The 7 Best Floor Lamps to Buy in 2018

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Floor lamps are an essential ingredient in creating a comfortable, well-lighted room. Most often found in living rooms, floor lamps can help just about any room with a dark corner while providing a decorative element as well. Different types of floor lamps offer different benefits, depending on where the light is positioned, how the light is directed, the scale of the lamp, whether it has a shade or other diffusing mechanism for the light, and what it’s made of.

When choosing a floor lamp for your home, your first consideration should be your lighting needs: Do you want to make the whole room brighter or just to shine a light on your book when you read at night? Also, consider the your available space: a lamp that’s going to make a style statement needs more room than a lamp with a small footprint that can fade into the background. Whether you’re looking for a floor lamp solution for your favorite reading chair, for illuminating the whole room, or for accenting your decorating scheme, consider one of the options below.

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    Best Overall: Brightech Carter Floor Lamp

    The best floor lamp for most people is in a classic, versatile design that works with many types of decor and in various spaces, including living rooms and bedrooms. A club-style lamp is one of the most versatile and recognizable types of floor lamps. The basic design includes a single-bulb fixture with a classic shade and a simple pole stand and round base.

    While different shade shapes come in an out of fashion, these days a cylindrical drum shade is au courant. The nice thing about the shade is that it sends bright light straight up and down while emitting a soft glow through the shade. This LED lamp boasts a simple, classic shape with wood and metallic accents to fit in with just about any decorating style.

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    Best Budget: Sunllipe Torchiere Floor Lamp

    Many floor lamps can cost several hundred dollars, but if your goal is to illuminate a space on a budget, there’s no need to spend a lot of money! A simple torchiere lamp is classic and versatile — and often much less expensive than other lamp styles.

    The torchiere shape means that the light is projected straight up, and the lamps can come with either metal shades (which tend to be opaque, so all of the light goes up) or glass or plastic versions, which send some light outward as well up. In a space like a dorm room or a guest room or living room of your first home, an inexpensive torchiere lamp is just the ticket to add a comfortable layer of light. This floor lamp has a soft, black finish and a light-diffusing plastic shade and includes a built-in, warm-light LED light bulb that will last for decades.

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    Best for Reading: Alcott Hill Sterling Utility Task Floor Lamp

    Alcott Hill
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    If you’re looking for a floor lamp that will give you good light for reading, keep an eye out for a shorter light with a hard shade that will direct all of the light toward your reading material. Here, you don’t need a lamp that will project outward or upward, like a club lamp or torchiere; you’re looking for a lamp that will send just the right amount of light right to where you need it.

    A floor lamp that hits about shoulder- or head-level when you’re sitting in your favorite chair will project light directly onto your book without lighting up the surrounding area. This lamp can be adjusted by more than a foot in height to get it to just the right spot. The classic shape and brassy finish work well in a variety of interiors, whether you’re using it in your book-lined library or a more casual space.

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    Best for Living Room: Stone & Beam Deco Black Metal Floor Lamp

    In the living room, a floor lamp can serve dual purposes. This first is, of course, to add more light to the room! Overhead lights can seem too-bright or harsh when you’re serving cheese and crackers or watching TV, so it’s nice to have the option of a floor lamp.

    The other role floor lamps play in the living room is a decorative one, and a lamp with an interesting shade can help frame a couch or liven up a dull corner of the living room. A shaded lamp will diffuse the light at eye level while projecting light upward and downward as well. This lamp has a popular tripod-inspired base, making it both a stylish conversation piece and helpful for illumination.

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    Best for High Ceilings: Overarching Linen Shade Floor Lamp

    Overarching Linen Shade Floor Lamp - Polished Nickel
    Courtesy of West Elm

    If you have high ceilings, a small-scale lamp can end up looking downright puny! High ceilings demand a tall lamp to match up in terms of scale and drama. And especially in a living room, where furniture pieces like sofas and coffee tables are fairly low to the ground, a tall, arching lamp can beautifully fill the space in between the furniture and the floor, making everything look more proportional.

    This stunning floor lamp has one long arm that can sweep over the back or side of the couch to wherever you’d like to send the light. The linen shade diffuses the light at eye level, while sending it in all directions for soft, ambient lighting.

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    Best for Whole Room: IKEA Holmo Floor Lamp

    Courtesy of Ikea

    If you’re using a floor lamp as the primary source of lighting in a room, you want to create as much light as you can without it glaring in your eyes from wherever you’re standing or sitting. One great solution is a tall tower-style floor lamp, which includes one or more bright lights with a shade that extends well beyond the light.  

    Tower lamps look good next to sofas or in the corner of a room, and they come in a variety of styles, from highly decorative to simple and modern. This lamp has a casual rice-paper shade on a soft-black base, making it a subtle addition to any room. It’s shorter than many other floor lamps, so it's best for ambient light rather than reading light.

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    Best for Storage: Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

    Depending on your space, you may need both extra surface space and extra lighting at the same time. You can get that with two pieces of furniture, such as with a side table and a table lamp, but if you’re tight on space, it might make sense to look for a piece that has lighting and storage in one unit. 

    This clever lamp does just that, integrating an elegant rectangular lamp with a narrow shelving unit. Three shelves give you plenty of space for a stack of books or a cup of coffee, and the lamp's base is only about 10 inches square. The lamp comes with the LED bulb and is available in four finishes.