The 8 Best Flameless Candles of 2022

You may not even notice the difference!

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Best Flameless Candles

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Candles help set the mood any time, anywhere, but the open flame can create a hazard for small children and pets. Not to mention, many candles burn out a lot sooner than you’d hope—and at $10 to $25 a pop, on average, that cost can add up fast. So, how do you mimic the flickering and warm glow of a candle without any of the drawbacks? Flameless candles.

The best flameless candles are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They have flickering LED lights and a warm white light that glows just like candlelight. Some are even scented or double as diffusers, so you can freshen up the room and get the benefits of essential oils, too.

Rather than burning a candle that you need to monitor all day, here are some of the best flameless candles that you can try instead.

Our Top Picks
With an authentic look and an 800-hour run time, this candle is as good as the real thing and a lot less messy.
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These tea lights are both affordable and stylish. They'll add a warm glow to your space and have a convenient timer function.
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These candles have a pivoted flame-shaped tip and give off a warm white glow. Plus, they also come with a remote control.
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Made with real wax and featuring a vanilla scent, these pillar candles feel just like a normal candle and have a five-hour timer.
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Available in three heights and made of unscented wax with embedded wick, these pillar candles or realistic and aesthetically pleasing.
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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these candles will make a great addition to your entertaining space and last 150 hours.
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This candle includes a water-free diffuser, so it will smell just as good as a real candle without the safety hazards or waxy mess.
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The light on this candle flickers to mimic a real candle and create a calming, twinkling experience.
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Unlike a traditional taper candle, these LED, battery operated candles come with a remote control with a timer and other settings.
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Best Overall: Simply Collected 3D Flickering Flameless Candles

Simply Collected 3D Flickering Flameless Candles

Dimensions: 3 x 5, 3 x 6 or 3 x 7 inches | Battery Type: AA batteries | Light Type: LED | Lifetime: Over 800 hours | Material: Real wax pillars

What We Like
  • Realistic candlelight

  • Made of real wax

  • Four-hour automatic timer

What We Don't Like
  • Remote is sold separately

The Simply Collected 3D Flameless Candles are as close to the real thing as you’re going to get. Made from extra-thick, unscented real wax pillars, they throw out a bright warm flame that looks just like candlelight from every angle. You can turn the light on and off manually, or set the four-hour automatic timer if you want the candles to shut off on their own. There’s also a remote (sold separately) that can operate all of the candles at once, so if you have more than one, you can turn them on and off simultaneously.

The candle comes in two colors—white and ivory (for a more golden glow)—and three sizes, so you can create a tiered trio or mix and match around the house.

Best Budget: Homemory Battery Tea Lights with Timer

Homemory Battery Tea Lights with Timer

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 inches | Battery Type: Lithium batteries | Light Type: LED | Lifetime: 150+ hours | Material: Plastic, glass

What We Like
  • Can standalone or fit in a holder

  • Subtle yellow glow

  • Batteries included

What We Don't Like
  • No remote or timer

If you want to set the mood on a budget, these realistic flickering tea lights from Homemory are up for the job. They can be used as a standalone decoration or placed into any tea light holders for a totally authentic vibe. The light is warm white, with a subtle yellow glow that looks just like real candlelight. There’s no automatic timer or remote, but you can easily control the light when a tab switch that’s conveniently placed on the bottom of each candle. And they include batteries that last for 100+ hours of use. Each set includes 12 tealights.

Best with Remote: JHY DESIGN 3D Flameless Candles Set

JHY DESIGN 3D Flameless Candles Set

Dimensions: 3 x 4, 3 x 5 or 3 x 6 inches | Battery Type: AAA batteries | Light Type: LED | Lifetime: Not listed | Material: Plastic, glass

What We Like
  • Eight-key remote with timer options

  • Varying heights

  • Authentic candle effect

What We Don't Like
  • Batteries not included

With their exposed wicks, ivory wax body, and warm white LED lights, these pillar candles from JHY Design have an authentic candle effect that makes it difficult to differentiate them from the real thing. The remote allows you to turn them on and off, set a four- or eight-hour timer, or control the brightness level to set the mood you’re after. The candles also have a “candle” option that emits a flickering light and a “light” option that turns the candles into static nightlights. The package includes three candles in varying heights, plus the eight-key timer remote control.

Best with Timer: Luminara Real-Flame Effect Pillar Candle

Luminara Real-Flame Effect Pillar Candle

Dimensions: 3.5 x 4, 3.5 x 5 or 3.5 x 7 inches | Battery Type: AA batteries | Light Type: LED | Lifetime: Not listed | Material: Real wax

What We Like
  • Five-hour timer

  • Wick moves and dances like a real flame

  • Made of real wax with a vanilla scent

What We Don't Like
  • Each size sold separately

Made with a combination of LED lights and electromagnetics, these Luminara Pillar Candles move and dance like a real flame, creating a unique flickering effect that will make you forget they’re flameless candles. They’re made with real wax and have a soft vanilla scent that freshens up the room like a real scented candle without being too overpowering. You can turn the candles on and off manually or set the five-hour timer and let them shut off automatically. While each candle is sold individually, there are three height options—three, five, and seven inches.

Best Pillar: World Market Ivory Flameless LED Pillar Candle

World Market Ivory Flameless LED Pillar Candle

Dimensions: 4 x 4, 4 x 6 or 4 x 8 inches | Battery Type: AA batteries | Light Type: LED | Lifetime: Includes automatic five-hour timer | Material: Unscented wax with embedded wick, plastic 

What We Like
  • Bright enough to double as a nightlight

  • Five-hour timer

  • Warm tone

What We Don't Like
  • Each size sold separately

These Ivory Flameless LED Pillar Candles from World Market don’t have a concentrated light like the other options on this list. Instead, the whole pillar illuminates, doubling as a warm-toned nightlight and creating a cozy ambiance in any room. You can operate the flameless candles manually or turn on a five-hour timer that kicks the candles on at the same time every day. At four inches wide, these flameless pillar candles are slightly wider than others (most are three inches) and come in three different height options.

Best Outdoor: Frontgate Soft Glow Outdoor Flicker Candle

Frontgate Soft Glow Outdoor Flicker Candle

Dimensions: Various sizes available | Battery Type: AAA batteries | Light Type: LED | Lifetime: 150 hours | Material: Not listed

What We Like
  • Realistic candle glow

  • Five-hour timer

  • 10 size options available

What We Don't Like
  • Each size sold separately

As their name implies, these lifelike flameless candles from Frontgate add a soft, realistic candle glow to your outdoor space. You can set the five-hour timer so that the candles automatically turn on around dusk and flicker throughout the bulk of the evening. The candles make a statement on their own, or you can combine them with an outdoor lantern that coordinates with your space.

And there are more than 10 size options, from 3 x 4.5 all the way up to 6 x 18 inches, so no matter what type of outdoor area you’re decorating, you’ll find something that fits your vibe.

Best Scented: Pottery Barn Flameless Oil Diffuser Pillar Candle With Remote

Pottery Barn Flameless Oil Diffuser Pillar Candle With Remote

Dimensions: 4 x 7 inches | Battery Type: Lithium ion batteries | Light Type: Amber faux flame | Lifetime: Not listed | Material:  Faux-wick

What We Like
  • Doubles as a water-free diffuser

  • 3D moving amber flame

  • Dimmer function with four timer settings

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

One of the things that’s missing from flameless candles is the scent that comes with real candles, but with this Flameless Oil Diffuser Pillar Candle With Remote from Pottery Barn, you can get the best of both worlds. Rather than utilizing artificial scent, this flameless candle doubles as a water-free diffuser, allowing you to switch up your scent in a natural way. It also features a 3D moving amber flame, plus a dimmer function with four timer settings. If you want the ambiance of a candle but don’t want the scent, you can also turn the candle on sans essentials oils.

Best Flickering: Urban Outfitters Flameless Pillar Candle Light

Urban Outfitters Flameless Pillar Candle Light

Dimensions: Various sizes | Battery Type: Not listed, batteries included | Light Type: Flickering faux flame | Lifetime: Not listed | Material:  Plastic

What We Like
  • Authentic-moving flame

  • Uneven burned wax look

  • Available in three sizes

What We Don't Like
  • Each size sold separately

All of the flameless candles on this list flicker, but this pillar candle from Urban Outfitters takes it up a notch. Not only does the light itself flicker, but the “flame” also moves independently, throwing the light around in a really authentic way. The top of the candle is higher on one side and lower on the other to mimic the look of unevenly burned wax, a trademark of real candles. The candle comes in three sizes from five to nine inches tall, so you can create a trio.

Best Taper: GenSwin Flameless Ivory Taper Candles Flickering with 10-Key Remote, Battery Operated Led

 GenSwin Flameless Ivory Taper Candles

Dimensions: 0.78 x 0.78 x 9.64 inches | Battery Type: 2 AAA | Light Type: LED | Lifetime: Not listed | Material: Wax

What We Like
  • Made of real wax

  • Remote control with 10 functions

  • Flickering flame

What We Don't Like
  • A little shorter than a traditional taper

If you prefer tall tapered candles to a shorter and wider pillar style, this set of six from GenSwin is the way to go. Each candle is 9.64 inches tall, ending in a flame-shaped tip that flickers and emits a warm glow that adds to the ambiance of any room. Made from real wax, these candles can stand up on their own but will also fit in a candlestick. The remote control has 10 convenient functions including timer settings, brightness, and flicker mode.

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with the Simply Collected Flickering Flameless Candles (view at Amazon), an all-around versatile option that's made of real wax and has an 800-hour battery life. If you're looking for something scented, we recommend Pottery Barn's Flameless Oil Diffuser Pillar Candle (view at Pottery Barn). You can customize the included diffuser with an oil of your choice to totally transform the mood of your space.

What to Look for in a Flameless Candle


Flameless candles are available in the same size and style as traditional candles. Choose one according to your decor style and needs. Tealights are typically 1.5 inches in diameter and can usually fit in traditional tea light holders. They can also be used in small lanterns depending on how much light you need. Pillars vary in size but tend to be tall and wide and can also be used on a table or other surface to create a warm ambiance. Taper candles are tall and skinny and are typically placed on a dinner table or mantle. Since these candles are flameless, you can place them almost anywhere.


Unlike a real candle, flameless candles are available with lots of convenient features and settings. Battery operated, some flameless candles come with a timer so you can set them to turn off automatically after a few hours. Others come with a remote control that includes a timer as well as different modes to control the flame style. The look, tone, and style of the flame can vary as well with some options appearing to look more realistic than others. Some options are made of real wax so they look and feel just like a traditional candle.

Scented vs unscented

Similar to traditional candles, flameless candles can be found scented or unscented. You can even find options that double as a diffuser to use with your favorite essential oils. If you want to enjoy the glow of a candle but don't like a strong odor, choose unscented.

  • How can you make flameless candles look more realistic?

    The style of the wick and flame can vary on a flameless candle. Some look more realistic than others, with a flame that has more of a random flicker, or a flicker that appears to dance. No matter the style, flameless candles can look more realistic if they are placed in a holder or other realistic-looking setting, since traditional candles are not usually placed by themselves.

  • What is the best way to clean a flameless candle?

    You can clean a flameless candle with a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth. Since this type of candle is battery-operated, it's best not to use water.

  • Are flameless candles safe?

    Unlike a traditional candle, flameless candles do not have an open flame, so you don't have to worry about wind or other hazards that could cause a fire. Also, even if they are made of wax, they will not melt, so you don't have to worry about wax dripping on surfaces and causing harm.

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