The 7 Best Gas Ranges to Buy in 2018

Turn up the heat with these gas range options

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Many home cooks and gourmet chefs alike appreciate the convenience and even cooking power of a gas range. Unlike electric ranges which must heat up to the desired cooking temperature, a gas range produces an instant flame that can be made larger to provide more heat or smaller for lower cooking temperatures.

If you’re shopping for the best gas range in 2018, you’ll have many options available from all of the major appliance manufacturers. Sifting through the options can be overwhelming, but...MORE the gas ranges that made our list all offer a unique combination of value and features that make them stand out.

Today’s gas ranges offer a variety of burner BTU ranges and many also come with a fifth burner, useful for keeping a dish warm. Some are also equipped with a center griddle plate, a wok grate, or other features to widen your culinary capabilities. The ovens available with a gas range include both convection and conventional ovens, and you can opt for a single oven model or double oven model. Choosing the right gas range for your situation requires weighing the features and benefits of each model against another. Read on for our top picks and to find the right gas range for you.

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    For the best value in a gas range, look to this highly-rated and much-praised 30” gas range from Samsung. Available in a brushed stainless-steel finish, this appliance has a modern look for your kitchen with the features and flexibility that will make it an ideal choice for the cook in your family.

    Like many of the more full-featured gas ranges, this model from Samsung features 5 burners with continuous grates and an oval burner for larger-sized pots and pans. It also comes with a griddle for...MORE center burner use. The oven for this appliance also packs extra features that make it an easy choice. The 5.8 cubic feet of oven space has convection cooking technology and is self-cleaning.

    This model of gas range is priced affordably but doesn’t lack in terms of functionality or style. Users love the roominess of the range, and the space available in the oven as well. Choose this Samsung 30” gas range with convection oven to make the most of your gas-powered cooking endeavors.

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    Our runner-up for best overall gas range is made by GE. This 30-inch gas range with 5.0 cubic feet of oven space features five burners and convection cooking technology.

    What sets this gas range apart is the extra-large griddle occupying the center of the cooktop. While the concept of a griddle itself isn’t unique to gas ranges, GE has designed this cooktop to be an ‘edge-to-edge’ design. This means that there is more space for burners and for a larger griddle. On some other gas ranges, people...MORE complain that the center burner is too cramped or that the griddle is too small. This griddle is generously-sized, thanks to the large footprint of this gas range.

    This range has a slightly smaller oven than our top pick, with only 5.0 cubic feet of oven space. However, this similarly priced model still leaves plenty of room to prepare a meal and the convection technology bakes evenly. It also comes in four different finishes to match your décor: slate, black, white, and stainless steel.

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    If you’re looking for a gas range that has the look and feel of a range from the kitchen of your favorite high-end restaurant, look no further than this model from Thor Kitchen. The styling and capabilities are reminiscent of professional-grade gas ranges, but the price point sits in the middle of the pack.

    Cooking on the Thor Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range will have you whipping up fancy dinners and saucy finishes in no time, thanks to the high-powered BTU burners. You’ll find an...MORE 18,000 BTU burner, 15,000 BTU burner, and two 12,000 BTU burners. The power of these burners is on par with many mid-to-upper range models of gas ranges, and exceeds that of many entry-level gas ranges.

    The oven is equipped with 22,000 BTU, and a broiler capable of producing 13,000 BTU. With 4.2 cubic feet of oven space, there is sufficient room for all of your roasting and baking needs. Gourmet cooks looking for a gas range that fits the part of a high-end appliance and has the power to back it up will appreciate the value and styling of the Thor Kitchen Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range.

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    This gas range with double oven from Samsung is a great choice if you’re looking for a gas range combined with the versatility that a double oven offers. The 5.8 cubic foot double oven features convection cooking in both the upper and lower oven.

    On top, the gas range features 5 burners – including an 18,000 BTU burner for high-power cooking. To help make it easier to prepare a variety of cuisine, this appliance also comes with a griddle and wok grate. Users praise this range for producing...MORE consistent, even flames that uniformly heats pots and pans.

    The oven’s versatility is highlighted in the fact that it can operate as two double ovens with convection cooking, or you can remove the Smart Divider and use the oven as one super-capacity 5.8 cubic foot space. This makes the Samsung a perfect option for home cooks that want the flexibility to have a double oven capable of becoming a single large oven.

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    If you don’t have a big budget, but are looking for the high heat provided by a gas range, you can get big results from the Whirlpool 5.1 cu. ft. Gas Range. Available in black, white, or stainless steel, this affordable gas range is a popular choice for home cooks everywhere.

    One value-added feature that sets this range apart as our best budget choice is the addition of a fifth-burner. Not all gas ranges at the budget price point add this extra burner, but it offers flexibility and convenience...MORE when cooking a meal with multiple components.

    The oven for this gas range is efficient and features 5.1 cubic feet of space, which is a generous amount of room. One feature lacking is a self-cleaning mode, so be prepared to do some manual maintenance to keep this oven looking squeaky clean. Overall, though, this budget gas range from Whirlpool is an affordable entry into the gas range market and has many happy users.

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    For a second choice in the budget gas range, we’d look to the GE 4.8 cu. ft. Free-Standing Gas Range. This straightforward range offers you the convenience of a gas-powered cook top, with a conventional oven that provides enough room for everyday meals and weekend entertaining.

    This budget gas range only offers 4 burners, unlike our top choice for the category. However, it does offer a 5,000 BTU Precise Simmer setting to help you achieve consistent, low heat. It also has a powerful 13,000 BTU...MORE burner and two 9,500 BTU burners. This is on par with many of the basic gas ranges and is enough power to easily handle most recipes. Note, though, that the grates on this gas range are made of porcelain-enameled steel, not cast iron. They may be subject to additional wear over the years, depending on your cooking temperatures and habits.

    The oven features a bottom broiler drawer, which some users find to be inconvenient and others don’t seem to mind. However, with a budget price comes budget features – so again, this gas range offers no self-cleaning option. Like our number one pick for budget gas range, you’ll need to manually clean this oven.

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    If you’re working with a small space, but still want to find an efficient gas range to meet your cooking needs, check out the 20-inch Amana Gas Range. With 4 burners and a 2.6 cubic feet of oven space, this range is a compact choice that can still keep up with your cooking needs.

    The gas range has cast iron grates over each 9,100 BTU burner, and has a lifetime warranty on top burner performance. The oven is fully-insulated and has two oven racks with four different positions, as well as a...MORE roll-out broiler. Additionally, the oven features a window to monitor cooking progress – a feature not found in all compact ovens. Pick the Amana 20-inch Gas Range if you want to have the power of gas cooking, but don’t have the luxury of a lot of space.

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