The 8 Best Holiday Decor Wreaths to Buy in 2018

The best options to hang on your door this season

National Tree Company Crestwood Spruce
Courtesy of Amazon.

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A holiday wreath is a seasonal staple that makes any home more festive. Not only is it the first thing guest's see when they are welcomed into your home, it's also something that will bring a smile to your face after a long day at the office. 

When choosing the right wreath for you, there two things to consider: For those who love the fresh smell that accompanies the holiday arrangement, a natural option may be for you. Or, if maintenance is really the last thing you’re going for, there are plenty of artificial options that look great. Of course, there’s several choices in-between, including Balsam, Berry, and lighted varieties.

To help you pick out the most beautiful option from a wide array of wreaths, we narrowed down the best ones to buy this year.


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    Best Overall Wreath: National Tree Company Crestwood Spruce

     This wreath has an attractive, pre-lit design that works perfectly for indoor or outdoor displays, making it an all-around favorite.

    While this wreath is one of the most affordable ones on our list, it doesn’t compromise quality. Each Crestwood Spruce Wreath comes trimmed with red berries, pinescones, and glitter, so you won’t have to invest extra effort in the decorating to make it match your holiday decor.

    Customers rave about how good the garland looks on your door, wall, or window for the entire duration of the season. According to them, “it looks good just about anywhere.” However, they do note this wreath does need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, so be sure to fit that into your display plans.

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    Best Smelling Wreath: Worcester Wreath Highland Maine Balsam

     There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh Christmas wreath to put you in the holiday spirit. The Maine-native Worcester Highland Balsam Wreath should be your choice to get you that wonderful aroma you’ll want in your home all season long.

    Designed with a thick and full composition, each garland contains about three pounds of high-end balsam greens, authentic pinecones, holly berries, red crab apples, and jingle bells. To finish it off, a hand-tied, weatherproof, plaid bow is included for a fun festive touch. Bonus: The product even comes with an over-the-door hanger, so additional purchases aren’t needed to get it on display in your home.

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    Best Artificial Wreath: Pure Garden Round

    If you prefer an artificial pick, here’s the best one of its kind. This all-season wreath is made from 320 artificial leaves and is embellished with outdoor elements to make it look just like the real thing! It can be hung both indoors or out, and looks good above a mantle, in your entryway, or, in the most attention grabbing places of them all — the front door!

    Measuring 15 inches in diameter, it’s covered in an ultraviolet resistant plastic and backed up by a durable iron frame, so you can almost guarantee it will stay green for years with little maintenance involved. Which, TBH, is the main reason we love this option.

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    Best Authentic Wreath: Flora Decor Preserved Garden Boxwood

    For those who love the look and feel of a REAL holiday garland, here’s another buy that boasts rave reviews from customers. The Garden Boxwood Wreath has the classic design of the accent you grew up with. However, it has been preserved and dyed with synthetic ingredients to make it last much longer than you’re used to — which is something we definitely won’t complain about!

    With a traditional look, it’s bound to be a wonderful addition to any home, impressing guests every time they step through the door. Although there are many wonderful things to be said, the reviews do recommend keeping it in direct sunlight and watered to maintain its natural integrity for days to come.

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    Best Felted: Felt Leaves Wreath

    Courtesy of West Elm

    Want to skip all the floral and fauna? Then a felt wreath is a cozy option that does the job. This handmade wreath is done in blush and off white hues so it can actually stay hung from Thanksgiving through the New Year. At 12" in diameter it's a bit small so it might work better on the inside of a window as opposed to a big entry door. 

    Besides, looking great these wreaths are made by people in Nepal and for each wreath that gets sold a commission goes back to their village, helping them rebuild from the 2015 earthquake. 

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    Best Tinsel: Amscan Jumbo Wreath

    Sometimes you want to be a bit more festive and bold, and by hanging a tinsel wreath you'll do just that. This 17" wreath comes in four different colorways, including gold, silver, red and green so you can choose which hue suits your personality more.

    Hang it by itself or add some metallic ball ornaments for some more color, this wreath will last you many years so you can customize differently depending on your mood. 

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    Best Lighted Wreath: National Tree Company Wintry Pine

     If you’re in the market for an investment wreath with excellent lighting, the artificial National Tree Company Wintry Pine Wreath should be your pick. It comes covered in pre-strung, low voltage, soft LED lights, for a glow that looks good both indoors and out. A self-timer is also included, making it easy to program your lighting based on your travel schedule or decorative needs.

    This 24 inch National Tree choice is trimmed with pine cones, red berries, and snowflakes, making it awesome for those who don’t have the time — or energy — to decorate it. It’s also battery operated, so no cord is needed to make it a welcoming addition for all to see.

    Most users say the wreath is long-lasting and durable enough to use across a variety of climates. However, they do note the batteries do need to be changed out frequently to keep it brightly lit.

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    Best Pinecone: 20" Pinecone Wreath

    Courtesy of Target

    While greenery is nice, sometimes you want to go even more earthy. A pinecone wreath is a great option for those who love the fall season and want to keep the feeling up through Christmas. With pinecones being more of a seasonal item, this option will work October through December. 

    The addition of berries gives this rustic 20" wreath a nice pop of color. Hang this on your front door or above your sideboard for an unexpected wall decoration.