The 7 Best Gifts to Buy for 7-Year-Old Boys in 2019

From Legos to Hot Wheels these are the presents he actually wants

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    Best LEGO Set: Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

    You can rarely go wrong with Legos, but this kit takes a different twist with the classic building blocks. “Teach your bricks new tricks,” the box proclaims, and that’s just what this kit allows him to do. Using all the Legos he likely already has plus 22 more the kit includes, he’s able to build 10 moving machines that can do all sorts of neat things like pivot, roll, drop and lift. Each machine is pretty cool on its own, but they can also be combined with one another to make even neater chain reactions.

    Along with an 80-page book of instructions that show just how to build these amazing machines, there are other materials that help with the job such as Lego balls, string, paper ramps, a flag, bucket and more. All that plus a healthy dose of imagination is all he needs to wow his friends and family and himself too.

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    Best Budget: Pet Tornado

    If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet exciting little gift for a boy, this pet tornado fits the bill. From The Wizard of Oz to the nightly news, when kids get, uh, wind, of tornadoes, they tend to become fascinated with them and have all sorts of questions. This little device helps them form a safe one right in their very own hands. You simply swirl the plastic container in a circular motion and watch as the funnel begins to form in the midst of the realistic landscape background. It’s mesmerizing.

    The tornado also comes with information about real-life F1-F5 tornadoes, their wind speeds and the level of damage they do, so it’s educational as well. The price is right too, which makes it perfect for a stocking stuffer or other small, budget-friendly gift that will still blow him away.

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    Best Splurge: Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction - Space City

    If you’re looking for a gift that will give all the others a run for their money, look no further than this wooden marble run construction set, which will provide hours of fun. Along with all that fun, however, kids will be developing problem-solving and STEM skills.

    The set comes with marbles, tracks and a variety of color blocks that each have differing functions to send the marbles in different directions. While there are also instructions included on how to build some runs, kids can also let their creativity soar and come up with all sorts of new ones to test and perfect. Glowing accessories transform the run into another galaxy, so they can launch their marbles into space.

    This award-winning toy is a bit pricey, but plenty of parents say it’s well worth the cost. It’s fully compatible with all other Quadrilla sets, so you can combine them for even more creations.

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    Best Classic Toy: Hog Wild Toys Air Strike Catapult

    Take him back to Medieval Times with this fun catapult. It’s a neat twist on traditional shooters and provides an added challenge. It comes with a launch pad that pivots, so he can perfect his aim, as well as six spiked balls made of soft foam. He can take aim at the fortified walls of the playroom, a target or his sister’s bedroom door — anywhere his imagination takes him. It can take him quite far too, as this powerful machine can launch balls up to 40 feet! The base is also equipped with grips on the bottom so it can stick to smooth surfaces for extra stability.

    This catapult can be used indoors or out, and it’s portable, which makes it perfect to take to the park, beach or anywhere he wants to test his propulsion skills. Reviewers of the product say ping pong balls also work great for extra ammunition. Ready, aim, fire!

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    Best Outdoor Toy: Chalktrail for Bikes

    He’ll be able to leave his mark wherever he goes with this cool and creative addition to his bicycle. Chalktrail is a simple little device that easily snaps on and off (read: no parents or tools required) the center hubs of the back wheel of any bike, even those with training wheels. It holds sidewalk chalk that is then perfectly positioned to leave a color trail behind him wherever he rides.

    The Chalktrail connector comes with one piece of washable chalk, and replacement chalk is sold separately. One piece of chalk lasts for 1.5 miles, so he’ll have hours of fun riding in circles, squares and all around the neighborhood making amazing patterns and designs. It’s even more fun when a friend or family member has one on their bike as well to make even more complex designs together. This is a great gift to encourage outdoor activity and creativity. Plus, mom and dad will always know exactly where he’s been. 

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    Best for the Whole Family: Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set

    This unique, active game came from the hit show Shark Tank, whose investors realized its potential for serious fun. While it’s perfect for the 7-year-old set, it’s also great for the entire family. The set comes with three balls and adjustable net. The rules are similar to those of volleyball, but instead of hitting the ball over the net, you hit the ball at the net. Each team of two gets three hits to spike the ball into the net, and the first team to 21 wins. Of course, that’s just one way to play; kids are likely to come up with all sorts of variations on their own.

    The net has collapsible legs, and the set comes with a drawstring bag so the game is perfect to take along wherever you want to get a game going. There’s even a Spikeball app that lets you find players nearby who want to get in on the action. 

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    Best for Little Athletes: Spooner Board

    There’s no limit as to what he’ll be able to do with this rad gift. The Spooner Board is a great primer for future skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding endeavors. It’s basically a piece of plastic that’s been curved and shaped into a versatile board that glides across most any surface. He can sit on it, slide on it, flip it, do tricks with it — anything goes with this versatile board. No waves or snow necessary, but it can be used indoors or outdoors on almost any surface—grass, carpet, tile and even on snow if you wish.

    Schools use it for P.E. because it’s such a great form of exercise and can be used in so many different ways. They’re also ultra durable for years of use. This 24" Freestyle version is perfect for beginners (there are other more advanced models as well), but it holds up to 500 pounds, so anyone can give it whirl. Surf’s up, dude.