10 Best Father's Day Recipes

For Father's Day, instead of a tie or more golf balls, make Dad dinner with these easy and delicious recipes. All it takes is a bit of organization and some planning and you can give him a wonderful meal with little effort. Take into account his favorite foods and also take advantage of the great produce available this season. Steak figures heavily in this list, but if Dad likes chicken or fish, there are great easy choices for those meats too. And what would dinner be without dessert? Any...MORE Dad will love this easy and delicious chocolate cake or Peanut Blossom Cookies.

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    Fresh Corn Salad. Linda Larsen
    This gorgeous recipe tastes like summer. It's really easy to make too, once you get the corn kernels off the cob! The salad is fabulous with fresh corn, but it's also really good with frozen corn if you're short on time. Don't cook the corn; just thaw and drain it and combine with the flavorful dressing. Yum.
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    Marinated Steak. Linda Larsen
    Buy round steak or, as it's sometimes called, 'family steak' and marinate it to make it taste almost like a filet mignon. Start this recipe the night before so the steak has time to get really tender.
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    Summer Steak. Linda Larsen
    This quick marinade adds flavor and tenderness to steak in just 30 minutes. Dijon mustard, fresh herbs, and lemon juice make a marinade that really pops. You can use any cut of steak for this recipe, including flank steak, round steak, or skirt steak.
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    Chocolate Oatmeal Cake. Linda Larsen
    I love this simple cake. The oatmeal makes the cake very moist and tender, and the chocolate/coconut/nut topping is just superb. Dad will love it.
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    Broccoli Bacon Salad. Linda Larsen
    This unusual salad, with broccoli florets, bacon, and raisins in a creamy, slightly sweet dressing, is just so good. Men really like this salad! Of course, bacon never hurts.
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    Peanut Blossom Cookies
    Peanut Blossom Cookies. Linda Larsen
    These delicious little cookies combine chocolate and peanut butter, two of Dad's favorite flavors. Make the dough ahead of time and chill it, then bake the morning of Father's Day to save time. Make sure that you make a lot of them - they won't last!
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    This excellent relish combines avocado with cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, and French salad dressing. For a nice twist, you could use your favorite steak sauce instead of the salad dressing. Either way, it's delicious on a grilled steak.
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    Salmon with Blueberry Grape Salad

    Wow - this is one gorgeous and healthy recipe. The combination of suave and smooth salmon with fresh grapes and blueberries is sublime. Dad will love it!
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    Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Breast

    In this fabulous recipe, chicken is marinated, then grilled, then placed back in the thickened marinade and simmered for a few seconds to make a thick and rich glaze. It's perfect served with some hot cooked rice for one of the best main dishes ever.
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    Salmon Filet with Avocado Sauce

    This wonderful sauce is perfect with any type of mild grilled meat, whether it's salmon, swordfish, walleye fillets, or even chicken or pork tenderloin. It is colorful and full of flavor and so good for you too.