The 7 Best Gas Leak Detectors to Buy in 2018

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Gas leaks are some of the most silent and deadly dangers any family or homeowner may face. Most gases are invisible to our senses. Since we can’t see or smell these gases, we need a good gas leak detector to warn us when trouble starts to develop. Thankfully, getting a good detector or alarm is easy and affordable. From dedicated sensors to handheld detectors, finding the right one is a simple matter of knowing what kind of gases you want to detect.

Some detectors are designed to pick up the presence of just a few gases. Natural gas and carbon monoxide are two common gases that can leak or build up over time. Other detectors take an ​all-around approach where they detect the most common gases you are likely to find in the home. The type of the detector is also an important thing to think about. For peace of mind, choose a sensor you can install for constant monitoring. To actively search for leaks that may develop in hard to reach spots in or out of the home, a handheld detector is the best route to go.

To keep your family safe from these deadly leaks, check out the best gas detectors:


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    Best Overall Gas Leak Detector: UEi Test Instruments CD100A

    The best type of gas leak detector is one that is simple and convenient to use. While it may be tempting to go with a professional detector, hunting down potential leaks can be a time-consuming process with more advanced features with a steep learning curve. A more user-friendly detector, however, will let you get to finding those potentially dangerous leaks combustible gas leaks so you can identify and fix them in less time.

    The UEi Test Instruments CD100A is one such detector that takes the guesswork out of finding dangerous leaks quickly, even around corners and through cracks, holes, and vents. Equipped with an 18-inch gooseneck articulating sensor, the detector accurately identifies various types of combustible gas. The green light indicator provides a clear and concise way to know when you are dealing with a gas leak so there is no guesswork involved.

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    Best Budget Gas Leak Detector: BrassCraft Detector

    BrassCraft Gas Leak Detector for Natural, Liquid Propane, Butane and Methane Gas Detection
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    It can be tricky to find a good budget gas detector. Some models sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. When buying a gas detector, you will want to be sure that the final device you buy will still get the job done. Otherwise, the cost savings you gain won’t be worth the increased risks you may face. For an affordable detector that will keep you safe, go with the BrassCraft Detector.

    The BassCraft Detector is a portable wand designed for on-the-go use. While it doesn’t provide constant monitoring, you can use it during regular maintenance checkups or whenever you suspect a leak is possible. A set of yellow and red lights indicate the severity of a leak with an audible alarm sounding when dangerous levels are present. When not in use, the removable cap protects the sensor to keep it functioning perfectly.

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    Best Multi-Gas Leak Detector: First Alert Digital Alarm

    First Alert Plug-In Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Some gas leak detectors are designed to pick up only one or two types of gas. This can be useful if you know your home only uses a certain type of gas for heating, cook or other tasks. If you aren’t sure, however, or just want to cover all the most likely types of leaks, a multi-gas detector is your best option. The First Alert Digital Alarm will keep watch for several types of gas including natural, methane and carbon monoxide.

    The First Alert plugs directly into a wall outlet so you don’t have to worry about losing power. For power outages, a backup battery is present to provide a consistent monitoring presence. The detector will monitor for explosive gases using an electrochemical multi-gas sensor with a remote control. A digital display will also give you an easy-to-understand readout of the level of detected gases.

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    Best Natural Gas Leak Detector: Neartop Household Alarm

    Natural gas is one of the most common types of leaks you are likely to experience in your home. Used for cooking and heating, most homes have some type of gas line running around the interior to places like the kitchen, attic or basement. Since it is odorless, when it does leak, you might not notice without a proper detector like the Neartop Household Alarm.

    The gas sensor plugs into any standard wall outlet and will easily mount to the wall for easy access. Detecting either natural or liquefied petroleum gas, the sensor will sound an alarm you can easily hear from any point of the house. A long lasting and clear OLED screen provides a readout of the gas concentration at any point. Keep an eye on the readout to see if gas levels rise or fall under during normal everyday use.

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    Best Handheld Gas Leak Detector: Sgile Portable Detector

    Every now and then, it’s a good habit to check out the entire length of a gas line to make sure the pipes haven’t developed any small cracks or leaks. Permanent leak detectors are good at monitoring single rooms, but you will need a handheld detector to make sure the entire line is okay. The Sgile Portable Detector is the perfect choice for quick and easy routine leak checks.

    This handheld detector is the best solution for tracking down the source of a leak before it becomes a major problem. A highly sensitive sensor sits on top of a flexible tube that allows you to change the detection direction to hone in on the leak’s source. Sound and visual alarms will indicate the amount of gas as you walk around. Given the wide range of gases this unit can detect, it is even sensitive enough for commercial work.

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    Best Spray Gas Leak Detector: Camco 10324

    High tech solutions to detecting gas are common. From the home alarm sensors to handheld devices, they get the job done until the power runs out. If you want something more simple and less electricity-dependent, consider using a spray. A spray to detect a gas leak? You betcha! Just like handheld detectors, a spray such as the Camco 10324 is easy to use when checking out the integrity of a gas line.

    Coming in an eight-ounce bottle, this spray is similar to other handheld detectors when you are trying to find the source of a leak. Once you have detected the gas leak in the first place, you can use the spray on pipes to pinpoint the problem location. The liquid will settle onto the pipe and will begin to form bubbles anywhere a leak is present. The size and intensity of the bubbles will also tell you how severe the leak is.

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    Best Outdoor Gas Leak Detector: General Tools NGD268

    Outdoor detection can be tricky since moving air and other orders/gases can prevent a good detector from functioning correctly. That means your gas detector needs to be designed for outdoor use. Outdoor sensors are more refined and sensitive to detect the gasses it monitors while ignoring the rest. The General Tools NGD268 is one of the few user-friendly options meant for home use outdoors.

    Detecting a wide range of gases such as methane, coal, natural, propane and alcohol, the NGD268 is meant for both home and commercial use while outdoors. The flexible sensor probe is long enough to get into tight spaces while searching for a leak. The advanced readout displays the severity of the gas so you can pinpoint the specific location regardless of the outside conditions.