Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

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If you need ideas for the perfect Halloween costume, you've come to the right place. From magical creatures to iconic characters, this list features clever costume ideas for adults, kids, groups, couples, and pets. Many of the costumes are fairly simple to create, and you might already have some of the necessary items.

Here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas from Pinterest.

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    Archer Group Costume

    Archer group costumes
    Kait's Calling via Pinterest

    You and your best buds can turn heads at a Halloween soiree with this brilliant Archer group costume. These costumes feature 2-D face paint and homemade wigs. Practice with the face paint prior to Halloween to get it just right.

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    Mermaid and Sailor Costumes

    mermaid and sailor custome

    Jennae Smith via Pinterest

    Make your mermaid fantasy come true with this mermaid and sailor costume for ocean-loving couples or friends. If you have a striped shirt and light-colored pants, your sailor costume is already nearly complete. Use shiny fabric to create the mermaid tail.

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    'Stranger Things' Costumes

    'Stranger Things' Halloween costumes
    Do It Yourself Divas via Pinterest

    Fans of "Stranger Things" can dress up as some of the show's most famous characters. A couple of hints for nailing each look: For Barb, it's impossible to do without a pair of high-waisted jeans and retro eyeglasses. For Eleven, costume must-haves include a Peter Pan-collar dress and, of course, a box of her favorite frozen waffles.

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    Buddy and Jovie Costumes

    elf Halloween costumes
    Dreaming in DIY via Pinterest

    Who says you can't bring other holidays into Halloween? Consider these fun and festive Buddy the Elf and Jovie the Elf costumes. Sing Christmas carols while you trick-or-treat to stay in character.

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    Colonel Sanders and Chicken Costumes

    KFC costume
    Maskerix via Pinterest

    If you're a duo whose favorite restaurant is KFC, this Kentucky-fried costume idea is just the ticket. One person should dress as Colonel Sanders while the other dresses as (what else?) a chicken. You can even turn it into a group costume with people dressing as sides, such as mashed potatoes.

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    Jon Snow Costume

    Jon Snow costume

    Demonsee via Pinterest

    Get ready to bend the knee as Jon Snow this Halloween. The main element in this DIY get-up is the black cloak. To make it yourself, attach a faux fur collar to an inexpensive robe or cape.

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    DIY Groot Costume

    I am Groot costume
    Coolest Parties via Pinterest

    Experienced do-it-yourselfers can create this homemade Groot costume for kids or adults in just a couple of days. Use craft foam and cardboard or other items that you can paint to look like bark over a tan sweatsuit. Then, add in some faux leaves.

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    Hippie Costume

    hippie halloween costume

    Summer Bellessa via Pinterest

    Channel your inner flower child with this hippie costume idea. Round sunglasses are a necessary accessory. Pair them with a big necklace, a vest with fringe, and a peace sign.

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    Snow White Costume

    Snow White costume
    Color Me Courtney via Pinterest

    Go as a classic Disney princess for Halloween with this Snow White costume. It's fairly easy to find items for this. Simply pair a blue shirt with a yellow skirt and add a red headband.

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    Wonder Woman Costume

    wonder woman costume
    Bleached Creature/Instagram via Pinterest

    Channel one of the founding members of the Justice League by wearing a Wonder Woman costume. This superhero costume will take some sewing skills to make the dress and headband. The gold cuffs are the perfect finishing touch.

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    Jellyfish Costume

    Jelly fish costume
    Maskerix via Pinterest

    Stand out from the crowd with this bedazzling jellyfish outfit. The twinkling lights are battery-operated LEDs, so you'll be able to glow all Halloween long. Consider some pastel hair dye or a wig to complete the look.

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    Dinosaur Costume

    T Rex costume
    Active Rain via Pinterest

    This handmade dinosaur costume is perfect for kids. Don't worry about creating an authentic-looking dinosaur. Instead, have fun with the components: the tail, hands and feet, and, of course, the head.

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    Belle Costume

    belle gown childrens costume
    Magical Wish Boutique via Pinterest

    If you have advanced sewing skills, try your hand at making the memorable Belle dress from "Beauty and the Beast" for a child's Halloween costume. The sparkly gold fabric is a must. And a single rose to hold will complete the theme.

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    Troll Costume

    Princess Poppy troll costume
    Christi Brereton via Pinterest

    This Princess Poppy troll costume is an adorable idea for a kid's Halloween costume. A pink wig with a flower crown is a must for the character. And pink face paint will really take the look up a notch.

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    Yoda Costume

    baby Yoda costume
    Tiffany McConnell via Pinterest

    This Yoda costume is a perfect Halloween get-up for a baby or toddler. Crochet a small green hat with Yoda's ears. Then, simply dress the child in a tan robe or other tan and brown clothing.

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    Lightning McQueen Car Costume

    Lightning McQueen costume
    Pink Stripey Socks via Pinterest

    Kids will love this fun Lightning McQueen costume for Halloween. The costume essentially works like overalls, so it's easy for kids to get on and off. Simply wear all black, red, or other coordinating clothing underneath.

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    Cupcake Costume

    cupcake tutu costume
    Sew What Alicia via Pinterest

    Kids can never have enough sweets for Halloween. So make them this adorable cupcake costume. Simply pair a white shirt with a tutu, and add colorful felt balls to the shirt to look like sprinkles.

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    Peter Pan Costumes

    Peter Pan Family costume
    Steve and Kalina via Pinterest

    If you never want to grow up, these costumes are for you. These "Peter Pan"-themed family costumes recreate the magic of Neverland for both kids and adults. Choose from prominent characters, including Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook.

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    'Lego Movie' Costumes

    Lego Family
    Coolest Homemade Costumes via Pinterest

    These "Lego Movie" costumes are as fun to create as they are to wear. Experienced do-it-yourselfers can make these costumes with cardboard boxes. Just make sure to have lots of bright yellow paint on hand.

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    Squints and Wendy Peffercorn Costumes

    sandlot costumes
    Chris Loves Julia via Pinterest

    Think "The Sandlot" is the best coming-of-age flick ever? Then you and a friend or partner can suit up as the movie's cute duo, Squints and Wendy Peffercorn. Don't forget your glove or a bat.

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    Care Bear Family

    no-sew care bear costumes
    See Vanessa Craft via Pinterest

    These no-sew Care Bear costumes are a cinch to make. The DIY supply list includes matching sweatshirts and sweatpants, puff paint, and fabric glue. The best part is they'll be warm and comfy to wear during trick-or-treating.

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    'Star Wars' Costumes

    star wars family costume
    Say Yes via Pinterest

    The Force is strong with this family. Dressing up as Leia, Han Solo, or Luke Skywalker is easier than you might think with these "Star Wars" costumes. You just need a lot of neutral clothing paired with store-bought lightsabers and blasters.

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    Mother of Dragons Costume

    mother of dragons costume
    Baby Bird Farms via Pinterest

    Rule the roost as the mother of dragons with this creative family costume. Dress the kids in dragon costumes. Then, mom simply needs a white T-shirt with "mother of dragons" printed on it to solidify the theme.

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    Jelly Beans Costume

    DIY jelly bean costume for kids
    Betsey Weaver via Pinterest

    Who says you can't have your Halloween candy and wear it, too? These jelly bean costumes are a snap to make. To get started, you'll need a couple of transparent garbage bags and several dozen balloons in bright colors.

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    Lady and the Tramp Family Costumes

    Lady and the Tramp Halloween
    Blake, Tigan and Penn via Pinterest

    If you're a couple with a kid, this is the costume for you. For this Lady and the Tramp costume, the couple dresses as the titular characters; the child is dressed as an adorable bowl of spaghetti.

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    Pixilated Face Makeup

    pixelated face makeup

    Dope 2111 via Pinterest

    Beauty junkies can dip into their makeup stash to compute this pixilated face. The tutorial precisely explains how to contour and highlight to create the look. Just make sure you have a good makeup setting spray to keep everything in place.

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    Unicorn Horn

    unicorn costume
    Super Deluxe via Pinterst

    magical unicorn is easier to create than you might think. Dye your hair in fun pastel colors to start. Then, twist and pin to form the horn. (You also can achieve the look with a wig.) Add some sparkly makeup to match your hair.

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    Giraffe Makeup

    Giraffe makeup
    Nicole Renard via Pinterest

    You can become the world's tallest mammal for Halloween with this giraffe makeup tutorial. To complete the look, twist your hair into two high buns to look like ears, or wear an ear headpiece. Then, wear neutral tan clothing.

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    Wednesday Addams Costume

    Wednesday Addams costume
    Madeyewlook Twice via Pinterest

    Go goth for Halloween with a Wednesday Addams makeup tutorial. The look is fairly quick and easy to achieve with white face paint and black lips. An all-black ensemble is also a must.

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    Galaxy Makeup

    galaxy makeup
    Pinpinpinpin/Instagram via Pinterest

    Represent the cosmos with this galaxy-inspired makeup idea. You can paint just a part of your face or take the swirling colors and stars down your neck and onto your body. Not even the sky is the limit for this luminous look.

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    Creepy Clown Makeup

    clown makeup
    Nouvelle Daily via Pinterest

    If freaky clowns are your thing, this scary-good makeup tutorial shows how to create an extra creepy clown face. Give yourself some time on Halloween to get the makeup lines just right. This look is fairly easy to achieve with a steady hand.

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    Spider-Man Makeup

    spider-man makeup
    Taylor Wise via Pinterest

    This spidery tutorial uses face paint to create a Spider-Man mask. You can stop the paint below your eyes and opt for a simple red lip if you want; the theme will still be obvious. Or you can do the Spider-Man paint all down your face for a full mask.

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    Kangaroo and Joey Costume

    kangaroo maternity costume
    Baby Prepping via Pinterest

    If you're pregnant for Halloween, show off your baby bump by sporting this super cute kangaroo and joey get-up. You can simply wear or make a brown onesie with a light tan stomach and pouch attached to the front. Then, put a small kangaroo stuffed toy in the pouch.

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    Avocado and Baby Pit

    avocado costume
    Imgur via Pinterest

    This clever avocado costume is perfect for pregnant women. Simply get a piece of cardboard that's large enough to cover your head and torso. Cut out a hole for your face and one for your baby bump, and decorate the cardboard like an avocado. Then, put on a brown shirt, so your bump becomes the avocado pit.

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    Gumball Machine Costume

    gumball maternity costume
    Theresa Burdine via Pinterest

    Here's another fun costume idea if you're pregnant. This adorable gumball machine costume uses felt pom-poms to turn your belly into the top part of a gumball machine. Simply attach the pom-poms to a white shirt, and wear a red skirt.

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    Chia Pet Dog

    Chia pet costume for dogs
    We Heart This via Pinterest

    Turn your fur baby into a terra-cotta animal planter full of chia plants with this cute Chia pet costume tutorial. If you're using real foliage, make sure it's safe for dogs. And be aware that your dog might only tolerate this elaborate costume just long enough for you to snap a photo—if that.

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    Wonder Woman Cat Costume

    wonder woman cat costume
    Kukupuff/Imgur via Pinterest

    Most cats act like they are superior beings. And that's especially true when they're wearing this Wonder Woman costume. Your cat might be more interested in playing with the hair than wearing it, but that's their prerogative as a superhero.

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    Dog Lion Mane

    Knitted Lion Mane for Dog costume
    Deirdre Sullivan via Pinterest

    Any intermediate knitter can whip up this ridiculously cute lion's mane costume for dogs. The best yarn color to use is one that matches your pup's fur. That way, it will look like the mane is growing right out of them.

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    Headless Horseman Costume

    headless horseman dog costume
    Life With Dogs via Pinterest

    Your four-legged companion will be the talk of the dog run with this spooky Headless Horseman costume. Stuff clothing to make the "horseman" that will ride on your dog's back. Or you can go as the Headless Horseman yourself, with your dog as your steed.