7 Best Gas Grill Accessories

Add Versatility to Your Grill

The modern gas grill is one of the most versatile cooking appliances that can be found in the average home. Widely popular and coming in a price range between $100 to $20,000, there is so much this piece of cooking equipment can do. Unfortunately, most people don't take advantage of all its capabilities. From the perfect pizza to a holiday turkey, most gas grills can do it all if they have the proper equipment. There are a host of accessories on the market these days. Many are largely...MORE useless, but these are not only the best, they are the best way to make your gas grill the complete cooking appliance.

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    Rotisserie Kit
    Rotisserie Kit. Rotisserie Kit

    Rotisserie cooking is the single best way to enhance the capabilities of your gas grill and a must for anyone serious about outdoor cooking. From chicken to roasts to whole fish to practically anything. Food cooked on a rotisserie is so much better than roasted in the oven and a rotisserie kit is the best way to handle those large items that can be more of a challenge on the grill. Even cooking and self-basting makes it perfect. My recommendation is to pick the rotisserie kit specifically...MORE designed for your grill. There are universal models if your grill doesn't have an option, but spending a little more will be well worth the price.

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    KettlePizza Gas Pro
    KettlePizza Gas Pro. Kettle Pizza LLC

    Pizza stones are a great addition to any gas grill. They give a great crust because they can absorb a lot of heat. The problem is that the top down heat is limited. This can leave toppings undercooked by the time the crust is perfect. KettlePizza revolutionized pizzas on the Weber Kettle and now they offer this addition for the gas grill. The very heavy metal "dome" reflects heat down on top of the pizza, creating the perfect pizza oven out of any gas grill large enough to accommodate...MORE it.  The gas grill must be at least 24 by 17 inches and have three burners, but if yours does, this is the perfect pizza accessory.

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    Little Griddle GQ230 Professional Series Griddle
    Little Griddle GQ230 Professional Series Griddle. Little Griddle

     A griddle is a great accessory for the gas grill. It allows for all those foods, from pancakes to stir-fry to all those little items that fall through the grates to be grill. The Little Griddle is vastly superior to those cast iron  sheets of metal you usually find. This is griddle is boxed on three sides so nothing will fall off. There is a grease trap in the front for leaner cooking without the threat of flare-ups. Also, the construction is impeccable. This really is a tremendous expansion of...MORE the capabilities of the gas grill.

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    You can spend a lot on a great instant read digital meat thermometer, but regardless of your budget, these are a must for gas grill cooking. Chefs will talk about the look and feel, but they use thermometers too. It is the only way to know and before you put the health of your family at risk, take the 3 to 5 seconds it takes to get a read on one of these thermometers to make sure your food is safe to serve. 

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    GrillGrates Set of Four
    GrillGrates Set of Four. GrillGrates

    Let's be completely honest. Many gas grills don't ship with the best quality grill grates, which is a problem. This is what contacts the food, transfers heat and needs to be capable of maximizing the grills capabilities. GrillGrates are adonized aluminum cooking surfaces that are excellent at transferring heat while dramatically reducing the risk of flare-ups. Available in a wide range of sizes, these will fit most any grill and create a tremendous improvement to the core function of any...MORE grill.

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    GrillPro Black Leather BBQ Gloves
    GrillPro Black Leather BBQ Gloves. Onward Manufacturing Company

    There are  times when you are going to have to get a hold of something hot. Whether it is adjusting cooking grates, moving pizza stones, or grabbing a hold of that flaming hot rotisserie rod, you need some good gloves. Any kind of welding gloves will do. No these are not food safe, but gloves like these leather ones, can hold metal as hot as your gas grill can get it.

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    Weber Original Grill Basket
    Weber Original Grill Basket. Weber-Stephen Products Company

    No matter the style or type of gas grill, there are some foods that just won't not fall through the grates. Shrimp, vegetables, and all kinds of items that are great grilled, just not great on the grate. Here you need a good grill basket. This model from Weber is not only a good deal, but it is large enough to make it worth the effort. This basket will hold everything you need and provide the space to toss food around without overcrowding and losing those expensive shrimp over the side.