The 7 Best French Door Refrigerators of 2020

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Our Top Picks
"Boasts a mid-range price tag and high-end looks and functionality."
"An entry-level model that looks great and makes few sacrifices."
"Has an additional refrigerated drawer with adjustable temperature settings."
"The configuration of shelves and drawers to make excellent use of the space."
"Arrives ready to be finished with custom cabinet panels and hardware."
"Has 30.6 cubic feet of space, including just over 10 cubic feet of freezer space."
"The most multi-faceted smart appliance system currently on the market."

French door refrigerators give a high-end look to your kitchen and are a functional way to make the most of refrigerator space while keeping frozen goods stored away for later use. Equipped with various configurations of shelves, doors, and drawers, these refrigerators are a stylish and functional choice for your kitchen.

Ranging from the most simple design with just two doors on top and a freezer down below to more advanced designs with 4-doors and a convertible section that can become a fridge or freezer, there are many options when you’re shopping for a new fridge. The most compact French door refrigerators usually offer around 19 or 20 cubic feet of space and these are usually the most budget-friendly options, too. If you need more space, there are larger models with up to 30 feet of cubic space. Smart refrigerators and neat features like door-in-door access to popular snacks are also popular in French door models, but these unique options add to the price tag.

Here, the best French door refrigerators to give your kitchen a gourmet look.

Best Overall: GE GFD28GSL French Door Refrigerator

For a French door refrigerator that marries style and functionality, the GE GFD28GSL is hard to beat and earns high marks for its quality construction and practical design. From first glance, this French door refrigerator stands out with its sleek appearance—available in classic stainless steel, black stainless steel, or two shades of slate finish. An ice and water dispenser are easily accessible on the front of the fridge, which is not a feature found on all French door refrigerators. Some people may find the external water dispenser to be a convenience, while others might see it as an interruption to the aesthetics of this fridge. Either way, the water dispenser uses an advanced water filtration system an optional second icemaker solves the problem of inadequate ice production common to many French door refrigerators.

While this refrigerator is not Energy Star rated and it isn’t the most energy-efficient model available, GE included door-in-door technology to minimize temperature loss. This is a smart feature that helps the fridge stay colder by placing commonly-used items within close reach. The GE GFD28GSL also includes TwinChill evaporators to keep the fridge and freezer at safe temperatures.

People rave about the convenience of the door-in-door feature and its solid construction in comparison to the design of some other door-in-door designs. This fridge also has ample room for gallon-size containers of milk, juice, and more—which is a common complaint with some other French door models. The 27.8 cubic space of feet in the refrigerator is abundant for most families. Finally, people find the compressor to be quiet as it keeps the GE GFD28GSL running cool. With a midrange price tag and high-end looks and functionality, this door-in-door French door refrigerator is a great buy.

Best Budget: LG 21.8-cu ft French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker

For a French door refrigerator that won’t break the bank, LG makes an entry-level model that looks great and makes few sacrifices. The LG LFCS22520S is more compact than some of the mega-sized French door refrigerators available, but if you can live with 21.8 cubic space of feet in the refrigerator and freezer, this stainless-steel fridge offers a lot of perks. An internal icemaker eliminates the need for ice cube trays, and the freezer with 7.1 cubic feet of space is surprisingly large for a French door refrigerator with a smaller footprint. Inside the fridge, you’ll find six adjustable gallon-size door bins and a large gliding drawer that people love for its versatility and ability to hold an entire cookie sheet. Take note, however, that you’ll be missing out on a built-in water filter and dispenser.

The LG LFCS22520S is equipped with a linear compressor, considered to be an advantage thanks to a reduction in moving parts and quieter operation. LG stands behind the compressor with a 10 warranty. Hovering around the $1,000 price point, this refrigerator is a perfect pick if your budget is limited or if you have a small space but want the look and functionality of a French door refrigerator.

Best with Drawer: LG 30 cu. ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator LMXS30796S

Add flexibility and functionality to your French door refrigerator with an additional refrigerated drawer, like you’ll find on the LG InstaView 4-Door French Door Refrigerator. An additional refrigerated drawer with adjustable temperature settings can be used to store quick snacks, meat or dairy, or chilled wine bottles. Simply push a button to select the refrigeration mode. This can be a great place to store kid-friendly snacks since the drawer can be opened independently of the doors on top—saving cold air and energy. This model from LG also includes an external water and ice dispenser, providing extra convenience. The ice capacity may not be enough to meet dinner party demands, but that is a common complaint for residential ice makers—so you can’t hold it against this model.

What really steals the show on the LG InstaView French Door Refrigerator is the see-through panel that allows you to take stock of the fridge’s contents without opening the door. Knock twice on the panel and an LED light illuminates to show you what is inside—just on that side of the fridge, of course. This can save energy as you debate your snack and beverage choices or ponder what to make for dinner. Popular opinion is split on whether the InstaView feature is a definite plus or well-designed gimmick, so that’s a matter of personal preference. With or without a specially designed window, the LG InstaView 4-Door French Refrigerator offers versatility and practicality with its additional refrigerated drawer. 

Best Counter Depth Model: GE Profile French Door Refrigerator

For a spacious feel in your kitchen, opt for a counter-depth French door refrigerator—like this GE Profile model. The GE Profile French Door Refrigerator is just a smidge of 30 inches deep and will sit almost flush with most counters and cabinets. Many people who have installed this refrigerator in their kitchen find that the slimmer profile makes the kitchen feel bigger and more spacious.

While you may pay slightly more for a ​counter depth French door refrigerator and lose a little space, the general consensus is that the resulting look is worth the sacrifice. Additionally, a number of people found the configuration of shelves and drawers to make excellent use of the 22.1 cubic feet of space. Adding to the high-end feel is the fact that this GE Profile fridge is available in four distinct finishes to suit your kitchen’s look. Choose from black and classic stainless steel, or two different slate finishes.

Best with Custom: KitchenAid Built-In Panel-Ready French Door Refrigerator

Hide your fridge in plain sight with a panel-ready French door refrigerator, like the KitchenAid Built-In French Door Refrigerator. This French door refrigerator arrives ready to be finished with custom cabinet panels and hardware to match your cabinetry. There is no better way to seamlessly finish the look of your kitchen than with a custom cabinet refrigerator. However, the look doesn’t come cheap— this is one of the most expensive French door refrigerators. Inside, KitchenAid gave this model an upscale feel with a platinum-look interior, instead of the standard white finish you’re used to seeing. For functionality, the fridge includes a Preserva Food Care System that is equipped with a separate cooling system for the fridge and freezer. One thing to keep in mind is that this refrigerator only has a total of 20.8 cubic feet of space, which is small for a French door fridge. Still, a variety of adjustable shelves and bins can help make the most of the reduced space. For the most custom look possible, choose the KitchenAid Built-In Panel-Ready French door refrigerator.

Best Large Capacity: Kenmore 4674013 French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

French door refrigerators are known for being roomy, but the Kenmore Elite 74013 French Door Refrigerator takes it to a whole new level. This large capacity French door refrigerator has 30.6 cubic feet of space, including just over 10 cubic feet of freezer space. This is a big benefit to large families or frequent entertainers, and the generously-sized freezer drawer is the perfect spot to stock up on frozen goods.

Kenmore also designed the front of the freezer drawer with a tilting mechanism that makes it easier to reach in and grab items from the deep drawer. This Elite model from Kenmore doesn’t have a water or ice dispenser, but these mechanisms often take up valuable shelf and storage space. So if you’re after maximum room for groceries, you won’t miss the built-in dispenser too much. The linear compressor is designed to respond quickly to temperature changes within the fridge, and the recessed LED lighting makes it easier to see everything at a glance. If you’re looking for a French door refrigerator with ultimate capacity, you’ve found it in the Kenmore Elite 74013. 

Best Smart: Samsung 22 cu. ft. Family Hub Counter Depth 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Make your fridge a part of your smart home family with the Samsung Family Hub 4-Door French Door Refrigerator. This smart French door refrigerator aims to keep your family connected and entertained on the outside of the fridge, while keeping the contents inside cold! Equipped with Wi-Fi, the Samsung Family Hub includes Food Management, Family Connection, Entertainment, and Connected Living technology. Put simply—the fridge has a 21.5” touchscreen that will keep track of where family members go, play music or stream television shows, let you see what is inside your fridge via three cameras, and connect with other apps for even more functionality.

While other French door refrigerators may be equipped with Wi-Fi, the Samsung Family Hub is the most multi-faceted smart appliance system currently on the market. And while the smart appliance features alone make this fridge a popular choice, it does also perform well as a refrigerator and freezer. With 22.2 cubic feet of space, you’ll have plenty of room for groceries and frozen goods—though there are larger capacity models available. This French door refrigerator also comes equipped with a through-the-door water and ice dispenser.

Inside the fridge, an auto water fill pitcher with infuser adds to the functionality of the water dispenser—another smart feature not seen in other models of French door refrigerators. As with other high-end refrigerators, this unit is equipped with two evaporators to separately maintain the fridge and freezer humidity levels. One final thing to note is the fact that this model is Energy Star Certified. The Samsung Family Hub 4-Door French Door Refrigerator has an abundance of features that make it well worth the investment if you’re looking for a smart home appliance.

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