12 Best Healthy Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Many people enjoy healthy vegetarian pasta dishes. Pasta is adaptable, familiar and versatile, which makes it a comforting choice, especially for new vegetarians. If you're cooking for a mixed crowd, you can always cook a portion of meat separately to be added separately. Here are some fantastic vegetarian pasta recipes, some more traditional and inspired by Italian food, while others are unique and unusual. These are the best easy, healthy and vegetarian pasta recipes. 

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    Pine Nut Pasta
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    Steam some broccoli, toss with lemon and pine nuts and top it all off with some fresh Parmesan cheese, and you've got yourself a complete vegetarian pasta dinner. Quick, simple, nourishing and fast - a perfect vegetarian pasta. 

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    Baked pasta is a great way to get a full vegetarian meal all in one dish. Try this basic baked pasta (pictured) with just pasta, cheese, and marinara sauce, or try baking some healthy vegetables into your pasta casseroles, such as in this baked pasta with Swiss chard.

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    Vegetarian Pasta Dish
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    Traditional Italian pasta is full of tomato-based sauces. Fresh is great, but canned shortcuts can save you lots of time, and if it's the difference between a home cooked meal and stopping for fast food, by all means, use the cans! Here are a few tomato-based vegetarian pasta recipes:

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    Vegetarian pasta with artichokes, black olives and sun dried tomatoes
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    Adding sun-dried tomatoes to a vegetarian pasta dish always seems to magically transform an ordinary recipe into something special. Despite the elegance of the final dish, the ingredients, including fresh basil, garlic, and tofu, are simplistic, making this a super easy as well as a healthy vegetarian meal.

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    A great basic meatless pasta dish just waiting to be personalized with your favorite vegetables, or whatever you have on hand. I used spinach, but another leafy green or some tomatoes would work well, or if you've got some leftover roasted vegetables, or some odds and ends in your freezer, you could add those in. Along with pasta, the recipe calls for spinach, milk or soy milk, ricotta cheese and a bit of salt and pepper. Simple, yet delicious. Give this meatless pasta meal a try.

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    Avocado pasta with pesto
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    Yes, I'm fully aware that it seems bizarre to add avocados to a pasta dish, much less to a pesto pasta. But just trust me, and try this California-style healthy pesto pasta with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese, and see if you don't just love it as much as I do.

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    Load up on veggies with your pasta in one of these easy and healthy vegetarian pasta primavera recipes. 

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    Rather than a usual pasta sauce, this easy and healthy vegetarian pasta dish combines a simple lemon and olive oil dressing with flavorful ingredients, including black olives, feta cheese, artichokes, and cannellini beans. Kids will love this easy pasta recipe, and with plenty of fiber and protein, it's a nutritious choice for vegetarians.

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    Vegetarian bean and pasta salad
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    No reason a pasta salad can't serve as an entree for either lunch or dinner, particularly in the hot summer months! Try an Italian-style pasta salad with plenty of veggies, Italian salad dressing, and experiment with ingredients like black olives, artichoke hearts, and avocado for extra flavor and texture. This fat-free pasta salad recipe is quite popular and healthy, too.

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    More vegetarian pasta dishes

    Scroll through this complete collection of vegetarian pasta dishes, including lasagna recipes, ramen, and noodle dishes. There are nearly 100 vegetarian pasta meals to choose from, so you're bound to find something to cook for dinner tonight!

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    Ok, this one may not exactly fit into the "healthy vegetarian," but it has quite a bit of protein and it's super quick and easy, as well as yummy. This vegetarian macaroni and cheese recipe is kicked up a notch with the flavors of the southwest, but it's still familiar enough that even the pickiest of vegetarian kids will still enjoy it.

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    Vegetarian dinner ideas
    Vegetarian dinner ideas.

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