What Furniture You Should Buy Next, Based on Your Enneagram

An orange sectional sofa in a colorful living room

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Making the decision to purchase new furniture can feel daunting as well as exciting. Whether you're in desperate need of something different or you are just itching for something different, there are plenty of things to take into account. Your decor theme, your budget, and space all play a huge factor—but your emotional wellbeing and needs also should be taken into account.

Taking a look at your Enneagram type can give you some insight into what is important to you, as well as what you're constantly seeking after and what makes you feel at home. It can help to check in with your type to gather inspiration for what piece of furniture you might be missing—and ones you didn't know you needed.

Check out your Enneagram type below to see which piece of furniture you should consider buying next.

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    Type 1: Ethically Sourced Accent Tables

    A boho bedoom with matching side tables

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    Known as "The Reformer," you prefer things in your home to be clean, simple, and functional. You admire the minimalist and modern aesthetics, and when you purchase items for your home, you're very mindful of where they came from and how they can be put to use, rather than for the sheer sake of decoration. A set of ethically made accent tables should be the next go-to item since they will provide balance as a pair and serve as a place to set necessary items down (or as a potential small storage option).

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    Type 2: Couch That Converts to a Bed

    A sofa bed in a living room

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    Type 2s are often heralded as extremely supportive and nurturing and have a strong desire to feel needed. You strive to create an atmosphere that is just as inviting as it is comfortable. As "The Helper," you want your loved ones to know that they can come to you if they are in need of anything—even if it's at a moment's notice. Investing in a couch that can be converted into a bed is an ideal asset for you, given its ability to provide sleeping arrangements for those unexpected guests or for those who simply need to stay over for the night. You love knowing you have the means to provide refuge for those you love, and if you aren't able to create a separate guests bedroom, this can especially work well for you.

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    Type 3: Decorative Oversized Headboard

    A bedroom with a decorative headboard

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    You have big goals and aren't willing to stop until you meet them—which is why the name "The Achiever" fits you so well. You want to radiate the mindset you have for yourself and believe in creating an environment that already reflects the life you want to have. You aren't afraid to go bold and luxurious with your decor choices, and all the items in your home likely already radiate a particular brand and style. However, you tend to focus on items that everyone can see, so why not opt for something more for yourself? An oversized decorative headboard for your bedroom can still be as elegant and over-the-top as you would like, but it can also be a solid reminder for you to get some serious rest if you're going to actually be as successful as you hope.

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    Type 4: Eclectic Accent Chair

    A green armchair in an eclectic living room

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    Unafraid of the unusual, you're known as "The Individualist," which makes absolute sense. You are determined to ensure your space is as unique as you are and that it doesn't follow the same trends you see while scrolling through your feed. Choosing an eclectic accent chair will suit your needs well—especially if you're able to find one at a vintage market or thrift store so that you know you won't likely see it elsewhere. The more abstract and boundary-pushing it is, the better.

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    Type 5: Large Bookshelf

    A living room with large bookshelf

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    You prefer to get to the heart of things and understand them as much as possible. Often called "The Investigator," you have a strong desire to learn and discover as much as possible, and you have no problem doing so alone. You prefer function over form, so you want to invest in items that are specifically useful to you, instead of something sitting in your home just for appearance's sake. A large bookshelf would suit you well, considering you likely have plenty of books and other resources you've collected over time. A simple, traditional option that keeps everything in one place is certainly something to consider.

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    Type 6: Handcrafted Dining Table

    A rustic dining room with handmade table

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    As "The Loyalist," you're considered dependable, and you decorate your home accordingly. You want to feel safe and secure, and anything you bring into your space you want to know will stand the test of time. Additionally, you have a strong desire to care for your loved ones and foster closeness. A handcrafted dining table is a perfect option, ensuring you can own a table that will last for years and years, as well as creating an environment for people to gather together.

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    Type 7: Colorful Sectional

    An orange sectional sofa in a colorful living room

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    Aptly called "The Enthusiast," you tend to radiate joy and long for constant excitement in your life, and love spending time with different groups of people. You tend to gravitate towards items that are eclectic and vibrant—so a colorful sectional would fit in perfectly in your home. Opting for a large, brightly colored, even unusually shaped sectional can reinvigorate your space, while also providing a unique spot to spend time with your friends and discuss the long list of interests you've accumulated over the last week.

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    Type 8: Entertainment System

    A large tv with media console in a living room

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    Known as "The Challenger," you have a very prominent "Go big or go home!" mentality. It only makes sense that your home would reflect this same principle. You're very confident in your choices and don't mind being the person to take the lead when situations arise—and you aren't afraid to go with a bold choice, regardless of others' opinions. Choosing a large-scale piece of furniture, such as an entertainment system, could work well in your favor. A one-piece option that houses your television, electronics, and other items can keep things looking organized and put together while also giving you a dedicated spot to entertain guests when they come over.

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    Type 9: Freestanding Bathtub

    A freestanding bathtub in a modern bathroom

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    With the title of "Peacekeeper," it makes sense that you're often trying to ensure your space is harmonious and relaxing. You spend quite a bit of time creating a peaceful atmosphere for others; you also need to invest in dedicated spaces for yourself. A freestanding bathtub is a perfect addition to your home, as it gives you a place to sink into and forget the rest of the world for a little while. The luxurious aspect of the tub is simply a bonus.