10 Best Halloween Recipes

Make them scary or fun depending on your kid's age

Halloween can be a scary or light-hearted holiday; take your pick! If your kids are little, you probably want friendly ghosts and pumpkins. But if they're older, you can get really spooky. The food can be fun or spooky too - but it has to be delicious. These ten recipes are some of the best Halloween fare around. Have fun decorating these recipes and mix and match them for a fabulous Halloween party. Have a safe and creepy Halloween!

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    Crunchy Caramel Pumpkin

    Crunchy Caramel Pumpkin
    Crunchy Caramel Pumpkin. Linda Larsen

    This fabulous recipe would be the perfect centerpiece for a Halloween party. And it's easy to make, in spite of the fact that it looks so impressive. Plus, it's delicious.

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    Graveyard Dip with Witches' Fingers

    Graveyard Dip with Witches Fingers. Linda Larsen

    I love this spooky looking recipe. The dip is delicious and the fingers are so fun to make! This could be a great project for kids. Let them each make their own scary hand coming out of the creamy dip.

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    Spiderweb Cake

    Spiderweb Cake
    Spiderweb Cake. Linda Larsen

    This gorgeous cake is fun to make, and it's easy too. You don't even need a very steady hand - in fact, if the spider web is a bit wobbly, all the more spooky!

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    Mummy Pot Pie. Linda Larsen

    A rich and delicious pot pie is topped with strips of puff pastry and two olives to look like a mummy's face! You can make this recipe as a large pot pie or make individual pies for each person at your party.

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    Hobgoblins. Linda Larsen

    This fun candy looks like little goblins. Tiny candies are the eyes, and crunchy chow mein noodles and melted chocolate form the delicious goblins. Fun!

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    Mummy Franks

    Mummy Franks. Linda Larsen

    Hmmm, puff pastry really is my theme for Halloween, isn't it? But it's delicious, easy to work with, and transforms ordinary ingredients into something special. These little hot dogs are wrapped in mummy rags made from pastry. A couple of dots of ketchup complete the look for some red eyes.

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    Meatball Monster Sandwiches
    Meatball Monster Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    These cute little sandwiches look just like a monster staring up at you. But it's not scary! Kids will love this easy recipe.

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    Mini Mummy Meatloaf

    Mini Mummy Meatloaves
    Mini Mummy Meatloaves. Linda Larsen

    Meatloaf can be wrapped up to look like mummies too! This cool recipe is fun to make and eat. Just let it cool for about 10 minutes before serving, because the puff pastry really holds in the heat!

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    Pile of Bones with Moldy Dip

    Pile of Bones with Moldy Dip
    Pile of Bones with Moldy Dip. Linda Larsen
    With leftover puff pastry from either Mummy Franks or Mini Mummy Meatloaf, make these fun breadsticks with a blue cheese dip.
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    Crisp Halloween Sammies

    Crisp Halloween Sammies
    Crisp Halloween Sammies. Linda Larsen

    These cute little sandwiches are made from frozen puff pastry, with meats and cheeses sandwiched in between the layers. The crisp pastry is the perfect foil for the warming and melty filling. Yum.