9 Best Gray Paint Colors for the Nursery

Our Favorite Shades of Gray for Baby Rooms

Pouf and rocking chair in grey baby's bedroom interior with ladder next to cabinet. Real photo
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

When it comes to picking the perfect nursery neutral, gray is an easy win. It’s clean, modern, versatile, and will stand up to just about anything your toddler can dish out. But when it comes to choosing that perfect shade of gray for your space, the process can be anything but black and white.

Colorful undertones, like blue, green, and even pink, give gray its surprising depth and versatility, but can result in color clashes if not considered carefully. Natural light can also have a significant effect on gray paint, bringing out certain tones while burying others—a factor that can mean the difference between a cool, soothing space and a dark, dreary one.

Stressing over color selection? Put your “gray matter” to rest with our top-ten list of no-fail grays for every space and situation. We’ll give you a crash course on what to expect from each of these popular shades, making sure your nursery pick is as perfect as your beautiful new baby!