The 10 Best Fireplace Screens to Buy in 2018

Keep your home safe with these decorative but practical touches

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When looking for a fireplace screen, you should consider functionality, safety and design. You want something that will protect your hearth surroundings from a rogue rolling log, hot ash or sparks that try to make their getaway. But you also want to choose a screen that will not obstruct the view of your fire, one that will enhance your decor while keeping pets and little ones safe.

There are several different styles of fireplace screen you can choose. Some of the most popular styles are spark guard or flat guard screens, flat guard screens with doors, three-panel, four-panel, cabinet style and safety screens. We’ve sourced all of the popular styles and, after careful consideration, decided these are the best fireplace screen out there.


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    Best Overall Fireplace Screen: Panacea Products 3-Panel Arch Screen

    This #1 bestseller has over 600 reviews, a 4.5 star rating and it is priced right! The simple lines of the Panacea 3-Panel Arch Screen don’t distract from the warm glow of your fireplace, yet the durable and sturdy construction keeps pets and kids at a safe distance. This tri-fold screen is constructed from durable powder-coated steel in a matte black finish. The overall width of the screen is 48” and the height of the center panel stands at 29”. Sturdy enough for outdoor use on that rustic patio fireplace while elegant enough for indoor use, the Panacea fireplace screen is a quality, well-reviewed product at an unbeatable price.

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    Best Flat Guard Fireplace Screen: Uniflame Large Wrought Iron Sparkguard

    A spark guard or flat guard screen is designed to rest snugly against your fireplace opening while providing a fully unobstructed view of your fireplace. The Uniflame Sparkguard has a black steel frame with sturdy legs, easy-grip handles and a heavy gauge mesh lining. While spark guard style screens are a great way to keep kids and pets safe, they do make tending to the fire a little more challenging. To access the fire you will need to lift this screen and move it away from your fireplace opening. The Uniflame Sparkguard comes with two easy to grip steel handles soldered to either side of the frame to help you easily move the screen when you need to tend your fire. If you are looking for a simple design that is sure to keep hot embers from escaping, then a spark guard (flat guard) screen is the one for you. 

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    Best Flat Guard Fireplace Screen with Doors: Plow & Hearth Fireplace Screen

    This flat guard screen with doors from Plow & Hearth gets high marks for its elegant design and superior functionality. The flat guard design will safeguard your flooring from sparks, hot ash or a unruly log. Constructed with tubular steel, the frame is lightweight yet durable. And with detailed scroll work and tempered glass insets this screen is as beautiful as it is functional. Two magnetic doors allow for easy access to tend to the fire without having to lift and move the entire screen, as is the case with a traditional spark guard screen. Other features include front and back feet for additional stability, handles on the hinged doors, and attractive scroll detailing on the front feet. This screen measures 38” x 31”.

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    Best Three Panel Fireplace Screen: Relief Feet Fireplace Screen with Tool Set

    Relief feet Fireplace screen with tool sets
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    The Relief Feet Fireplace Screen with Tool Set has a traditional design that will enhance the look and feel of any fireplace or room aesthetic with the added bonus of an included fire tending tool set. This screen is made from heavy duty steel finished in durable pewter powder coating. Two feet extend from the base for added stability. And four heavy-duty fireplace tools hang on the end panels of the screen. Included tools are a small broom, a poker, a shovel and a set of tongs. Small leaf filigree detailing along the bottom of the screen and scroll work on the feet and door handles add to the simple, understated elegance of this fireplace screen. Two hinged doors with arched tops give you easy access to your fire for tending. This fireplace screen measures 55” x 32”.

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    Best Four Panel Fireplace Screen: Gold Fireplace Screen, 4 Panel

    When you opt for a screen with four panels, you get the flexibility of being able to stretch or position the screen to accommodate any sized fireplace opening. This 4-Panel Gold Fireplace Screen has a traditional design with simple lines, brass accents on the top of each arched panel and black side rails. Four panel screens can be stretched across larger openings and still remain stable. And, when you don’t need your fireplace screen, the four-panel screen can be folded flat and easily stored out of the way. This screen measures 32” high and when fully extended it is 51” wide.

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    Best Decorative Fireplace Screen: Deco Metal Fire Screen

    If you are looking for a fireplace screen that will add a polished look to your home decor, the Deco Metal Fire Screen is the perfect accessory that's both functional and stylish. This three-panel screen has detailed scrollwork over the front of all three panels and is backed in heavy duty mesh to protect your fireplace surroundings from sparks. Brass-toned fleur de lis’ accent dark green and silver scroll work for an ornate look that will add a touch of class to any living room or den. With nearly 200 reviews and 4.5 stars, this fireplace screen has the expensive look and feel consumers love without an exorbitant price tag. This screen measures 52” x 31”.

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    Best Cabinet Style Insert: Pleasant Hearth Alpine Fireplace Glass Door, Black

    If you are not looking for a freestanding fireplace screen and you want something that offers a little more protection without taking up room on your hearth, then a cabinet style door is what you need. The Pleasant Hearth Alpine Glass Door is a traditional fireplace insert with basic, simple lines and a black finish. By choosing a cabinet style door you can prevent costly heat loss, add style, maintain function and safeguard against stray sparks while offering protection for curious little ones. This cabinet fits fireplace openings that are between 30” to 37” wide and 25.5” to 32.5” high. This single piece frame is made from high-heat powder coated steel in classic black. Other features include easy grip 5” door handles, a mesh curtain liner to keep sparks in when the fireplace is in use, lay flat glass doors, hidden damper control knobs and heat resistant insulation to further guard against unwanted heat loss. This cabinet style insert measures 37.5” wide x 31” high.

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    Best Child-Guard Fireplace Screen: Minuteman International Screen Child Guard

    If keeping kids and pets safe is your number one concern, then the Minuteman International Screen Child Guard is a #1 choice for safeguarding against fireplace accidents. This black wrought iron frame is solidly built with an added stability bar to prevent accidental falls or closures. The tie rod attaches across the top of the screen and prevents kids from accidentally folding the screen. This tri-fold screen is intended to be tall enough to keep little ones out. The Minuteman International Screen Child Guard gives you the look and feel of a traditional fireplace screen with added safety features for peace of mind. This screen measures 30”x 82”.     

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    Best Contemporary: Smith & Hawken Carson Fireplace Screen Burnished Brass

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    Brass fixtures are trending right now — so it's no surprise that this gold-hued metal is turning up in other parts of the home. The Carson Fireplace Screen by Smith & Hawken has a mid-century feel that is sleek and minimal, but still makes a statement with its two depths of screens.

    At 32" x 6.5" x 44" it's on par to fit most standard fireplaces. Since this is a single panel this might be better suited for a more decorative or gas fireplace or one that doesn't get used often since moving it to light a fire might be cumbersome. 

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    Best Rustic: VERDUGO GIFT CO Woodland Wonder Fireplace Screen

    If you live in the mountains or just want to feel like you do this woodland scape adds a bit of art to the outside of your fireplace. Made of iron, sheet and mesh metal and standing 38" x 4½" x 31¼" you'll easily be able to kick back and relax once the fire is lit when the deer, trees and pinecones practically come to life.