The Best Home Improvement Projects to Consider for Home Sales

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    An Attic Conversion is a Worthwhile Home Improvement Project

    Attic conversion into a bedroom
    An attic conversion into a bedroom will add area to your home. Getty Images


    Home improvement projects will never go out of style. Whether you are planning to sell your house immediately, or few years down the line, you want to ensure that the money you put in will yield a high return. Certain home improvement projects offer a higher return on investment (ROI) than others, getting you a better deal when the time comes to sell your property. We point you those upgrades that are most likely to recoup your investment and possibly sell your house faster.

    Attic bedroom ideas...MORE that will yield a higher ROI

    An attic bedroom is a great way to claim extra square footage when it’s time to sell your house. Getting it converted into a master bedroom will really help to attract potential buyers as it ensures privacy and optimum views to the outside. Alternatively, turning it into a kid’s bedroom will appeal to buyers with teenagers and a large family. But before you get started, seek a home improvement professional or a contractor to assist you in estimating the costs. If done correctly, attic bedrooms can bring you back more dollars than you invested into the initial conversion.



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    Spend Money on the Right Conversions & Remodeling Projects

    Garage organization tips
    Will a garage conversion add value to your home? Maybe. Getty Images


    Will a garage conversion increase the value of your home?

    If you are considering a garage conversion as part of your home improvement project in preparation for selling your house, it’s important to consider what potential buyers will be looking for in their new home. You may think that a well-equipped garage bar for those sporting events will be an awesome addition, but what if prospective buyers don’t like sports?

    Generally, converting a garage into a room for the sole purpose of increasing ROI...MORE is never a good idea because it won’t. Most home buyers view it as an asset. But still if you may want to go that route, it’s best to stick safe. In order to appeal to as many people as possible, convert it into just another room of your home. It will be easier for them to project their own ideas for the garage onto the blank canvas.

    Bathroom remodeling projects usually pay off

    Bathroom remodeling is one of the most important home improvement projects to consider. This is especially true of a master bath. But you need to do it right. Most home shoppers are looking for a bathroom with custom showers, two sinks, and great lighting. But avoid anything that’s too trendy. Stick with classic options such as off-white subway tiles, so that it appeals to the masses. In addition, if your house currently has only one bathroom, consider adding a second one to increase the ROI and make it appealing to prospective home buyers.


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    Kitchen Remodeling Projects are an Asset Anytime of the Year

    Decluttered modern kitchen
    Kitchen remodeling returns the highest ROI of home projects. Getty Images


    Kitchen remodeling is the perfect upgrade anytime of year

    Whether it’s a simple makeover or a major renovation, updating your kitchen is your best investment. It is one remodeling project sought after by most homeowners, and one area in the house that has the potential to make or break the deal. New cabinets, appliances, countertops, upgraded flooring, space savers are just about few ways to yield the highest ROI. At the same time, it’s important not to go overboard as you certainly don’t want...MORE to price your property out of the local market.

    There is no uncertainty that any home improvement project will require a monetary investment, so it’s wise to choose the ones that will add the maximum value to your property. Focus your dollars on the upgrades that will really wow potential buyers. Not only will it help to recoup the initial investment but will also help to sell your house faster. After all, nobody wants a home that will eat away their savings to update or repair. So, which remodeling projects are your considering? Before you spend any money make sure you review our home staging mistakes tips to ensure you are spending money and effort in all of the right places. Many times sellers spend money on rooms of their home that will not make or break the deal, while other sellers go and splurge on a swimming pool addition when they live in a cold climate!