The 10 Best Clothes Hangers of 2020

The right options for all your clothing needs

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Our Top Picks
"Small details keep your clothes in top shape, like a lacquer coating to prevent snags and vinyl pant rods to prevent slipping."
"You can expect these classic-designed hangers to last for decades, thanks to their resilient walnut wood structure."
"The open style makes it easy to access pants and the hangers are sturdy enough to hold more than one pair of pants at a time."
"These rubber coated clips protect the material of your skirt, and are fully adjustable to accommodate different sized clothing."
"These lightweight suit hangers are perfect for tops or pants, and their slim design allows you to keep more in your closet."
"You'll want to reserve this splurge-worthy hanger for your more expensive articles of clothing."
"These hangers will add a playful touch to your closet—and can also be used to color code your clothing for easy organization."
"These hanger's smaller size prevents stretched out or misshapen shoulders for those with petite clothing."
"The satin padding makes these hangers the best pick for formal dresses with delicate sleeves or for easily misshapen materials."
"Each of these slim hangers holds 20 ties or scarves, while taking up very minimal space in your closet."

Best Overall: ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers

If you could only buy one kind of hanger for the rest of time, wooden ones would be the way to go. These hangers are affordable and lightweight, but also sturdy enough to hold items like jackets. They come with shoulder notches for securing skinny straps, chrome hooks that swivel 360 degrees, and a trouser rod, which is coated in vinyl to help keep pants from slipping. They're sold 20 to a pack, and crafted from lotus wood, which has been sanded and coated with a lacquer finish to prevent snags.

Best Wooden: Container Store Basic Walnut Wooden Hangers

You can expect these classic-looking hangers to last for decades: They're crafted from walnut wood, which is known for being heavy and resilient. They're sold in packs of six, so you can try them out before you decide to commit to buying a closetful. (Packs of 20 are also available.) Several different types of hangers are available, including ones for shirts (with or without a ribbed trouser bar) and another for blouses, which has built-in notches and non-slip material at the shoulders to help keep silky fabrics in check. They aren't the least expensive option on our list, but they're worth it for the durability and varied options.

Best for Pants: JS HANGER Open-Ended Trouser Hangers

If you're still using clip hangers to secure your pants and jeans, it's time for a change. These slender chrome hangers will save space and make it easy to access your clothes, thanks to the open style. The bottom part of the hanger is coated in rubber, which helps keep pants from dropping to the floor; the hook also has a rubber tip that helps prevent fabric from catching and ripping. If you like to double up, these hangers are sturdy enough to support two pairs of pants at once without the metal bending and losing its shape.

Best for Skirts: MAWA by Reston-Lloyd Space-Saving Hangers with Non-Slip Clips

It makes sense to hang skirts using clips, but you want to make sure the clamps are coated, so they don't damage the fabric. These space-saving, German-made skirt hangers come with adjustable clips that can be slid horizontally to accommodate items of different sizes. They come in four colors (black, red, white, and chrome) and are sold in sets of 2, 10, 12, or 300. The holders are covered with a non-slip, non-toxic finish that will keep clothing securely in place, even if it's yanked hard. Nestled within each clip is a five-coil spring, which is easy to pinch open but also strong and durable. Rubberized end caps on the bars help keep them from getting stuck and damaging clothing.

Best Velvet: Rebrilliant Margaret Premium Quality Velvet Non-Slip Hangers

In the last several years, slim velvet hangers have busted out onto the home-organization scene, thanks to their ability to save room (some experts estimate you can gain double the space) and instantly give your closet a calming, uncluttered vibe. They provide non-slip surfaces, but keep the slim profile of wire hangers. Because these hangers are have the closed triangular shape, they can be used to hang pants or tops. They also come with shoulder divots to help keep strappy tops or dresses from slipping off the hangers.

Best Luxury Hanger: Kirby Allison Women's Dress Hanger with Felted Trouser Bar

The first thing to know about this high-end wooden hanger: It is most definitely not cheap, and it isn't sold in bulk. But the hangers designed by men's style expert Kirby Allison are about quality, not quantity, so you'll want to reserve them for your more expensive articles of clothing.

This particular hanger, which is sized for women's jackets, is meant to perfectly fill the shoulder area of your favorite pieces as if someone was still wearing it, which helps preserve their shape, especially in the collar area, and—bonus—helps them look better on your body, too. Because not all women are the same size, this hanger comes in four different widths, from 15.5 to 20 inches.

Three different finishes are available: Traditional is glossy birch wood with brass hardware, American natural maplewood is lighter with a chrome hook, and dark European beechwood with a chrome hook, which weighs slightly more than the others. Kirby Allison also makes similar hangers for men's clothing, which come in larger sizes.

Best for Organizing: HSN Huggable Hangers Shirt & Suit Hangers

Craving color inside your closet? Whether you just want to spice things up visually or plan to use it to help you stay organized (you can assign each type of clothing its own color, or if you're sharing space, give each person their own hue), you'll find these Huggable hangers both practical and attractive. They come in 12 different shades, including teal, coral, purple, red, and royal blue, and a choice of either brass or chrome hooks. They're sold in packs of 40, with each set containing 20 shirt hangers and 20 suit hangers.

Best for Petite Clothing: IKEA HÄNGA Children's coat-hanger, natural

These solidly constructed hangers, which are sold in packs of five, are made from beech wood, which is a renewal resource, and come with an astoundingly low price tag (around 80 cents per hanger). They're stained with a clear acrylic lacquer to help prevent snags, and have chrome hooks. Or editors love them for petite clothing—the smaller hangers prevent shoulders on tops or jackets from getting misshaped on smaller clothing items.

Best for Delicate Items: Bed Bath & Beyond Stain Hangers

Satin hangers are ideal for delicate lingerie (like camisoles) that you'd rather hang than stuff into a drawer, as well as formal dresses with thin straps. The downside is that they take up a fair amount of space, so they're best used sparingly. These picks have ruching at the top to help keep straps from falling off, and some reviewers even use them for sweaters, claiming that they help them retain their shape between wearings. The fabric can be removed from the hanger for washing, if needed.

Best for Ties: Tenby Living Black Tie Rack

Each of these black plastic hangers holds up to 20 ties, but they have a streamlined footprint that takes up very little closet real estate. Curved clips provide pressure on the ties to keep them in place, but are gentle enough to prevent creases. You can rotate the hanger a full 360 degrees, making it easy to pull out exactly the tie you want. If you have a lot of scarves, this could also be used to keep them organized and easy to access.

Why Trust The Spruce

Lexi Dwyer writes about furniture and home decor for The Spruce. She has a soft spot for IKEA's Bumerang hangers, although her current go-to is the Container Store's non-slip velvet. She agrees with the reviewer who claims that switching to slim hangers is a life-changing experience.

What to Look for in a Clothes Hanger

Material Clothes hangers are made from assorted materials, including wood, plastic, metal and more. Some materials are more slippery than others and may not be the best choice for silky shirts or lightweight tops. Other materials hold up better with heavyweight items like winter sweaters or wool coats. For the most streamlined look in your closet, it makes sense to choose only one or two types of hangers.

Price It can be a fine line to balance your clothing budget against the money you spend on hanging up those clothes. Some hanger sets are an investment that might mean a little less money spent on next month’s wardrobe. Budget hangers are always an option but may not provide the same level of grip or be made of snag-proof material like pricier options.

Space If you always seem to be pushing back hangers to try and capture more closet space, it might make sense to seek out slim profile hangers or hangers that allow you to hang multiple garments. Some hangers are flat and thin so they can be pushed closer together without heavily angled sides or thick hooks. Others have tiers of hanging space, which is perfect for multiples of the same item, like skirts or pants.

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