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Best Furniture Rental Companies

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Settling into a new home is stressful enough on its own, from finding the right place and hauling your stuff to changing your mailing address. But furnishing the new digs can be more than just a hassle—the huge, upfront cost of purchasing furniture can easily break a budget.

Fortunately, plenty of companies offer furniture rental services, giving savvy consumers the option to enjoy a stylish new couch or outfit a temporary home office without handing over a large sum of cash all at once. These operations provide solutions not only for homeowners and renters but also for real estate professionals staging houses or hosting planning events. Check out these top furniture rental companies and see if renting might be right for you.

CORT: Best Overall



Founded as a residential furniture rental company, CORT has since grown to include office rentals, home transition services, event furnishings, apartment locating, and more. The company has over 150 showrooms around the United States where they offer readymade rental templates for various types of consumers. These services may work well for students or military members who can choose from whole-apartment decor packages, many of which start around $109 monthly. 

For these predetermined packages, CORT can take care of styling, delivery, set-up, and—when your lease is over—pick up. If one of these templates doesn’t quite work best for you, customers have the option to customize their rentals. Customizing a rental can consist of choosing each piece individually or working with one of CORT’s designers to select items that fit their space and budget.

Browse sofas, accent pieces, or furnish a temporary home office with a desk and ergonomic chair. CORT even leases electronics such as televisions, washer/dryer units, and even alarm clocks available by reservation. The longer you decide to lease, the lower your monthly price.

And renters can feel confident in choosing CORT not only for the company’s decades-long reputation for good quality but also for its commitment to sustainability. CORT claims that its business model emits roughly 66% less greenhouse gas than competitors who sell directly to consumers. And, the durability of its furniture ensures that each piece goes through several rental cycles before ultimately being sold (at a steep discount) and delivered to its forever home.

Feather: Best for City Renters



Founded in 2017, Feather was inspired by city-dwellers. The company found that these renters tend to move apartments roughly every year or two, and needed a solution that catered to the constantly evolving budgets, decor, or roommates associated with moving.

Feather’s furniture rentals are available in many cities across the U.S. including New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Austin. Feather's plans including one month, three-month leases; and as well as an annual membership. Rentals without a membership are significantly more expensive, which makes them a smarter choice for staging and selling homes than for long-term use.

The annual membership is an excellent option for roommates going in on furniture together, single renters figuring out their decor style, or an apartment share with rotating sub-leasers. Members can switch out their furniture entirely for about $99 per trip, with one free swap annually, so there’s no worry about a long-term investment in pieces that might not fit the room six months later.

Fees for each furniture piece can go toward a buyout at the end of the rental period if you love the items enough to keep them: The cost of each item is a steeper monthly rental price for non-members. Feather offers discounted packages for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, and more, with monthly costs at approximately $26 for dining room sets or full bedroom spreads, including brand-new mattresses.

Brook Furniture Rental: Best for Customer Service

Brook Furniture Rental

 Brook Furniture Rental

Brook Furniture Rental consists of free professional design services, white-glove delivery, and super-fast turnaround times, this Lake Forest, Illinois-based company earns top marks for its customer service. Brook Furniture Rental boasts that roughly 95% of its calls and emails from clients are returned within two hours, and its online reviews reflect high satisfaction.

Customers can rent by item, by room, or by “Fast Path” to furnish an entire home—choose from one, two, three, six, or 12-month leases, with significant discounts for six- and 12-month agreements. Brook advertises that the Fast Path takes only six clicks and it’s no exaggeration: Select the number of bedrooms, the level of furnishings you’re looking for (“Basic,” “Stylish, or “Luxury”), and choose from three pictures and three color palettes to indicate what most closely matches your tastes.

From there, Brook will show a sample package with items for the living, dining, and bedrooms, with the option to swap out or add needed items before purchasing. There are additional costs with every lease—Brook tacks on a delivery fee for the first month, for example, and charges roughly a 12% monthly fee for potential damage unless you can show proof of home or renter’s insurance. But not to worry: This information is clearly stated during the process for more information check out process.

Once you’ve signed your lease, Brook can deliver your furniture in as few as one to two business days, and if you’re unsatisfied with the rentals you’ve chosen, the company also offers free returns or exchanges within the first week.

Oliver Space: Best for Style

Oliver Space

 Oliver Space

Founded by former Uber executive Chan Park, Oliver Space serves Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Diego, and Seattle. To build out a room on Oliver, you can start from scratch by choosing a layout (home office, living room, dining room, or bedroom) and selecting each piece of furniture or decor individually. Or, make it easy and browse pre-styled room templates with clever nicknames and envy-inducing photography.

For about $226 per month, the “Cocktails & Charcuterie” living room package offers a blue velvet sofa with a coordinating rug and understated accents, like a gold floor lamp. For around $123 per month, opt for the "Weekend Snooze" a mid-century modern bedroom set with a bed, nightstand, chair, and rug. The longer your lease term, the better the savings—and the greater the perks, too. “Short Term” leases run a three-month minimum and charge around $100 for furniture updates during the lease.

Their “Long-Term” plans, which have a nine-month minimum, include the added option of one free furniture update, and users who pay for one full year upfront to get the same benefits plus a 10% discount on the full plan. All plans include free assembly and delivery, and however you package your rental if you like an item and want to keep it at the end of your lease, every payment you make can go toward ownership.

Aaron’s: Best for Rent-to-Own

Aaron’s logo


This national brand offers leases on everything from living room sets, electronics to children’s furniture—and with more than 1,300 locations throughout the United States and Canada, you likely have a franchise nearby. Leasing-to-own is more expensive in the long run than purchasing your furniture upfront, but it does make sense in some cases.

Those who are looking to invest in pieces they will keep for a long time can reap the benefits of using these items immediately without the overwhelming upfront costs—or the risk of carrying debt. Renters have the option to pay the lease off early for a discount. However, if you terminate the lease for any reason, Aaron’s also carries a lifetime commitment to “reinstate” your lease-to-own status, which means you can always return to the store and lease a different piece with similar wear to the same store. Additionally, your previous payments will count toward owning it, too.

How We Chose the Best Furniture Rental Companies

To choose the best furniture rental companies, we looked at the breadth and quality of services that each company offers for its fees and services. We considered how those services might fit into the life of an average consumer. CORT, one of the longest-standing furniture rental companies in the business, stood out for its variety of offerings—home and office furnishings, apartment hunting, relocation assistance, and more—as well as its commitment to sustainability and flexibility in rental length. Newcomer Feather, founded in 2017, offers month-to-month, single-item rentals alongside ongoing memberships, the latter of which caters to renters whose tastes change often or whose needs may shift due to rotating roommates or changes in address.

Another startup, Oliver Space, is already making a name for itself in the Bay Area with stylish, pre-set packages for the bedroom, dining room, or living area. Aaron’s, a large national chain, offers lease-to-own deals that generally run for about two years, catering to those who want to buy big pieces of furniture but don’t want to put too much money down or weigh themselves down with debt. While, companies like Brook Furniture Rentals will handle the whole decorating process for you in a few clicks, offering templates for varying budgets and tastes with options for color schemes and add-ons, too.

Each of these companies was transparent about the price structure, responded quickly and attentively to questions and requests, and offered a variety of options for different budgets, tastes, and living situations.

What Are Furniture Rental Companies?

Furniture rental companies offer customers the option to outfit their homes without the upfront cost of purchasing expensive items like beds, couches, dining tables, or even appliances. Some rental companies offer short-term leases geared toward staging houses for sale or temporary sub-leases, while others cater to long-term leases or offer the option to apply monthly rental payments toward purchasing the items at the end of your lease term. Every company is different when it comes to pricing: Some, like Aaron’s, include delivery and setup with every furniture lease. Others, like Brook Furniture Rental, add a delivery fee to your first month. Many furniture rental companies also offer style and design services, which can be a big bonus for those selling a home themselves or styling a new space.

Who Should Use Furniture Rental Companies?

Many furniture rental companies specifically market their services to homeowners or realtors who are staging a house for sale, with short-term agreements and easy, whole-house packages that are designed to make a space appeal to buyers. But real estate agents aren’t the only target market for furniture rental companies: Many operations, especially newer ones like Feather, are perfect for roommates who aren’t quite ready to invest in large, long-term purchases together, or for renters who understand that their needs or space might change in the near future.

Military members or traveling medical personnel who often require flexibility and hassle-free setup might also consider renting furniture—plenty of companies specifically include clauses releasing military members from their leases in the event of an unexpected move. And rent-to-own agreements, like the ones offered by national chain Aaron’s, allow cash-strapped buyers to invest in new furniture pieces without the risk (or the interest payments) associated with using a credit card or layaway.

What Types of Items Can You Rent?

Furniture rental companies offer all kinds of home necessities for lease. Living room sets are popular, many are offered with a sofa, chair, table, and even smaller items, like lamps, that match a cohesive theme. Renters can also order bedroom sets—including mattresses, which many rental companies guarantee to arrive brand new, as well as wall decor, rugs, or nightstands. Don’t forget about electronics: Televisions, streaming players, and major appliances can all be rented for various amounts of time.