The 9 Best Gifts to Buy for Law Students in 2018

Acknowledge their accomplishments with these tailored presents

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Only the best students can even make it through law school. And after that, they have to contend with the dreaded bar exam. Law school is all about constant reading, studying, stressing and shuttling between classes — which all takes up much more than your typical 40-hour work week.

Give the law student in your life a little break — and make life bearable again — with gifts that energize, entertain and organize them. Read on to find out what to buy a law-centric pupil that isn’t a book of lawyer jokes or an engraved gavel.



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    Best Game: Superfight: 500-Card Core Deck

    Lawyers need to have great debate skills — and this game tests players’ arguing abilities to the max. Players combine cards to create outlandish characters with different powers and weaknesses. Then, they argue over whose character would win in a fight. Everyone votes and the person with the most votes takes the point (so the power of persuasion is key here). Who do you think will win in this fight: Chuck Norris wearing a tin foil hat who can control the weather or Willy Wonka who knows kung fu but is wearing beer goggles? Law students and their friends will have hours of fun trying to convince each other that they have better cards.

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    Best for Coffee Lovers: Bodum Chambord 4-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

    There’s nothing like fresh-brewed coffee in the morning. And at noon. And at 9 p.m. And at 3 a.m. They all sort of blend together during law school. With this French Press on hand, your law student can keep their brain firing on all cylinders long after bedtime. Its 4-cup carafe size means that they can finish the pot while it’s still fresh and hot without having to dump out any coffee that’s gone cold. Both the glass carafe and the stainless steel frame are dishwasher safe, so cleaning this coffee maker is a breeze. And if your law student feels like switching up their steaming cup, this French press will make tea, too. They just need to wash the fine mesh screen well beforehand, or else their cup of chamomile will taste like Colombian dark roast.

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    Best for the Office: Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

    Law students will get a kick out of this fun paperweight. The center spins smoothly on a ball bearing to determine which “legal decision” the red dot will ultimately land on. There are the expected ones like “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” and others that will make you laugh like “Lie,” “Beg,” or “Ask Mom.” Once the student you know actually graduates, this paperweight can be the first desk accessory in their office. Besides being completely amusing, it’s actually very sturdy and functional. We guarantee all the lawyers in the office will want to take a spin.

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    Best for the Court Room: Deluxe Leather Padfolio Portfolio Document Organizer

    Your favorite law student needs to look like a professional, even after they’ve pulled an all-nighter at the library. That’s where this fashionable but functional portfolio comes in handy. That legal pad included with this portfolio will be filled in a week, but it can be swapped out easily for a fresh pad. It has a pocket big enough to fit an iPad, but your law student will probably get more mileage from the zippered pouch that’s perfect for holding pens and highlighters. And best of all, the whole portfolio zips shut, so your law student won’t have to constantly check to make sure their notes haven’t fallen out the sides of their portfolio. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

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    Best Briefcase: Bostanten Leather Briefcase

    “Why law school? Why become a lawyer?” Your law student will get so sick of these questions, they’ll start answering, “So I can wear a suit and tie and carry a briefcase!” Take them one step closer to that classic law firm look with this sleek leather briefcase by Bostanten. It can be carried by its handles or slung over one shoulder like a messenger bag. It’s sleek and slim but large enough to hold a legal pad, iPad and small laptop. It has several pockets inside, including a pen pocket and a “sandwich” pocket (it sounds like Bostanten knows the average law student’s budget). Despite its delicate look, it holds up to daily wear and tear surprisingly well, so your law student won’t need to replace this bag anytime soon.

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    Best for Late Nights: LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light

    The average law student reads hundreds of pages of text every week. With this small book light, your favorite student can read anywhere, any time. It’s perfect for preventing eye strain during long car trips, reading in bed at night without disturbing a sleeping partner and adding a little extra illumination in a poorly lit library. The light has a rechargeable battery that keeps it completely cordless — so your student isn’t stuck studying in one place. The 1-inch clamp fits any book (law books can get hefty) and the battery lasts up to 20 hours without a recharge. There are two brightness settings that you can adjust and the light has a flexible neck so you can point it wherever you need to.

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    Best for Unwinding: Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

    With these noise-isolating headphones, a studious law student can listen to recorded lectures or their favorite music in a busy library or classroom. The headphones can interact with any Bluetooth-enabled device — like a phone, tablet, laptop or TV — within 33 feet. The memory-cushion earmuffs are designed to completely cover the ears to give the listener crystal clear sound. And the headphones can adapt to both wireless and wired modes. The battery provides up to 13 hours of hands-free music time and the headphones also come with an audio cable that mean you to never have to turn them off.

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    Best for Relaxation: Numi Organic Tea, Tea by Mood Gift Set

    Law school can get physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Sometimes it’s all too much, and your law student just needs something besides another cup of coffee. This organic tea set may be just the pick-me-up your law student needs after one too many late nights in the library. The box contains five bags each of eight different flavors of tea, and it matches those teas to eight different moods. There’s a “focus” tea for times when your student needs to read and understand hundreds of pages of text. And there’s a “reflect” option for those times when they inevitably start questioning why they came to school in the first place. The “sleep” tea will help them get some rest. And the “balance” tea will bring everything back into perspective.

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    Best Care Package: Best of Mouth Subscription

    Courtesy of Mouth

    Between studying and running from class to class, law students don’t have much time to grocery shop. Make sure they always have something to snack on during study time with this Best of Mouth box. Every month, a selection of four to five of Mouth’s best products arrive right at their doorstep. The mix might include a bag of artisanal popcorn, some small-batch hot sauce, a handmade candy bar and some spicy pickles. You can be sure your student isn’t starving with this subscription.