The 8 Best Garage Lighting of 2021

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Our Top Picks
"Bright, energy-efficient lighting for your garage."
"The six energy-efficient single bulb fixtures can be placed anywhere that need more light."
"A great low profile option if your garage is limited in space."
"This fixture has metal housing for increased durability and protection."
"This fixture has metal housing for increased durability and protection."
"A high-quality light bulb that doesn't emit harsh light."
"Features an IP66 rating that qualifies it as dust-proof and water-resistant."
"A great option for homeowners that want light on demand."

Best Overall: hykolity Daylight 42W LED Light Fixture

Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light Linkable, 4FT Daylight

If you’re looking for bright, energy-efficient lighting for your garage, the 42W LED light fixture from Hykolity checks all the boxes. This versatile option for garage lighting can hang from the ceiling or be mounted flush to the ceiling. 

The Hykolity Daylight LED Light Fixture draws a conservative 42 watts of energy, making it a smart choice if you’re interested in reducing energy consumption compared to other garage lighting options. The light plugs into a nearby electrical outlet, so there’s no need to hardwire this garage light. 

Each light is 4 feet long, but you can also link up to four lights together for greater illumination. Not that you’ll need brighter light—the Hykolity Daylight LED has 3,700 lumens of white light that users describe as brighter, smoother, and more even than typical fluorescent bulbs.

Best Budget: Barrina LED T5 Integrated Light Fixture

Garage lighting doesn’t have to cost a bundle, especially when you buy a budget multi-pack like the Barrina LED Integrated Light Fixtures. In this set, you’ll get six single bulb fixtures to place anywhere in the garage needs more light. 

Each individual LED light puts off 2,200 lumens of 6500K bright white light. These lights are also energy-efficient, drawing just 20 watts of power individually. Use all six or as many as you need for your garage lighting needs. Users describe the light output as impressive and appreciate how affordable these lights are for a 6500K LED lighting option. 

These garage lights are easy to install as either hardwired fixtures or with a power cord. You will need to mount the lights using the included brackets since there’s no option to use these budget garage lights as hanging fixtures. People note that the lights themselves are very lightweight, making them easy to install anywhere. However, a few people said the construction felt flimsy—but once they were installed, they operated well. 

Take note that the Barrina LED T5 Integrated Light Fixtures are linkable, but a common complaint is that the connecting cords are too short. So if you want to position the lights further apart than the connecting cords allow, you’ll have to reconfigure or purchase longer connecting cables as some users have done.

Best Flush Mount: LEONLITE LED Wraparound Garage Light

If overhead clearance is limited in your space or you prefer the look and function of flush mount garage lighting, this low profile option from Leonlight is a good choice. 

This LED flush mount garage light is a 5000K bulb, which is considered a daylight hue but won’t be quite as bright as extra bright options. It has 4,400 lumens and is rated for 50,000 hours of use. The wraparound light design allows for illumination from the bottom and sides of the fixture, minimizing shadows and dark corners. 

You’ll need to hardwire this LED fixture into place, which is typical for most flush mount garage lighting options. People appreciate the extra clearance that a flush mount light provides where the ceiling is low or when the garage is used extensively for mechanical work and you want to take full advantage of the space.

Best for Workbench: GE Basic 18-Inch Under Cabinet Fluorescent Light Fixture


Illuminate your projects and repairs with garage lighting for your workbench. A garage workbench is often the perfect place to complete projects, learn new hobbies, or make important repairs, but if the lighting is subpar then the experience can be frustrating. This 18-inch basic fluorescent light fixture from GE will give you plenty of workbench lighting and is easy to install.

Simply plug in this option for garage lighting anywhere an electrical outlet is nearby, using the included 5 feet of cord. GE has engineered this garage workbench light to eliminate ballast humming and the flickering that fluorescent lights are sometimes known for. This is confirmed by users that have installed this light. Overall, people are very happy with its performance and quiet, reliable operation. 

The plastic housing is fully assembled out of the box and installation hardware is included. It’s worth noting that you can change out the bulbs for different garage lighting options.

Best Industrial: Sunco Lighting Industrial LED Shop Light

For industrial garage lighting, look for a light with metal housing and sufficient brightness to illuminate a busy space. The Sunco Lighting Industrial LED Shop Light is our top choice for a more rugged garage light. 

This industrial garage lighting fixture features metal housing for increased durability and protection from cracking. However, despite the diamond plated surface, some people found the metal to be thinner than expected. The included 4-foot 40W LED bulbs generate 4,000 lumens of brightness and have a frosted cover that provides extra protection against bulb breakage. People consistently comment on the incredible light output from the Sunco LED Shop Light and say it provides great illumination for your garage or shop. 

You can opt to surface mount or hang these industrial garage lights, and you can also link up to four units together. An extended warranty period of seven years provides extra peace of mind that these industrial garage lights will hold up over time. The 50,000-hour lifespan means that you won’t need to replace them often—but keep in mind that this garage lighting fixture and bulbs are an all-in-one unit, so you’ll need to replace the entire fixture when the bulbs burn out.

Best Fluorescent: Phillips Daylight Deluxe Linear Fluorescent T12 Light Bulb

Phillips Daylight Deluxe Linear Fluorescent T12 Light Bulb

If you have fluorescent garage lighting and need a quality replacement bulb, the Philips Daylight Deluxe Fluorescent T12 Bulb is a reliable choice. These fluorescent bulbs only draw 40 watts per bulb while emitting 2,325 lumens of bright, white light. 

You should know that this fluorescent bulb for garage lighting contains mercury, but thanks to ALTO technology, the mercury content is significantly lower than conventional fluorescent bulbs. 

People like this fluorescent bulb for the illumination and visibility it provides. It stands out as a good option for garage lighting thanks to its bright light that isn’t as harsh as some LED light fixtures. For a 10-pack of bulbs, an affordable choice for garage lighting.

Best Vapor Proof: LLT LED Vapor Proof Garage Light

Protect your garage lighting from excess water and dust by opting for a vapor proof fixture. The LLT LED Vapor Proof Garage Light features an IP66 rating that qualifies it as dust-proof and water-resistant from a direct spray, such as a hose. 

Each of these LED garage lights is 4 feet long and available in either warm white (3500K), bright white (4000K), or daylight (5000K) hues. These hardwired fixtures are an all-in-one garage lighting option, meaning that you’ll need to replace the entire unit once the 30,000-hour lifespan has expired and the bulb burns out. 

These vapor proof garage lights are a good choice for garages that have a lot of dust or experience increased dampness and moisture. Just be careful not to damage the foam seal during installation to avoid compromising the water-resistance of these light fixtures.

Best Motion Activated: ZJOJO Motion Activated LED Garage Lights

A motion-activated garage light gives you illumination when you need it and conserves energy when you don’t. This 60W LED motion activated light features three adjustable lighting panels rated for 50,000 hours of use.  

The base of the light features a standard E26 light socket that can be screwed into a compatible fixture, making installation easy. Each of the three adjustable LED light panels can rotate 90 degrees and shines a light within a 360-degree radius up to 20 feet away. Switch on motion detection to activate a bright light whenever activity is detected in the radius of the light fixture. The light automatically turns off after 30 seconds of no movement. 

People that have installed this garage light are very impressed with its performance and usefulness. The brightness and optional motion detection make it a great option for homeowners that want light on demand, but don’t want to worry about leaving the light on when no one is around. One user also pointed out that the motion detection feature is great when you’re spending an extended period of time in the garage and don’t want the light to go dark on you, as is common with garage door opener lights on a timer. 

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