The 8 Best Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls in 2019

Pick out the perfect gift for your little princess

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Spelly Straws at Amazon

"Kids can spell words and anything else they can think of."

Best Pretend Play: FoxPrint Princess Castle Tent at Walmart

"It takes just seconds to set up—just pop it up and insert support rods to stabilize."

Best Active: Foam Pogo Jumper at Amazon

"It’s safe and easy for little legs to get the hang of it."

Best Dollhouse: Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home at Amazon

"This vibrantly colored dollhouse promotes interactive play at every level."

Best Tech: VTech Kids Smartwatch at Amazon

"Features three fun activities, three action challenges, and five different games."

Best Creative: Fisher-Price Slim Doodle at Amazon

"None of the mess that paint and markers can make."

Best Gross Motor: Teeter Popper at Amazon

"They can sit in it, stand on it, wiggle it, wobble it, rock and roll on it."

Best Storage: Stuffed Animal Storage Chair at Amazon

"Their stuffed animal collection is the stuffing on this bean bag chair."

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    Best Overall: Spelly Straws Reusable Drinking Straws for Kids


    Everyone always says not to play with your food, but no one ever said anything about your drinks! These Spelly Straws are a smart, fun way to do just that. In a word these things are brilliant. Seriously, you’ll wonder why no one thought of them sooner.

    The pack comes with 44 colorful letters and four straw connectors that all easily snap to one another to make the most fun reusable straws you’ve ever seen. Kids can spell words, their names and anything else they can think of, then just snap on the straw ends and sip away. The beverage of their choice will flow through the letters and make their drink taste even better (or so we will assume).

    While adults love them (W-I-N-E), they’re an especially cute and creative gift for preschoolers learning to spell. The price is right (inexpensive that is), and they’ll be a hit with boys and girls alike.

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    Best Pretend Play: FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars

    Courtesy of Wayfair.

    Every little princess needs a castle, and this one is a royally great gift. After they slay dragons, rule their kingdom or whatever else they dream up, they can climb in their perfect little place to rest, recharge and dream about their next adventure. In their kingdom anything goes, and imagination is king.

    It’s decorated with hearts and glow-in-the-dark stars for extra magic, and there are fold-down flaps on both the door and windows for when the princess needs her privacy. It’s big enough for a couple little rulers too. Royal tea party, anyone?

    It takes just seconds to set up—just pop it up and insert support rods to stabilize it. When it’s time to pack up, it easily folds down flat. It can be used indoors or outdoors and comes in a lightweight zippered case that makes it easy to take wherever her royal highness requests.

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    Best Active: My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper For Kids

    Very Good

    This pogo stick for little jumpers is a great, active gift. Made of foam, it’s safe and easy for little legs to get the hang of it. Even better, it comes equipped with a built-in squeaker that makes a noise with each bounce—perfect for counting each jump.

    The foam base is connected to handles by a stretchy “spring.” All you have to do is put you feet on top and start to hop. This one comes in pink, but if that’s not her thing, it comes in other colors too like orange, red and blue.

    While it’s designed for little ones (ages 3 and up), it does support up to 250 pounds, so the whole family can take turns. Strong and durable, it can be used indoors (the foam won’t scuff floors!) and is a great way to encourage physical fitness through fun.

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    Best Dollhouse: Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

    Not every four-year-old girl adores dolls, but for those that do, the Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home is an ideal gift. Little girls (boys too!) will go gaga over this interactive dollhouse!

    This spacious, vibrantly colored house promotes interactive play at every level, with its two stories, multiple rooms, and hands-on features. Kids can actually press a button to activate the light in the kitchen, and there are several buttons that emit fun sounds, songs, and phrases, all of which are designed to teach kids teamwork and the value of taking care of others and the home. The Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home comes with figures Emma, Jack, and the Dogs, in addition to a dog bed, dog bowl, and two bar stools.

    Need some more help finding what you're looking for? Read through our best dollhouses to buy for kids article.

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    Best Tech: VTech Kidizoom Kids Smartwatch DX2

    She’ll be stylin’ just like the big kids with this awesome smartwatch designed just for kids. Beyond just a pretty accessory to wear, it’s packed with all sorts of fun features for on-the-go activities.

    Not only can you take pictures with it, but it also has video recording and voice recording capabilities as well as special effect tools. Other features include three fun activities, five games, three action challenges and a motion sensor. There’s also an alarm, a timer, a stopwatch and a calendar. All that right there on her wrist! Oh, it tells time too.

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    Best Creative: Fisher-Price Slim Doodle Pro Clip

    This well-priced magnetic doodle board makes a great gift for any occasion. With the attached pen, little artists can create works of art to their hearts' delight. Once a masterpiece is complete, they can easily slide the eraser bar at the bottom, and voila!, a fresh new canvas for the next one. It also includes four shape stampers (a square, triangle, circle and star) for extra special touches.

    Beyond art, the Doodle is also a great way for them to learn letters, how to write their name, math facts, and how to spell. It can also be used for family games like tic tac toe and Hangman. Most anything you can do with pencil and paper, you can do on the Doodle.

    It offers all of the creativity, but none of the mess that paints and markers can make. It’s also lightweight and a great entertainment option when traveling—no more lost pen caps under the airplane seat!

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    Best Gross Motor: Fat BrainToys Teeter Popper

    So, no one may know exactly what it is when they open it, but once they figure that out, the Teeter Popper is sure to be a hit. Like nothing else they’ve ever seen, this is one versatile, active toy that’s loads of fun.

    So what does it do? It’s all about what kids do with it. They can sit in it, stand on it, wiggle it, wobble it, rock and roll on it or do with it whatever they want, while the suction cups on the bottom provide a persistent set of popping noises. It’s up to them how they use the toy. The only rules are there are no rules! It’s all about fun, and the fact that it encourages balance, coordination and physical fitness is just a bonus

    It’s recommended for ages 3-10 and holds up to 110 pounds, so little ones will get years of fun from this gift. 

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    Best Storage: WEKAPO Kids Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

    If you know anything about 4-year-old girls, you know they often can’t be spotted in their bedrooms and playrooms because they’ve been overrun by stuffed animals. This amazing bean bag chair can store them all, and give them the perfect rebuttal when mom says there’s no room for one more.

    The animals make up the chair’s “stuffing,” so they also get a fun seat to read on, watch television on or roll around on. It also comes equipped with a pocket perfect for holding a book, remote control or other treasure. The best part is that when they want to play with their furry friends, they can just unzip the chair, take them out and put them back when they’re finished.

    The cotton fabric can be machine or hand washed, and it comes in eight different colors and patterns that will match any decor. It’s a great gift for girls, but mom’s going to love you for this one too.

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How We Tested

We bought three top-rated gifts for 4-year-old girls and our reviewers tested them for weeks on end. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these gifts, from their educational value to their age-appropriateness. We’ve outlined the key takeaways here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

What to Look for in a Gift for a 4-Year-Old Girl

Age-appropriateness When shopping for a 4-year-old, check a toy’s age rating to ensure that it’s a good fit. Toys for toddlers might not keep a 4-year-old engaged, but a product that’s too complicated may leave her frustrated.

Educational value The best gifts aren’t just fun — they’re educational, too. That doesn’t mean you have to buy her a textbook, though; many of today’s top toys encourage creativity, critical thinking, and STEM skills. Look for one that’s the perfect combination of educational and entertaining.

Interests When shopping for a 4-year-old girl, the ultimate deciding factor should be her interests. For example, if she loves science, a dollhouse may not be her cup of tea. Think about the toys she loves now, and when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask her what she’s into lately — most 4-year-olds will be happy to tell you!

Test Results: Spelly Straws Reusable Drinking Straws for Kids (Best Overall)


What We Like

  • Easy to use

  • Educational

  • Environmentally friendly

What We Don't Like

  • Trouble cleaning with dishwasher

  • Could include more extra letters

Spelly Straws Reusable Drinking Straws for Kids
Spelly Straws Reusable Drinking Straws
Spelly Straws
Spelly Straws Drinking Straws for Kids

One of our testers loved these straws because they were easy for her 4-year-old to use, as well as educational: “They’re an engaging way to sneak in some reading and spelling while kids are drinking water or juice,” she explained. Plus, noted one reviewer, they’re reusable, which “makes them an excellent alternative to plastic straws.” One tester, however, had trouble cleaning them in the dishwasher: “The box says that they are top rack dishwasher-safe,” she said, “but when I tried this, they emitted an unpleasant burning smell at the end of the cycle.” Our reviewers also wished that the set came with more extra letters.

Test Results: FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars (Best Pretend Play)

Courtesy of Wayfair.

What We Like

  • Fun color

  • Door allows for quiet time

  • Great size

What We Don't Like

  • Flimsy construction

  • Glow in the dark stars aren’t bright

  • Vague cleanup instructions

FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars
FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent
FoxPrint Princess
FoxPrint Princess Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars

This play tent’s pink, sparkly exterior was a hit with our testers. Our reviewers also liked that it had a door (to allow a child some privacy), and one tester noted its large size: “This tent is roomy,” she said. “At least two children can comfortably play in it with plenty of room for stuffed animals and dolls.” On the other hand, one of our reviewers thought that its construction was “flimsy” and was disappointed that its glow-in-the-dark stars were “not very bright.” Additionally, the cleanup process, according to one tester, was frustrating: “The tent came with vague instructions for how to fold it up and put it back into the bag,” she explained, “but they're hard to follow and I was unable to successfully fold it down and put it away. So it'll be staying up!”

Test Results: My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper For Kids (Best Active)

Very Good

What We Like

  • Comes in many colors

  • Sturdy

  • Handlebar is easy to grip

What We Don't Like

  • Squeaks

  • Takes coordination

My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper For Kids
My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper
My First Flybar Pogo Jumper For Kids
My First Flybar

“My kids bounced hard on this pogo jumper and it withstood the wear and tear,” declared one of our testers. “Plus, the handlebar was thick and easy for them to hang onto as they bounced up and down.” Our reviewers also liked that it came in a wide variety of colors. The main negative, according to one of our testers, was that it squeaks while in use “which can be annoying.” One reviewer also noted that it “definitely takes some coordination to stay on it and continue bouncing, so it might not be suitable for some younger kids.”