would like best.

Best Wallet: Voyager Anti-Theft Travel Smart Wallet

If you’re going to gift something as predictable as a wallet on Father’s Day, then it better be pretty unique. Voyager’s smart wallet is sure to gain you some points with dad because of its sleek style, but also its function. The wallet actually connects to his phone for a handy loss notification feature. If he misplaces his wallet, a simple tap of the “ring button” feature on his phone and the wallet will start to buzz. There’s even a notification if the wallet is too far from him. Also, it’s probably unlikely his current wallet takes selfies. Well, if you buy this, then he’ll be able to say his wallet can act as a selfie remote to snap pics.

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