The 8 Best Gas Ranges of 2021

Whip up gourmet dishes with these top-rated models

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Our Top Picks
"The easy-cleaning technology lets you clean the oven in just 10 minutes, while an included griddle sits well on a central burner."
"Despite having a lower price tag, this range has high-end amenities like a spacious oven and integrated griddle."
"With two oven cavities and commercial convection abilities, you can prepare food for yourself or guests with style and ease."
"Whether you're a new or avid chef, you'll enjoy how the convection oven coverts the temperature for you to make baking a breeze."
"There are specialty settings for keeping dishes warm while others finish, and turning the average-sized oven into an air fryer."
"At a very reasonable price, this range marries functionality and style, and has amenities like a safety lock and proofing setting."
"Larger kitchens and adventurous chefs can benefit from reversible burner grates, that can accommodate round cookware like woks."
"You can turn this double oven into one by removing the Smart Divider, and make use of its ability to connect to WiFi when baking."

There are a number of reasons that many people prefer gas ranges over electric ones. Gas-powered ovens and stovetops heat up faster and cost less to operate. In addition, many people believe gas ranges give you more precise temperature control while cooking, making it easier to sear, grill, and simmer your food. 

As you shop for a gas range, you’ll have to consider whether you need a slide-in or freestanding unit, how wide your unit needs to be, and any additional features you want such as a self-cleaning oven. If you’re installing a range in your existing kitchen, you may feel like your options are limited or you have to compromise on certain features. However, there’s a wide selection of appliances available on the market—including both no-frill, basic and extremely high-end, professional-grade ranges. You're sure to find something that suits your wants and needs.

Here, the best gas ranges on the market for a range of homes and budgets.

Best Overall: LG Electronics LSG4513ST 6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Probake Convection Oven

LG 6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Probake Convection Oven

When it comes to performance, reliability, and value, you can’t beat this model from LG. The sleek, modern appliance is 30 inches wide, has a 6.3 cubic foot single oven, and features five burners where you can cook a variety of dishes. The range even comes with a griddle that fits perfectly onto the center burner.

You can make use of a convection oven with three oven racks, as well as LG’s EasyClean technology, which lets you to clean the oven in a quick 10 minutes, without using high heat. The stovetop includes an UltraHeat 18,500-BTU burner for those times you need extra power while cooking. All in all, the performance and appearance of this appliance is top-notch, which is why it's our top pick.

Best Budget: GE JGBS66REKSS 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range in Stainless Steel

GE 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range in Stainless Steel

You don’t have to drain your bank account to have a high-quality gas range. This freestanding, 30-inch range from GE is a top-rated, budget-friendly choice thanks to its 5.0 cubic foot oven, integrated griddle, and sleek, stainless steel exterior. It features four burners, as well as a broiler drawer and center oval burner, giving you ample cooking options.

The oven cavity on this range includes two racks that can be rearranged in up to six different positions. The cooktop has an edge-to-edge surface, that gives you more room for large pans. Not to mention, its heavy-duty grates are dishwasher safe, and the sealed burners contain spills for easy cleanup. All in all, this range is easy to operate, reliable, and looks classy.

Best Splurge: Thor Kitchen LRG4807U 48 in. 7 Burners Double Oven Convection Gas Range

Thor Kitchen Double Oven Convection Gas Range

If you want a professional-style range—and aren’t afraid to spend more to get it—you should definitely consider the Thor Kitchen Double Oven Gas Range. This freestanding gas range sports an impressive six stovetop burners, a griddle, and two oven cavities for a total capacity of 6.8 cubic feet. 

This model is 48 inches wide, and its primary oven has a 4.6 cubic foot capacity. The two oven cavities have two racks and five rack positions, and they both offer commercial convection for more even baking and food preparation. The burners can reach up to 18,000 BTU each for high-heat cooking, while cast-iron cooking grates are durable and sturdy. With a range this spacious, cooking for guests or yourself will be easier than ever.

Best Slide-In: Bosch HGI8056UC 800 Series 30 in. 4.8 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range

800 Series 30 in. 4.8 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range

Slide-in ranges are designed to sit flush with your counters for a seamless look, and they usually have controls on the front of the appliance instead of on a back panel. This Bosch gas range is one of the best on the market, although it is a bit pricey. You'll need to be prepared to make an investment in your space, but will be treated to an elevated design in return.

The 30-inch range has a 4.8 cubic foot oven, as well as five burners, including a large 18,000 BTU center burner. The oven includes a convection setting, and it'll do temperature conversions for you to eliminate guesswork while baking. There’s a warming drawer at the bottom of the unit, and the touch controls and knobs are easy to operate. You'll appreciate how this piece looks stunning and is very well-designed, whether you're an avid home chef or a newbie in the kitchen.

Best Freestanding: FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY GCRG3060AF 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range with True Convection Self-Cleaning Oven

The FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY GCRG3060AF 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range with True Convection Self-Cleaning Oven has an air fry setting.

Freestanding ranges typically have a rear panel with controls. This Frigidaire Gallery gas range has both back and front knob controls, and an oven with an air fry setting. It has a 30-inch build, which is suitable for many kitchens, and five gas burners for whipping up sautéed vegetables, soup, and gourmet-level meals. A 18,000 BTU burner can also be specifically used to boil water quickly, if you or another member of your household is in a rush.

When it comes to the oven portion, this model features a hidden bake element, a temperature probe, and a safety lock. There are specialty settings such as delay bake, delay start, and quick preheat. If you're a frequent entertainer, then you will certainly appreciate the Keep Warm setting that ensures your meal isn't cold by the time each side is done. To top off all of these features, this range also has a steam cleaning function that'll tackle light messes in 20 minutes flat, without the interference of any harsh chemicals.

Best 30-Inch: Samsung NX58R5601SS 30 in. 5.8 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning and Fan Convection Oven

Samsung Gas Range with Fan Convection Oven

The most common range size is 30-inch wide, and if this is the type of appliance you need, the Samsung NX58R5601SS should definitely be on your radar. This freestanding appliance is a stylish and affordable, so it leaves money for you to invest elsewhere in your kitchen.

Notably, the range offers 5.8 cubic feet of oven space, five cooktop burners, and a removable griddle. There’s a storage drawer at the bottom of the unit, and you can adjust the two oven racks to a variety of heights. Additionally, this gas range has a variety of useful setting and amenities, including convection cooking, delay start, a proofing setting, and child safety locks. A self-clean cycle ensures you're able to keep it clean and fresh, despite a dainty price tag.

Best 36-Inch: Cafe CGY366P2MS1 36 in. 6.2 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven

GE Cafe 6 Burners Freestanding Gas Range

If you have a larger kitchen, a 36-inch range is able to fit well in your space. This professional oven from Cafe will make you feel like you're running a restaurant in your home. The range has a commercial-like design, and includes six dual-stack burners, reversible burner grates, and an extra-large oven for many adventures in the kitchen.

This large freestanding gas range offers 6.2 cubic feet of oven space, as well as reverse-air convection technology that delivers even baking. The oven has a full-extension roller rack that allows you to more easily remove heavy roasts, holiday turkeys, and more. The burner grates feature a contoured surface on the reverse side to accommodate round-bottom cookware like woks, and you can even enjoy an automatic re-ignition feature. When your flames are accidentally extinguished, use this feature to fire up the stovetop and get cooking again.

Best with Double Oven: Samsung NX58M6850SS 30 in. 5.8 cu. ft. Dual Door Gas Range Double Oven

Samsung Flex Duo™ Gas Convection Range

Have you ever wished you could cook two dishes separately, but at the same time? Well, with the Samsung NX58M6850SS, you can! This gas range has a double oven that lets you cook two dishes at different temperatures. However, when you need to cook one, large dish—say, a turkey for a holiday meal—you can remove the Smart Divider and make use of combined oven space.

This model also has a dual fan convection for faster and even cooking, and five burners on the stovetop for all your meal preparation needs. In total, the capacity of the model is 5.8 cubic feet, and its soft-close door technology prevents it from slamming shut. The oven has a hidden baking element for easier cleaning, and a storage drawer at the bottom where you can stash baking trays. Essentially, this piece marries versatility and efficiency, and can even connect to WiFi.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a gas range that performs well and is reliable, look no further than the LG Electronics LSG4513ST (view at Home Depot), which is our top pick. This range offers many different ways to cook your food, from its spacious convection oven, to its five burners, and an included griddle. Are you hoping to spend less on a new appliance for your kitchen? Shop for the GE JGBS66REKSS (view at Lowe's) that isn't equipped with any smart features, but does have a steam cleaning option to eliminate spills and messes.

What to Look for in a Gas Range

Number of burners If you often juggle soup, sauces, vegetables, and a main dish all at once on the stove, you’ll no doubt prefer a stove that has more burners to choose from, so you can comfortably cook everything at once. If you love your oversized frying pans, Dutch ovens, and stockpots, a stove with fewer large burners might be the best choice.

Burner BTUs When it comes to BTUs, bigger isn’t always better—but it can be. A high-BTU burner can get your stockpot full of water to a rolling boil much faster than a lower-powered burner. However, if you like to cook foods at a very low simmer, a low-powered simmer burner is a good option to have. Don’t just look at the overall power, but consider how you cook and whether you need very high- or very low-powered burners.

Oven features Do you prefer a single large oven, or double ovens that aren’t as large? Neither is wrong, but the choice will affect the way you use the oven. Is convection important to you? Do you need an oven with a high maximum temperature or a self-cleaning option? No matter what you prefer, there’s likely to be an oven that has the features you need.

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