The 9 Best Gifts for Law Students in 2021

Acknowledge their accomplishments with these tailored presents

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Our Top Picks

Best Briefcase: Harvey Leather Briefcase at Mark & Graham

"Briefcases don’t have to look or feel stuffy, especially with stylish elements like gold hardware and pebbled leather."

Best Poster: Notorious RBG Art Print at Society 6

"No one will object to this colorful print of iconic and culturally relevant Notorious RBG, aka Ruth Bader Ginsburg."

Best Game: Superfight: 500-Card Core Deck at Amazon

"Lawyers need to have great debate skills and this game tests player’ arguing abilities to the max."

Best for Unwinding: Mpow Bluetooth Headphones at Amazon

"The memory-cushion earmuffs are designed to completely cover the ears to give the listener crystal clear sound."

Best for Coffee Lovers: Bodum Chambord French Press at Amazon

"With this French press on hand, your law student can keep his or her brain firing on all cylinders."

Best for Tea Lovers: Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser at Amazon

"Made of 100 percent bamboo, this tumbler holds almost 20 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage."

Best for the Office: Legal Decision Maker Paperweight at Amazon

"Some paperweights are purely functional, but this one adds a bit of fun to the basic desk accessory."

Best for the Court Room: Deluxe Leather Portfolio Organizer at Amazon

"Stay organized and on point with a chic portfolio that holds the essentials."

Best Care Package: Best of Mouth Subscription

"Show someone you care with this subscription box that delivers tasty treats to their doorstep each month."

Between the late nights, early mornings, and endless study sessions, law students are absolutely deserving of every gift, no matter how big or small. You can purchase an expensive gadget, products to help them win in the courtroom, or a monthly subscription, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here are the best gifts for law students. We're sure they won't object.

Best Briefcase: Harvey Leather Briefcase

Mark & Graham Harvey leather briefcase

Courtesy of Mark & Graham 

Carrying around loads of books, notes, and a laptop can be a serious juggling act. Instead of a backpack, gift them a stylish briefcase that’s great for school days. The pebbled leather exterior is stylish, but also sturdy enough to be a mainstay for years to come. The interior is fully lined and includes a 13 inch padded sleeve to safely protect a laptop or other electronics. The gold hardware adds even more style points, while still maintaining a classic feel. Add a special touch by choosing to monogram the outside.

Best Poster: Notorious RBG Art Print

Notorious RBG art print

Courtesy of Society 6

Only the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, there’s a chance a law student has a love or general appreciation for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s also a bit of a cultural icon. This “Notorious” poster features RBG with a gold crown on her head and is the perfect finishing touch for a gallery wall. Available in a variety of sizes, from 8x10 to 28x34, every order is custom made.

Best Game: Superfight: 500-Card Core Deck

Lawyers need to have great debate skills—and this game tests players’ arguing abilities to the max. Players combine cards to create outlandish characters with different powers and weaknesses. Then, they argue over whose character would win in a fight. Everyone votes and the person with the most votes takes the point (so the power of persuasion is key here). Who do you think will win in this fight: Chuck Norris wearing a tin foil hat who can control the weather or Willy Wonka who knows kung fu but is wearing beer goggles? Law students and their friends will have hours of fun trying to convince each other that they have better cards.

Best for Coffee Lovers: Bodum Chambord 4-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

There’s nothing like fresh-brewed coffee in the morning. And at noon. And at 9 p.m. And at 3 a.m. They all sort of blend together during law school. With this French Press on hand, your law student can keep their brain firing on all cylinders long after bedtime. Its 4-cup carafe size means that they can finish the pot while it’s still fresh and hot without having to dump out any coffee that’s gone cold. Both the glass carafe and the stainless steel frame are dishwasher safe, so cleaning this coffee maker is a breeze. And if your law student feels like switching up their steaming cup, this French press will make tea, too. They just need to wash the fine mesh screen well beforehand, or else their cup of chamomile will taste like Colombian dark roast.

Best for Tea Lovers: Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser

Coffee is probably king for many sleep deprived law students, but tea deserves some love as well. LeafLife’s bamboo tumbler keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold 24 hours. The included infuser and strainer makes it easy to add loose leaf tea or even fruit to create a tasty beverage. The exterior is made of 100 percent bamboo and each tumbler has a unique grain, so no two are the same.

Best for the Office: Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

Law students will get a kick out of this fun paperweight. The center spins smoothly on a ball bearing to determine which “legal decision” the red dot will ultimately land on. There are the expected ones like “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” and others that will make you laugh like “Lie,” “Beg,” or “Ask Mom.” Once the student you know actually graduates, this paperweight can be the first desk accessory in their office. Besides being completely amusing, it’s actually very sturdy and functional. We guarantee all the lawyers in the office will want to take a spin.

Best Care Package: Best of Mouth Subscription

Courtesy of Mouth

Between studying and running from class to class, law students don’t have much time to grocery shop. Make sure they always have something to snack on during study time with this Best of Mouth box. Every month, a selection of four to five of Mouth’s best products arrive right at their doorstep. The mix might include a bag of artisanal popcorn, some small-batch hot sauce, a handmade candy bar, and some spicy pickles. You can be sure your student isn’t starving with this subscription.

Best Shirt: Law School Sweatshirt

Law School sweat shirt

Courtesy of Etsy 

Libraries are cold, so why not gift your student with a sweatshirt. But a fun sweatshirt that will make them and others smile. Available in three colors, black, white, and charcoal gray, the slightly oversized crewneck style works for men and women.

Best Personalization: Custom Cartoon Character Portrait

Yellow Cartoon Character Portrait

Courtesy of Etsy 

A personalized gift will always have sentimental value for the recipient. And this custom portrait is no different. But this isn’t your typical portrait. It’s a portrait of your law student, but as a cartoon character. You’re sure to be the only person gifting them something so unique and fun. Just submit a photo and you’ll receive a digital file. From there, you can create a poster, add it to a t-shirt, or whatever you can think of.

What to Look for in a Gift for a Law Student

Smart Make sure that a gift you choose for your law student is smart—as in, it fills a purpose or can challenge them intellectually. Smart gifts might include tech accessories that will make life simpler, or challenges that will keep them on their toes mentally and keep their debate skills sharp.

Stylish Choose a gift that's stylish enough for the courtroom, boardroom, or office suite. Lawyers are often expected to look the part, and gifts or accessories that complete the ensemble will be much appreciated by a law student. Classic shapes and fine materials, like leather and marble, make the grade.

Entertaining Even a hardworking lawyer-in-training needs to take a break for fun every so often and there is no shortage of gifts and games that are designed to make law students smile. Send your law student a fun five-minute mental diversion with a gift that is entertaining or humorous.

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