The 13 Best Gardening Gifts of 2020

Help them plant the harvest of their dreams

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Our Top Picks
"These gloves provide protection without sacrificing dexterity and they’re specifically made to fit a woman’s hands."
"Weeding a chore that no one enjoys, but this hand tool makes the process more bearable."
"This set is great for the gardener who needs a stool or someone who wants to get their tool collection started."
"Say goodbye to annoying pests with this solar powered repellant."
"This gardening journal is an inexpensive, but thoughtful gift for the gardener who wants to keep track of their progress."
"This watering can is made of durable plastic, holds a lot of water, and you can even customize the water flow."
"This durable canvas tote has all the pockets you could need to keep tools organized and secure."
"This handmade pine and wire basket is the perfect way to wash and haul your harvest."
"This vintage silverware has been repurposed as hand stamped markers that any gardener would love."
"This wheelbarrow carries up to 400 pounds and distributes weight evenly, making it less strenuous to move heavier items."

There's something so relaxing and rewarding about a beautiful garden. But there's also a lot of work that comes along with it. Your favorite gardener will absolutely appreciate any gift that makes their harvesting process a bit easier.

Check out these best gardening gifts, from durable tools, baskets, and more.

Best Gloves: Williams Sonoma Leather Gardening Gloves

An obvious, but great gardening gift should be a pair of gloves. However, you want to find the right gloves for your favorite gardener. There are plenty of options that are cute, with floral patterns or designs, but the functionality also has to be there. These leather gloves from Williams Sonoma are genuine leather with a suede finish and they’re specifically designed to fit a woman’s hands. They provide dexterity, protection, and the two inch cuff keeps dirt out.

Best Tool: CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool

Weeding isn’t typically high on a gardener's list of favorite chores, but this tool makes weeding such a breeze, it may get a bump up. There are a lot of weeders on the market, but this one rates well with gardeners. Its blade is described as a “steel fingernail,” and it shows weeds no mercy. From small surface weeds to the pesky ones with deep roots, the weeder rips them out with little effort. The handle is made of recycled plastic and is ergonomically designed for comfort and the health of a gardener’s hands and wrists.

Best Tool Set: Pure Garden Folding Garden Stool & Tools 7-piece Set

This lightweight gardening stool has a built-in handle, which makes it easy to move from place to place. The best part, however, is that it comes with a detachable storage bag with seven pockets, which allows a gardener to easily bring their supplies along. It also comes with five basic tools, including a weeder, fork, trowel, cultivator, and transplanter, so it’s a great gift for someone who is just beginning to garden or someone who needs to freshen up their collection. It’s perfect for anyone with a lot of ground to cover.

Best Repellent: Greenwood Solar Mole and Gopher Chaser

Along with annoying weeds, pests have to be one of the most frustrating parts of gardening. Luckily, this repeller can help keep annoying critters away. It uses sonic tones every 30 seconds to drive away moles, gophers, and voles. It’s solar-powered, so no batteries are necessary, and it’s a safe and humane form of pest control. To install, simply place it in the ground. The single repellant has a 6,000 square foot area of coverage.

Best Notebook: Journals for All Gardening Journal Notebook

Gardening is a journey often filled with lots of trial and error and lessons learned along the way. This gardening journal notebook provides a great way to keep track of it all. It includes practical sections to stay organized, such as a monthly planning checklist, shopping list, and a grid plan. There are also record pages to note the plant's name, cost, picture, projected height and width, the date, quantity sown, and more. It’s a useful way to look back and see what has and hasn’t worked and attempt to figure out how to improve moving forward. The journal is 8.5" x 11" with 96 pages and a pretty floral cover.

Best Watering Can: Hydrofarm 9L Watering Can

Not all watering cans are created equal, and this one blows the others out of the, well, water. With most watering cans, a gardener may face one or two common problems: having to refill often or the water spills out when being transported. This Hydrofarm watering can carries a solid nine liters and the high neck and bottle actually keeps the water in. Also, the markings on the side make it easy to see how much water is being filled up and eventually used.

Best Tote: Gardener's Puddle-Proof Tote

Whether they're a gardening pro or starting to think about planting their first seeds, this tote makes it easy to keep everything organized. The tote is comprised of canvas material, suede trim handles, and the bottom is made of waterproof rubber. Also, it’s easy to keep gardening tools accessible, but secure. The exterior pockets are outfitted with elastic so there’s no fear of a gardener’s precious tools slipping out. Gardening can make anyone parched and the exterior mesh pocket easily fits a water bottle.

Best Basket: Uncommon Goods Harvest Basket

Hopefully your gardener will actually reap a harvest and they’ll need something to haul it off in. This basket is functional for a variety of reasons. The pine wood is sturdy and can hold up for years, but it’s the wire bottom that can come in handy. The openings makes it easy to wash any produce off before bringing it back into the house. The handle provides easy carrying and the 16 quart basket comfortably holds 20 pounds.

Best Markers: SycamoreHill Hand Stamped Garden Stakes

Though some produce and greenery is pretty distinctive looking, it can be quite easy to forget what was planted where. These garden markers are a chic way to label everything. The hand stamped silver markers (which used to be spoons) make it easy to separate the chives from the cilantro and the tomatoes from the carrots. You just order the quantity, from one to a dozen, and then specify which herb or vegetable name you’d like on the marker.

Best Wheelbarrow: Gardener's Medium Supply Cart

For the gardener who tends to have a larger haul, they'll absolutely appreciate this wheelbarrow which will take a major load off their back and shoulders. This cart holds up to 400 pounds. It’s great for moving large plants, soil, fertilizer, tools, or any heavier item with ease. The large wheels make pushing the cart a breeze and the handle has a comfortable grip.

Best Sign: MyMetalWorks Personalized Plasma Cut Steel Sign

Maybe your gardener pal has a random gnome or figurine in their yard, but what about a personalized sign? Well, if you purchase this, then they will. Help them mark their territory and jazz up their pride and joy garden with this cut out steel sign. It stands close to 20 inches tall and can be personalized with the gardener’s name. Choose from a range of colors and you can even select a more rusted, rustic look.

Best for Indoor: Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3

Not everyone has a green thumb and some people lack actual space to plant a proper garden. If that’s the case, then the Click and Grow Smart Garden is an absolutely genius gift idea. It requires minimal space and is beginner friendly. The indoor garden, which takes up mere inches, comes with plant pods that are inserted into the device. The LED lights and 40 ounce water work their magic to make the herbs, veggies, and fruit grow. The container garden comes with three basil pods, but you or the recipient can buy pods that range from chili peppers to arugula to marigolds and more.

Best Knee Pad: Kneelo Kneeling Pad

Kneeling in the dirt, especially for extended periods, can become uncomfortable for anyone. The gardener in your life either needs a knee pad or they probably need to replace their current one. This Kneelo pad is composed of shock absorbing memory foam that’s easy on the joints. It can also be used for sitting. The neoprene material is waterproof and the cut out hole makes it easy to pick up and go from one location in the garden to the next.

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