The 7 Best Grout Removal Tools to Buy in 2018

These products help get the job done faster

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Old grout can start to crack and break down over time, leaving more space for harmful bacteria and dirt that is hard to reach for cleaning. Bathroom renovations and periodic maintenance both require grout removal. For these projects, you will need the right tool or kit to clear out the old grout. That is where a dedicated grout removal tool can be handy.

Grout removal tools come in several different forms, so the right choice is largely up to your individual project and preferences. Some tools attach on to Dremels or drills if you have a lot of grout to remove and need some power. Hand tools come in the form of saws and blades which are sometimes more precise for smaller, harder-to-reach areas or smaller tile spaces.

Here is a list of the best grout removers you should consider before your next renovation project.


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    Best Overall Grout Removal Tool: Dremel MM500 1/8-Inch Blade

    Serious grout removal projects can take a long time if done by hand. Depending on the size and shape of the tile, grout removal can be challenging if you have to get into small spaces between the individual tiles. The Dremel MM500 1/8-Inch Blade takes the top spot because of its slender profile and high-speed capabilities. In other words, this blade will quickly cut into narrow gaps between tiles to remove the grout.

    The blade attaches to a variety of rotating power tools. When paired with Dremel’s own Multi-Max tool, the setup maximizes versatility while reducing the stress and strain on your arms with prolonged use. At just 1/8" thick, the blade will fit into very small spaces between tiles to carefully remove grout. A spinning blade is best used for tile grids or long lines of grout where you can move quickly along a continuous line.

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    Best Budget: QEP Grout Removal Tool

    QEP Grout Removal Tool with Durable Carbide Tips
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    If you can live without the fancy power tool attachments, many grout removal tools are fairly inexpensive for small projects. The most important thing with a budget option, however, is reliability. Even though it may be inexpensive, the tool still has to last a long time to complete multiple projects so you can avoid the hassle of replacing it.

    The QEP Grout Removal Tool sports a carbide tip for scraping or chiseling away grout by hand. The grip features a comfortable, ergonomic design with a handle to reduce hand fatigue while in use. The carbide tip is reversible, providing extra edges to scrape out calcium and mortar in addition to grout during a typical renovation or installation project.

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    Best Grout Removal Drill Bit: Dremel 569D 1/16-Inch Diameter Bit

    Drill bit grout removers are good alternatives to powered blades since they can reach smaller, more awkward spaces without issue. On the other hand, these grout removers won’t cover as much surface in the same amount of time. Given this, you should decide which type is best for the size and tile type in your project. If your budget allows, you can use both types to make the project go even faster.

    The Dremel 569D 1/16" Diameter Bit has a 1/16" carbide tip that provides a very narrow cutting profile for challenging spaces. The bit will quickly remove grout at a depth of 3/8" below the tile surface. You can use the drill bit on both floor and wall tiles without damaging the underlying floorboards or drywall.

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    Best Blade Grout Removal Tool: QEP Grout Grabber and Remover

    QEP Grout Grabber and Remover for Reciprocating Saw Attachment
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    The third common type of powered grout remover is a saw blade attachment. Unlike rotating and drill bit attachments, these blades move back and forth using a reciprocating saw. This rapid motion makes it a great choice for straight lines of grout or for tiles that aren’t rectangular in shape. Additionally, this type of grout remover often produces less dust and air particles since nothing is flung from a spinning blade.

    The QEP Grout Grabber and Remover is a single edge cutting attachment meant for any reciprocating saw. The kit also comes with two replacement blades for extra longevity. With a 1/16" blade thickness, you can use this tool in tile spaces from 1/8" to 1/2" wide. This smaller profile is especially handy when you have cracked or broken tiles that need to be replaced without damaging the surrounding surfaces.

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    Best Hand Grout Removal Tool: M-D Building Products 49066

    Since powered removal attachments require a power tool, hand grout removers are a great alternative for people wanting to save money or who lack the necessary tool. To keep yourself from spending hours removing grout by hand, the proper hand tool needs to be tough and efficient. The M-D Building Products 49066 tool features a serrated blade you can physically saw back and forth to make quick work of grout.

    This hand powered tool works on the same principal as a reciprocating saw attachment. The back-and-forth motion reduces the amount of dust you will kick up into the air while working. The serrated blade provides extra grip with each stroke, and is completely replaceable once it becomes dull. The handle has a rubber contoured design for a comfortable base as you work on long projects.

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    Best Electric Grout Removal Tool: Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

    Another way to quickly remove grout without switching between different attachments is with a multi-purpose oscillating tool like the Genesis GMT15A. Instead of repurposing an existing power tool to remove grout, this multi-purpose option is meant to tackle many of the tasks of tile and bathroom construction such as grout removal, sanding, scraping and sawing.

    The GMT15a is Genesis’s take on a do-it-all type of tool that will reduce the amount of time you spend reaching for separate tools. The small aluminum housing includes a 1.5 amp electric motor that will drive the cutting surface up to 21,000 oscillations per minute. You can change the cutting head with different attachments, including a grout cutting blade, three inch saw blade or sanding pad depending on your project’s needs.

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    Best Grout Removal Kit: Spyder 900305 Starter Kit

    Save some money and expand your toolset with this grout removal attachment kit. The Spyder 900305 Starter Kit includes three separate blade attachments for a reciprocating saw. Using the same back-and-forth motion of a reciprocating blade, these attachments will remove grout, cut through wood, and reshape cuts without kicking up a lot of dust or harmful particles into the air.

    The grout removal blade itself has a 1/16" thick carbide blade for a thin profile and extra durability while in use. Attached to a reciprocating saw, you can maneuver the blade around tight spaces or awkward grout lines if tiles are cracked and need replacing. You can use the other blade attachments for removing or reshaping any debris that may be present as well.