Best Clothing Hangers for Every Item

Hangers have gone upscale: there are literally hundreds of different types of hangers, but the best ones keep it simple. Choose hangers that fit your specific wardrobe, not because they look or sound like something you should have. 

You want hangers that actually fit your clothing. If you hang your overcoat on a child-sized hanger, the hanger cannot properly support the shoulders of your garment. The coat will wrinkle--or worse, lose its shape. Skirt hangers can be used to hang pants, but you can't use pants hangers to hang skirts, unless you fold them over, which can cause wrinkles. 

Wood hangers support your clothes more evenly than hangers made of plastic or wire. You can bring your own hangers to the dry cleaner and they'll hang your clothes on them after cleaning--this avoids receiving wire hangers, which can ruin the shape and look of your clothes.

Here are 11 types of hangers you can use for your clothing.

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    Best Hangers
    How to store accessories like belts. Photo / Gap

    With very few exceptions, belt hangers and organizers are also designed to hang and organize ties. More on ties below, but rest assured you can interchange any of these between the two.

    • A classic accessory loop holds ties, belts, scarves, and necklaces.
    • Hanging belt organizer is perfect for a small belt collection. 
    • While this vertical tie and belt hanger is more suited to a medium-to-large collection. 
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    Blankets and Comforters

    Comforter hangers
    Blanket and comforter hangers. Photo / Pottery Barns

    Get those bulky blankets and comforters out of the way on a hanger.

    This hanger is big enough to store your blankets and comforters hanging in the closet. 

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    Children's Clothing

    Children's clothing hangers
    Children's clothing hangers. Photo / Gap

    Kid's clothes are more narrow than adults so they get their own hangers.

    • Kid's skirt hangers are great because they also come with clips.
    • The children's tubular hanger is a good basic (and makes a great shower gift!).
    • These kid's huggable hangers are space-saving. 
    • And here's a hanger designed for children-sized's skirts.
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    Better than a coat rack: best hangers for coats
    Wall Mounted Coat Rack from Pottery Barn. Photo / Pottery Barn

    You've got a few options here depending on your style and the size of your closet.

    • Use a matte hanger for coats, suit jackets, and blazers.
    • These wooden hangers are perfect for a blazer or overcoat.
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    Dresses, Delicates, and Vintage Clothing

    Dress hangers
    Dress hangers. Photo / Sheinside

    Use care with formal or vintage clothing, and for more delicate items like camisoles and cover-ups.

    • No-slip hangers are great for dresses.
    • Padded damask hangers are perfect for camisoles and delicate lace tops and dresses.
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    Hangers for handbags
    Hangers for handbags. Photo / Banana Republic

     We love this over-the-door hanger for hanging either in the bedroom or, even better, in the entryway to store your everyday bags. 

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    Page Denim from Piperlime
    Page Denim from Piperlime. Photo / Piperlime

    These specially-designed slack hangers are great for grouping pants together.

    • We love that you can just slide your pants onto these individual pant hangers. The extra five-second time-savings feels so worth it. 
    • And here is a trouser clamp to hang pants individually.
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    Best hangers for skirts
    Best hangers for skirts. Photo / OpenSky

    Use a skirt hanger for skirts, delicate scarves, or to hang trousers upside down. 

    • Soft matte skirt hanger is space-saving.
    • And this skirt hanger has slide-able clips so you can adjust for size. 
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    Shirts, Blouses, and Button-Downs

    Best hangers for shirts
    Button Down Shirt. Button Down Shirt

    Huggable hangers are great for people with small closets or lots and lots of clothes. However, if you plan on keeping an item of clothing for the long-haul, consider investing in a wooden hanger:

    • Basic wood hanger for women's: blouses, shirts, blazers, light-weight coats
    • Over-sized wood hanger for men's: shirts, overcoats, blazers, suits
    • We love the look of these platinum Huggable hangers.
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    Tie Hangers
    Tie Hangers. Photo / The Container Store

    You can use a tie rack, or you can use hangers specifically designed for belts:

    • Revolving and lighted tie rack. 
    • This huggable hanger is specifically designed for ties and belts.
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    Hanger Holder

    Hangers for hangers
    Use hanger organizers to hold hangers. Photo / The Container Store

    Keep your hangers neat and tidy with a hanger holder.

    • A free-standing hanger organizer for the floor of your closet.
    • Or a hanger holder you can mount on the wall.