The 8 Best Gifts to Buy for 10-Year-Old Girls in 2018

Inspire her creative side with these thoughtful presents

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At ten, girls are inching into that tricky tween land. They’re often stuck between wanting to grow up and wanting to stay small, and their interests can vary wildly. Picking the right gift for a 10-year-old girl can be a daunting endeavor, but it’s not impossible. Most girls at this age are starting to display their independence and also want to express their creative side. 

Here are great gifts for 10-year-old girls that offer a little something for everyone, no matter their taste, style or...MORE level of maturity. The list spans a wide range of prices, so there's something to fit every budget and occasion.

  • Best Creative: Doodle World Map Pillowcase

    This world map pillowcase is a dreamy gift that any 10-year-old girl will love. It’s printed with a map of the world, along with pictures and facts about animals and sea creatures that live in various regions. It’s up to her to bring it to life as she colors in the scenery with the 10 fabric markers that are included. She can also color outside the lines and add any quotes, notes or other drawings as she sees fit. The markers wash out in warm water, so she can color the world over again and...MORE again anyway she likes.

    The pillowcase measures 30x20 inches, and it’s made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, so it’s ultra soft too. Both educational and inspirational, she’ll literally be on top of the world, as she drifts off to sleep with her head filled with dreams of all the adventures the world holds. 

  • Best Spa Day: Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

    You’d be hard pressed to find a girl who doesn’t crave a day at the spa. This deluxe spa kit gives her all of that pampering right at home. The 30-piece set includes everything she needs to primp and unwind, from an oh-so-relaxing inflatable pedicure pool in which to soak her toes and a battery operated nail dryer (no smudges!) to four bottles of kid-friendly nail polish and sticker nail art. There are also toe separators, cotton balls and a satin eye mask. She’ll have a blast setting up her own...MORE swanky salon.

    It’s great to share with friends, as there are plenty of supplies, and it will definitely be on the list for any sleepover. Spa party ideas are even included in the set. If you’re lucky, she might even use it to give the person who gave her this great gift a little mani/pedi too.

  • Best Jewelry Kit: ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

    For the social butterfly in your life, this jewelry making kit will be a hit. It comes with all of the materials she needs to make friendship bracelets for her and her BFFs with ease.

    Included in the kit is a friendship wheel, which is a specially designed tool that shows exactly where to place the string to get the desired designs. Four color-coded looms help make eight patterns (two on each loom) including hearts, stripes, diamonds and flowers. They’re reusable too, so she can make them over...MORE and over again.

    The kit includes 22 pretty colors of string to choose from and an array of beads and a beading needle to jazz them up. You’ll be amazed at the creations you see wrapped around her wrist and the wrists of her friends.

    Clear instructions are included as well, as is a carrying case, which makes it perfect to take to parties or playdates and to keep things organized. 

  • Best STEM: Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science

    Budding scientists will go mad for this awesome bag of science that will allow her to perform 70 scientific activities. They cover three areas of science (physical, earth and life) and include ultra cool things like making a rainbow in a tube to creating quicksand and even setting-up a soda geyser. She’ll be able to wow friends and family with these cool creations from her very own lab.

    Step-by-step instructions with pictures help guide the hands-on activities, but it will be her curiosity and...MORE desire to explore that will drive them. While it comes with most everything she needs including test tubes, mixing trays and chemicals, there may be some activities that require some extra ingredients, many of which parents will likely have on hand. The chemicals are safe (don’t worry, no exploding beakers to fear), and she’ll have so much fun experimenting, she won’t even realize all of the lessons in chemistry, physics, geology and more she’s learning. 

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  • Best Tech: SWAGTRON T1 - UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

    If you are looking to go big for a girl who has finally hit the double digits, this is a gift with a serious wow factor. Not only is it an amazing hoverboard that lets her glide around the neighborhood in style, with six colorful options to choose from.

    Mom and dad can take a turn too as it will hold a person up to 220 pounds, that is, if she’ll let you. It can reach speeds of about 10 miles per hour and can travel seven to 12 miles on a one hour charge.

  • Best for Sleepovers: The Sleepover Party Game

    If sleepovers are frequently part of her weekend plans, this game is for her. Designed for three or more, each player takes a turn spinning the wheel to get their Act It, Work It or Party Challenge. They’ll find themselves charged with doing everything from being a human mirror to trying to lick their own elbow (it’s harder than it sounds!). The first one to 10 wins the game, but everyone wins when it comes to the good time being had. It’s all good, clean fun that will elicit giggles galore.

    The...MORE only downside: There’s so much to do inside this box, there may not be very much sleep at the next sleepover. Of course, when was there anyway? It’s a great gift that will keep on giving every time the sleeping bags come out. 

  • Best for Music: PopSockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets

    If her online image is of utmost concern, this handy little fashionable stand for her phone or tablet will be of utmost use. Equipped with a reusable adhesive, it sticks to the back of a mobile device, which allows you to stand it up, tilt it or grip it. It’s perfect for selfies, music  gaming or watching videos hands-free, and it makes holding her phone all the more secure. It comes in all sorts of cute and colorful designs to match any personality. There are so many to choose from she just may...MORE want more than one.

    PopSockets fit almost any mobile device (note: they won’t stick to most of those cases made of silicone or with a waterproof coating), and the price is right. It makes it a perfect stocking stuffer or is just right when you’re trying to buy on a budget. 

  • Best Active: Schwinn Girl's Cruiser Bike

    There is nothing like a new bike as a gift. This Schwinn Cruiser is great for the girl who likes to ride around the neighborhood but doesn't do a ton of off-roading or big hills. Since this is a cruiser it has a rear foot brake and not handle brakes. It also comes with a cup holder so she can tote around her water to keep her hydrated while she is staying active. 

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