The 8 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuums to Buy in 2020

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Our Top Picks
"This pick's powerful suction captures debris on hardwood floors, but has a roller brush that can be turned on for carpeting, too."
"This robot vacuum can roam for up to 100 minutes on bare floors, sucking up dirt and hair without any effort on your part."
"For small messes or quick in-between clean ups, you'll get plenty of use out of this cordless, compact option."
"This convertible, corded option has modes for hard foods and carpets, and a handheld mode for more targeted clean up."
"To avoid scratches, the canister on this vacuum has wheels with felt tread to prevent scuffs and scratches on your floors."
"The unique shaped head of this stick vacuum sweeps put hair and dirt without a beater brush—even under cabinets and in corners."
"Powerful suction and a special dust bag work together to make sure allergens like pollen and dust are picked up and trapped."
Best Budget:
Bissell Zing at Amazon
"By removing extra features, this vacuum provides efficient cleaning and a lightweight design at a wallet-friendly price."

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime but require the right care—and frequent cleaning. Everything from pet hair to dust and crumbs show up on hard surface floors, including wood, laminate, and tile. A vacuum designed for hardwood floors is an essential cleaning tool for keeping your floors spotless and scratch-free. 

While many vacuums have a brush roll with stiff bristles designed to work up dirt hidden deep within carpet fibers, a hardwood floor vacuum will take a softer approach. Some hardwood floor vacuums have a brush roll with super soft bristles, while others omit the brush roll altogether. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that the vacuum offers enough suction to capture dirt and debris without scattering it over a wider surface. 

Regardless of whether you’re shopping for an upright vacuum, an easy-rolling canister vacuum, or a cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, these top options offer plenty of power, efficient operation, and features designed with bare floors in mind.

Best Overall: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

Make your hardwood floors smooth and debris-free with a top performing vacuum cleaner, like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away. This versatile vacuum offers plenty of suction, a bagless design for easy dirt disposal, and the option for brush roll shut-off to preserve the finish and feel of your hardwood floors. When used as an upright model, you’ll easily be able to cover plenty of square footage pushing this lightweight vacuum along. If you need to vacuum stairs or other elevated areas, it offers a lift-away canister vacuum option.

The advantage of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away for hardwood floors is the fact that it’s gentle enough for vacuuming hardwood floors while offering substantial suction for deep carpet cleaning. Just be sure to turn the brush roll off before gliding over bare floors. The transition from one floor setting to the next is quick and simple—you literally just flip a switch.

"One of the vacuum’s biggest advantages is its high-capacity dust cup—an impressive 2.2 dry quarts—which is almost double the capacity of other Navigator Lift-Away models. This means you don’t have to empty the vacuum as frequently." — Sage McHugh, Product Tester

Best Robot: Eufy RoboVac 30C

Bare floors tend to readily show hair, dust, and dirt, and a robot vacuum for hardwood floors is an effortless way to keep your floors clean and tidy. With 1500Pa of suction power, the eufy 30C suctions up the crumbs, pet hair, and debris with ease on wood, laminate, tile, and even low-to-medium pile carpeted floors. It offers self-charging capabilities and while it doesn’t map your home like some smart robot vacs, its multiple cleaning modes get the job done. 

The eufy 30C offers 100 minutes of runtime on bare floors, which is great if you’re shopping for a hardwood floor robot vacuum. Even when it makes the step up to clean carpeted areas, the extra boost in power offered by this model ensures that it has enough suction to give a deep clean while only reducing battery power to about 45 minutes. At the end of its run time, the eufy robot finds its way back to its dock and juices up for its next run. You can manually start the robot using the included remote control, by scheduling set run-times in the eufy app, or with compatible smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Best Cordless: Dyson Cyclone V10 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless vacuum for hardwood floors makes it quick and convenient to capture messes wherever they happen—no cords to wrangle or outlets to find. At the same time, you want a vacuum designed with hardwood floors in mind to avoid stiff or damaging bristles. The Dyson Cyclone V10 combines superior suction and a soft roller head meant to effortlessly clean bare floors at a moment’s notice. A separate head with a motor-driven beater bar is included for carpets and deeper cleaning where agitation is needed, but you won’t be needing that for cleaning your hardwood floors. All of the Dyson Absolute’s attachments dock on a wall-mounted charging station that makes it simple to swap accessories and get to work cleaning quickly and easily. 

The most common complaint of the Dyson Cyclone V10 is that it has a trigger you must hold down for operation. The design saves battery power—it only operates when the trigger is engaged. But also means that if you have a lot of square footage to cover, you may get tired of having to hold down the trigger. Even still, the freedom and flexibility of having a cordless vacuum for hardwood floors eliminates any excuses or hesitancy to pick up the vacuum for messes small and large. At the same time, this vacuum is capable enough to handle daily cleaning duty with a 0.2 gallon dust bin and a 40-minute run time. 

Best Stick: Shark Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum

A stick vacuum is a lightweight and nimble option for vacuuming hardwood floors. While many popular models today are cordless, the Shark Rocket Ultra Light is a corded version. Don’t let this scare you off, this much-loved stick vacuum for hardwood floors has a serious upside: No dead batteries! If you don’t mind a little cord management, this vacuum that weighs less than 8 pounds brings plenty of suction to the cleaning party and is extremely easy-to-use, with a switch located just below the handle to transition from hard floors to carpets. It’s also very nimble, thanks to swivel steering and a detachable dust cup that becomes a handheld vacuum for targeted clean up. 

If you’re shopping for a stick vacuum for hardwood floors that will never give up on the job before you do, then the Shark Rocket Ultra Light is a great option. Just know that you’ll either need to wall-mount the vac (hardware included) when it’s in storage or detach the dust cup each time, since the unit is top-heavy and won’t stand up on its own.

Best Canister: Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums offer the convenience of easy rolling across hardwood or bare floors. While carpets typically benefit from the pushing and pulling motion of an upright vac, the Bissell Hard Floor Expert canister vacuum offers targeted suction from the hardwood floor attachment head without scattering crumbs and debris. Another floor-friendly feature is the felt tread on each wheel, which prevent scuffs and scratches as you wheel this vacuum from one room to the next. 

You'll definitely be impressed by what this model can do on hardwood in terms of performance and function. However, if you do have carpet or area rugs to vacuum as well, you’ll be happy to know a separate floor attachment for carpeted surfaces is included along with the Bissel Hard Floor Expert vacuum. While the vacuum’s performance is typically judged on its outstanding ability to clean bare floors, it will get the job done on soft surfaces as well.

Best for Pets: Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner

If your furry friends tend to leave their mark all over hardwood floors, then the unique-looking Bissell PowerEdge vacuum is about to become your favorite household helper. This lightweight stick vac grabs attention with its V-shaped foot—designed to capture fur, dirt, and debris that collects in corners or hovers under cabinets. 

The best thing about this hardwood floor vacuum for pets is the fact that it takes a delicate approach to your bare floors and a tough stance on dirt. No brushes or moving parts touch the floor as you push the vacuum along. Instead, a soft rubber strip on the underside of the vacuum head sweeps dirt towards a suction inlet.

Best for Allergies: Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor

If you suffer from allergies, you’ll appreciate the sealed system construction of the Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor vacuum. This canister-style vacuum glides along on smooth-rolling canister wheels as it sucks up dust, dander, and allergens easily, thanks to the Parquet XL floor attachment. Once inside, allergens are trapped inside the Miele Airclean dust bag, and an additional air filter treats air before it is expelled from the unit. Disposing of the vacuum bag is a simple process, with no worries about potentially breathing in allergens during disposal.

Miele vacuums also have a reputation for offering superior suction. While this vacuum shines on bare floors, the included combination floor head is versatile enough to vacuum area rugs and low-pile carpet. Another favorite feature of users is the fact that the attachments can be securely stored inside a compartment onboard this canister vacuum, rather than being awkwardly clipped on the exterior.

Best Budget: Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

Make sure your bare floors stay clean without cleaning out your wallet by shopping for an affordable hardwood floor vacuum. The Bissell Zing vacuum is a popular option for a budget vacuum that requires no bags to replace and offers excellent suction capabilities, especially on solid surface floors like hardwood, laminate, or tile. 

This budget hardwood vacuum doesn’t have many fancy features but it offers easy, efficient operation. A simple switch on the floorhead allows you to turn the brush roll on or off when transitioning from bare floors to carpeted surfaces, or vice versa. The biggest advantages of this model according to users is the nimble, lightweight design and easy maneuverability, thanks to the 5-foot hose and oversized wheels. While this model sometimes gets negative feedback for lackluster performance on carpeting, it’s a superstar when performing as a hardwood floor vacuum.

What to Look for in a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Vacuum style No matter what style of vacuum you prefer, there’s probably a version specially designed for hardwood floors. Options include canister vacuums, which are easy to empty, cordless vacuums, which are incredibly portable, robot vacuums, which require little effort on your part, and even more. There are benefits to every type, so it’s a matter of which features work best with your lifestyle.

Attachments Depending on how you plan to use your vacuum, you may want to prioritize certain attachments. Some popular options are dusting, crevice, upholstery, and pet attachments, all of which can come in handy around the house. 

Weight Many people don’t think about weight when purchasing a new vacuum, but this is a key factor that can impact whether you ultimately like the product. A vacuum that’s too heavy will be a burden to push around your home, but one that’s too light may get knocked over easily. 

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