The 6 Best Glass Cleaners of 2021

Products to shine your windows, counters, appliances ,and more

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Our Top Picks
"You really can't beat the performance at this great price."
"They're great for cleaning on the go or for quick at-home jobs."
"Gets top marks for non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients."
"Claims to cut through dirt, bird droppings, salt, spray, road grime, and more."
"Cleans lenses and screens gently without leaving any streaks or residue."
"The product goes a long way since you dilute it with each use."

Best Overall: Windex Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle, Original Blue, 23 fl oz


For a tried-and-trusted glass cleaner that comes at an unbeatable price, you can’t go wrong with Windex Original Glass Cleaner. Generations of families have trusted this product to cut through all kinds of dirt and grime on windows and much more.

This budget-friendly liquid glass cleaner comes in 23-ounce bottles with an easy-grip handle. It can be used on any type of glass and many other household surfaces, and it contains a patented ingredient, ammonia-d, that cuts through grime and grease even before you wipe it off. The product also claims to be streak-free.

Reviewers have positive things to say about this Windex product, writing that it gets the job done, leaving windows and other glass items clean and clear. A few reviewers do note that they wish Windex still offered a foam product, as this liquid formula will drip if you spray it directly onto a vertical surface. However, you really can't beat the performance at this great price.

Best Wipes: Windex Glass and Surface Wipes

Windex Wipes

If you prefer your glass cleaner in wipe form, your best bet is the Windex Glass and Surface Wipes. These wipes can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, from countertops and windows to appliances, phones and more, and they come in convenient, easy-to-carry packs.

This product comes with three packs of 28 pre-moistened wipes, for a total of 84 wipes. The wipes are designed for glass and surface cleaning and leave behind a streak-free shine. All you have to do is peel back the adhesive plastic cover, pull out a wipe, then reseal the package to keep the wipes fresh. Note that if you don’t seal the pack properly, your wipes may dry out.

Reviewers like the convenience of the Windex Flat Pack Wipes, writing that they're great for cleaning on the go or for quick at-home jobs. Many say that one wipe goes far, so you won't blow through the packs too quickly. However, a few people do note that the wipes tend to leave more streaks than traditional Windex. 

Best Natural: Method Glass + Surface Cleaner, Mint, 28 fl oz

Method Glass + Surface Cleaner

Natural cleaning products have gained popularity in recent years, which is why many consumers like the Method brand. The Method Natural Glass + Surface Cleaner gets top marks from reviewers who love that it's made from non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients and still delivers big on results.

Method Natural Glass + Surface Cleaner comes in 28-ounce spray bottles, and you get two bottles of mint-scented liquid cleaner with this purchase. It can be used to clean glass and other household surfaces, such as appliances, countertops, mirrors and more. The formula is ammonia-free and non-toxic, a big plus for families with kids and pets. Method claims their glass cleaner won’t leave streaks, and as an added bonus, the bottle is made from 100-percent recycled plastic.

As expected, most reviewers chose this product for its non-toxic formula. Most agree that it smells great and cuts through light layers of dirt, leaving little to no streaking. However, several do note that this product isn’t the best when it comes to heavy grease or extremely dirty surfaces.

Best for Cars: Invisible Glass Premium Window & Glass Cleaner, 19 oz. Aerosol Can

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

You can use a regular glass cleaner on your car windshield and windows, but because the glass is sloped standard liquid products drip down onto your dashboard. If you're looking for a specialty glass cleaner designed just for cars and other vehicles, one of the top-rated products is the Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner.

This product comes in 19-ounce spray cans, and the formula is a no-drip fine-mist spray that's formulated without ammonia. The product claims to cut through dirt, bird droppings, salt spray, road grime and more, leaving your windshield clear without any residue or streaks. It can also be used on windows and mirrors and is safe for tinted glass. For best results, the manufacturer recommends using a microfiber cloth with this glass cleaner.

Best for Lens and Screens: Care Touch Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes

CareTouch Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes

If you've ever used a regular glass cleaner to wipe down delicate surfaces such as eyeglasses or electronic screens, you know it can be a potentially hazardous situation. Harsh chemicals can damage these types of glass surfaces, which is why you need a specially formulated glass cleaner like the Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes.

This product comes with 210 individually wrapped wipes, all for a reasonable price. The formula is ammonia-free, and it claims to clean lenses and screens gently without leaving any streaks or residue. Recommended uses for these cleaning wipes include eyeglasses, smartphones, tablets, camera lenses, keyboards and computer screens.

The great reviews for the Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes speak for themselves. People like that the wipes are not too wet and are individually packaged, so you can throw several in your bag for use on the go. Many say these wipes don’t leave streaks, although some complain that they're not anti-fog, a helpful benefit when cleaning eyeglasses.

Best Multi-Purpose: Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner

If you prefer an all-purpose cleaner that you can use on glass as well as other surfaces around your home, consider the Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner, which gets top marks from thousands of users. As an added bonus, this product is available at a low price, and the high volume of product will go a long way toward a clean, fresh-smelling home.

This Pine-Sol product comes in a 60-ounce bottle, and the liquid cleaner has a pleasant lavender scent. The formula is designed to remove odors and cut through stains, grease and other messes on a variety of surfaces, including glass, countertops, ceramic tile and more. It's even effective for treating laundry stains. However, note that this product should not be used on marble, aluminum or unfinished or unsealed wood.

This is a concentrated cleaner that you dilute with water in a ratio of 1 cup of Pine-Sol liquid to 1 gallon of water. That means each 60-ounce bottle of Pine-Sol makes about 7 1/2 gallons of cleaner.  

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner is a favorite among reviewers, who love that it can be used on a variety of services and leaves their home smelling fresh and clean. Many also say the product goes a long way since you dilute it before each use. Overall, it's a great value for a multi-purpose glass cleaner.

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