3 Best Kids' Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Kids playing in bedroom


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Even though continuous, seamless flooring through the entire house is often a goal, kids' bedroom floors can be different from the flooring in the rest of the house. As just a couple of examples, bathrooms are floored with waterproof materials and kitchens receive durable flooring to withstand the high amount of traffic found there. Kids' bedrooms, accordingly, can be floored differently with specific needs in mind. After all, houses are not static creations; they are flexible, adapting to the needs of the occupants. 

But what are the goals, exactly? Children from the crawling stage (at about 6 to 9 months) to the end of their floor-dwelling years (8 to 10 years) need comfort, warmth, and softness. Often, the floor is for the parents' comfort more than the kids' comfort. Parents who play with their children on the floor rarely love hard, cold ceramic, porcelain, or stone floors. Durability and cleanability also factor into your choice. Scratches, gouges, and dents are routine for kids' bedroom flooring, much as if you had a dog. Kids, too, mean messes. Betting on children not to make a mess on your expensive flooring is one that you are sure to lose. Sound transmits between floors. If a sound-sensitive room such as an office is located below the kid's bedroom, soundproofing matters a great deal, and you will want to lean towards soft flooring such as carpet. 

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring straddles the best of both worlds. Cork is soft, though not exactly plush, and it is comfortable for playing. Cork flooring is easy to clean. Stains will eventually settle into the cork, but if you get to them quickly enough, you will never know they were there. 

Cork flooring is no longer a novelty or a gimmick floor. Cork flooring has very real, substantial properties that homeowners appreciate enough to spend as much for it as they might for good luxury vinyl plank flooring or even some types of less expensive engineered wood flooring. If you think that your child's room will end up looking like a gigantic wine bottle cork, think again. Cork flooring today comes in an array of finishes, from wood-look and solid colors to stone-look.

  • Soft

  • Cleans easily

  • May stain

  • Expensive

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

High on the comfort level but lower on the cleanability scale, wall-to-wall carpeting has long been the classic choice for homes with children. There is no better surface than wall-to-wall carpeting for children to run, jump, play, read, and fall down on. If you value these qualities, you may wish to seriously consider good, padded wall-to-wall carpeting treated with a stain-resistant technology like Stainmaster. Look for nylon, polyester, and polypropylene carpeting for greater durability and color-fastness. Avoid wool or uncut pile carpets, which can snag.

If the carpeting becomes irredeemably soiled or frayed, or if the kids have grown past the carpeting stage, carpet technicians can easily excise the carpeting from the kids' room only. Wall-to-wall carpeting is usually seamed invisibly at doors, making door frames a natural separation point.

  • Extremely soft

  • Covers entire room

  • Deep cleaning difficult

  • Hard to install by yourself

Laminate Flooring With Underlayment

Mention hard flooring and what does that conjure up? Whatever comes to mind may not include visions of hard flooring with a soft underbelly: laminate flooring paired with high-quality underlayment. Constructed of a particleboard core topped with an image layer and a wear layer, laminate flooring on its own is surprisingly good at absorbing the shock of impact. But a supplemental material makes laminate flooring even softer: underlayment.

Foam underlayment can either be rolled out separately from the flooring or pre-attached to the underside of the flooring. Laminate flooring's foam underlayment ensures a certain softness, or give, that other hard floors lack. When installed in the kitchen, laminate flooring can often prove remarkably good at saving dropped dishes and glasses from shattering.

Any hard flooring can be paired with an area rug to create the perfect combination. Provided that you are not using a fine antique area rug for your child's room, you can spot-clean it when it gets stained and then switch it out for another one with little guilt and a minimal outlay of money.

While laminate flooring plus underlayment tends to stay fairly warm on its own, it can also be installed over a radiant heating system to further increase the margin of comfort.

Cleaning laminate flooring is as easy as it ever gets. With no seams to trap debris, laminate floor's smooth surface sweeps off with a soft broom and dustpan. Follow with an aggressively squeezed-out damp mop, to the point that the mop feels almost dry to the touch. Or use an all-in-one mop product like Swiffer, again limiting each squirt of the cleaning fluid on the laminate surface to an absolute minimum.

  • Cleans easily

  • Resists some moisture

  • Hard flooring with give

  • Can be self-installed

  • Much moisture will ruin it

  • Low on resale value