Feng Shui Colors for Your Southeast Front Door

Attract auspicious energy to your home with a strong feng shui front door

feng shui door color Southeast
Best feng shui colours for a Southeast facing front door are the colours of the Wood, Water or Earth elements. Because the Southeast front door is the Money door, a Water element colour is an excellent choice. Nico Tondini/Getty Images

If you are familiar with feng shui, you know how important the front door of any space - be it home or office - is. The front door acts like a powerful gateway between the outer and the inner world energies.

There is an enormous amount of knowledge accumulated in a variety of cultures over many centuries related to the best design of a front door.

In feng shui, the right door is considered the mouth of Chi, or Universal energy, because it is through the front door that the house absorbs most of its energy nourishment.

The higher the quality of energy the house (or office) can absorb, the better the quality of energy of people who live or work in the space.

The easiest way to create a strong feng shui front door is to find the appropriate feng shui design for it - be it in colours, shapes or materials. This is done by nourishing the feng shui element that corresponds to the direction your front door is facing.

A Southeast facing door is a door with the compass reading from 112.5 to 157.5 (here's how to take the compass reading of your front door).

The feng shui element of the Southeast direction is the Wood element, and the corresponding feng shui bagua energy is Money & Abundance.

Wood feng shui element colours are:



In case of a Southeast facing front door, you have additional colour choices because there are two more elements that bring good energy to this area. These two elements - the Water and the Earth feng shui elements - are both nourishing and supportive of Wood, so you can use their colours, too, for your Southeast facing front door.

Water feng shui element colours are:



Earth feng shui element colours are:

Very light Yellow

All Earthy/Sandy colours

Because a Southeast facing door is considered a prosperity door in feng shui, often the best colour and design choices are those corresponding to the Water feng shui element, as water is the universal symbol of prosperity flow and abundance.

To sum it up, the best feng shui colours for a Southeast facing front door are (in order of their auspiciousness): green, blue, brown, black, very light yellow and all earthy colours.

Avoid the following colours for your Southeast facing front door: red, purple, white and gray colours. These colours represent the elements of Fire and Metal that are destructive to Wood (according to the five elements destructive cycle.)

Now, what can you do if you cannot repaint your front door? Can you still have a good feng shui front door if the door colour cannot be changed? 

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