The 8 Best Gardening Gifts of 2019

Give them something they didn't know they needed

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Our Top Picks

Best Organizer: Original Little Burro Organizer at Amazon

“You can just grab everything you need and make one trip.”

Best Gloves: Garden Genie Gloves by Crocoin at Amazon

“The tools you need are literally right at your fingertips.”

Best Tool: CobraHead® Weeder Hand Tool at Amazon

“According to customers this tool makes weeding a breeze.”

Best Stool: Folding Garden Stool at Amazon

“It’s perfect for anyone with a lot of ground to cover.”

Best Notebook: Gardening Journal Notebook at Amazon

“This gardening journal notebook provides a great way to keep track of it all.”

Best Repellent: Animal Pest Repellent at Amazon

“Gardeners rave about this device and say it really works.”

Bet Watering Can: Haws V120 Watering Can at Amazon

“It’s lightweight and comes with two attachments.”

Best Tool Set: Vremi Garden Set at Amazon

Everything you need to grow beautiful plants is in the bag.”

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    Best Organizer: Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer

    They'll have no idea just how useful a wheelbarrow can be if they aren’t using a wheelbarrow organizer like this. Instead of just one big space for hauling dirt, rocks, plants or whatever else needs hauling, it lets you easily take along the tools you need to do the job too.

    No more back and forth, you can just grab everything you need and make one trip. This organizer holds two short-handle tools, such as a spade, two long-handle tools, like a rake, a tray of plants and two water bottles so you don’t get parched on the job. There’s even a water-resistant storage space for keeping your phone or other items. It fits onto most four to seven cubic foot wheelbarrows, and it snaps on and off easily. It’s a gardening game changer.

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    Best Gloves: Garden Genie Gloves by Crocoin

    Keep that green thumb and all of your other fingers safe and clean while gardening with these great Garden Genie Gloves. The built-in claws (yes, claws!) on the fingertips set this pair apart from other garden gloves. There’s no need to reach for a spade; the tools you need are literally right at your fingertips.

    Waterproof and puncture-resistant, these gloves are perfect for digging in dirt, breaking up roots, pruning roses and so much more. One size fits all — men, women, right-handers and lefties too — making them a fantastic gift for gardener friends and family members. Each pack comes with two pair, so you can always keep one for yourself too.

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    Best Tool: CobraHead® Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool

    Weeding isn’t typically high on a gardner's list of favorite chores, but this tool makes weeding such a breeze, it may get a bump up. There are a lot of weeders on the market, but this one rises to the top for gardeners out to release their wrath on weeds. Gardeners rave about its powers and say it’s great for digging, planting holes and other gardening tasks as well.

    Its blade is described as a “steel fingernail,” and it shows weeds no mercy. From small surface weeds to the pesky ones with deep roots, this weeder rips them out with little effort on your part. The handle is made of recycled plastic and is ergonomically designed for comfort and the health of your hands and wrists. Weeds, beware.

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    Best Stool: 16 in. Folding Garden Stool with Garden Bag and Tools

    16 in. Folding Garden Stool with Garden Bag and Tools
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Not all gardening chores can be done while sitting, but when they can, you might as well take a load off so you can concentrate on the task at hand. You knees will thank you for it!

    This lightweight gardening stool has a built-in handle, which makes it easy to move from place to place. The best part, however, is that it comes with a detachable storage bag with seven pockets, which allows you to easily move your gardening tools with you. It also comes with five basic tools, including a weeder, fork, trowel, cultivator and transplanter, so it’s a great gift for someone who is just beginning to garden or someone who needs to freshen up their collection. It’s perfect for anyone with a lot of ground to cover.

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    Best Notebook: Gardening Journal Notebook

    Gardening is a journey often filled with lots of trial and error and lessons learned along the way. This gardening journal notebook provides a great way to keep track of it all. It includes practical sections to keep you organized, such as a monthly planning checklist, garden shopping list and a garden grid plan. There are also plant record pages where you can record the plant's name, cost, picture, projected height and width, the date and quantity sown and more.

    It’s a useful way to look back and see what has and hasn’t worked and attempt to figure out how to improve as you go forward. The journal is 8.5" x 11" with 96 pages and a pretty floral cover. It’s a great inexpensive gift for the gardener in your life or a nice treat for yourself.

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    Best Repellent: Animal Pest Repellent

    You do all of that hard work digging, planting, seeding and weeding, and then along comes a little bug or critter who just chomps it all up. Pests are one of the most frustrating parts of gardening, but fortunately, this repeller can help keep them away.

    It uses ultrasonic sounds that most humans can’t hear and LED lights to scare animals away. It can adjust to a specific animal that’s preying on your garden from birds and cats to rats and mosquitoes, or you can set it to chase them all away. It’s solar-powered, so no batteries are necessary, and it’s safe and humane too. To install, you simply place it in the ground with one of three stakes that are included or you can hang it from a fence or tree. Gardeners rave about this device and say it really works. Take that, pests!

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    Best Watering Can: Haws V120 Practican Plastic Watering Can

    Courtesy of Amazon.

    Not all watering cans are created equal, and this one blows the others out of the, well, water. With most watering cans, when you carry them, you lose quite a bit the water you just put in it, as it spills and splashes over the sides. This one, however, has an extra tall neck that puts a stop to that even when you tip it forward.

    It’s lightweight and comes with two attachments—an oval brass rose and a right-angle downspout—so that you can easily get water to plants that are in various positions and with varying degrees of spray intensity. It also has two handles and is designed for balance. While it’s not the cheapest watering can on the market, it’s one that will get the job done and make doing it easier and more enjoyable.

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    Best Tool Set: Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set

    Whether they're looking to refresh their gardening tools or are just starting to think about planting their first seeds, this garden tools set provides all of the basics. It comes with six sturdy gardening tools, including a hand rake, spade, trowel, cultivator, weeder and pruning sheers, all of which have ergonomic comfort grips to get the job done comfortably. It also comes with a spray bottle for keeping your plants happy and hydrated and cotton work gloves to keep your fingers clean and protected.

    For easy organization and transportation of this great gardening gear, there’s a canvas tote bag with slots for all of it. Everything you need to grow beautiful plants is in the bag.