The 8 Best Fireproof Safes of 2023

Protect your valuables with these top fireproof safes

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Best Fireproof Safes

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Keeping your important documents and valuables safe during an emergency is essential. A fireproof safe that can withstand high heat for a prolonged time and protect in other situations is a must-have for your home’s security and peace of mind.

We researched dozens of options on the market and chose standouts based on size and weight, protection from the elements, and added security features. These safes protect belongings in common emergencies and are easy to open when needed and keep locked when you don’t.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad


What We Like
  • Protects up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Waterproof for up to 24 hours

  • Multiple layers of security

  • Digital keypad

What We Don't Like
  • Keypad requires batteries

  • A bit expensive

You’ll see plenty of SentrySafe options on our list, because they are high-quality and reliable, and they will help keep your valuables safe. Earning the top spot on our list, this safe can protect its contents from fire and heat, up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, for up to one hour. In many cases, that is enough time to allow emergency personnel to respond and put out a fire before your documents and valuables are in danger. It also stays watertight for up to 24 hours, whether your house experiences flooding or you are dealing with the aftermath and cleaning of a fire response or other emergency.

It uses a digital keypad to lock and unlock the safe as well as a secondary key. Plus, there is another compartment within the safe that can be locked with a key for two layers of security. It is relatively small and designed for your most valuable and irreplaceable items. In fact, at 1.2 cubic feet and 87 pounds, this safe is small enough to fit in a closet or another out-of-the-way place.

You can bolt it down using the included kit, but that is not required. It's a bit pricey compared to similarly sized safes, but because it protects against multiple elements and has multiple layers of protection, we think it's well worth the cost for the added peace of mind. If you are going to buy one safe for your important documents and valuables, this is an excellent choice.

Price at time of publish: $330

Dimensions: 16.3 x 19.3 x 17.8 inches | Weight: 87 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Lock Type: Electronic | Chamber Depth: 11.9 inches

Best Budget

SentrySafe 1160 Fireproof Lock Box

SentrySafe 1160 Fireproof Lock Box


What We Like
  • Small and portable with carrying handle

  • Affordable

  • Big enough for documents

  • Protects up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a physical key

  • Only protects for up to 30 minutes

It’s hard to beat this SentrySafe lock box for both affordability and protection. While the capacity is only 0.25 cubic feet, it is big enough for essential documents that you may need after an emergency such as a fire. The interior fits standard 8.5 x 11-inch papers perfectly—store your insurance policies, birth certificates, passports, and other essentials, so they are not damaged. It can also fit some small jewelry items, depending on how many other documents you want to store.

It protects at temperatures up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes. That is less than some other pricier options but can provide some protection without spending a fortune. It uses a mechanical key to lock, which you will need access to in order to open the safe. At just 17 pounds, it is also light enough to be portable and comes with a carrying handle. The small size also means that you can store it just about anywhere in your home.

Price at time of publish: $44

Dimensions: ‎15.3 x 12.1 x 6.3 inches | Weight: 17 pounds | Material: Captured fire insulation | Lock Type: Key | Chamber Depth: 8.6 inches

Best Splurge

Hollon Safe Fireproof Security Safe

Hollon Safe Fireproof Security Safe


What We Like
  • Superior fire rating

  • Heavy-duty

  • Built-in tray for valuables

  • Anchoring hardware included

What We Don't Like
  • Very heavy and hard to move

  • Small size

Small but mighty, this safe protects against fire for an amazingly long amount of time. It is rated for up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit and up to two hours—this is one of the longest times and highest temperature ratings that we have seen. It is compact and best for only your absolute essentials, such as irreplaceable documents and photos. Plus, it has a small tray on the top for jewelry, although you will likely need to take items out of storage cases to get them to fit.

Although a bit pricey for the size, it provides superior protection and is a great safe to have for the things that you cannot live without. Weighing 121 pounds, it’s heavy, but you aren’t likely to move it often. You can also secure it using the anchoring hole and included hardware.

Price at time of publish: $395

Dimensions: 16.75 x 19.25 x 13.75 inches | Weight: 121 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Lock Type: Combination | Chamber Depth: 12 inches

Best Heavy-Duty

Sanctuary Platinum XSmall Fireproof and Waterproof Wall Safe

Sanctuary Platinum XSmall Fireproof and Waterproof Wall Safe


What We Like
  • Illuminated keypad

  • Superior fire rating

  • Waterproof for up to seven days

  • Removable shelf

What We Don't Like
  • Not great for a lot of documents

  • Small capacity

This safe can withstand hot temperatures for up to an hour and water for up to seven days. With such great protection, you would expect it to be much more expensive than its budget-friendly price. It has an illuminated touch keypad for opening, so you never have to worry about fumbling with a key or seeing a dial when your home has been damaged by fire or flooding.

The safe is on the smaller side and best for small valuables, a few documents, and items like passports. If you want to store more papers and files, you will have a hard time with this safe, even if you take out the removable shelf. It does technically fit a standard 8.5 x 11 document on the bottom, but you won’t have much extra room.

Price at time of publish $299

Dimensions: 11.25 x 13.75 x 15.25 inches | Weight: 57.30 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Lock Type: Keypad | Chamber Depth: 9.84 inches

Best for Documents

SentrySafer 1170 Fireproof Box with Key Lock

SentrySafer 1170 Fireproof Box with Key Lock


What We Like
  • Sized for document folders

  • Easy to access important documents

  • Can be purchased with or without files

What We Don't Like
  • Not ideal for non-document valuables

  • Not waterproof

Made of alloy steel, this durable fireproof lock box can store documents upright in file folders, making them easy to access and efficient to store. The interior is perfectly sized for standard file folders and can fit up to 40, depending on how many sheets of paper are kept in each one. You can also opt to get a package that includes file folders or a document shredder for added savings and to keep your important documents and personal information secure. 

It is rated for 30 minutes of fireproof protection up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit and uses a key to lock and open. And at 28 pounds, it is light enough to move as needed. Note that this box is not waterproof, and keep in mind that if you do store your documents in hanging files, it can make it harder for other valuables to fit or be easily seen in the safe.

Price at time of publish: $60

Dimensions: 15.3 x 12.1 x 13.6 inches | Weight: 28 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Lock Type: Key | Chamber Depth: 8.5 inches

Best Keyless

Tigerking Safe Box

Tigerking Safe Box


What We Like
  • Keyless entry and two backup keys

  • Adjustable inner shelf

  • Double-hinged

  • Fits legal-sized documents

What We Don't Like
  • Fire ratings are lower

  • Not waterproof

You never need to worry about remembering where you stored your key or keeping track of it in an emergency with the Tigerking safe box. It uses a digital lock instead. In fact, this safe box comes with two emergency keys that you can keep at a safe distance for backup. It is double-hinged so that even if the outer hinge is breached, the inner one will keep the safe from being opened.

The fire rating is not as great as some other safes, protecting up to temperatures of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes. It is also not waterproof. The larger size is a perk of this safe, however, as is the adjustable interior shelf. It can even fit legal-sized documents.

Price at time of publish: $220

Dimensions: 12.2 x 14.21 x 15.7 inches | Weight: 45 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Lock Type: Digital and key | Chamber Depth: 10.12 inches

Best With Alarm

Tiskgg Home Safe with Fireproof Waterproof Bag

Tiskgg Home Safe with Fireproof Waterproof Bag


What We Like
  • Multiple alarms

  • Multiple ways to open the safe

  • Comes with a fireproof document sleeve

  • Removable shelf and Interior locking drawer

What We Don't Like
  • Battery required

  • Not enough space for large items

This large safe has a 2.1 cubic foot capacity, providing enough space to store documents, valuables, and keepsakes. It protects against fire and heat as well as break-ins. When triggered, the alarm vibrates and makes an audible sound. If it is struck with enough force, the vibration alarm is triggered. If the wrong password is entered three times, the audible alarm sounds. It stops after 60 seconds but remains active until the right password is entered.

You can set it by using the included key, keypad, or battery box and open it using any of these methods. It does require a battery to operate the keypad, however. The safe gives you a low battery notice when it is time to replace the battery. Plus, it comes with a fireproof envelope for your documents, an interior drawer with a separate key, and a removable shelf. It isn’t ideal for storing large items but works for important papers as well as other valuables.

Price at time of publish: $152

Dimensions: 12.2 x 14.96 x 17.72 inches | Weight: 43 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Lock Type: Key and electronic | Chamber Depth: 9.06 inches

Best Large

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad


What We Like
  • Protects against fire and flood

  • Large capacity

  • Interior shelving

  • Certified gun safe

What We Don't Like
  • Requires batteries

  • Expensive

  • Heavy

The SentrySafe safe box provides a whopping 4.71 cubic feet of storage space for your valuables while protecting against fire and heat up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes. It is also waterproof in depths up to 12 inches for a full 72 hours. It has five locking bolts and four deadbolts for maximum protection against theft as well. You can set your own combination with the digital lock but will need to periodically replace the batteries.

This is an expensive safe. But because it is one of the best levels of protection in any emergency and is large, it will likely be the only safe that you need. The interior is carpeted to keep your valuables protected and padded. You can also use it as a gun safe. It weighs 217 pounds, so it likely isn’t going to be moved much once you get it in place.

Price at time of publish: $800

Dimensions: 21.7 x 19 x 37.7 inches | Weight: 217 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Lock Type: Electronic | Chamber Depth: 11.7 inches

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad, because it is large enough for most documents and valuables while protecting against both fire and flooding. It is also an affordable choice and can fit in many possible secure places within your home. For the most budget-friendly option, consider the SentrySafe 1160 Fireproof Lock Box. It is smaller but fits the essentials and costs a fraction of the pricier options out there.

What to Look for in a Fireproof Safe


It’s to be expected that a fireproof safe box will withstand high heat and flames, but not all safes are created equal. Some carry minimal fireproof ratings and can’t take the heat for more than 30 minutes before becoming damaged. Many models are rated for an hour of fire exposure, while the most robust safes, like the Hollon Safe Fireproof Security Safe, carry a two-hour fireproof rating. Some fireproof safes are also waterproof or have been drop-tested.


Fireproof safes come in a range of different weights, which impacts how portable they are. Some larger safes can weigh 100 pounds or more—this can be a great deterrent for thieves but not so great if you want to take your safe on the road. If you’re looking for a fireproof safe that's easy to take with you, you’ll likely want to pick one that weighs less. Many portable versions like the SentrySafe 1160 Fireproof Lock Box are lightweight enough for easy transport.

Lock Mechanism

Choose a sturdy locking mechanism for your fireproof safe to keep the contents secure. There are traditional lock-and-key closures, but there's a risk that you may lose the key. Other fireproof safes like our best heavy-duty pick the Sanctuary Platinum XSmall Fireproof and Waterproof Wall Safe, have a keypad that allows you to enter a passcode to unlock the safe. Finally, some safes have a combination lock that eliminates the concern of lock-picking that comes with having a keyhole.

  • What are fireproof safes made of?

    The most effective fire-resistant safes have a double-walled construction, with two sheets of steel and a layer of fire-retardant materials in the middle. Fire-retardant materials may include cement, gypsum, perlite, vermiculite, or diatomaceous earth, depending on the manufacturer. Cheaper fireproof safes have plastic interior walls covered with fireproof material. Well-made fireproof safes also include a strong seal that swells to keep the door firmly shut to keep out flames in the event of a fire.

  • Will paper money burn in a fireproof safe?

    If the safe doesn’t have a high enough fire safety rating, it just might. If you’re keeping cash in a safe, do yourself a favor and make sure the safe has a high fire safety rating so that you have the best chance of protecting your money (and other important paper-based items) from bursting into flames. While some people feel better having a wad of cash money stashed in a personal safe, your money is probably more protected from fire when stored in a bank or credit union.

  • Are all safes fireproof?

    No safe is entirely fireproof, but safes have varying degrees of resistance against damaging elements such as fire (and water), so be sure to read the fine print to find out just how fireproof (or waterproof) a safe is before you purchase it. Individual safes may keep your valuables from burning for as little as 30 minutes or as long as two hours, depending on the make and model. If you are storing irreplaceable items, documents, or paper money in your safe, do yourself a favor and invest in one with the highest fire safety rating you can afford to protect your valuables in case of a fire.

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