Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

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    Searching for a not-so-scary but oh-so-relevant Halloween costume? You've come to the right place. From magical creatures to iconic characters, our definitive list features the best ideas for adults, kids, groups, couples, and pets according to Pinterest trends.

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    Four Seasons Costume

    four season halloween costume
    Andrea Johnson via Pinterest

    Seasonal garb is all you and three friends need to create this spectacular four seasons costume.

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    Frat Boy Costume

    frat boy costumes
    Hampton Hurdle via Pinterest

    Plastic party cups, boat shoes, aviator sunglasses, and baseball caps are the main ingredients for this frat boy themed ensemble.

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    Archer Group Costume

    Archer group Costumes
    Kait's Calling via Pinterest

    You and your best buds can turn heads at that Halloween soiree with this brilliant Archer group costume.

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    Mermaid and Sailor Costume

    mermaid and sailor custome
    via Pinterest

    Make your mermaid fantasy come true with this seaworthy costume for ocean-loving couples.

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    Wayne and Garth

    Wayne's World Halloween costume
    EmmaSkies via Pinterest

    The two of you are worthy. So why not win at Halloween this year by dressing up as Wayne and Garth.

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    Bob Ross and Tree Costume

    Bob Ross and tree costume
    Imgur via Pinterest

    Celebrate the joy of painting trees with this Bob Ross and tree costume that brings the 1980s instructional TV show to life.

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    Stranger Things

    stranger things halloween
    Do It Yourself Divas via Pinterest

    Fan of Stranger Things can seek #JusticeForBarb or #JusticeForEleven by dressing up as one of the show's two most famous characters.

    A couple of hints for nailing each look: For Barb, it's impossible to do without a pair of mom jeans and retro eyeglasses. For Eleven, costume must-haves include a Peter Pan collar dress and of course, a box of her favorite frozen waffles.

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    Next Gen Ken Costume

    Barbie and Ken costume
    Lauren McGuire via Pinterest

    Move over Barbie. This next-gen Ken costumeis grabbing the spotlight.

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    Rick and Morty Costume

    rick and morty costume
    Annaa Kana/Instagram via Pinterest

    Whip out the fright wig and ray gun for this Rick and Morty duo.


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    Oreo Cookie Costume

    Oreo cookie costume
    Halloween is Life via Pinterest

    Pair up with this adorable Oreo cookie costume perfect for couples.

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    Buddy and Jovi Costume

    elf halloween costumes
    Dreaming in DIY via Pinterest

    Because Christmas is coming, a lot of people heart this Buddy the elf and Jovi costume.

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    Colonel Sanders and Chicken Costume

    KFC costume
    Maskerix via Pinterest

    Can't get enough of that KFC? This Kentucky fried idea takes two to pull off. 

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    Best Solo Halloween Costume Ideas

    When you just need a costume for yourself, the choices can be endless. We've narrowed down the list to our favorites, and we think you'll agree once you see these fun ideas.

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    John Snow Costume

    jon snow costume
    Demonsee Via Pinterest

    Get ready to bend the knee as Jon Snow this Halloween. The main ingredient in this DIY get-up is the black cloak. To hack, attach a faux fur collar to an inexpensive robe or cape.

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    DIY Groot Costume

    I am Groot costume
    Coolest Parties via Pinterest

    Experienced do-it-yourselfers can create this homemade Groot costume for kids in a couple of days.



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    Hippie Costume

    hippie halloween costume
    via Pinterest

    Channel your inner flower child with this hippie costume idea. Keep in mind round sunglasses are a necessary accessory.

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    DIY Snow White Costume

    Color Me Courtney via Pinterest

    Forget about dressing as Elsa. These days Disney fans are going retro for Halloween. Case in point, this DIY Snow White costume.

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    Wonder Woman Costume

    wonder woman costume
    Bleached Creature/Instagram via Pinterest

    Become an Amazonian goddess (and also one of the founding members of the Justice League) by wearing a Wonder Woman costume.

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    Girl Scout Costume

    girl scout costumes
    Styletic via Pinterest

    Thanks to Russell, the lovable character from the animated movie, Up, donning a cub or girl scout uniform for Halloween is a favorite last minute idea. 

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    DIY Jellyfish Costume

    Jelly fish costume
    Maskerix via Pinterest

    Standout from the crowd with this bedazzling jellyfish outfit. The twinkling lights are battery operated LEDs.


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    Best Ideas for Kids

    Kids' costumes are so much fun and there's nothing (other than candy) that gets a kid more excited for Halloween than the moment they've decided on who or what they're going to be.


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    DIY Dinosaur Costume

    T Rex costume
    Active Rain via Pinterest

    Cutesy dino costumes are for toddlers. This handmade Spinosaurus costume is perfect for kids older than three years.

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    Princess Moana Costume

    mona halloween costume
    Costume Works via Pinterest

    Your little adventurer can sail through Halloween in this sweet DIY Princess Moana costume.

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    Princess Belle

    Magical Wish Boutique via Pinterest

    Your little Belle can be the queen of the ball for Halloween with this princess costume inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

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    Princess Poppy troll costume
    Christi Brereton via Pinterest

    We can't think of a cuter Halloween idea for small kids than this Princess Poppy troll costume.

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    Baby Yoda

    baby Yoda costume
    Tiffany McConnell via Pinterest

    If you think you're never too young to celebrate Halloween, this Yoda costume just may be the cutest get-up for your wee one. 

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    Pineapple Onesie

    pineapple onesie
    Line Across via Pinterest

    Turn your baby into an adorable pineapple for Halloween with a cute homemade onesie.

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    No-Sew Lightning McQueen Car

    Lightening McQueen costume
    Pink Stripey Socks via Pinterest

    Do you stink at sewing? Dress up your little one in this no-sew Lightning McQueen costume.

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    cupcake tutu costume
    Sew What Alicia via Pinterest

    Your little one can be the sweetest thing for Halloween in this adorable cupcake costume. Don't you just love the pom-pom sprinkles.

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    jet pack halloween costume
    via Pinterest

    Create the illusion of taking off in a jetpack with this ingenious outfit that conceals legs with faux flames.

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    Costume Ideas for Families

    There's nothing more "aww!"-inspiring than a family that gets dressed up together. Celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris are known for their adorable dressed-up families on Halloween, and with these ideas, your family could be totally Instagram-worthy too!

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    Peter Pan

    Peter Pan Family costume
    Steve and Kalina via Pinterest

    Think Halloween is for folks who never want to grow up? This Peter Pan themed family costume recreates the magic of Neverland for both kids and adults.

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    Lego Movie

    Lego Family
    Coolest Homemade Costumes via Pinterest

    Because Halloween is a family affair, this LEGO Movie pin is racking up thousands of saves. Experienced do-it-yourselfers can make these DIY costumes with cardboard boxes.

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    Squints and Wendy Peffercorn Couple

    sandlot costumes
    Chris Loves Julia via Pinterest

    Think The Sandlot is the best coming of age flick ever? Then you and your significant other can suit-up as the movie's cute duo, Squints, and Wendy Peffercorn.

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    Care Bear Family

    no sew care bear costumes
    See Vanessa Craft via Pinterest

    These no-sew Care Bear costumes are a cinch to make. The DIY supply list includes sweatshirts, sweatpants, puff paint, and fabric glue.

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    Star Wars

    star wars family costume
    Say Yes via Pinterest

    The force is strong with this family. Even better, dressing up as Leia, Han Solo or Luke Skywalker is easier than you think with this Star Wars costumes tutorial.

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    Mother of all Dragons

    mother of dragons costume
    Baby Bird Farms via Pinterest

    Rule the roost as the mother of all dragons with this creative family costume.

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    Jelly Beans

    DIY jelly bean costume for kids
    Betsey Weaver via Pinterest

    Who says you can't dress sweet for Halloween? These jelly bean costumes are a snap to make. To get started, you'll need a couple of transparent garbage bags and several dozen balloons in delicious colors.

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    Beauty and the Beast Characters

    beauty and the beast costume
    Mia Bella Vida via Pinterest

    Arguably, the award for the best family costume of the year goes to this fam dressed up as characters from Beauty and the Beast. 

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    Lady and the Tramp Family

    Lady and the Tramp Halloween
    Blake, Tigan and Penn via Pinterest

    Trick or treating is a family activity. So dress up your pack in this Lady and the Tramp costume.

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    Best Halloween Makeup Ideas

    From stunning to scary, learn how to create a makeup look so Halloween-worthy, you don't even need a costume.

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    Pixilated Face Makeup

    Dope 2111 Via Pinterest

    Beauty junkies can dip into their makeup stash to compute this pixilated face. The tutorial precisely explains how to contour and highlight.

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    Super Deluxe via Pinterst

    You're not basic, so why settle for a traditional Halloween costume when you can be a magical unicorn instead?

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    Space Alien

    Priceless via Pinterest

    Ditch that sexy nurse costume for this glamours and ultramodern space alien makeover tutorial.



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    Giraffe Makeup Tutorial

    Nicole Renard via Pinterest

    You can become the world's tallest mammal for Halloween with this giraffe makeup tutorial.

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    Wednesday Addams Tutorial

    wednesday adams costume
    Madeyewlook Twice via Pinterest

    Go goth for Halloween with this Wednesday Addams makeup tutorial (and yes it's spelled with two d's).

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    Galaxy Makeup

    galaxy makeup
    Pinpinpinpin/Instagram via Pinterest

    Be a magical pixie for Halloween with this galaxy-inspired makeup idea

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    Creepy Clown Makeup

    clown makeup
    Nouvelle Daily via Pinterest

    If freaky clowns are your thing, this scary-good makeup tutorial shows how to create a creepy beautiful face.

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    Spider Woman Makeup

    spider woman makeup
    Taylor Wise via Pinterest

    This spidery tutorial uses face paint from the Halloween store to create a fantastic mask.

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    Daenerys Targaryen

    game of thrones costume
    Carli Bybel via Pinterest

    Take back the throne with this Daenerys Targaryen makeup tutorial. Tip: Nailing this look is all about the blonde braids.

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    Kangaroo and Joey

    kangaroo maternity costume
    Baby Prepping via Pinterest

    Show off your baby bump by sporting this super cute kangaroo mom and joey get-up.

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    Maternity Avocado

    avocado costume
    Imgur via Pinterest

    Got a bun in the oven? This clever avocado costume is perfect for pregnant people.

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    Gumball Machine

    gumball maternity costume
    Theresa Burdine via Pinterest

    Got a pea in the pod? Flaunt your belly with this adorable pom-pom, gumball machine costume.

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    Best Costumes for Your Pet

    Whether you have a cat, a dog or both, it's hard to resist dressing them up in something outrageous for–well, every holiday–but especially Halloween.

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    Chia Pet Dog

    Chia pet costume for dogs
    We Heart This via Pinterest

    Ch-ch-ch-doggy! Turn your fur baby into a terra-cotta animal planter with this cute Chia pet costume tutorial.

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    Wonder Woman Cat

    Kukupuff/Imgur via Pinterest

    Cats are superior beings especially when they're wearing this Wonder Woman costume

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    Lion Mane for Dog

    Deirdre Sullivan via Pinterest

    Any intermediate knitter can whip up this ridiculously cute lion's mane costume for dogs. So that you know, the best yarn color to use should match your pup's fur.

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    Headless Horseman

    headless horseman dog costume
    Life With Dogs via Pinterest

    Your four-legged companion will be the talk of the dog run with this spooky headless horseman costume.