The 10 Best Gifts to Buy for Teenage Girls in 2018

Because they're really hard to shop for

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera
Courtesy of Amazon.

These days, her activities and interests are about as expansive as her Spotify selection. From sports to fashion to health and beauty, she’s always finding something new to try. So, how do you nail down just one gift to give the teenage gal who does it all?

These hand-picked items were tailored with her in mind. Chosen as best sellers across top categories ranging from home decor to electronics, they’re guaranteed to spark some major buzz among her friend group (which, is half the battle...MORE anyways.) Plus, she’s bound to love them, too.

  • Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Black

    The Amazon Echo Dot can help her with a variety of day-to-day tasks (think texting friends, tracking the latest trends, or tuning into any T.Swift song.) After a day full of all of these things, this device can even turn off the lights with a simple voice command right as she’s about to hit the bed. With an easy-to-program alarm clock, she can wake up and do it all again the next day! Packed with a more portable design than before, the Echo Dot is a savvy gift idea that will fit right in with her busy lifestyle. At three inches in diameter, the hands-free, voice-enable device will quickly become her new BFF.

  • Functional Multi Pocket Crossbody Bag

     Now that she is growing up, she has more stuff to hold onto including her cell phone, wallet and of course lipgloss. This crossbody bag is the perfect size to hold all of her gear without weighing her down or feeling obtrusive.

    What's more it comes in 15 colors so you are sure to find something to suit her constantly changing personality without striking out. With this deal of price you might want to consider buying a few for all the women on your list. 

  • Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

    Allow her to take a break from the iPhone — for once! — with a gadget that encourages interaction with her closest pals. The Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera lets her print, snap, and share her favorite moments, all from the comfort of home. With a pocket-sized design, and self-timer feature, snagging these memories is super easy — just press the one-touch button and she’s good-to-go! Complete with a built-in colored printer for actual photos, but sharing them is also a cinch. Just package with some fun frames for a gifting bundle she won’t forget.

  • Ankit Emoji Bedroom Home Slippers

    While you hate to admit how much time she actually spends on her phone, it is one of her interests. So with these slippers you can communicate with her —in emoji! 

    These slippers will keep her footsies warm while also showing off her zany side. With five of the most used emoji styles you are sure to find one that suits her. 

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  • Umbra Hangit Photo Display

    Speaking of frames, here’s a unique and beautiful way for her to display her photos. The Umbra Hangit Photo Display design gives her the freedom to create a pictures collage with shots in all standard sizes (i.e. 4x4, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10) in both a vertical or horizontal arrangement. The accent is easy to install, and comes with everything she needs to assemble it on her wall. Making it easy to showcase all of her favorite moments, including ones with you!

  • Fjallraven Kanken Classic Pack

    Send her off to school with one of the season's most stylish accessories. Since 1978, The Fjallraven Kanken has been a classic school pack teens across the globe have used. Made from a dirt-resistant and water-resistant vinylon, it holds up against everyday wear and tear. So even when the adventure takes her beyond the schoolyard, it’ll still stay looking its very best! Just take a scroll through the extensive color variations to pick a flavor she’s sure to love.

  • Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

     Spur her interests in science with this STEM inspired book that highlights 50 great women who have pioneered their way into the fields of math, science, engineering and more. With woman such as Jane Goodall and Katherine Johnson she is bound to find one (if not all) to look up to. With gorgeous illustrations and a whimsy layout, she'll forget she is actually learning something. 

  • Creative Lettering and Beyond

    For the creative-at-heart, this book will take her talents to an entire new level. Watch along as artists walk her through the engaging world of hand lettering and typography. Through interactive, step-by-step instruction, she’ll be inspired to finish a variety of fun projects including hand-rendered phrases, digitally enhanced notecards and application on linens, mugs, gifts and more. Consider this a must-have resource for any girl looking to fulfill a creative spark — and have some fun in the process!

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  • Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

    Showering is one of the most essential routines of her day, so why not make those coveted few minutes a bit more enjoyable. Thanks to the Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker, she can enjoy her favorite tunes while she scrubs and shampoos. Completely waterproof, and built with an attachable frame, the speaker can travel with her to communal showers at school or to her own stall at home. Since it’s shockproof and dirtproof, it’ll stay clean while en route. Consider it the go-to she needs for her shower caddy.

  • ZOYA Women's Starter Manicure Kit

    Maintaining a high-standard of hygiene is important at this age, and an at-home manicure is a cost-effective way to keep her feeling her best. This top-rated kit includes everything she needs for her next manicure session, including one bottle of naked base, a pink perfector, white tip perfector and satin seal topcoat. Since, it’s an activity you can do together, you’ll both benefit from an idea that’ll make her feel both pampered and pretty!

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