The 16 Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls in 2021

Inspire her creative side with these thoughtful presents

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Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

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Our Top Picks
Indulge her math and engineering side with this DIY science kit that can have them doing safe experiments at home.
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Let her bring this pillowcase to life as she colors in the scenery with the 10 fabric markers that are included.
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Keep them entertained, engaged, and away from the screen at a sleepover with this fun game.
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Let her curl up with her favorite book with this adorable crocheted mermaid tail blanket that comes in eight different colors.
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These gorgeous string lights resemble delicate branches and hang vertically in any bedroom for a waterfall effect.
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Music lovers will adore this wireless microphone that plays, amplifies, and records music.
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Any tween will enjoy making tasty gelatin gummy creations that look like unicorns and rainbows.
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This glamping camper has over 55+ surprises and also comes with a doll that can play with the included pool, DJ booth, and more.
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In a digital world, kids will love the throwback look and feel of this instant camera.
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These skates are high on fashion and function, whether you want to skate indoors or outside.
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It can be tough and pretty time consuming to find the right gift for the kid in your life. The market is just filled with endless options. However, when you know what your favorite 10-year-old's favorite activities are, you can narrow the field down a bit.

Here, the best gifts for the 10-year-old girl in your life:

Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science


Budding scientists will go mad for this awesome bag of science that will allow her to perform 70 scientific activities. They cover three areas of science (physical, earth, and life) and include ultra-cool things like making a rainbow in a tube to creating quicksand and even setting-up a soda geyser. She’ll be able to wow friends and family with these cool creations from her very own lab.

"The instructions are written clearly so our 10-year-old and her friends were able to work independently, and the scientific explanations are perfect for the age group—not too simple, but not too complicated."—Kelly Hodgkins, Product Tester

eatsleepdoodle Doodle World Map Pillowcase

This world map pillowcase is a dreamy gift for a 10-year-old girl. It’s printed with a map of the world, along with pictures and facts about animals and sea creatures that live in various regions. It’s up to her to bring it to life as she colors in the scenery with the 10 fabric markers that are included. She can also color outside the lines and add any quotes, notes, or other drawings as she sees fit. The markers wash out in warm water, so she can color the world over again and again anyway she likes.

"Each marker is double-tipped, providing a thin point and a blunt point. We found that it was easy to doodle with these markers, and the ink washed out easily. However, kids should be careful with the blunt points, as they tended to bleed through to the other side of the pillowcase."—Kelly Hodgkins, Product Tester

Endless Games The Sleepover Party Game

Sleepover party game

If you're looking for the perfect birthday gift for a girl, this sleepover game is a no-brainer. Designed for three or more, each player takes a turn spinning the wheel to get their Act It, Work It, or Party Challenge. They’ll find themselves charged with doing everything from being a human mirror to trying to lick their own elbow (it’s harder than it sounds!). The first one to 10 wins the game, but everyone wins when it comes to the good time being had. It’s all good, clean fun that will elicit giggles galore.

"Don’t be turned off by the game’s simplicity. Trust us; it’s incredibly entertaining to watch and play. The girls at our sleepover were amused from the first spin, and things only got sillier from there."—Angelica Leicht, Product Tester

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket

Let her curl up with her favorite book with this adorable crocheted mermaid tail blanket. Available in eight different colors, it also comes in two sizes so you can customize it to the recipient's height. With this purchase, they'll also get a mermaid blanket and a mermaid necklace giving her everything she needs to truly transform into this beloved sea creature.

"One of the things we really liked about this blanket was the design. It’s made of acrylic fibers that are crocheted in a wave pattern, so it truly incorporates the sea theme down to the last detail."—Angelica Leicht, Product Tester

Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Lights

Does your tween girl want to add some oomph to her bedroom? These gorgeous string lights resemble delicate branches and are designed to be hung vertically for a waterfall effect. You can make the warm-white LED lights wave, twinkle, flash, and more when using the controller with eight mode settings.

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

bluetooth microphone

Whether she's into Billie Eilish or Dear Evan Hansen, this microphone will make her musical dreams come true. Sold in more than 10 different colors, it connects to a phone, tablet, or other device using either Bluetooth or a cable. It can be used not only to amplify but to play and record music as well. The head has multiple filters (they reduce the dreaded feedback noise that's the bane of most kid karaoke parties) and there's an adjustable echo control for fun sound effects.

Thames & Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab Unicorns, Clouds & Rainbows! Science Kit THAMES & KOSMOS

This make-your-own candy kit perfectly illustrates what great science teachers have known all along: that kids learn best when the concepts relate to real life. Yes, your tween will enjoy making tasty gelatin gummy creations that look like unicorns and rainbows, but they'll also explore topics like matter, color mixing, and the properties of polymer substances. The kit comes with all the ingredients (including citric acid for sour candies), a mold, and a 16-page manual with ideas for future experiments (melted gummies, anyone?).

L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper


Surprise toys are still hot now. What 10-year old girl wouldn't want to play with this glamping camper that has over 55+ surprises and also comes with a doll? Her doll can play at the DJ booth, cafe, BBQ stand, and more with all of the things this camper can do.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Fujifilm Instax

Though kids today are used to pretty much everything being digital, there's something so fun and nostalgic about snapping pics on an actual camera that prints photos out. The Fujifilm Instax has all the features to help your little one take their best pics, like easily adjustable brightness and even a selfie mirror. The pictures are then developed within a matter of minutes. Just don't forget to buy the film pack which is sold separately.

Circle Society Classic Adjustable Indoor and Outdoor Roller Skates


You probably laced up your roller skates as a child and now your kid can enjoy that same classic pass time. But these skates from Circle Society are way more stylish than the options from years past. The cotton candy colored laces have a winged accessory that can be removed and parents will love the fact the skates are adjustable to accommodate growing feet. Also, the super smooth wheels make the skates appropriate for skating indoors or outdoors.

Cool Maker GO Glam Nail Stamper

Go Glam Nail Salon

Want to distract your tween from her tablet? Kick the basic home manicure up a notch with this adorable kit, which is part art project, part beauty treatment, and the perfect sleepover-party activity. Simply paint a nail using the included polish, let it dry, and then stamp on one of the fun patterns (there are several to choose from, like cupcakes and flamingoes). The set comes with enough designs for 125 nails, but refills are also sold separately once you run out. 

Ravensburger Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game

Ravensburger Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game

Board games are great for kids to play with one another or the whole family can join in for a game night. Hocus Pocus is a class 90s Disney movie and whether your kid has seen the film or not, they'll most likely enjoy this colorful card game. Suitable for ages eight and up, the game takes about 30 minutes and players have to work together to protect the town of Salem.

Jetson Rave Extreme Terrain Hoverboard with Cosmic LED Wheels


This tricked-out hoverboard lets kids mix riding and dancing, thanks to a Bluetooth speaker and compatible app that allows them to play their own music, change the colors of the see-through wheels, and adjust the speed (newbies should start on beginner mode). All-terrain tires help you glide over bumps and sidewalk cracks, and an anti-slip mat is included so you can practice at home without worrying about wiping out.

PBTeen Pink & Purple Marble Bottle

Water Bottle

Two reasons to get her this gorgeous, brightly colored water bottle: if she loves it, she's less likely to lose it, and if it does go missing, it will be easy to spot in the lost-and-found pile. This stainless steel workhouse holds 17 ounces of liquid (a hydrated tween is a less cranky tween!) and can be tossed in the dishwasher.

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

This jewelry making kit comes with all of the materials she needs to make friendship bracelets for her and her BFFs with ease. Included in the kit is a friendship wheel, which is a specially designed tool that shows exactly where to place the string to get the desired designs. Four color-coded looms help make eight patterns (two on each loom) including hearts, stripes, diamonds, and flowers. They’re reusable too, so she can make them over and over again.

UGG Kids' Fluff Yeah Slide

UGG Fluff Yeah Sandal

Truth: Good slippers are like hugs for your feet. She'll love these Uggs' plush sheepskin body and trendy logo strap. You'll appreciate how well-constructed they are, thanks to a solid rubber sole that's sturdy enough to wear outside the house.

What to Look for in a Gift for a 10-Year-Old Girl

Social development Ten-year-old girls are moving past the playmate phase and building friendships based on common interests and activities. Gifts that help her bond with friends — like bracelet-making kits — will provide plenty of opportunity for girl talk that can lead to valuable friendships through the tween years ahead.

Skill building With many childhood fundamentals squared away, now is a great time for your 10-year-old girl to continue to broaden her mind and skill set in areas like science and engineering. There are age-appropriate STEM kits and toys that will help her learn through play and many incorporate technology as well.

Creativity Encourage creative growth by giving your 10-year-old girl an outlet that allows her to explore skills such as painting, drawing, or crafts. At this pre-teen stage, she may have a stronger sense of what colors and designs she prefers. A creative kit with a broad color palette will let her continue to develop her freedom of expression.

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