The 6 Best Foot Spas of 2021

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"This foot spa has it all, including massaging rollers and water jets."
"This foot spa combines convenience and quality to soothe tired feet."
"This collapsible foot spa is easy to store in small spaces and assembles in seconds."
"This foot spa is an affordable option, but it relieves tired feet after a long day."
"At home pedicures just became much easier with this foot spa that comes with a small kit."
"Customizing the controls on this foot spa is just an easy touch away."
"This foot spa is no-frills, but super functional thanks to the massage rollers and convenient splash guard."

Heading to the spa or nail salon for a pedicure isn't always an option, so the next best solution is purchasing a foot spa. It's a quick way to pamper your feet and save quite a bit of money. Even if you don't have a ton of space or your budget is limited, that doesn't have to stop you.

Here are the best foot spas to pamper your feet.

Best Overall: Kendal All-in-One Foot Spa Bath

A well rated foot spa that has a lot of bells and whistles is great for anyone who wants to pamper their feet and do so quite often. This option from Kendal has removable massage rollers for both feet and three different modes to activate the vibration massage, soothing bubbles, or heat therapy.

While some foot spas only maintain the temperature of the water, this one actually heats the water up. Some reviewers have even noted having to shut the machine off because the water can become too toasty for sensitive skin. This Kendal spa can truly be used however you want depending on how much relief your feet need.

Best for Athletes: Homedics Bubble Spa Elite Footbath

HoMedics Bubble Spa Elite Footbath

Athletes tend to put their feet through grueling workouts, which is why many use foot spas to relax their muscles at the end of the day. If you’re active or even just have a job that keeps you on your feet, the HoMedics Elite Footbath is worth adding to your cart.

The bottom contains a seagrass surface that massages feet and when paired with the jets, that's a winning combo for relaxation. If you add cold water, it warms up in a matter of minutes and maintains the temperature throughout. There's a handy toe-touch control so you no longer have to bend down to change any of the settings. Other convenient features include a carrying handle and splash guard.

Best Compact Design: ÉLEVER Collapsible Foot Spa

If you don't have a place to store a bulky foot spa, it can discourage you from purchasing one. That's why a collapsible version is great when your space or storage is limited. This foot spa from Elever collapses and assembles in seconds. But the compact size (it's just 6.5 inches thick) doesn't mean you're sacrificing function.

The bottom of the tub has four massage rollers and the non-slip legs keep the bath secure when it's in use. Though this doesn’t feature a heating element, the thicker material has a slow heat dissipation. Some reviewers have noted water can stay warm for up to 30 minutes. Once you’re done using the foot spa, collapse the sides and carry it by the handle to store under your bed, in a closet, or under your sink.

Best Budget: Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and Heat

The Conair Foot Spa with Vibration is an incredibly affordable product that’s perfect for soaking and massaging tired feet. It doesn’t have a heating unit, so you have to start out with hot water in the tub. However, it will maintain the temperature of your water, letting you soak for a longer period without getting chilly.

Once you plug in the spa, the toe-touch control activates the vibration, which users say is incredibly soothing. Reviewers say the unit can be a bit loud as it vibrates, but for its low price, it does a great job at helping you relax. Also, in the center of the foot bath is a massage attachment so you can really pinpoint any tense areas on your feet and melt the tension away.

Best for Pedicures: REVLON Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

A great, warm foot spa can be the start to a perfect pedicure and this one from Revlon includes everything you'll need to get your toes in top shape. It features the usual foot spa qualities, including a Smart Heat technology that maintains the water's temperature.

Place your feet on the textured bottom and start the bubbles for a relaxing experience. Or switch it up by using the rolling massager in the center. But the added bonus of this Revlon foot spa is a removable pumice stone to slough off any dead skin and a five-piece pedicure kit which includes clippers and toe separators.

Best Control Panel: MaxKare Foot Spa/Bath Massager

Most foot spas have a fairly basic, or even hard to read, control dial but this option from MaxKare isn't like the rest. The digital display shows a read out of the water's temperature and the lights indicate if the vibration and bubbles are activated.

Besides being extremely easy to use and read the functions, the variety of features is also amazing. The MaxKare foot spa has an astonishing 16 massage rollers, all of which are removable, and a bubbling function that’s soothing when paired with the heating function. Speaking of heat, the foot spa can heat water as high as 118 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains its temperature.

Best Basic: BasicWise Foot Massage Spa Bath Bucket with Cover

Foot Massage Bath with Cover

At first glance, this just looks like a bucket. However, it's more than that. If you don't want to spend a ton on a foot spa or you know you'll rarely use it, here's an option that still gets the job done.

The bucket features six massage rollers on the bottom. Also, because there are no jets, you can safely add Epsom salt without worrying about them clogging the system. At 12 inches high and with a rather wide splash guard, you can fill the spa with quite a bit of water without worrying about any spills. The convenient handle makes the bucket easy to carry from place to place.

What to Look for in a Foot Spa

Heating unit The most relaxing foot soaks require, at a minimum, a tub of hot water. Many of the foot spas on the market keep your water hot through a heating unit, while more basic models don’t. Decide how long you typically plan to soak and whether your water will start to get cold during that time.

Features Some foot spas have presets that allow you to set up a custom experience, complete with jets, vibration, and massagers. If this is important to you, look for a foot bath with two to three presets.

Noise level Jets and bubbles can be loud and may disrupt your experience if you plan to use your foot spa while relaxing in front of the TV. If noise is an issue for you, look for an option with massagers instead of jets.

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