The 9 Best Clothes Hampers of 2020

Dirty clothes have never looked so good

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Our Top Picks
"Comes in three colors and four shapes for decorative, functional use."
"Half-moon shape with lid and removable liner."
"Convenient, lightweight and easy to handle with several cute patterns."
"Holds up to four loads of laundry with two removable laundry bags."
"Great for multi-purpose washing and organizing."
"A wicker design with the convenience of sturdy, lightweight plastic."
"Heavy-duty hamper with lid to keep you dirty clothes isolated."
"Soft, durable, functional and available in eight cute animal designs."
"Laundry bag that includes straps like a backpack."


Best Overall: BIRDROCK HOME Round Laundry Hamper With Lid and Cloth Liner

If you’re looking for a great all-around hamper that suits virtually every need, the BirdRock hamper is the one for you. As far as hampers go, it has nearly everything. It’s made from bamboo and comes in black, espresso or natural colors, so it looks good if you have to store it in plain sight. It also comes with a removable (and wash-safe) liner, which makes lugging your load to the laundry room a little easier. But if you’d rather bring the whole hamper, rope handles on the side help ease the burden.

The BirdRock comes in four shapes (round, corner, divide and square) so you can pick the one that makes the most sense for your room. Our favorite, the round style, is 15.75” x 15.75” x 25”, weighs just under five pounds and stores about a standard load of laundry. While you shouldn’t expect the BirdRock Home to hold up for years and years, it’s a great choice at a low price.

Best Wicker: Threshold Wicker Hamper

If you love the neutral wicker look, springing for a real woven wicker basket will give you a hamper that will last for years to come and look great, no matter what room it’s used in. We love this Threshold Wicker Hamper — its half-moon shape is ideal for resting next to a dresser or hiding in a closet. The dark wicker and banana leaf materials give off a global, world-traveler vibe (you may even want to use it in your living room to store throws, just to show it off). The piece is 25” x 13” x 20”, and stores up to 3.76 cubic feet of volume (roughly a standard load). It also comes with a lid and a removable liner to make life a little easier.

While wicker is definitely one of the most attractive choices for a hamper, you’ll want to avoid putting wet clothing in a wicker basket because it can draw bacterial and mold. Still, a wicker hamper is a solid choice for a durable, decor-friendly hamper in any home.

Best Collapsible: DOKEHOM Laundry Basket

Need a well made, functional hamper, but short on space? This collapsible laundry basket from DOKEHAM is a smart solution that gives you all the roominess of a full-size hamper (it runs 13.7" x 17.7") without eating up any much-needed real estate. Available in eight fun colors and patterns ranging from simple stripes to elegant florals, the DOKEHAM basket flattens down to an easily portable disk when you’re done with it. That makes it a great pick if you need something sturdy to help you haul your dirties to a laundry room or laundromat. It’s also a great choice for parents who want something they can toss in the car for sports games and other jeans-muddying activities.

It's convenient, lightweight and easy to handle — with cute patterns, to boot. Just bear in mind that it won’t last forever; after heavy use, the material may start to fray a bit.

Best Double: BIRDROCK HOME Double Laundry Hamper

Sharing space with another person often means sharing everything, but a double laundry hamper can keep those dirty clothes separate. Whether you’re part of a couple with diverging laundry needs (keep those delicates safe from dirty work clothes), or you want to sort your lights and darks before you make it to the laundry room, a double hamper is a great way to keep things organized. Made from durable polyester linen and measuring 14.25" x  25.25" x 25.75", the BirdRock Home double hamper can hold up to four loads of laundry. It includes two removable laundry bags that attach with velcro, and comes in brown, black, cream and gray — and has a lid to keep smells out.

Gone are the days of flimsy hampers; owners say the the BirdRock is incredibly durable and sturdy, remarking that it can withstand a lot of stuffing. If you’re in the market for a double hamper, the BirdRock is an affordable choice that doesn’t sacrifice style or quality.

Best Rolling: Seville Classics Mobile 3-Bag Heavy-Duty Laundry Hamper

If you’ve got a big family and a lot of laundry a rolling hamper can help you keep everything clean (and help you maintain your sanity). The Seville Classics 3-Bag Hamper is set on four wheels with an adjustable clothing bar to give you the ultimate dirty laundry storage system. The three laundry bags are made from polyester and cotton and are detachable so you can take them wherever dirty laundry lives. The three-compartment system is a great way to organize lights, darks and dry-clean-only, or to separate clean clothes for each member of the family. Each bag can hold up to two cubic feet of laundry. The entire unit measures 19.5" x 30.75" x 39.75", but expands to 66" in height when the hanging bar is fully extended.

The hamper weighs just under 25 pounds, so while it’s not heavy, it’s better for single-story usage. If you’ve got the space, a heavy-duty rolling laundry hamper is the best way to keep an organized laundry room.

Best Plastic: Wee's Beyond Knit Style Laundry Hamper

Plastic hampers have a few obvious benefits. Unlike wicker, they won’t get warped if a bit of water or detergent gets on them — and more importantly, you don’t have to worry about your hamper ever getting moldy or smelly. On top of that, they’re sturdy and lightweight, making it easy to cart them through the house on your way to the laundry room. Wee’s Beyond Knit Style Laundry Hamper gives you all of the convenience of a plastic hamper while incorporating the classic look of a wicker pattern. It runs 13.5" x 17.6" and can hold up to 55 liters of laundry.

At a little under four pounds, the Wee’s Beyond hamper combines ease of use with all the good looks you’d want from a more traditional wicker hamper.

Best With Lid: Oceanstar Spa-Style Bamboo Laundry Hamper

Looking for something a little more heavy-duty? A hamper with a strong lid is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure the odors of dirty laundry don’t waft into any unwanted places. The Oceanstar Spa-Style Bamboo Laundry Hamper also features breezy good looks, with a clean, natural bamboo finish and a rectangular design that adds a bit of spa-like appeal. It stands 25.5" x 14", and includes double-hinges on the lid for extra sturdiness.

While there’s some assembly required, the Oceanstar hits the sweet spot for lovers of good design, while still being perfectly functional as a place to toss your dirty clothes.

Best for Nursery: 3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper

There’s no denying that babies are cute, but they sure do create a lot of laundry. When picking a hamper for your nursery, a soft and durable hamper is the way to go (bonus points if it’s adorable). The 3 Sprouts Hamper is made from waterproof polypropylene and comes in eight cute animal designs (we’re partial to the goat). The top of the hamper has two handles and can be folded down to keep dirties out of sight and odors contained. It measures 19" x 22" x 11", and at under a pound is super lightweight so that it can be easily moved from room to room. It holds about a load of laundry, but owners rave that it’s strong enough to stuff a good bit more than that.

The mesh bottom allows clothing to breathe and helps reduce mold growth. Even better, the handles also double as a hook if you want to hang the hamper to maintain airflow to damp items. While your baby may not appreciate how adorable this 3 Sprouts hamper is, you sure will.

Best for College: iwill CREATE PRO iwill Hanging Laundry Bag

College kids are notorious for putting off laundry until the last possible minute. Here’s a solution: Get your son or daughter a laundry bag that includes straps like a backpack, so they’ll have no excuse hauling some hard-to-lift sack. With the iwill Hanging Laundry Bag, your kid can just throw their laundry over their shoulders on their way to the laundromat (or more realistically, your house when they’re home on break). It measures 25” x 31”, and is made from tear-resistant nylon —an important feature when it’s guaranteed to be stuffed full of a month’s worth of dirty clothes.

What to Look for in a Clothes Hamper

Size First, you’ll want to consider the size and capacity of your hamper. If you live alone, a smaller model will likely suffice, but if you have a family of six, you’re going to have a lot more dirty laundry to hold. Consider how much laundry your household produces and how often you do laundry to figure out the best size hamper for your needs.

Compartments Do you want to pre-sort your laundry in the hamper? If so, you should look into a product that has multiple compartments, as this will make laundry day much easier. If you don’t have a preference, however, hampers with single compartments are often less expensive. 

Portability Don’t forget to think about where you plan to keep the hamper in relation to where you do laundry. If the hamper is in the laundry room, a stationary model will be fine. However, if you need to transport the hamper to the washing machine, you’ll likely prefer a model with wheels and/or handles.

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