The 7 Best Hidden Cameras of 2021

Discreet options to keep you secure

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Best Hidden Cameras

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While not the smallest option, this camera offers crystal clear video, motion detection, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
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This tiny battery-powered camera can capture up to 100 minutes of video per charge.
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You can monitor this camera's live video feed from your smartphone.
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It's easy to mount this small wireless camera anywhere throughout your home.
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This camera plugs into an electrical outlet, ensuring it never runs out of battery power.
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This USB charger has a hidden camera inside, making it the perfect discreet way to monitor your office space.
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This weatherproof security camera has a compact form, and it can last for up to five months per charge.
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If you’re hoping to keep tabs on your home but don’t like the look of unsightly security cameras, a hidden camera might be the perfect home security solution. These compact cameras are much easier to incorporate into your decor, giving you peace of mind without announcing their presence.

Hidden cameras come in many shapes and sizes. Some resemble miniature security cameras, while others are incorporated into phone chargers, clocks, or other household fixtures, allowing them to hide in plain sight. When selecting the best product for your needs, consider the camera’s battery life, where it stores footage, and whether it has features like Wi-Fi connectivity or motion detection.

With these considerations in mind, here are the best hidden cameras to keep your home secure.

Best Overall: Blink Indoor Camera

The Blink Indoor Camera is not the smallest option available, but it’s the most reliable and convenient. This wireless camera is roughly a 2 1/2 inch square that’s discreet enough to hide in your home. It can run for up to two years on its included lithium batteries, allowing you to mount it somewhere out of reach without worrying about getting it down for charging.

Because it connects to Wi-Fi, this camera can stream 1080p high-definition video footage to your smartphone, and it sends customizable motion alerts to let you know when something is happening. It has two-way audio, as well as infrared night vision. If you want to save footage, Blink offers an inexpensive cloud subscription plan.

Best Budget: Zohulu Wireless Hidden Camera

The Zohulu Wireless Hidden Camera has a compact 1-inch form that’s easy to hide anywhere in your home. This budget-friendly camera captures 1080p high-definition video, with the option to save the footage to a micro SD card (sold separately). It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery that supports up to 100 minutes of video recording, and it supports memory cards up to 32GB.

This tiny camera has a wide-angle lens that allows you to see more of what’s happening in your home. It has built-in infrared lights that allow it to capture images in the dark. The video recording is triggered by motion detection, and the camera automatically overwrites old files when its memory card fills up.

Best with Wi-Fi: Sharper Image Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera

Sharper Image Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera

Many hidden cameras capture footage on memory cards, but this model from Sharper Image allows you to monitor its feed via your smartphone. The Discreet Camera has a compact 1 1/2 inch triangular design, and it can be easily mounted to any magnetic surface.

This camera requires a 64GB micro SD card (not included), and it comes with a free iOS or Android app that allows you to control it wirelessly. It captures footage in 720 or 1080p high definition. It has a built-in microphone that provides audio. The Discreet Camera charges via a USB cable, and it can run for 90 minutes per charge. It has amazing night vision to keep an eye on your home around the clock.

Best Wireless: SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

The benefit of wireless security cameras is that you can install them anywhere without worrying about whether there’s an outlet nearby. The Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera is compact and easy to conceal in your home. This tiny camera captures 1080p high-definition footage, and it can run for around 60 minutes per charge.

The Sirgawain has built-in infrared lights that allow it to see up to 16 feet at night. The footage is captured on a micro SD memory card (not included). The only downside is that the camera only supports memory cards up to 32 GB, so you’ll have to regularly clear off old data to capture new video.

Best Wired: Blink Mini Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Blink Mini Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

If you don’t want to be limited by finite battery life, the Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera is a wired option that will never run out of juice. The 2-inch camera can easily tuck behind a plant or on top of a cabinet. It includes a mount that can be installed on a wall if desired.

This little camera captures 1080p high-definition footage, and it includes two-way audio. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor its feed live or review recorded video. If you want the camera to save footage, you need to pay for the Blink Cloud Subscription. The camera sends alerts to your phone when motion is detected. It can be paired with an Alexa-enabled device if you want to give the unit voice commands.

Best for Office: DivineEagle Spy Camera and USB Charger

While it may look and perform like your average USB charger block, the DivineEagle Spy Camera serves double duty as a hidden camera. It captures video in 1080p high-definition; just plug it into the wall and insert a micro SD card (not included), and it will start recording everything that’s happening in the room.

The DivineEagle Camera can support a 256GB SD card, allowing it to save hours of footage. The camera is triggered by movement, capturing a wide-angle view. When the memory card fills up, it automatically starts overwriting the oldest files. Did we mention that it's a fully functioning charging block, too?

Best for Outdoors: KAMTRON Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, KAMTRON 1080P

For a discreet camera that can be installed outside your home, the Kamtron Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is a battery-powered waterproof and weatherproof camera that can last for up to five months per charge. The camera captures video in 1080p high definition, and you can opt to have its clips stored on the cloud or a 128GB micro SD card (not included). 

This camera has built-in motion-sensing abilities that use heat-sensing technology to reduce the number of false alarms. It also offers night vision that can see up to 32 feet away—ideal for monitoring your yard at night.

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Blink Indoor Camera (view at Amazon), which is easy to conceal in your home and can even be monitored via your smartphone. For an even smaller camera, consider the Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera (view at Amazon) which records footage on a memory card and boasts 1080p HD clarity.

Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera
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What to Look for in a Hidden Camera


The location where you plan to use your hidden camera will determine the best product for your needs. Think about: Will the camera be outside or exposed to the weather? Does it need a wide-angle view to capture the whole room? If it’s motion-activated, does it need technology to rule out false alarms? You’ll be able to narrow down your selection as you define which features you need. 

Video quality

Another important consideration is the quality of the video. Since hidden cameras are tiny, the quality may not be as good as a standard camera. Get a product with at least 720 pixels; otherwise, you may not be able to make out the details in the footage.

Record time

Some hidden cameras only capture motion-activated clips, while others record continuously. Look into which method your camera uses, as well as whether the video footage is stored on a memory card or uploaded to the cloud. If it goes to a memory card, most cameras rewrite over existing files once full, so make sure you check footage regularly or risk losing it.

Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera
The Spruce / Sage McHugh
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