Herbs For A Hanging Basket In The Sun

Sun Tolerant Herbs

These herbs will thrive in a hanging basket that receives full sun. They are heat tolerant and can stand to dry out a bit between waterings. 

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    Creeping Thyme

    Creeping Thyme
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    Choose aprostrate or creeping variety and they will also help to shade the soil of the basket, slowing evaporation.

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    Savory is fast growing and retains its pungent flavor, even when dried. Harvest a nip here and there as you care for your basket throughout the season. 

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    Rosemary loves growing in a hot and dry environment, making it perfect for a hanging basket. Be sure not to overwater accidentally, by planting it in a basket of other herbs that also require less water.

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    You may be surprised to know that even sage has a prostrate variety: Salvia officinalis ‘prostrates’ , that would do well in a basket in full sun. Harvest it all season and dry it as you go. By the end of the season, you will have enough to last the entire winter. 

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    Ladys mantles
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    Bringing an artistic flair to any herbal basket, Lady's Mantle is a delicate and lovely herb to include in a sunny basket. 

Planting herbs that can tolerate sun together and then placing it in the sun they crave, will help you have the most beautiful hanging baskets possible.