Best Home Decor Gifts From Latinx-Owned Businesses and Brands

Let's beautify Valentine's Day with a little cultura and lots of love

Valentine's Day gift ideas from Latin-owned businesses, including a neon sign, a print, soap, potholders, hardwood vases

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Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and with the stressful 2020-2021 we've had the last thing we want to stress out about is gift-giving. Instead, let’s reflect on the kinds of businesses our dollars are supporting. 2020 taught us many lessons, one of them being that we want to create a more inclusive world that celebrates diversity. It’s why we took a pledge to diversify our content and showcase creatives that reflect a range of perspectives. 

In the last 10 years, Latino small business owners have increased by 34%, and the Latino population in the U.S. has reached well over 60 million. While we have power in numbers, the pandemic has greatly affected entrepreneurs nationwide, with the economic downturn disproportionately affecting Latinos. Despite the especially challenging year, our community continues to be resilient and creative. Si se puede ("yes, you can")!

In keeping with that empowering mantra, we are highlighting Latinx businesses and artists who offer quality home goods and original works. So let’s kick back, shop and scroll, and beautify Valentine's Day with these gift ideas, a little cultura, and lots of love.

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    "Bésame mucho" LED Neon Sign

    besame mucho light


    Tell the world, or anyone who enters your casa, just how much you love, love with this "Bésame mucho" LED Neon Sign. If you’re single, this is the perfect luxury item to spoil yourself with (tub of ice cream not included). The startup company offers unique Latinx home decor and was founded by three Latina sisters in New York during the pandemic. We love, love that.

    Buy: $400, Eje 64

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    San Jose Throw Rug


    Casa Brixe

    You don’t have to go with a conventional Valentine’s Day gift--enter this beautiful San Jose Throw Rug. Owned by Latinx husband and wife duo Franchesca and John based in San Diego, the company provides fair and direct trade with Mexican female artisans. This sheep’s wool rug is hand-dyed in Oaxaca, Mexico. We love the clean edges and pops of color that justaxposing the muted green in the center. It’s certainly a statement piece your loved one will cherish (hopefully) for a lifetime. 

     Buy: $170, Casa Brixe

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    Self Love Portrait

    art print


    There’s no greater love than the one you have for yourself. California-based artist Anna Alvarado creates beautiful pieces that represent “beauties unseen.” In this print, the woman embodies strength and embraces herself with confidence. Truly art for the modern mujer--coupled up or not-- and we love it. 

     Buy: $33, Art by Anna Alvarado

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    Large Palo Santo Incense Set

    palo santo


    Good vibes only on Valentine’s Day (we all know we need it)! Bring on the Palo Santo. This popular Latin scent is meant to clear out bad energy and helps you destress. The owner is Dominican. Created by Dominican business owner Dawn Marie, La Boticá features luxury self care items with a “chill space to escape” in mind. It’s what we all need in 2021.

    Buy: $30, La Boticá NYC

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    Focus and Gratitude Journals



    If you aren’t journaling after 2020, did you even live through the horrendous year? Keep up the self-care trend with these focus and gratitude journals created by Mexican artist Diana Castro. These are perfect for someone trying to be mindful and wiser in the coming year, your boo included. 

    Buy: $12, Ser Paraiso

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    70s Beaded Plant Hanger

    plant hanger

    Mandana Blvd

    Plant lovers and midcentury modern decor fans will love this unisex retro beaded hanger. The Oakland-based company is co-owned by Latina Cristina Ramos and her partner. The pair were inspired by their flea market finds and making sure to shop for quality pieces on a budget. They believe a home’s aesthetic should be timeless, bring joy, and pay homage to the past and present. 

    Buy: $30, Mandana Blvd

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    Soy Candle



    Owned by Genesis Rodriguez, these candles are the perfect way to honor a Latina in your life. She’s known for crafting “spellbinding scents'' including orchid and jasmin, black amber, patchouli and vanilla musk. With labels like “reina'' queen, “hermosa” beautiful, and “poderosa,” these are sure to light your soul and corazón. 

    Buy: $46.55, Sol and Flora Candles

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    Tye Dye Throw Pillows



    If your amorcito loves tye dye and millennial pink, this is the piece for you. Owned by a Colombian artist based in Texas, these unique pieces are handmade and made of 100% cotton. The pillows have perfect views on Etsy and she offers an array of home goods and accessories. 

    Buy: $32, Sitos Shop

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    Aphrodisiacs + Mood Elevators Kit


    Anima Mundi

    If you’re looking to spice things up, this lovely kit by Costan Rican-owned Anima Mundi includes a mix of aphrodisiac and mood enhancing herbs traditionally used in Central and South America to enhance your love making experience. The box comes with Anima Mundi’s top picks which includes a Euphoria elixir, meant to increase libido, and the Blue Lotus tea, made from a flower Mayans and Aztecs commonly used to boost libido and improve sexual stimulation. 

    Buy: $105, Anima Mundi 

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    Cotton Handwoven White Hammock



    Chances are your hunny deserves some extra hammock time. This traditional cotton white piece is handwoven using a traditional softspun technique based in Nicaragua. Known as hamacas in Spanish, these are double sprang woven with sturdy wooden bars. A quality piece like this one means your loved one will be lounging in this for years to come. 

    Buy: $199, WholeStoryCo, Etsy 

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    Malachite Accent Mirror



    If Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors'' comes to mind when you think of your boo, this is a perfect luxury statement piece. The mirror is designed using a reverse painted glass method, which is a traditional Peruvian technique that dates back to the XVI century. It offers a contemporary design and chic pop of color that is sure to brighten any space.  

    Buy: $174, KushaPeru

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    Pink Capsule Oven Mitts & Pot Holder Set



    If you’re in love with a foodie, these mitts are pure joy. Made by Arte Lexia, a San Diego-based brand known for their Chicana and Mexican finds, these colorful oven mitts are a bright and bold tribal design. The shop is also a great small business to support. They host fundraising events for community non-profits, host cultural workshops (pre-Covid and hopefully post-Covid), and more. 

    Buy: $30, Arte Lexia

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    Handmade Ceramic Vase



    If you’re going to get flowers for the one you love, you might as well snag this beautiful ceramic vase to go with it. From the pattern to the etched craftsmanship, this piece is one of a kind and created by local artisans in Nicaragua. The shop also offers other ceramic vases and home goods typical of the Central American region. 

    Buy: $167.96, NicaMade

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    CocoPure Artisan Soap



    If there’s any lesson we’ve learned in the past year, it’s that self-care is the best care. These handmade soaps by Puerto Rican Etsy shop owner Desirée look like pure art. These are vegan, cruelty-free, and made in small batches based in her Astoria, Queens home. The blue and white marble bars are scented with eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils combined with coconut oil and coconut milk. Love in a soap bar. 

    Buy: $12, LilaSuds

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    FUSO Hand Blown Glass Vase



    If you’re looking for a total splurge, this glass vase is it. Made by an Argentine designer with unique and modern home decor and furniture, the traditional; hand blown technique means that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. This piece is modern, decorative, and timeless. Perfect for the one you call wifey. 

    Buy: $350, 1st Dibs

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    Tiny Message In A Bottle

    message bottle


    Yes, it’s cheesy, but we are here for the ooze effect. These adorable tiny messages in a bottle reflect the simple pleasures in life. Instead of buying a basic greeting card, go with these special mini messages handcrafted in Spain. Bonus: If a generic message isn’t for you, they make custom pieces too. 

    Buy: $15, EydavyBottles

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    Tall Hardwood Vase

    wooden vases


    Love is definitely in the air once you stare at these wooden vase pieces designed by Melanie Abrantes. She founded her company in 2013 and loves making handmade heirloom pieces that are both beautiful and functional. With a passion for handmade quality pieces, her shop continues to grow. It’s easy to see why. Your partner will love an item by the talented artist. 

    Buy: $159, Melanie Abrantes

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    Selenite Tower - Energy Purifying Salt Crystal


    the flowerchild bruja

    If your loved one is focused on healing work, this selenite tower is the ideal gift. Owned by Latinx Arizona-based entrepreneur Taylor Cordova, this stone is said to promote purifying and cleansing properties and has a special connection to the third eye. Let the positive vibes shine at home and in your relationship. 

    Buy: $11, The Flower Child Bruja

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    Ándale Por Pendeja Magnet

    pendeja sticker


    Texas-based Latina Cristina Martinez’s pieces are inspired by summers spent in Mexico and “weekend carne asadas and loterias.” We have so much love for her pieces that are cultural and authentic with a touch of humor. She offers other magnets like “Brown is beautiful” and “Chula” that are just perfect for the girlfriends in your life. 

    Buy: $6, Very That

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    'You Are Enough' Mirror

    You Are Enough Mirror by Rayo & Honey

    Rayo & Honey

    Brooklyn-based founder and mother of two Roachele Negron’s carefully crafted canvas pennants and tote bags have garnered plenty of attention this year. Her works have been featured in New York Magazine, Insider, Goop, and most recently made Oprah’s 2020 Favorite Things list. While these pieces “made with positive intent” anchor her collection and brand, the half-Puerto Rican artist also makes beautiful etched mirrors with powerful mantras like "You Are Enough" (pictured) and “Believe In Who You See.” These pieces conjure reflection, encourage self love, and shine with beauty from the inside out. Framed in brass, the piece has a timeless and minimal aesthetic that we love. This is the mirror everyone should have in their home long after quarantine is over.

    Buy: $150, Rayo & Honey

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    Soy Candle With Energy Crystal

    Lucky No. Candles 5 La Playa

    Lucky No. Candles

    Yes, we definitely believe manifesting luck and abundance for the upcoming year. We are letting Lucky No Candles light the way. These premium natural soy candles include an energy crystal and scent that matches your numerological sign. Ranging from fresh and clean scents to woodsy and neutral, and floral, there’s truly something for everyone. After the candle is finished burning, you can rinse the crystal and place it on an altar, desk, or decorative corner in your home. Pretty cosmic, right?

    Buy: $33, Lucky No. Candles

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    Vision Rug

    facon eye accent rug

    Facon Argentina

    Argentine owner Martín Bustamante partners with Mapuche indigenous artisans to create chic furniture and accent rugs. This artisan’s shop is located in the trendy and artsy area of Palermo Viejo in Argentina. Self-proclaimed as creating and highlighting home goods that are “gaucho” (cowboy) chic, Facón keeps to traditional woven methods that hail from the northern art of the South American country. We love this simple eye design, which is made with natural dyes, lamb wool, and entirely by hand. The company says each piece takes approximately 30 days to produce, so place your order soon.

    Buy: $150, Facón

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    Traditional Mexican Tableware

    Ecrudo plates


    We’re currently obsessing over owner Ana Paula Isaac’s traditional Mexican tableware, which are high fired and sanded by hand. The careful craftsmanship shows in her ceramic pieces that are meant for everyday use. These are pretty fancy, but if there’s anything that 2020 has shown us, it’s that life is short. Use the expensive kitchenware and live with no regrets. If her sets are out of budget, she also makes a beautiful ceramic pitcher for half the cost.

    Buy: $490-$1,090, Encrudo

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    Woven Mexican Table Runner

    table runner


    We may not have many guests over right now, but who says you still can’t set the table in style? This traditional Mexican woven table runner is all about the details from the intricate design to the bright red fringe. No matter if you’re gifting to your abuela or a friend, you truly can’t go wrong with this piece.

    Buy: $58, Etsy

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    'Together We Make Magic' Print

    brown lives matter print

    The Salvaged Sawhorse

    This is the year for positive affirmations. New York-based Latina shop owner Jennifer Velasquez creates pieces that reflect all of us. With quotes like, “Together we make magic,” these delicate works of art showcase how powerful Black and brown voices can be. "When we take on each other's struggles we change the world," Velasquez states in the product description. These lovely gifts are perfect for a teen or college student to light their paths with positive words and intentions.

    Buy: $20, Etsy

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    'I Love Tamales' Paper Picado

    I love tamales art

    Ay Mujer

    Paper picados symbolize a fiesta, but California-based shop owner Yreina Flores has made it wall art. With the “I love tamales,” theme, this decoration is perfect for a foodie or someone who loves spending time in the kitchen. Flores also makes party banners, picados that honor the legendary singer Selena Quintanilla, and feminist pride. There’s plenty to browse and love.

    Buy: $40, Etsy

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    Weekly Floral Delivery Subscription

    flower arrangement

    Birch and Bone

    Fresh blooms bring joy and life into any space. Amelia Rose Posada creates beautiful warm arrangements from her floral shop based in Los Angeles. She offers a weekly floral delivery subscription for $200 and up. This is a super luxe service for a reasonable price, and the flowers are just gorgeous.

    Buy: starting at $200, Birch and Bone

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    Pot of the Month Concrete Planter Subscription

    concrete planters by Concrete Geometric

    Concrete Geometric

    Plant parents, ditch your plastic planters for these cute concrete ones instead. Every month, Latina designer and shop owner Krizia Flores ships a new 3-inch pot that’s modern, rustic, and simply lovely. She also offers make-your-own kits, unique vessels, and virtual classes. Her pots have been sold at West Elm and Urban Outfitters.

    Buy: $20/month, Concrete Geometric

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    Heart Handle Demi-Tasse Cup

    mug set


    Heart handle cups are an adorable and chic gift for anyone on your list. We really love these mugs sold by Joanna Williams, a chicana shop owner based in Los Angeles. Handmade with white stoneware clay by Philadelphia-based artist Alex Stadler, each piece is high quality and one of a kind.

    Buy: $105 each, Kneeland Co.

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    Build-Your-Own Succulent Arrangement

    plant container

    The Juicy Leaf

    Known for being low maintenance and adding major flare to any plant collection, it’s no wonder succulents are still having a moment. Felix Navarro sells house plants and build-your-own succulent arrangement kits that are minimal, modern, and pretty to stare at during our at-home meditations. One of our favorites in the Modern Flora kit, which includes 6 plants, pebbles, dirt, and everything needed to flourish.

    Buy: $65 The Juicy Leaf

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    'Mi Casa Es Tu Casa' Welcome Mat

    mi casa rug


    Ditch your standard welcome mat for one of these beauties designed and made by La Chiquita Studio based in California. The doormats are a natural brownish color, hand-painted with weather resistant paint, and features natural coconut coir fibers. With quotes like “Mi casa es tu casa” and Puras good vibes,” this is the kind of bienvenidas the world needs.

    Buy: $38, Etsy

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    'Take Care Mija' Coffee Mug

    Take Care Mija mug by Viva La Bonita

    Viva La Bonita

    The Los Angeles lifestyle brand created by chicana Rachel Gomez represents our strength and fearlessness. Gomez attended fashion business school and soon built her successful Latina streetwear brand. Her merchandise has been all over Instagram, but the chicana also offers home items. We love the “Take care, mija,” mug for a little extra moment of self care while enjoying a cafecito.

    Buy: $19.99, Viva La Bonita

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    'I Don't Look More Beautiful By Being Quiet' Print

    I don’t look more beautiful by being quiet print


    Artist Jacqueline Carvajal Ramirez helps us feel “seen.” She created this physical print piece with the direct translation, “I don’t look more beautiful by being quiet.” Breaking machista cultural norms, Ramirez celebrates the strength of women through her works. “Let this be a loving reminder that your voice is one of your superpowers,” she writes in her shop bio. 

    Buy: $25, Etsy