The Best 8 Home Gym Floors to Buy in 2018

Perfect your workout at home with this flooring

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Having a gym setup right in your home has many perks. First, you don't have to drive across town. Second, you can choose how to set up the gym for your needs. Best of all, you can get the whole family involved on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a home gym can take a toll on your floors. Heavy equipment, forceful exercises, and simple routines use can lead to long-term damage you need to prevent. And besides being bad your floors having inadequate floors when you exercise could lead to injury. 

That is where a good home gym floor can help. Made of durable materials like rubber and foam, these protective surfaces will separate your floors from feet and equipment alike. Home floor systems come in many forms including simple mats and interlocking tile systems you can use to customize the layout. If you intend to use your space for less vigorous exercise say yoga, then bamboo flooring might work instead of rubber. Think about how much space you need to protect to decide which option is best.

To help, here are the best home gym floors you should consider.

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    Best Overall Home Gym Floor: Prosource Puzzle Set

    Your ultimate home gym setup will depend on the equipment and space you are using for the gym. Some people only need a small corner to contain everything they need. Others require a whole room to get the setup they want. Since home gym demands vary, the best floors need to be able to adapt to what you need for your dream home gym.

    The Prosource Puzzle set features six 24" x 24"  high-density EVA foam tiles and 12 end border tiles. Each tile snaps together like a puzzle piece so you can assemble the floor in many different shapes to fit the room. The foam is water-resistant and will protect the floor from major impacts, dents, and other damage from common at-home gym equipment or intense exercises you may have in your daily routine.

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    Best Budget: Sorbus Wood Grain

    It can be difficult finding affordable gym flooring to cover large areas in the home and provide the protection you need. Many budget options use thinner materials that struggle to dissipate the energy from continuous, daily exercises. The best budget gym flooring options, however, not only offer a good amount of floor protection, they also give you flexibility in how much floor you can cover with a single set.

    The Sorbus Wood Grain floor mats are a hidden gem among many gym flooring options. Not only are they quite affordable and resistant to light home exercising and home/office-use, they blend more with a room’s existing decor. Thanks to the various wood grain patterns the flooring features, you can keep the good looks in a home gym, plyroom, or office while adding 3/8ths of an inch of foam padding to the floor.

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    Best Portable Home Gym Floor: Gorilla Mats Extra Large Mat

    A gym mat is a great way to move your home gym around when you are feeling like a change of scenery is required. While you can’t turn a whole room into a home gym, a small mat like the Gorilla Mats extra large surface is still big enough to hold some equipment. Unlike tile gym floors, this mat is also much easier to roll up and store if you can’t dedicate an entire space to your home gym.

    The Extra Large Mat comes in at eight by four feet to provide a large workout surface for most bedrooms and other living spaces. With a 1/4" thickness, you can double the mat over itself for smaller spaces as well. The bottom of the mat features a unique circle-pattern grip that keeps it from moving around slick surfaces like hardwoods and tiles. For cleaning, the mat also comes with a microfiber towel you can use to wipe down the top surface.

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    Best Wood-Looking Gym Flooring: Incstores - Premium Soft Wood Tiles

     The one major disadvantage to typical exercise mats and interlocking tiles is they can be unsightly in the typical family or living room. If looks are a concern to you, the Incstores Premium Soft Wood tile system will blend into the surroundings using a scratch resistant, wood veneer top.

    Offering the same benefits as traditional EVA foam tiles, you can still do all of your normal exercises without scratching or damaging the tiles. Each individual tile is 24" x 24" and .5i" thick. One unique design feature of each tile is two removable edge strips so any tile can function as a corner or border piece. Options include sets of 6 to 25 tiles and various wood veneers such as cherry, oak, maple, and colored (black, grey, and green) woods.  

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    Best for Kids: Skip Hop Geo Playspot Foam Floor Set

    Kids often know how to turn a room into a disaster area if you do not take certain steps to keep their play area or room protected. While you may be worried about spills or crayons on the wall, it does not hurt to put down a protective layer of foam padding on the floor for heavy play or home exercises. This next set of home gym tiling is great for babies, small children, or anyone else looking to protect the flooring for some rough activity.

    The Skip Hop Geo Playspot Foam Floor tile set is unique in design. Instead of the typical square tiles most foam sets offer, this set uses a combination of triangles and edge pieces to create unique shapes and patterns from the different colors. As a result, you will get a good layer of foam protection with the addition of instant customizability to change the design and colors of the flooring. 

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    Best Outdoor Home Gym Floor: Sorbus Grass Mat

    Get outside for your exercising! Taking some equipment outdoors is a great way to experience nature from the comfort of your own yard. Unfortunately, it’s also a great way to damage the grass, deck, or patio without the same type of protection you need inside. An outdoor mat needs to be even more durable so it can take the abuse of the elements.

    The Sorbus Grass Mat set includes 4, 6 or 12, one by one foot tiles made from a synthetic soft foam turf. The artificial turf makes the surface underneath soft while protecting the floors from continuous wear and tear. The waterproof, extra resistant nature of the tiles also makes it a great choice for patios, decks, gazebos, and walkways where you may want to exercise or little children routinely play. And besides using this outside you can also use it indoors to make you feel like you are getting some fresh air while the weather stirs. 

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    Best for Yoga: Home Decorators Collection Horizontal Toast Solid Bamboo Flooring

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    Taking up your entire living room with a large exercise mat or interlocking tile system might not be the best option if you want to use the room for other things. The occasional at-home yoga practice, for example, doesn’t need anything more than a simple practice mat on a stable surface. For this kind of setup, a traditional hardwood floor like the Home Decorators Collection Horizontal Toast Solid Bamboo Flooring is the best option.

    The bamboo flooring system comes with a tongue-and-groove design that makes installation simple and straightforward. The wood will fit over any wood or concrete subfloor and doesn’t require any additional fastening or protection. Prefinished with a 7-layer aluminum oxide protective coat, you can put an exercise mat over this floor without worrying about scratches or slipping and sliding along as you practice. 

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    Best for Over Carpet: Yes4All Interlocking Tiles

    While it is easy to think that a carpeted floor should be a great option for home exercise, the truth is most carpets cannot handle the extended abuse. Depending on the type of carpet, you risk either flattening and fatiguing the carpet fibers or lacking the necessary layer of cushion to protect yourself. The right gym flooring over carpet can help cushion the blows and protect the floor underneath.

    The Yes4All Interlocking tile system consists of individual two-feet-by-two-feet sections of non-skid padding to keep you and your equipment stationary while exercising. The half inch thickness provides more than enough cushion for protection and comfort as well. To protect the carpet underneath, install these tiles over a layer of plywood or some other hard surface so the tiles remain in place and well supported.