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Our top pick, UrbanStems, offers free shipping on all subscription orders

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Flowers have a way of making a home feel more welcoming, and a flower subscription can help add a bit of life to a mantle or tabletop on a recurring basis. Most floral subscriptions will send bouquets to your doorstep every month or at more frequent intervals, depending on your needs. We evaluated 30 flower delivery services, looking into their prices, delivery capabilities, plan varieties, and several other factors to find the best flower subscriptions to sign up for right now.

7 Best Flower Subscriptions of 2023

Best Overall : UrbanStems

Urban Stems

Urban Stems

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UrbanStems flower subscription

The Spruce / Abbey Littlejohn

  • Three different plans for varying budgets

  • Blooms ethically sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms

  • Free shipping on subscription orders

  • Prepaid gift subscription option

  • Cannot choose the exact bouquet you want delivered

Why We Chose It

There's a lot of room for customization with UrbanStems' subscription offerings. The three plans differ in price and types of flowers included:

  • Classic: a rotating selection of traditional blooms for $55 per delivery
  • Seasonal: a mix of in-season flowers for $75 per delivery
  • Luxe: premium arrangements for $105 per delivery

All three can be delivered on a biweekly or monthly basis (the Classic and Seasonal plans also have a weekly option), and customers are given the choice to pay as they go or prepay for up to 12 deliveries, making it incredibly easy to send one of the subscriptions as a gift. No matter what tier you select, all of the blooms in UrbanStems' bouquets come from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, meaning they're responsibly sourced using methods that protect the environment and the workers that pick them.

On top of the beautiful flowers, the subscriptions include a vase in the first delivery, which can be used for each subsequent bouquet. Though you won't ever know what arrangement is coming next, the surprise is part of the fun. Plus, unlike one-time orders from UrbanStems, subscriptions always include free shipping.

Best on a Budget : The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co. flower subscription

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  • Subscribers pick which bouquets they receive

  • Flowers ship directly from the farm

  • All subscription orders include free shipping (a $25 value)

  • Plans are flexible and can be changed at any time

  • Not every arrangement on the site can be sent as part of a subscription

Why We Chose It

Not only is The Bouqs Co. one of the more affordable subscriptions on this list, but it's also one of the most flexible, allowing customers to choose their bouquet, delivery date, and recipient for each shipment. In addition to a lower price per arrangement, shipping is free on recurring orders, saving you about $25 on delivery fees. Bouquets come in three different sizes:

  • Original: 10-16 stems for $44 per delivery
  • Deluxe: 20-32 stems for $56 per delivery
  • Grand: 30-45 stems for $69 per delivery

Bouqs is committed to minimizing waste in the industry, and one way the company does this is by partnering with farmers who use sustainable growing practices, such as recycling water. Because the flowers come directly from the farm, they typically arrive in bud form, meaning they'll bloom in your home and stay fresh for a longer period of time.

If you need a one-off arrangement for a special occasion, the brand also has same-day and next-day delivery options, though the bouquet selection may be limited depending on your location. Prices for single arrangements start at $49 and go up to $120. You can also shop for dried flowers and plants.

Best for Roses : BloomsyBox

Bloomsy Box

Bloomsy Box

BloomsyBox flower subscription

The Spruce / Abbey Littlejohn

  • Has a monthly subscription dedicated to roses

  • Boxes include flower food and care tips

  • Rose varieties are shipped fresh from farms in South America

  • 10 subscription plans in total

  • No free shipping

  • Vase not included

Why We Chose It

BloomsyBox's roses-only subscription delivers a different variety of the popular flower to your doorstep each month within seven days of the stems being picked. At about $50 per shipment, Bloomsy Roses is one of the brand's mid-tier subscriptions. All in all, BloomsyBox has 10 recurring plans that vary by flower or plant type, arrangement size, and delivery frequency:

  • Bloomsy Original ($45/month): a mix of 22 to 24 in-season flowers per bouquet
  • Bloomsy Deluxe ($50/month): a mix of 25 to 27 in-season flowers per bouquet
  • Bloomsy Premium ($55/month): a mix of 27 to 32 in-season flowers per bouquet
  • Bloomsy Weekly ($45/week): a more frequent version of Bloomsy Original
  • Bloomsy Biweekly ($50/every two weeks): a more frequent version of Bloomsy Deluxe
  • Pet-Safe Blooms ($50/month): excludes flowers and greenery that are toxic to pets as specified by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • The NYBG Subscription ($70/month): bouquets curated by floral experts from the New York Botanical Garden
  • Bloomsy Eucalyptus ($40/month): bunches of hand-picked fresh eucalyptus
  • Plant Subscription ($60/month): a mix of potted plants

While subscribers don't have a say in the exact flowers they'll receive, apart from choosing a subscription type, BloomsyBox notes that you never get the same bouquet more than once. Even the rose subscription has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to color.

All of the flowers are sourced from farms in Colombia and Ecuador that bear a Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, ensuring that no toxic chemicals were used in the fertilization process. To help keep the blooms fresh, BloomsyBox includes flower food and care instructions in every shipment, so even if you or your recipient is a floral novice, you can extend your bouquet's lifespan by a few days.

Best for Premium Blooms : Enjoy Flowers

Enjoy Flowers flower subscription

The Spruce / Larisa Niedle

  • Free shipping on all orders

  • Garden-variety flowers

  • Blooms are shipped directly from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Colombia

  • Seven-day freshness guarantee

  • Not as customizable as other subscriptions

  • $65 per delivery, which is on the pricier side

Why We Chose It

You'll notice that a subscription from Enjoy Flowers is a little more expensive than other options on this list, and that's because of the flower quality. All of the blooms are grown on sustainable farms in Colombia and guaranteed by the company to stay fresh for at least seven days.

The brand's singular subscription, the Garden Collection ($65/delivery), is filled with popular flowers like spray roses, carnations, and matsumoto. Each box includes free shipping, a packet of flower food, and care instructions to help you lengthen the bouquet's shelf life while you wait for the next one. It comes with 30 to 35 stems, so you can also separate the flowers into two or three smaller arrangements if you wish.

Best Variety : 1-800-Flowers

1-800-Flowers flower subscription

The Spruce / Anastasia Tretiak

  • Subscriptions start at $35

  • Customers select the type of bouquet, size, delivery frequency, and subscription duration

  • Nearly two dozen arrangements to choose from

  • Subscribers save 15 percent

  • There can be a service charge and shipping fee

  • Depending on what you pick, you may receive the same bouquet month after month

Why We Chose It

1-800-Flowers' subscription model operates a bit differently than others'. For the most part, you're signing up to get the same bouquet over and over again. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. It allows the company to have a bigger assortment of subscription arrangements than most competitors. However, if you do want to be surprised with each shipment, we recommend these three plans:

  • Fresh Market Bouquet (starting at $50): a rotating mix of colorful florals
  • One of a Kind Bouquet (starting at $50): crafted by local florists to be completely unique
  • Two Dozen Red Roses (starting at $60): colors vary based on availability

Speaking of variety, 1-800-Flowers also has the most delivery options out of any service featured here. Currently, customers can have a bouquet delivered every week, two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, or eight weeks. Pay as you go or sign up for three months, six months, or 12 months' worth of shipments.

Each plan differs when it comes to customization. For instance, the One of a Kind Bouquet is available in six different sizes ($50-$100) and always includes a glass vase, while the Fresh Market Bouquet can be purchased without a vase. Subscribers of the Roses package have a choice between a clear or red vase as well as whether or not to add on chocolate.

Best for DIY : It’s By U

It's By U flower subscription

The Spruce / Anastasia Tretiak

  • Six different styles of flower arranging kits

  • Free shipping on subscription orders

  • Comes with a video guide showing different design ideas

  • You can test out the service by selecting the one-time delivery option

  • Vases are not included

  • Only delivers on Thursdays and Fridays

Why We Chose It

These DIY flower arranging kits are perfect for novices and experienced gardeners, designers, and the like. Customers can choose which subscription's aesthetic best fits their home and how frequently they want a new box of stems to arrive. Here are the styles available:

  • Modern Farmhouse (starting at $50): premium Ecuadorian blooms with a European-inspired twist
  • Warm Industrial (starting at $50): small modern eco-grown flowers
  • Fresh Garden (starting at $60): a mix of Ecuadorian roses and other flower varieties typically found in gardens
  • Rainbow Rosy Outlook (starting at $75): an assortment of hand-dyed rainbow roses
  • Rosy Outlook — 25 Stems (starting at $80): different color roses in each shipment
  • Rosy Outlook — 50 Stems (starting at $150): different color roses in each shipment

The stems arrive loose so you can arrange them any way you want. In case you need some help, It’s By U provides a video guide along with printable instructions on different ways to display the flowers. It’s worth noting that the instructions are specific to vases available for purchase on the company's website. These decorative containers cost between $25 and $35 and need to be added on to your subscription order.

It's By U is unique in that you can select "one-time delivery" for any of the six subscriptions, which essentially lets you try out a specific plan before you commit to recurring deliveries. If you're new to flower arranging, It's By U also sells beginner tools like floral shears and a plant mister in its online shop.

Best Seasonal Bouquets : Flower of the Month Club

Flower of the Month Club flower subscription

The Spruce / Anastasia Tretiak

  • Flowers ship two days after being cut

  • Price per delivery is under $55

  • Blooms arrive in bud form so that they can be enjoyed at their freshest

  • Shipment includes a newsletter with detailed information about the flowers you receive

  • No say over what type of arrangement gets shipped to you

Why We Chose It

While Flower of the Month Club's singular subscription does allow for some customization—including delivery frequency and number of shipments—the concept is relatively simple: Members get one professionally designed seasonal bouquet each month that incorporates that month's featured flower. Want to see what varieties are coming up? Check out this year's calendar.

Each arrangement costs just under $45, plus $15 for shipping and handling. The club previously highlighted unique botanicals such as red torch parakeet heliconias, black ti leaves, candy stripe orchids, and tricolor hala leaves. These flowers and plants are sourced from growing regions all over the globe, including Costa Rica, Thailand, and the Netherlands. The size and style of the bouquet is subject to the current season. 

One thing you can always expect from Flower of the Month Club is freshness. Your bouquet will arrive two days after the flowers have been harvested and they'll bloom in your home. Along with the arrangement, your box comes with a newsletter that explains the featured flower's history, including where it originated and how it was grown.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

When choosing a flower subscription service, decide what factors are most important to you. If you're looking for centerpiece-worthy arrangements, Enjoy Flowers and Flower of the Month Club's offerings certainly rise to the occasion. But if affordability is at the top of your list, The Bouqs Co. is our recommendation due to its lower price point and free shipping.

Overall, the best flower subscription is UrbanStems. The company curates beautiful floral arrangements for all three of its recurring plans, and each one is priced differently, making it more accessible to a wider range of budgets. Plus, its bouquets are sourced and shipped directly from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which helps ensure freshness on top of sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Included in a Flower Subscription?

    Most flower subscriptions deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers to your doorstep on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis. Typically, a single service will offer a few plans at different price points to appeal to a variety of budgets. Depending on a specific company’s customization options, you may be able to choose the types of flowers you want included as well as the vase. Some brands, like BloomsyBox, also have an indoor plant subscription.

  • How Much Do Flower Subscriptions Cost?

    Most flower subscriptions cost between $40 and $100 per delivery. Prices vary depending on the type of flowers used, the size of the arrangement, and where the blooms were sourced. Some companies provide discounts for long-term subscriptions and even offer free shipping.

  • How Often Do Flower Subscriptions Ship?

    Different services offer different delivery frequencies. Most, if not all, flower subscriptions tend to promote a monthly delivery option, though some companies also offer weekly, biweekly, and bimonthly deliveries. Flower of the Month Club even has a quarterly plan.


To determine the best flower subscriptions, our team researched and reviewed 30 flower delivery services. In addition to weighing the number and type of plans available for each company, we looked at the following factors:

  • Price per delivery
  • Shipping fees
  • Freshness of blooms
  • Sourcing practices
  • Delivery locations
  • Delivery frequency
  • Payment options
  • Access to customer service
  • Commitment to sustainability

The subscriptions that came out on top incorporate a wide variety of premium flowers into their arrangements and offer nationwide delivery. The prices they offer are fair based on the quality of blooms you're receiving. We also gave extra points to companies that partner with farmers who use sustainable growing practices.

best flower subscriptions

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