The 14 Best Gifts for a Vegetarian in 2021

Useful and fun presents for the meat-free eater in your life

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Our Top Picks
Provide a little inspiration to your vegetarian friend who loves to cook with a set of dice that makes meal prep fun.
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Here's a plant-based meal delivery kit that takes the guess work out of what to cook every night.
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With more than 100 recipes, this cookbook has no shortage of food options for any vegetarian looking to expand their options.
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This slicer quickly and easily spiralizes zucchini, roots such as ginger and daikon, and even firm butternut squash.
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Pizza night just got better with this oven that heats up quickly and evenly to produce the best pies.
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The box is a great way to have a range of sweet and savory vegetarian snacks delivered right to your doorstep.
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An apron can often be an overlooked kitchen accessory, but this one isn't just functional, it's also quite hilarious.
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Soggy tofu can ruin a great meal, but this press removes all liquid and preps the protein to be added to dishes.
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This single pan can replace several pots and pans and it comes in fun colors that look great on display.
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Chop veggies and so much more on this bamboo board that has a custom, laser engraved recipe.
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Vegetarians love a hearty meal, so why not help them prepare one? A nice gift for any vegetarian can range from being useful (like a cookbook) to funny (a cute apron) to yummy (a snack package). There's truly no limit to how you can show your favorite vegetarian or vegan you appreciate them.

Here are the best gifts for a vegetarian.

Two Tumbleweeds Foodie Dice

Foodie Dice

Shake things up a bit, literally, with Foodie Dice. Each wooden block features a different meal component. Simply grab all the dice in hand, shake them up, then let them roll to determine your next recipe. The dice are vegetarian-friendly, thanks to the alternative proteins listed under each meat. For instance, one side of the die may read "Chicken or Tofu" or "Beef or Tempeh."

Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery

Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery

For a gift that keeps on giving, try a meal delivery service like Purple Carrot. The plant-based service provides kits, which come with all the necessary ingredients, or fully prepped meals. The ingredients are fresh, instructions are easy to follow, and the result is tasty veggie meals.

Elizabeth Thomson The Truly Healthy Vegetarian Cookbook: Hearty Plant-Based Recipes for Every Type of Eater

Elizabeth Thomson The Truly Healthy Vegetarian Cookbook: Hearty Plant-Based Recipes for Every Type of Eater

Even someone who's comfortable around the kitchen can use a bit of guidance, so a cookbook can always be appreciated. The Truly Healthy Vegetarian Cookbook has more than 100 recipes that are high in protein and low on carbs. The easy to follow recipes can also be adapted to gluten-free or vegan diets.

Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Spiralizer 7 Blade

Take some of the prep work out of vegetable slicing and spiralizing with the Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer. Any vegetarian who enjoys making zucchini noodles, beet spirals, and more will appreciate this useful kitchen utensil as a gift. The Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer is a countertop version, which takes up more space than handheld slicers and spiralizers. However, it's easier to use and doesn’t require so much force compared to handheld spiralizers.

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

Everyone loves pizza, right? So naturally a pizza oven would be a perfect gift. Breville's Smart Oven costs a pretty penny, so this might be a big gift several people go in on or for a new homeowner. But it's absolutely worth the price. The countertop cook heats up to an impressive 750 degrees Fahrenheit in just two minutes. There are seven presents and it heats evenly to produce to yummiest, personalized veggie pizzas.

Bunny James Healthy Vegan Snacks Care Package

Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package

Filled with savory and sweet treats, the Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package will tickle the taste buds of vegetarians and vegans alike. The box is filled with 20 full-sized items and is perfect for a variety of occasions, and everyone from college students living on campus to busy moms who'll appreciate having a variety of vegetarian-friendly and tasty snacks delivered to their door.

ThisWear Romaine Calm Lettuce Carrot On Apron

Romaine Calm and Lettuce Carrot On

If you’re looking for a gift to give a vegetarian with a sense of humor, consider this witty yet practical kitchen apron. The bright red or dark green apron is emblazoned with a play on the familiar ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ slogan: Romaine Calm Lettuce Carrot On. The fun phrase is accented with icons of romaine, lettuce, and carrots — making its veggie theme immediately apparent. The apron itself features two functional pockets that any cook can appreciate, as well as an adjustable neck.

TofuPresser The Original Super Tofu Press


This device makes the process faster and easier to press tofu evenly for better marinating and cooking. Stainless steel springs provide the tension to press the tofu and squeeze out excess liquid, while another set of springs keeps the press open for inserting the tofu. Just turn the knobs to apply pressure and the water drains in 15 minutes or less, so the tofu will be ready in no time. All metal parts are food-safe stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

Our Place The Always Pan

Our Place The Always Pan

Whether it's for the person who's a new homeowner or someone who needs quality cookware, the Always Pan is a great choice. It fries, steams, and more, all in an aesthetically pleasing ceramic pan that won't be an eyesore even if left on the stovetop. The included spatula rests perfectly on the handle, which remains cool.

3DCarving Custom Bamboo Cutting Board with Laser Engraved Recipe

Custom Cutting Board

For a personalized, and even sentimental gift, try this wood cutting board. It measures 13 x 9.5 x .4 inches and features a recipe laser engraved on top. This can be the recipe that holds special meaning for the recipient or a yummy vegetarian dish you want them to try. Either way, the engraved board is sure to get tons of use and remind them of you every time they use it.

Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Food Savers

Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Food Savers Set of 5

Food waste is a problem most people try to combat and instead of wrapping unused portions of food in disposable plastic wrap, these food savers are a more eco-friendly option. The set of five silicone caps fits over lemons, peppers, bananas, and so much more that you haven't had a chance to finish just yet. They easily pop on and are dishwasher safe.

Sproute-Ease The Jar Seed Sprouter 1 qt Growin Cap

The Jar Seed Sprouter

Sprouts are a healthy addition to salads and sandwiches and we're sure your vegetarian friend eats a lot of them. Sure, they can be bought in a grocery store, but growing them at home is more convenient and a way to know the sprouts are fresh and clean. This sprouting kit includes a jar and three different mesh-filter growing caps for different-sized seeds, or for different stages of the growth process.

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler (2)

 Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

Eggs are a great source of protein, but boiling just a few of them on the stove can seem like a waste of water and energy. This handy device will soft or hard boil up to four eggs in the microwave, with easy-to-peel results every time. Just put water in the bottom of the cooker, place the egg holder on top, and place the eggs in the holder and add the top. The microwave heats the water to steam the eggs, while the eggs stay protected from the microwave energy that would otherwise cause them to explode.

Cave Tools Jalapeno Grill Rack & Pepper Corer

Jalapeno Grill Rack & Pepper Corer Tool

When it’s grilling season, vegetarians won’t feel left behind when this roasting rack for jalapenos is sitting happily on the grill. The included coring tool makes it simple to remove the pesky ribs and seeds, then the peppers stand neatly upright on the rack for stuffing with grains, cheese, tofu, or any tasty veggie mix. Then just grill them to make a tasty snack, filling for a taco, or a spicy addition to a salad. This holds 24 jalapenos (or other similar-sized foods), so it’s great for a crowd, or make lots of extras for leftovers.

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