The 15 Best Instagram Accounts Dedicated to Green Living

A girl sitting on a window sill looking out at a sheep

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Green living is becoming more and more prevalent in our minds these days. With a warming planet, it’s our responsibility to advocate for our earth and make more sustainable, smart decisions with our lifestyle choices, from the clothes we buy to the foods we eat to how we get from point A to point B.

Of course, it’s hard to know where to start if you haven’t considered living greener before! That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 of the best green living accounts on Instagram to inspire, inform, and teach you the best ways to go green.

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    A man eating out of a bowl looking at the camera

    @robjgreenfield / Instagram

    Rob leads a remarkably green life. Currently, he is growing (and foraging) 100 percent of his food for an entire year. He also lives in a tiny house to lower his use of the world’s resources. His extremely sustainable lifestyle is one to be admired.

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    towels air drying by a snake plant

    @ecolifechoices / Instagram

    Jihea’s account is excellent for learning more about leading a sustainable lifestyle. Not to mention, aesthetic goals! From teaching about lower waste practices to explaining how to lower your energy consumption, Jihea’s account is full of wisdom and tips to get your #greenliving started.

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    A wood background with assorted vegetables on it.

    @spaceandpause / Instagram

    Andrea is a teacher of thoughtful living. She’s great not only because she shops local and makes the most sustainable choices she can, but she also acknowledges her privilege and educates on the lack of green opportunities available to many people on our planet. Her words are encouraging and make us want to find ways to make sure everyone is included in the fight for our planet.

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    A girl eating vegetable tacos with a dog sniffing at them / Instagram

    Kathryn’s Instagram is full of environmental news, sustainability best practices, clean lifestyle tips, and gorgeous imagery. Not only will you be inspired to live more sustainability just from looking at her page, but you will also be better informed on issues such as food waste, plastic waste, and more.

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    An assortment of vegetables and fruits on a wood background / Instagram

    Waste less, buy less, live more. That’s the foundation of being eco-friendly, and has it down. This page features tons of hacks, tips, and tricks for greener, healthier living.

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    A book with a paintbrush and various other things like a pencil around it

    @jenlittlebirdie / Instagram

    Jen is the author of “Live Green” and abides by that exact mantra. She’s all about living slowly, sustainably, and simply, even in the city. She shows it’s possible to live green and live fully. It’s not about deprivation; it’s about making eco-friendly, conscious decisions.

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    Types of cleaning and beauty supplies on a counter top

    @bear_the_planet / Instagram

    Look at all those cruelty-free products. Iris’ Instagram is a great account for learning about cruelty-free options for products, sustainable hacks, and environmental news. You definitely will learn something from her page.

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    A girl sitting on a window sill looking out at a sheep

    @thegreehub_ / Instagram

    Kira is another great #greenliving account. She’s stylish, ethical, and totally rocking the green life. Kira also isn’t afraid to get real about how difficult it can be sometimes to lead an ethically-friendly. She’s realistic, authentic, and definitely worth the follow.

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    A salad with a reusable napkin and wooden fork

    @madeleineolivia / Instagram

    Madeleine Olivia is a minimalist queen with tons of ideas when it comes to living more sustainably. Her account provides tons of vegan recipes, eco-friendly tips and tricks, and more. Not to mention her style is totally amazing.

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    Healthy and eco-conscious beauty and personal hygiene products grouped together

    @impactforgood / Instagram

    Jessica is an Earth advocate and outfit repeater with a low-waste mindset. Her account is awesome for eco-friendly inspiration, ethical fashion ideas, green product recommendations and more.

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    An illustration of a plastic bag that says "No Thank You," on a blue background

    @educatedearthling / Instagram

    This brand uses education and apparel to help inspire a more conscious planet. Fifteen percent of proceeds are donated to the planet. The products from this company are ethically made and contain zero plastic shipping.

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    Eco-friendly bags next to a piece of fabric and a sun hat / Instagram

    This account is full of beautiful aesthetically pleasing imagery of sustainable products and tricks with informative captions to top it all off. You’ll definitely want to purchase some reusable bags after visiting this page.

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    A woman holding a piece of paper over her skirt that says "I wear used clothes."

    @jillematthews / Instagram

    Jill is a sustainable lifestyle blogger all about conscious fashion, intentional living, and mindful travel. She has a cool vibe and gives tons of ideas on how to implement more green living into your day-to-day life.

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    A glass jar labeled "Hemp Milk" next to a glass of it with a metal straw in it

    @plantedinthewoods / Instagram

    We have to mention plantedinthewoods, aka Rachael and Scott Johnson. They’re an earth-loving pair who aim to live in a low-waste, highly sustainable way. They are quite literally planted in the middle of a forest and are living in a more conscious way.

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    Glass jars full of different dried goods

    @sustainably_vegan / Instagram

    Immy’s low-waste, highly sustainable lifestyle is one to be emulated and followed. We can't help but love the upcycled jars she uses that aren't only eco-friendly, but pretty, too. Who knew being eco-friendly could be so chic?

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    A bedroom wall with a dresser and various accessories and clothes

    @kayla_ih / Instagram

    Kayla is all about being kind to our planet. She’s in the process of embracing a minimalist, sustainable lifestyle and is doing a great job of it. Her account is chock-full of plant-based recipes, beautiful imagery, and other eco-friendly hacks you will definitely want to adopt into your own life.

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    A woman standing among baskets and wooden crates of food with a basket in her hand

    @sustainablysage / Instagram

    And last but not least is Georgette, aka @sustainablysage. Her feed is full of low-waste, plant-based meal ideas. Plus, her dog is really cute. Definitely worth the follow for the inspiration and amazing #greenliving content.