The 32 Best Family Gifts of 2023

Our top picks from Uncommon Goods, West Elm, The Sill, Hasbro, and more

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Best Family Gifts

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You might initially find appeasing a whole family of various personalities with one present intimidating, but all it takes for a great family gift is something that everyone can enjoy or encourages family bonding time.

To find the best family gift for your receiving household, we spent hours researching personalized and thoughtful options that would suit a multitude of ages, lifestyles, and interests. Our favorites include a digital picture frame from Pix-Star for sharing family memories, a challenging yet charming jigsaw puzzle from eBoo, and an ice-cream mixing station from Picnic Time for late-night treats.

Here are the best gifts the whole family can appreciate and enjoy.

Pix-Star Easy Digital Photo Frame

Pix-Star Easy Digital Photo Frame


Enjoy all of your favorite family photos without mounting picture frames, printing physical copies, or assembling a scrapbook. Your recipients can send pictures right from a smartphone to the Pix-Star Easy Digital Photo Frame via the accompanying app, email, or Google Photos. The 15-inch display shines bright and can store up to 30,000 pictures. It makes for great decor, and memorabilia, and can strike up fun conversations when presented to visitors.

Satisfied users love how easily they can flip through pictures with the included remote control. Also, no need to turn it on every time you walk into a room: The motion sensor automatically turns on and shuts off so charming family photos are always ready for display.

Price at time of publish: $220

Hasbro Gaming Speak Out Game

Hasbro Gaming Speak Out Game

Courtesy of Amazon

In this hilarious game suitable for up to 10 players ages 16 and up, participants take turns wearing a wide plastic mouthpiece and reciting phrases, while the other players attempt to guess what they're saying. It’s amusing to watch your family members try to speak clearly through the mouthpiece. The whole family will share many laughs, not only over the way each other looks wearing the mouthpiece but also over deciphering what’s been said.

Price at time of publish: $20

White Loft Canvas Growth Chart



Keep track of your little ones that seem to grow up too fast with a canvas growth chart from White Loft. The simple canvas chart hangs up easily on your wall and looks beautiful and simple with other decor items. Kids will love measuring their height year after year and parents will love the visual memory of how far their children have come.

Price at time of publish: $40

Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket

Big Blanket Original Stretch Blanket


A cozy blanket is a perfect gift for a family to snuggle under together during the winter. Big Blanket Co makes blankets big enough for every member of your family and then some. The giant 10 x 10 feet blankets feature temperature-regulating polyester and spandex for a soft-to-the-touch feel that won't make you overheat. The brand's original stretch blanket comes in over 20 colors and patterns, so there's something for everyone.

Price at time of publish: $169

Uncommon Goods Personalized Family Portrait

Uncommon Goods Personalized Family Portrait

Uncommon Goods

Sitting for a family portrait can be time-consuming and quite expensive, so choose this personalized print as a fun alternative. Choose between two to 12 figures for this portrait that can range from 8 x 9 to 8 x 20 inches. Choose each figure's skin tone, clothing, and hair to reflect everyone's individual looks. The family name and even the year "established" are displayed at the top.

Price at time of publish: $150 for 5-7 Figures Framed

Softcover Photo Book



Surprise a family you're close to with a photo book of treasured memories from a recent family vacation, big celebration, or other events. Artifact Uprising makes it simple to personalize every part of your photo album from the layout and size to the cover design. You can also gift a friend a code to create their own book of photos for their family for a truly personal experience.

Price at time of publish: $17

Singing Machine SML385BTBK Bluetooth Karaoke System

Singing Machine SML385UBK Bluetooth Karaoke System


There may be no better way to spend a Friday than popping some popcorn and hosting a family karaoke night. This affordable karaoke machine comes in two colors—black and white—and has all the functions you could ever need. It’s compatible with Bluetooth for wireless streaming from Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, and other music services. The machine also features two microphone jacks—perfect for a duet or a friendly lip-sync battle. (Second microphone is sold separately). Over 50 multicolored LED lights help turn your living room into the ultimate karaoke lounge.

Price at time of publish: $75

Season DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults, Paint by Number Kit On Canvas for Painting Lovers (Eiffel Tower)

DIY Painting by Numbers


For a family that loves (or is trying to get into) art projects, a paint by numbers is a beginner-family project that each member can enjoy and complete together. Buy individual pieces to complete together or just one for each family member to complete a little bit every day. You'll end up with beautiful and personal artwork that your family can proudly display above the mantel or on a gallery wall.

Price at time of publish: $10

Little Passports Kitchen Adventures Subscription

Little Passports Kitchen Adventures Subscription

Little Passports

Get the whole family in the kitchen cooking together with a Little Passports Kitchen Adventures subscription. Every month, your family receives a new box of recipes, games, and activities that help teach about a new culture or food item. The hands-on activities teach practical lessons for little ones ages 7 years old and up, while parents get quality bonding time with their kids.

Price at time of publish: $30 Monthly

Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Uncommon Goods

For family members who aren't all under the same roof, these long-distance lamps are a sentimental way to stay connected. When you touch one, the other emits a glow so the person on the other end sees it. It's essentially a way to greet them or let them know you're thinking of them. It's even possible to assign colors so everyone knows who the "glow" is coming from.

Price at time of publish: $99 for Single Lamp

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket 2x3" Instant Photo Printer


For the family that has many grand adventures together, this compact photo printer will freeze those moments in time and help solidify fun, happy memories. The rechargeable photo printer, which is about the same size as a standard smartphone, uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly print photos from any number of devices, including phones and tablets. It can also manually connect to a laptop via a micro USB for easy printing.

Price at time of publish: $130

Our Family Recipes Journal

Peter Pauper Press Our Family Recipes Journal

Courtesy of Amazon

Besides the obvious benefits of cooking—like the resulting family meal or a delicious dessert—cooking teaches kids important life skills. This recipe book includes tips and tricks to help anyone become a better cook but is largely blank so you can fill it with your family’s favorite recipes. It’s a great excuse to start a new tradition: Plan a time to cook together once per week, then detail your favorite recipes in this book to create a family keepsake for years to come.

Price at time of publish: $13



Courtesy of Amazon

This fun family game will have everyone outside for hours on end, sans smartphones. Like cornhole, players attempt to toss their bean bag into their competitor’s bucket. The amount of points you get depends on what tier you sink the bean bag into, with the top tier being the bullseye. The set includes two heavy-duty collapsible black and blue bucket targets, six hacky sacks, and a backpack carrying case. Because it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to tote to the beach or the park—but it’s just as fun to play in your own backyard.

Price at time of publish: $70

Sonos One SL

Sonos One SL

Courtesy of Amazon

This small, but mighty speaker—available in black or white—fills any room with rich, powerful sound. Use it to stream music from any number of services (Prime Music, Apple, Pandora, Spotify, and more), or hook it up to your television for a new way to experience your favorite shows. Setup takes mere minutes, as it connects right to your home’s Wi-Fi.

Price at time of publish: $198

JOOLA Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table


The classic tabletop game is a must-have for any family with enough space, and we love that this regulation-size indoor ping-pong table comes mostly pre-assembled. Though there are bound to be many family tournaments, the table can be used for solo play, too. Simply fold half of it down and leave the other side up for a bounce-back. When not in use, the entire table folds up and can be wheeled into a closet or shed for storage.

Price at time of publish: $399

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine



With this shaved ice machine, parents won’t have to pack the whole family into the car and take a trip to the ice cream shop whenever the kids ask what’s for dessert. Instead, the whole family can enjoy making a special and delicious treat together—right in the comfort of their own home. In addition to the sleek white machine, the kit includes snow cone cups, spoon straws, black bottle pourers, and round block ice molds. (Flavored syrup sold separately). It takes just minutes to make a snow cone: Simply shave fluffy snow into the included snow cone cups, then top with a syrup or two, add a spoon straw, and enjoy.

Price at time of publish: $86

Amazon Prime Subscription


Courtesy of Amazon Prime 

The benefits of an Amazon Prime membership are far-reaching. Parents will love the fact that they can get any and all household necessities at their doorstep within 48 hours, and kids will undoubtedly reap the benefits of that as well. Additionally, both parents and kids will love all of the extras that come with a Prime membership, from music streaming to restaurant delivery, subscription services, and early access to special sales.

Price at time of publish: $15/month

Nintendo Switch



Perhaps the most versatile game console available right now, Nintendo Switch enables users to play games on the television or on the go from the built-in display on the unit itself. The controllers, called Joy-Cons, can be removed from the edges of the unit and a kickstand comes out of the unit itself for multiplayer use on the go. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to six hours, so kids can play games on long road trips. You can definitely consider the resulting peace and quiet a gift to tired parents everywhere. When home, the whole family will love battling it out in classic favorites like Mario Kart, Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

Price at time of publish: $298

Shelly Klein Personalized Hobby Mugs



No more fighting over which mug belongs to who with this personalized set that perfectly captures every member of your family. Choose each member's skin tone, hair color, and clothing for a custom illustration by Shelly Klein. Add a hobby for each member like reading or gardening for an even more special touch. On the opposite side of the mug, you can choose to add your surname and year established for a charming set of cups to treasure and use for years.

Price at time of publish: $32 for 1 Mug

Gourmet Gift Baskets Snack Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Baskets Snack Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Baskets

For a family that may live in a different town or state, a gift basket is an easy way to send your love when meeting in person isn't possible. This one from Gourmet Gift Baskets is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the whole family with treats including lollipops, chips, nuts, cookies, candy, and more. The whole family will love opening all the goodies on this list and with a gift basket this size, they will be enjoying it for weeks to come.

Price at time of publish: $95

Esther Perel Where Should We Begin: A Game of Stories

Esther Perel Where Should We Begin: A Game of Stories

Esther Perel

This card game from psychotherapist and relationship guru Esther Perel helps spark conversation and foster relationships. Each player draws a prompt card which offers a mood or direction for their story chosen by story cards. Learn something new about a parent or sibling while gathering together during family dinner or a game night. While more suited for older children, younger kids can play along by imagining their own fictional stories to answer the prompts.

Price at time of publish: $40

For a family that may not be together all year round, opt for a sentimental gift that connects parents or siblings while apart. Homesick Candles curate a candle and a scent for each state in the United States, designed to light when feeling homesick. Purchase one for every member of the family of their home state, even if they may not live there anymore, to spark nostalgia and make for a cute decor piece for a mantle or bedside table.

Price at time of publish: $38

Scout Regalia Birdhouse Kit

Scout Regalia Birdhouse Kit

Scout Regalia

Families with toddlers or young kids will love assembling this adorable birdhouse. The kit from Scout Regalia comes with birch plywood pieces, a paracord for hanging, and easy assembly instructions. Get creative with paints, stickers, or gems to further decorate your birdhouse. After the craft project is complete, kids will love watching and identifying the bird that comes to visit.

Price at time of publish: $40

eBoo Family Dinner Night 1000 Piece Square Puzzle

eBoo Family Dinner Night 1000 Piece Square Puzzle


A jigsaw puzzle is a challenging activity that can last days or even weeks, but the feeling of accomplishment afterward is always worth it. With a fitting name, woman-owned company eBoo's Family Dinner Night puzzle features adult, children, and animal guests preparing for a colorful and whimsical feast. With 1000 pieces, this may be too difficult for young children, but they can admire the bright colors and amusing scenes as tweens, teens, and adults piece together giraffes, pigs, elephants, and more.

Price at time of publish: $22

The Adventure Challenge LLC The Adventure Challenge: Family Edition

The Adventure Challenge LLC The Adventure Challenge: Family Edition


Get the whole family out of the house and on a fun-filled scavenger hunt with The Adventure Challenge keepsake scrapbook specifically designed for families. Scratch off each page for a new adventure and don't forget to take a photo to paste in for the book to double as a scrapbook to reflect on in the future. There are different categories of activities as well as time and money indicators over each box to ensure you choose the right one for that moment to fit any lifestyle and budget.

Price at time of publish: $60




Learn more about the natural world around you with this Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit from National Geographic. Kids and adults will love transforming rough rocks into smooth gemstones with a simple process. The kit includes rough stones to get started tumbling as well as polishing girts, sifters, and a detailed learning guide with instructions and fun facts about rocks and gems. This makes for a great bonding activity among family members that produces dazzling keepsakes to turn into jewelry or display.

Price at time of publish: $70

Picnic Time Ice Cream Mixing Set

Picnic Time Ice-Cream Mixing Set

Picnic Time

Add a bit of luxury to your home ice cream station with this sophisticated marble mixing set from Picnic Time. The timeless design comes with a marble slab, three ceramic toppings dishes, and two stainless steel mixing paddles. Choose your ice cream and toppings to create delicious concoctions right at home, perfect for families with toddlers or teens who have a sweet tooth.

Price at time of publish: $110

Waffle Wow Building Brick Waffle Maker

Waffle Wow Building Brick Waffle Maker

Waffle Wow

Breakfast time just got a lot more fun with this waffle maker that makes 14 unique shapes of building block treats. Before digging in, little ones (and adults too) can create houses, cities, and so much more out of their delicious block-shaped waffles. Now, the whole family has a good reason to play with their food and add a little more excitement to the morning.

Price at time of publish: $53

Hasbro Monopoly Retro Series 1935 Board Game

Hasbro Monopoly Retro Series 1935 Board Game


Monopoly should be a staple in any board game collection. For a family of game-lovers, splurge on this vintage edition of the classic game inspired by the 1935 original version of Monopoly. It contains the original artwork on the board, money, and cards as well as wooden houses and hotels. Kids and tweens will love playing the property dealing game as a family while parents and grandparents can appreciate the nostalgic feel.

Price at time of publish: $138

Skybound Superfight 500 Card Core Deck

Skybound Superfight 500 Card Core Deck


Family card games are a perfect gift for taking on road trips, vacations, to the beach, or just the living room. This one from Skybound is designed to spark conversation by building characters with the cards and determining who would win in a fight. Each player ages 8 and up defends their character, and then the whole group votes on who wins. Grab an expansion pack or two for a theme-focused new way to play.

Price at time of publish: $30

DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector with 100-Inch Projector Screen

DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector with 100-Inch Projector Screen

Courtesy of Amazon

Upgrade your next movie night with a projector and screen combination that can be enjoyed practically anywhere. The mini LED projector has a native resolution of 1280 x 720, and it can project a picture as large as 170 inches from a distance of around 5 to 16 feet, via a smartphone, gaming console, or streaming device. Cozy up during colder months and project on a bed sheet or empty wall or use the included outdoor movie screen for a perfect summer night.

Price at time of publish: $60

The Sill DIY Terrarium Kit

DIY Terrarium Kit

The Sill

Plant care can be a fun activity for families to learn about and execute together, plus plants make beautiful decor pieces for any home. For a hands-on activity, everyone can do together, opt for this DIY Terrarium kit from The Sill that comes with live plants, rocks and sand, and a glass bowl to create your perfect miniature landscape. Succulents make a perfect option for first-time plant owners because they require minimal care and can be a great way to introduce plant care to young ones.

Price at time of publish: $90

What to Look for in Gifts for the Whole Family


When shopping for a whole family, you want to ensure the gift is age-appropriate for every person involved. Families with small children may appreciate an ice-cream station, easy-to-learn card game, or new backyard toy. Older kids, tweens, and teens can appreciate a nice meal, a decor piece, or virtual gift or subscription. Confirm that no one feels left out by double checking every member of the family can enjoy your gift safely and appropriately.

Lifestyle and Interests

The lifestyle of a family comes into play when gifting for a whole group. Consider factors like living space, location, and accessibility when shopping. For example, don't gift a kiddie pool to a family that lives in an apartment in a big city. While this may seem self-explanatory, you want to ensure that your gift doesn't become a burden in their daily lives. Gift an outdoorsy family camping supplies and a meal kit to those always on a budget.

While every family member will be different, try to incorporate any shared interests into the gift as well. These interests could include cooking, vacationing, going to the park, or completing jigsaw puzzles. Therefore, applicable gifts include a recipe book, a new luggage set, or a picnic basket. These considerations show you care and make your gift that much more thoughtful and effective.


Gifting for an entire family does not mean having to spend more. There are plenty of gift options that fit within every budget that an entire family can enjoy. For example, opt for a card game rather than a trampoline when in a pinch. Your gift will still be appreciated and enjoyed despite the size and the splurge.


When in doubt, celebrate the one thing families share—their name. Pick up a personalized gift that features illustrated families, special photos, or beloved pets. Customizable gifts can range from keepsakes and wall art to mugs, candles, and clothing. Again, consider the family's lifestyle to determine what item they would use the most, then add their name to it for a sentimental touch.

  • What are some budget-friendly gift idea for a whole family?

    There are tons of gift options that an appease an entire family without breaking the bank. Depending on the interests and ages of the family members, opt for a new board or card game, a set of personalized mugs, a lovely scented candle, a collaborative art kit, or a decor piece everyone can appreciate. If especially in a pinch, a bouquet of flowers always livens up a household. Another great gift idea is a home-cooked meal, either through a gift basket, meal kit, or preparing yourself. Create a homemade card for a nearly free gift or simply spend time with close family friends to still show your love and appreciation in a simple way.

  • Is it rude to just give one gift for the entire family?

    Giving a gift that the whole family will enjoy and appreciate will never be rude. As long as you take the ages and interests of the family members into consideration when gifting, you are guaranteed to make a whole family smile. One gift for an entire family is especially common during holidays like Christmas or Easter or as a sympathy or thank you gift. These are occasions when one gift suffices because you are celebrating, thanking, or offering condolences to the entire family.

  • What are good gifts for families with toddlers?

    Finding an age-appropriate gift is especially important when gifting to families with toddlers. You have to find something the toddler and the adults will enjoy doing together. Toddlers may not be excited by a home decor piece or illustrated family portrait; however, art kits, adventure challenges, and board or card games are great picks that double as bonding activities. A new kitchen gadget for making ice cream or popcorn is sure to pique their interest as well. Also, for any age, a matching clothing item or set of pajamas for every family member is a timeless and adorable gift for charming family photos.

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