The 11 Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls in 2019

Inspire her creative side with these thoughtful presents

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Our Top Picks

Best Creative: Doodle World Map Pillowcase at Amazon

“A dreamy gift that any 10-year-old girl will love.”

Best Spa Day: Creativity for Kids Spa Set at Amazon

“The 30-piece set includes everything she needs to primp and unwind”

Best STEM: Big Bag Of Science at Amazon

“Budding scientists will go mad for this awesome bag of science.”

Best Tech Toy: Anki Cozmo at Amazon

“Anki Cozmo sets itself apart with its unparalleled personality.”

Best Splurge: L.O.L. Surprise House at Walmart

“This three story dollhouse is sure to be her new favorite toy.”

Best Jewelry Kit: ALEX Toys Friends 4 Ever Jewelry at Amazon

“You’ll be amazed at the creations you see on her wrist.”

Best Camera: Fujifilm SQ6 at Amazon

“Take photos the ‘old-fashioned’ way with this instant camera.”

Best Bike: Huffy 24" Cruiser Bike at Walmart

“The low center of gravity gives them a comfortable ride.”

Best Headphones: AILIHEN C8 Foldable Headphones at Amazon

“Perfect for a young music-lover or avid audiobook reader.”

Best Cozy: LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket at Amazon

“This adorable crocheted mermaid tail blanket comes in eight different colors.”

Best for Sleepovers: The Sleepover Party Game at Amazon

"There may not be very much sleep at the next sleepover.”

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    Best Creative: Doodle World Map Pillowcase


    This world map pillowcase is a dreamy gift that any 10-year-old girl will love. It’s printed with a map of the world, along with pictures and facts about animals and sea creatures that live in various regions. It’s up to her to bring it to life as she colors in the scenery with the 10 fabric markers that are included. She can also color outside the lines and add any quotes, notes or other drawings as she sees fit. The markers wash out in warm water, so she can color the world over again and again anyway she likes.

    The pillowcase measures 30x20 inches, and it’s made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, so it’s ultra soft too. Both educational and inspirational, she’ll literally be on top of the world, as she drifts off to sleep with her head filled with dreams of all the adventures the world holds. 

    Interested in reading more reviews? Take a look at our selection of the best crafts to buy for girls.

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    Best Spa Day: Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set


    You’d be hard pressed to find a girl who doesn’t crave a day at the spa. This deluxe spa kit gives her all of that pampering right at home. The 30-piece set includes everything she needs to primp and unwind, from an oh-so-relaxing inflatable pedicure pool in which to soak her toes and a battery operated nail dryer (no smudges!) to four bottles of kid-friendly nail polish and sticker nail art. There are also toe separators, cotton balls and a satin eye mask. She’ll have a blast setting up her own swanky salon.

    It’s great to share with friends, as there are plenty of supplies, and it will definitely be on the list for any sleepover. Spa party ideas are even included in the set. If you’re lucky, she might even use it to give the person who gave her this great gift a little mani/pedi too.

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    Best STEM: Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science


    Budding scientists will go mad for this awesome bag of science that will allow her to perform 70 scientific activities. They cover three areas of science (physical, earth and life) and include ultra cool things like making a rainbow in a tube to creating quicksand and even setting-up a soda geyser. She’ll be able to wow friends and family with these cool creations from her very own lab.

    Step-by-step instructions with pictures help guide the hands-on activities, but it will be her curiosity and desire to explore that will drive them. While it comes with most everything she needs including test tubes, mixing trays and chemicals, there may be some activities that require some extra ingredients, many of which parents will likely have on hand. The chemicals are safe (don’t worry, no exploding beakers to fear), and she’ll have so much fun experimenting, she won’t even realize all of the lessons in chemistry, physics, geology and more she’s learning. 

    Looking for more gifts that will encourage her love of learning? Take a look at our selection of the best STEM toys for girls.

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    Best Tech Toy: Anki Cozmo


    The world of tech toys for kids is rapidly moving into fun, full-featured robots that will delight any child. The Anki Cozmo is our top choice for a tech toy for a 10-year-old girl.

    While there are a number of AI-powered toys available, the Anki Cozmo sets itself apart with its unparalleled personality. The small robot is capable of learning faces, and they'll squeal with delight when it says her name for the first time.

    The robot has two built-in games to keep a child of any age entertained, both involving the use of included power cubes that Cozmo interacts with. Some people find the lack of additional games to be a shortcoming of the device, but future updates promise more options. But Cozmo’s appeal isn’t limited to games only. They'll love the daily challenges available that continue to unlock Cozmo’s abilities. This makes the tech toy worthwhile, even though it doesn’t offer the opportunity to learn coding or play endless games. Overall, the realistic and cute nature of Cozmo will keep your 10-year-old entertained and in awe.

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    Best Splurge: L.O.L. Surprise House with 85+ Surprises

    Courtesy of Walmart.

    This gift may be a bit of a splurge, but with 85+ surprises to unbox, this three story doll house is sure to be her new favorite toy. The three foot house is made from real wood, and it includes a family of dolls (Doll, Lil Sister, and Pet) that she can play with in the L.O.L Surprise! House.

    The first floor has a living room and kitchen with a working lamp, kitchen table, chairs, and refrigerator. The second floor has a bathroom with working appliances and a bedroom with enough space to fit all of the dolls (thanks to bunk beds and a bassinet). The third floor features a walk-in closet and vanity for all of the dolls' outfits and accessories. Best of all, there are several interactive features like the working elevator, outside patio with real pool and hot tub, spiral staircase, and bathtub with purple rain.

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    Best Jewelry Kit: ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

    For the social butterfly in your life, this jewelry making kit will be a hit. It comes with all of the materials she needs to make friendship bracelets for her and her BFFs with ease.

    Included in the kit is a friendship wheel, which is a specially designed tool that shows exactly where to place the string to get the desired designs. Four color-coded looms help make eight patterns (two on each loom) including hearts, stripes, diamonds and flowers. They’re reusable too, so she can make them over and over again.

    The kit includes 22 pretty colors of string to choose from and an array of beads and a beading needle to jazz them up. You’ll be amazed at the creations you see wrapped around her wrist and the wrists of her friends.

    Clear instructions are included as well, as is a carrying case, which makes it perfect to take to parties or playdates and to keep things organized. 

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    Best Camera: Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

    Whether she has a phone or not taking pictures is a fun way to document, friends, family, and life. Let her do so the "old-fashioned" way with this instant camera that takes pictures in a square format.

    What is cool about this camera is it has an auto exposure control so it will automatically adjust to the light they are in giving them quality photos (far superior to the Polaroid cameras of decades past). If they love the photos enough they can, of course, take a digital picture of it and share it on social media or make a real-life photo album of it.

    This comes in rose gold, graphite, or white so it looks good as a fashion accessory. Besides being cool gift to share with her friends this might inspire her creative side. 


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    Best Bike: Huffy 24" Nel Lusso Girls' Perfect Fit Cruiser Bike

    Courtesy of Walmart 

    For a girl on the go, the Huffy Nel Lusso Perfect Fit Cruiser Bike is a great set of wheels.

    This cruiser is stylish and features Huffy’s ‘Perfect Fit’ frame—meaning it’s made to be comfortable and easy to ride. The low center of gravity and positioning of the bike’s saddle make it easy for the rider to put their feet flat on the ground—giving them a safe, comfortable ride.

    The bike is also outfitted with a basket and rear rack, perfect for bringing along the essentials while keeping both hands on the handlebars. This single-speed bike is great for pedaling to a friend’s house, down the street, or on a family adventure.  

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    Best Headphones: AILIHEN C8 Foldable Headphones

    Headphones for a 10-year-old girl need to sound great, look good, and be durable. The Ailihen C8 Foldable Headphones are a popular choice.

    These headphones come in a rainbow of colors, but the candy pink or totally teal varieties are sure to catch any girl’s attention. Aside from the fun colors, the Ailihen C8 headphones include functional features, such as a microphone and volume control buttons—something not always present on headphones for kids.

    Most people find the headphones to be comfortable, with the adjustable sizing able to fit most heads. Adding to the durability of these headphones is the fact that they are foldable—meaning they can stash them in a backpack or overnight bag and they’re less likely to be broken. One other plus that people liked was the flexible fiber cord instead of a traditional plastic-coated cord. For a young music-lover or avid audiobook reader, choose the Ailihen C8 Foldable Headphones. 

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    Best Cozy: LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket

    Let her curl up with her favorite book with this adorable crocheted mermaid tail blanket that comes in eight different colors. It also comes in two sizes so you can customize it to the recipient's height. With this purchase they'll also get a mermaid blanket and a mermaid necklace giving her everything she needs to truly transform into this beloved sea creature.

    Reviewers comment that this is the perfect gift for a 10-year old girl and that is soft, cozy, and not too restrictive. Many say it is the ultimate accessory for burling up on the couch with. 

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    Best for Sleepovers: The Sleepover Party Game

    Sleepover party game
    Courtesy of Amazon

    If sleepovers are frequently part of her weekend plans, this game is for her. Designed for three or more, each player takes a turn spinning the wheel to get their Act It, Work It or Party Challenge. They’ll find themselves charged with doing everything from being a human mirror to trying to lick their own elbow (it’s harder than it sounds!). The first one to 10 wins the game, but everyone wins when it comes to the good time being had. It’s all good, clean fun that will elicit giggles galore.

    The only downside: There’s so much to do inside this box, there may not be very much sleep at the next sleepover. Of course, when was there anyway? It’s a great gift that will keep on giving every time the sleeping bags come out. 

Products Tested by

How We Tested

We bought four of our readers’ favorite gifts for 10-year-old girls that our reviewers tested for 30 hours. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these toys, from their overall quality to the skills they develop. We’ve outlined the key takeaways here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

What to Look for in a Gift for a 10-Year-Old Girl

Social development Ten-year-old girls are moving past the playmate phase and building friendships based on common interests and activities. Gifts that help her bond with friends — like bracelet-making kits — will provide plenty of opportunity for girl talk that can lead to valuable friendships through the tween years ahead.

Skill building With many childhood fundamentals squared away, now is a great time for your 10-year-old girl to continue to broaden her mind and skill set in areas like science and engineering. There are age-appropriate STEM kits and toys that will help her learn through play and many incorporate technology as well.

Creativity Encourage creative growth by giving your 10-year-old girl an outlet that allows her to explore skills such as painting, drawing, or crafts. At this pre-teen stage, she may have a stronger sense of what colors and designs she prefers. A creative kit with a broad color palette will let her continue to develop her freedom of expression.

Test Results: Doodle World Map Pillowcase (Best Creative)


What We Like

  • Educational

  • Fun to color

  • Good range of non-toxic markers

  • Color washes out

What We Don't Like

  • Colors run if the pillow gets wet

  • Some staining after repeated use

Doodle World Map Pillowcase
Doodle Pillowcase
Doodle World Map
World Map Pillowcase

Our reviewers thought the Doodle World Map PIllowcase was a fun and educational toy that would make a great gift. “My daughter loves it and I have been enjoying it with her, too,” gushed one tester. Reviewers also liked the “very soft” fabric, how easily the colors washed out, and its substantial size. “[The pillowcase is] large enough to be a fun group project,” one tester observed. However, some coloring did bleed to the other side of the pillowcase.

Test Results: Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set (Best Spa Day)


What We Like

  • Great for groups

  • Easy cleanup

  • Cute nail decorations

What We Don't Like

  • Nail polish doesn’t last

  • Kit components aren’t very durable

Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set
Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa
Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Gift Set
Creativity for Kids
Creativity for Kids Day Gift Set

“The Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set is perfect for a group setting where a group of girls can enjoy painting their nails and then wash it all off before heading home,” raved one of our testers. Our reviewers also loved the “adorable” stickers and said the eye mask was “a big hit.” While our testers liked that the washable nail polish made for easy cleanup, one of our reviewers warned it “washed off far too easily after application,” which disappointed the girls who had spent several hours creating their nail art. One of our testers also mentioned that the sandals broke after one spa session.

Test Results: Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science (Best STEM)


What We Like

  • Highly engaging

  • Educational

  • Nice variety of experiments

What We Don't Like

  • Messy

Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science
Be Amazing Toys
Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science toy
Big Bag Of Science
Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science STEM

“The Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science is filled with experiments that are high on the wow side,” gushed one of our reviewers, who said it kept her daughter “engaged for hours.” Our testers loved how educational and “hands-on” the kit was and that it taught kids to follow directions closely. It is a chemistry kit, cautioned one of our reviewers, so it does result in some spills and a slight mess. One of our testers also would have liked the experiments to be broken up better so that there weren’t leftover materials that needed to be thrown out if you didn’t want to continue with another experiment. Overall, though, this kit came highly recommended by our reviewers, who said it totally captivated their children.

Test Results: Anki Cozmo (Best Tech Toy)


What We Like

  • Entertaining

  • Educational

  • Universally appealing

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey

  • Questions about ongoing app support

Anki Cozmo
The Spruce / Angelica Leicht
Anki Cozmo
 The Spruce / Angelica Leicht
Anki Cozmo
The Spruce / Angelica Leicht 
Anki Cozmo
 The Spruce / Angelica Leicht

Our tester loved this toy because it was the perfect combination of educational and entertaining: “Cozmo is a pretty clever way to teach kids how to code,” she said. “The app and the interactions make it feel like you're playing, not learning, which is a great way to get kids on board. Also, the fact that Cozmo can mimic human expressions and react to interactions is so fun to watch. He kept my child's interest for hours on end.” Its main downside, she said, was its high price tag. She also had concerns about its ongoing app support: “Anki recently announced that it’d be shutting its doors and laying off all staff. Bugs or other issues could cause the app, and therefore Cozmo, to be useless, especially if it's not being regularly updated or patched.” Note: the company has created a self-serve help center and will be monitoring cloud operations for Anki accounts.