The 8 Best Fireproof Safes of 2020

Protect your most valuable possessions

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Our Top Picks
"A relatively compact safe that's fire-resistant, waterproof, and spacious."
"The Hollon features a superior fire rating of 2-hours at 1700F."
"Offers industry-standard fire protection and an adjustable siren."
"Eliminates the need to keep track of keys and skips battery life concerns."
"A small but mighty safe designed for small documents and personal items."
"A big advantage is that you can set your own digital combination."
"Allows both letter and legal-size files to lay flat inside."
"A lightweight and affordable safe for your valuables."

Protect your most valuable possessions from the threat of fire with a sturdy safe. Fireproof safes are built to withstand high heat and flames and can also be a deterrent to theft, with a combination lock, digital keypad, or a standard key.

It’s a wise idea to safely store what could easily be destroyed by the elements, such as important documents, passports, storage media, and jewelry inside a secured fireproof box. Everyone has something to protect – don’t risk disaster by leaving your valuables unprotected.

Here, the best fireproof safes on the market.

Best Overall: SentrySafe SFW123CS Fire-Resistant Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination

Lock your valuables inside this fire-resistant and waterproof safe for peace of mind no matter what elements come your way. The SentrySafe with Dial Combination is a relatively compact safe that gives you 1.23 cubic feet of interior space and is secured with a classic combination lock.

For about $100, this safe offers increased protection for cash, jewelry, personal documents and more. It’s fire-resistant for up to 1 hour at temperatures of 1700F. Since extinguishing a fire usually involves a lot of water, this safe is also waterproof in up to 8 inches for a period of 24 hours. 

Instead of worrying about where and how to hide the key to your safe, just enter the combination to unlock your valuables. It should be noted that this safe comes with a pre-selected code set directly by the manufacturer, so you won’t be able to set your own combo. The other most common complaint about the SentrySafe SFW123CS is the fact that the dial and handle are plastic. It leaves a little to be desired in terms of sturdiness, though most people find it sufficient to do what this safe is intended for—protect important items in the event of a fire. 

Best Heavy Duty: Hollon Safe Fireproof Security Safe

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty fireproof safe, then the Hollon HS-310D shouldn’t be overlooked. Though it’s pricier in comparison to similarly-sized safes, the Hollon features a superior fire rating of 2-hours at 1700F, without surpassing an internal temperature of 350F. Adding to the iron-clad nature of this fireproof safe is the fact that its impact rated for a fall of 30 feet. 

You can choose between a combination lock with an optional key or a keypad-only option. A grooved door makes this safe water-resistant, though it should be noted that it’s not totally waterproof. Though it's relatively heavy for its size, you can bolt it down if you want to keep your goods from becoming stolen property. Keep in mind that this heavy-duty safe might require a little extra effort to open the door—a few people were surprised to find it necessary to give this door a firm pull before it would swing it open.  

Best with Alarm: SentrySafe SFW123TSC Digital Alarm Fire/Water Security Safe

For an extra layer of protection on your fireproof safe, consider a model with a tamper alarm. The SentrySafe SFW123TSC Digital Security Safe with Alarm offers industry-standard fire protection, plus four live locking bolts and an adjustable siren. A digital keypad guards access to the 1.23 cubic feet of space inside. The Sentry Safe SFW123TSC is rated to withstand 1700F for up to 1 hour and it has also been EL-rated to withstand a drop of up to 15 feet without opening.

If anyone tries to tamper with your safe to access your documents, cash, or other valuables inside, you’ll be instantly alerted thanks to the built-in siren. You can adjust the sensitivity of the alarm and how long the siren will sound before resetting. The alarm will also sound after five incorrect passcode attempts or if someone tries to pry the door open. 

Best Combination Lock: SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination

The SentrySafe SFW205CWB is a classic combination lock safe that eliminates the need to keep track of keys and skips battery life concerns related to digital keypads. This combination lock safe carries the standard SentrySafe ratings for safes of this size; it’s UL classified to withstand 1 hour at 1700F, and it’s rated to withstand a 15-foot drop. Additionally, this safe remains watertight in up to 8 inches of water for 24 hours. 

 One of the biggest advantages to a safe with a combination lock is the fact that there are no electronic components to malfunction, batteries to replace, or wires to break. Instead, the combination lock combined with the live locking bars offers tried-and-true secure access. While the combination lock is preferred by many reviewers, it should be noted that the code comes pre-set from the manufacturer. Additionally, some people take issue with the plastic dial and handle and feel that it’s not as sturdy as metal components. However, if your primary concern is a safe for fire and water protection over theft protection, then this model from SentrySafe is more than equipped. 

Best Small: First Alert 2030F Waterproof and Fire Resistant Chest with Key Lock

For a small but mighty fireproof safe, First Alert offers the sturdy 2030F Chest with Key Lock. This safe opens up to .39 feet of cubic space for letter-size documents and small personal items or electronic media. It doesn’t offer as much protection as some larger safes—it’s limited to 30 minutes at 1550F, but it is waterproof even when fully submerged, thanks to a tight seal along the lid. 

Despite its limited size, this is a hefty small safe and it weighs just over 25 pounds. Some people wish it included a handle for easier maneuvering, but it works well for its intended purpose. If you choose to lock the clamp-style latch, be sure that you don’t lose the two included keys. 

Best Keyless: SentrySafe SFW205EVB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

Looking for a keyless safe that is strong and easily accessible to the code-bearer? Then look no further than the SentrySafe SWF205EVB with Digital Keypad. With 2.0 cubic feet of space for everything from electronic media to important documents and cash or jewelry, there’s plenty of room inside the SWF205EVB. 

One of the biggest advantages of this keyless safe versus a combination safe is the fact that you can set your own digital combination. Many reviewers prefer setting their own passcode that is unique to their safe and easy to remember. Keep in mind that the electronic components operate best when used regularly, so it’s recommended that you periodically open the safe. In the event that the batteries need replacement, it’s easy to make a switch with the externally located battery pack. Like other similar fireproof safes, this model will protect what’s inside in the face of 1700F temperatures for up to an hour, with a flash fire rating up to 2000F for 30 minutes and a drop-resistance rating of 15 feet.

Best for Large Documents: FireKing SureSeal by FireKing SS104-A 1 Hour Fireproof Waterproof Safe Chest

Not all documents fit inside of small fireproof safes, and many important documents—like title deeds, wills, and more—are printed on legal size paper. Instead of stuffing these documents into a too-small safe, opt for a larger document safe like the FireKing SS104-A. This fireproof safe for legal documents allows both letter and legal-size files to lay flat. 

Reviewers are impressed by the roomy interior space and estimate that a substantial stack of documents could be housed inside. One occasional complaint relates to the weak nature of the lock, but most people agree that theft protection is not the top reason for purchasing this safe. Keep in mind that you might need to regularly replace the included silica gel pack since the tight seal of this water-resistant safe could prevent adequate circulation. The FireKing SS104-A is waterproof for up to 2 hours and has a UL Class 350 rating for up to an hour. 

Best Budget: SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box with Key Lock

A budget safe can still keep your valuables safe. You might have to make a few compromises in terms of defense against fire and water, but it’s better than leaving personal documents, cash, and other consumables unprotected. The SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box costs under $20 and is UL-classified to withstand 30 minutes of temperatures at 1550F without the contents inside igniting. This model is also ETL rated for the protection of electronic media, like USBs. 

This safe isn’t waterproof; users report being able to slide a piece of paper under the lid. However, one very satisfied reviewer found this budget safe to be a worthwhile investment when her house caught on fire and this safe and the contents inside survived with no damage—despite being in the same room where the fire ignited. The safe is lightweight at just 13 pounds and includes a handle for easy transportation. Of course, this fireproof safe isn’t the most theft-resistant option on the market, but it’s a smart choice for keeping flammable items concealed and protected.

What to Look for in a Fireproof Safe

Element-resistance It’s to be expected that a fireproof safe box will withstand high heat and flames, but not all safes are created equal. Some carry minimal fireproof ratings and can’t take the heat for more than 30 minutes before becoming damaged. Many models are rated for an hour of fire exposure, while the most robust safe carries a two-hour fireproof rating. Additionally, some fireproof safes also are water-tight or have been drop-tested.

Weight Fireproof safes come in a range of different weights, which impacts how portable they are. Some larger safes can weigh 100 pounds or more, which is a great deterrent for thieves but not so great if you want to take your safe on the road. If you’re looking for a fireproof safe that's easy to take with you, you’ll likely want to pick one that weighs less. Many portable versions weigh between 8 and 15 pounds.

Lock mechanism Choose a sturdy locking mechanism for your fireproof safe to ensure that the contents stay secure. There are traditional lock and key closures, but the risk is that you may lose the key. Other fireproof safes have a keypad that allows you to enter a passcode to unlock the safe. Finally, some safes have a combination lock that eliminates the concern of lock-picking that comes with having a keyhole.

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