What's the Best Feng Shui Placement of My Bed?

Learn to place your bed for best feng shui energy

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Question: What feng shui tips do I look at when deciding how to place the bed in my bedroom? Our bedroom has many windows and several doors, and it is just not easy for me to find a good place for the bed. How can I use feng shui to find the best place for the bed in our bedroom? Do I go by the feng shui lucky directions, do I go by the location of doors and windows? What is best feng shui placement for a bed? Thank you.

Answer: Before I help you explore all our feng shui bed and bedroom resources, let me ask you a question. "Where do you feel is the best position for your bed in your bedroom?"

The Best Place for Your Bed

You are the one who knows your bedroom the best (unless you have a feng shui consultant or interior designer working with you). If you want to start creating good feng shui in your bedroom, you will have to start trusting your own intuition/feeling/senses as to what is good or bad feng shui energy. You will have to start trusting that you have the ability to sense the energy around you, and then apply all the feng shui tools available to you.
It may not happen right away, and it is OK to make mistakes. This is how you gain confidence in your own skills and feng shui knowledge. Experiment and see which bed placement feels the best in your bedroom. I mean, how many reasonably acceptable placements for a bed can be there in one bedroom?
You cannot have your headboard against the bathroom, the closet or the bedroom door, that is obvious, because if you do, you will just not be able to enter these spaces! It is also best not to have your bed with the headboard against a corner.
Other than that, a bed under the window or a bed close to the door will have its own challenges, and we have all the feng shui tips to help you deal with it.<br/>Here are the criteria for a good feng shui bed:

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Here are feng shui tips to help you deal with various bed placement challenges:

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The best way to go is to actually try placing your bed in several available options, and then experience how a specific feng shui placement feels to you. Do you sleep better in a certain spot? Do you wake up refreshed, energized, optimistic?

Your Bed and the Lucky Feng Shui Directions

There is too much-overrated attention (in my opinion) on having the bed face one's lucky feng shui directions. Yes, it is good to have your bed face one of the lucky directions. But to be devastated because your bed cannot face a good feng shui direction is just not smart. There are many important factors in one's bedroom with a stronger influence on one's energy than the lucky feng shui directions.
The feng shui commanding position for a bed is actually a much more important factor than facing one's lucky directions, so be sure you understand what a feng shui commanding position is as applied to the placement of one's bed in the bedroom.
Other than the obvious flow of energy in a room that is determined by many factors, there are also the less obvious factors of EMF pollution (coming from inside, as well as outside your house), the geopathic stress, as well as the old energies that might be trapped in the building.
Read all the numerous feng shui tips and guidelines we have available here to gain confidence that you are supported in your feng shui journey, and then allow yourself to experiment. You will know what is the right choice for you, I promise. But you have to allow yourself to experiment.
Follow your feelings/your intuition as to what feels good and what feels wrong/bad, and know that you have all the support you need.

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